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Recently found this on Facebook and it sums up my hate for people who breed these dogs perfectly.
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This is AMAZING!

For those who can’t go to the link, the following is what it says:

FYI, none of this is mine. It was posted by Bilton veterinary centre, the same one as in the picture. All credit goes to them but I felt it was important to get word out about some of the breeds of dogs that are riddled with health problems. If you own a pug that’s perfectly healthy that’s cool, but it’s doesn’t change the fact that an alarming number of short nosed (almost no nosed at this point) dogs have extreme difficulty with tasks like breathing and blinking.

 "So I am going to have a rant now and I apologise in advance if this upsets anyone, but here goes.

   Last week, I managed to reduce a lovely family to floods of tears.  They had brought their new dog in to come and see me.  There was a young lady, her husband and their two children of about 8 or 9 years old and they were all already absolutely besotted with their new pet - their first dog, and they had been planning it for several years.

   The dog was a 5-month-old French Bulldog that they had picked up from a breeder about 4 weeks previously.  They were concerned that their new dog may have “a chill” as the dog had sore runny eyes,  difficulty in eating and kept making a choking sound.  They had also noticed the dog had a “funny smell” about him. As I examined the dog it became quickly apparent what was occurring and my heart sank.

  This dog was yet another increasingly popular “short-nosed” breed that was suffering horribly from a myriad of problems - all related to its poor breeding and its unfortunate anatomy. After the examination, I found that this dog had: 

 - Eyeballs too big for its eye sockets. So much so, that when he blinked, the eyelids didn’t fully cover the eyeballs.  (Imagine going out on a windy day and not being able to blink!) This had resulted in deep painful ulcers forming on both eyes that in the short term would require intensive treatment and could feasibly result in the rupture of one or both eyeballs. 

  - The bones forming the front of his face (the maxilla) were so squashed by virtue of this style of this breed (called the brachycephalics), that the soft-tissue structures of the throat are compressed and forced backwards -  obstructing his larynx.  Amongst other things, his soft palate was so elongated (relative to his skull) that it kept getting trapped over his wind-pipe.

 -His nostrils were completely occluded, so absolutely no airflow was possible through his nose.  All of his breathing had to take place through his open mouth.  This meant that whilst he was eating/sleeping he was going through bouts of asphyxiation and so would have to spit the food out or wake up and open his mouth - purely so he would be able to breathe.  This explained the “choking” sound that there were hearing all the time.  He could just manage to breathe with his mouth open, but this then exacerbated the problems with his soft palate.

 - The skin fold over the top of the nose (caused by the squashed face involuting the skin) had caused a crevice of around 2-3 cms deep, where the skin was rubbing against its self.  In this area, the skin was ulcerated and was full of liquid pus.  It was this that the owners were smelling.  This was incredibly painful for the animal and he cried every time I tried to clean it.

 -The skin around his feet, ears, armpits and groin was red raw and inflamed.   He clearly was very itchy and had been licking at these areas repeatedly - which had, in turn, made them more sore and painful.  This is very typical of a condition called “atopy” which is very common in many breeds, particularly the Bulldogs (French and English). So at this point, the shocked owners asked what needed to be done to sort him out.

  So I had to explain that he would need: 

 - Bilateral eyelid shortening surgery that would allow the dog to blink properly and prevent further ulcers from forming.  As well as long-term medication to improve the quality of his tears.

 - Complex soft tissue surgery of the back of the throat to, (amongst other things) shorten his soft palate to facilitate his breathing.

 - He would need both of his nostrils opening up so as to allow adequate air flow to be possible to allow him to breathe/exercise/eat/sleep properly.

 -He would need a “face-lift” to remove a large amount of excess skin on the front of his face, to try and open up the fold that was causing so much infection and pain.

 -He may need allergy testing, food trials, anti-inflammatories etc to try and manage the atopic skin disease that he has. 

 *He needs all of this fairly urgently.  

 *He can’t have all of this done at once and so will require several anaesthetics and complex procedures to be done over a period of time.   

*He is only 5 months old. 

*He needs all of this doing - just so that he can live a vaguely normal life.   


 Also - he is not insured.  It transpired that the new owners looked into insurance but the premium was so high for this breed, that they felt they couldn’t afford it.  To move forward, he would have to go to a specialist veterinary unit (sadly recently set up to deal with the increasing number of very poorly brachycephalic dogs with extreme conformational issues) and this treatment could cost upwards of £8,000 to correct.

 Once I had discussed all this with the owners - they were understandably distraught.  They had hoped for a “cute” and “cuddly” family pet that they had seen examples of spread throughout popular media.  They had no idea that these problems even existed.  Instead, they now have a much-loved dog that is miserable, has a long journey ahead of it and one that they cannot afford to have fixed.

 The family left the room in floods of tears, armed with medication that would temporarily alleviate some of the symptoms and try to make the poor little dog more comfortable.  From what I have later found out, this dog has gone to a rescue centre to be rehomed.  It may have moved away, but its problems most certainly will not have done.

 Pugs, Frenchies, English Bulldogs and Shar-Peis are amongst the breeds which are increasingly being abandoned in vast numbers as people cannot cope with their ongoing problems, illnesses and costs.  It upsets us all hugely when we see how many of the problems frequently associated with these breeds are now classed as “normal”. I will commonly hear “Oh it is normal for this breed to struggle with A, B or C”. NO IT ISN’T NORMAL!

 These trendy flat-faced breeds are some of the most expensive puppies to currently buy.  There is serious money for people who sell a litter of these puppies and so the incentive to breed is VERY high.  It must be said that there are responsible breeders who are trying to “back-breed” these types of dogs to have longer noses, smaller eyes, more open nostrils etc and try to reduce the incidence of these conditions, and these people should be applauded.  However, puppy farms and irresponsible owners are rife, and these “breeders” don’t seem to care a jot about the long-term prognosis and what the future holds for “their” breed. 

 It is also worth noting that many of these breeds are unable to give birth naturally now too (due to the shape of the puppy’s skulls) and so the mothers often go through multiple caesareans… 

 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP AND THINK before you buy.  Come and talk to US about the breeds that you are interested in - and we shall give you the whole picture.

 I am completely exhausted and totally demoralised seeing these type of problems on a daily basis.  There are enough horrible illnesses, diseases and potential accidents out there without being destined to be unwell before you are even born.

   Whilst people are still buying these dogs, people will still breed them and the problem will never go away.“

Bruise [ III ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 9.1k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

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The white cream swirled about in the dark coffee in front of you, your fingers clasped around the warm, pastel orange mug as the steam floated up in hazy waves. There were signs of life all around you, couples sharing intimate lunches and students laughing away their course work. The street outside the window in front of you was busy, bustling with people and lined with fall kissed trees, branches adorned in warm tones, rustling when a breeze blew. Despite the heat of life all around you, you felt cold, like your bones were made of ice, like your heart was encased in snow. The book across the table was pushed aside as Minseok sat back down, coffee in hand and round golden glasses perched on his nose as he exhaled heavily, ready to listen.

“Do you want to start or should I?”

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Avian Fire Preparedness

Due to the hazy smoke-filled air and raging fires around here I’ve begun replenishing my emergency fire kit just in case the fires start heading closer to home.  In the instance of evacuation we need to be ready to move fast not only for our own safety but also for our pets.  It doesn’t take long for smoke to kill a bird, even if you think you’ll be safe it’s best to plan ahead.

Primary things to grab:

  • pellets/ seed
  • water bottle
  • low thread count pillow cases and elastic bands
  • a mask for yourself

Secondary things to grab (if you have extra time/ can prepare ahead of time):

  • canned fresh foods
  • travel cage(s), dishes for the cage(s)
  • cage covers to filter smoke
  • medical records, vet numbers
  • confirm arrangements to go to a friend/ relatives house or locate pet friendly hotels in the area, bring a list of them and their addresses
  • toys
  • treats
  • flashlight
  • a drawstring bag or backpack to keep everything in

If you’re in a rush out the door grab the essentials, food and water, a pillow case can act as a lightweight carrying device for parrots.

Step 1: Flip pillow case inside out, stick your hand inside and grab the bird

Step 2: remove the bird from perch and pull them in to the bag

Step 3: Once the bird is safely in the bottom of the bag fold the top over and wrap an elastic band around the top to secure it

Using a pillow case allows you to easily carry multiple birds at once, if you have a belt loop they can be strung on to your hip while you grab necessities.  The pillow case will help to filter out some smoke while still allowing air to come through making it safer than running out the door with a cage, breathing straight smoke in to their lungs. Quick and convenient for emergency evacuations.

If you have time to plan ahead then prepare travel cages ahead of time and get some sheets to put on top to filter out the smoke, have food and water dishes packed away but not full, don’t want it splashing around making it harder to carry on your way out.  Keep seed/ pellets in tupperware containers and a water bottle filled up regularly with cool water to fill the dishes later on when you’re safe.  Pack some canned veggies to suffice during your evacuation in case you don’t have friends or relatives near you and have to stay at a shelter, if you have the means try to locate a pet-friendly hotel to stay at. Practice retraining your bird with the pillow case ahead of time if you can, it’s a lot better to have them used to the concept than end up with a bird frantically flying around the room during an emergency situation. Practice emergency evacuation, where will cages go in the car, where is everything kept, run the birds through the routine.

Be prepared and stay safe.

1. Fold paper in half both ways and turn over.
2. Fold diagonaly both ways.
3. Push two opposite sides together and flatten to a triangle.
4. Fold both upper layers to the midline above and turn form over with top down.
5. Fold the top over the bottom edge, so the tip sticks out a little bit. Not flatten the raised edges (circle).
6. Fold the tip over the side and turn the form over.
7. Fold in half along the centre line bringing both wings together.

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Alex roughly eating louis that I'm all I'm sayin . Just a thought . I dunno . I haven't seen Dunkirk yet I'm gonna of spoilers

@celebratinglouis u send me the nastiest shit but also thank u. 

this is just…it’s porn. it’s angst and porn and feminization kink and poor coping mechanisms. also it’s written in like three different tenses. listen, I’m sorry. I hope you like it anyways, bc this is a concept I could write…more of. Also a few Dunkirk spoilers! 


The train spewed steam, hot and compressed, behind him, and Alex still found the ability to push forward.

He hurt, and he couldn’t even identify where. His ears were ringing, and he’s only now noticing it. He thought his neck and his head might hurt, but then again, his wrist and his ankle might, too. It’s just everywhere. His eyes stung even though he was just asleep, his mouth tasted like warm beer and warmer water.

He blinked, and brought his hand up to his eyes, his other hand tightening on the strap of his pack. There’s no sunlight in the station, but he still feels like he should lift his hand, get a better view.

He’s standing there on the platform, three dimensions, full color. He’s wearing nearly the exact same thing he wore to the station the first time, the grey trousers and the brown braces and the big, open pale blue jumper that’s gotten paler, bordering on grey.

He’s the most beautiful thing Alex has ever seen. He’s the only beautiful thing he’s seen in a while.

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as long as you’re with me

pairing: keith/lance

words: 2.1k

rating: g

summary: Lance wants to make the best of their layover. Keith’s just sick and tired.


“I can’t believe we’re stuck here for four hours.”

“Oh, stop complaining. It won’t be that bad.”

Lance barely hears the muttered, “Yes, it will,” behind him, and chooses to ignore it. Keith can be super pessimistic sometimes, and he’s just grumpy because he has the sniffles. It’s unfortunate timing, for sure, but Lance is sure it won’t put too much of a damper on their vacation. At this point, not even a four hour layover could ruin his mood.

He wraps an arm around Keith’s shoulders and gives him a dopey grin. “The important thing is that we’re together.”

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Wellness (Ethan x Sick!FemReader) fluff drabble

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(( gif not mine ))

(A/n): Well HEy I said I would do this and I will COMMIT

Request:  I hate to ask.. And I am sure you are done with Ethan and crammed to the MAX with requests, but I have been stuck with the flu for a week and I am so done.. Would you mind writing an Ethan taking care of a sick reader? Thank you so so much..

Warnings: Swearing fluffy bullshit


Often when you were sick, you would keep sane by counting things. Like counting how many times you would cough in an hour. Or how many times you would sneeze in one go. Or even just how many times Ethan can ask if you are alright before he ultimately snaps.

“I swear to god, you might have The Plague…” Ethan drawled.

Before you could speak, a cough ran out of your lips. Dry and loud.

“I’m sure that if I had The Plague, I would not have survived a week as I have already.” you said, your voice bullied by a hoarse undertone.

“Not just that, but I’m not even sick.” you insisted.

Ethan look squarely at you, offering a concerned laugh.

“I see that in more ways than one, that’s bullshit.” Ethan stated.

You boyfriend kindly made a quick pace when coming closer to you. Though, you did take at least three steps back, warning him not to approach your form.

“Why is that?” he challenged.

“I’m-” you opened your mouth, but your words fell short. You were just about to admit to being sick, you had realized.

Looking down with small shame, you face flushed a deep coral for two reasons.

Ethan laughed at his own triumph. Being able to come closer, the youtuber cascaded his fingers across your forehead gently.

You peered back up at him. You caught his expression of worry at first sight, followed by a shy smile.

“(Y/n),” Ethan began “won’t you go lay on the couch for a bit? I’ll make you some tea and the rest of the sick cliche stuff.”

He grinned at your face lovingly, his kid like smile easing your aching body.

“What’s,” you coughed momentarily “what’s in it for me?”

The blue haired boy was stunned for a quick second but then laughed heartily.

“Wellness, that’s what.”

You allowed yourself to laugh just as well, swatting at his arm. He gave a fake yelp and scampered away to the kitchen. In turn, you found yourself falling atop the plush couch.

I guess you didn’t know it before, but you seemed to be really tired. It was because of the week long sickness you have be sparring with. The exhaustion really took time to seep in.

After some minutes, the blue youtuber returned with you tea, and a dark bottle of Buckley’s.

“Oooh, no.” you hissed drearily “Oh no no no.”

Ethan approached the couch and kneeled before you, setting down the steamy mug with caution.

“Oh yes yes yes.” he shot back. Ethan dipped into the bottle a teaspoon, surfacing it again with a small amount of umber liquid on it.

“Mark said that we didn’t have any other cough medicine; this is all I found.” he lulled.

You leant back into the cushions tiredly as Ethan brought the spoon closer to your lips. Quickly charming your face with a sweet expression, you peered into his eyes.

“If you love me, you wouldn’t try and poison me, you blue bastard.” you spoke in a sugary tone.

Ethan twisted his features in calm frustration, stringing up a hand to paw at your face. He grabbed your neck, directly under where your jaw ends and close to under your earlobe with his thumb and pointer finger. He squeezed.

A fierce pain rippled throughout your neck. You loosen your jaw in shock, distinguishably letting your lips part. Ethan took this chance to shove a spoon full of disgust in you mouth.

You had automatically locked your jaw afterwards and swallowed the liquid; feeling the blue haired boy’s hand leave your neck.

“What, nghh, the fuck was that?” you strained, glaring at him replace the cap on the bottle.

“Pressure points.” Ethan stated blandly “What else was I supposed to do when you were acting like a child?”

“You do that to children?”

“Well no, I-”

Your accusation sent you into a coughing fit, tained with laughter.

“You shouldn’t be touching children’s necks.” you spoke afterwards.

Ethan could only laugh at your tired state “I really hope this medicine doesn’t have alcohol in it.” he mumbled.

“What was that?” you coughed out, falling back into a laying position.

The youtuber replied to you by folding a blanket over top of your torso.

“Sleep it out, sweetheart.” he giggled, kissing your forehead.

“Roger, nurse.”

You allowed your eyelids slip closed and your breathing to even.

“Grabbing children’s necks?” came Kathryn’s voice. She stood at the middle of the stairs.

Ethan shook in surprise, before speaking nervously.

“For wellness.”


(A/n): I had something to say here. I forgot now. Rude.

This is absolute shit, I KNOW but IT’S FINE. DON’t wOrrY ABOUT iT


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[You pay One a visit at his studio]

You leaned against the doorway watching your boyfriend run-through his forms for the umpteenth time. The children of his class following his every move. He looked so focus as he perfected his stance. His voice strong and loud as he talked his kids through each move.

He’d already gone over his class time by fifteen minutes, he was so focused on teaching he hadn’t noticed that every single one of the kids had their eyes on the clock. He was still teaching his oldest class, most of them in early elementary school. Poor kids were there all night. Maybe it was time you saved them?

You cleared your throat rather loudly to get his attention and laughed seeing the look of annoyance on Jaewon’s face, of anyone who dared to interrupt his class. “J-Jagi?” he blushed seeing you standing there. “What are you doing here?”

“Teacher!!!” the kids cheered, happy to see you, but none of them dared leave their position.

“Hey kids” You laughed walking inside, bowing to his students. “Jaewon-ah you’re over time?” you pointed to your watch, smirking.

He looked rather flustered realizing that and turned to his kids. “Sorry about that. Alright, kids let’s wrap it up!” he tightened his belt, letting out a strong command and lead them through their last forms.


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Request: Can I request an Isaac Lahey imagine where Y/N is a newly turned wolf and doesn’t have an anchor since Isaac left her for Allison, but she needs him? I love your writing!!💜💜

includes: angst, almost turning, fluff, flirting, more angst, etc.

gif: ? (let me know so I can cred!)


Crowds of crimson were smushed into the stadiums, their cheers echoing around the sun sparkled field where the lacrosse match was currently being held. To mark the end of spirit week, Beacon Hills would host its annual bonfire and post lacrosse school celebration, one (Y/N) had no interest in attending whatsoever, yet found herself wandering into. Two french braids framed either side of her weary face, her lips bent into a semi-permanent frown, her chest covered with a bright red lacrosse tee sporting the number 14 on the back. She grimaced lightly as she tried to squeeze between the rows of students and to an empty seat close to the grass. She folded her legs, eyes glowing under the light as she caught sight of number fourteen himself sprinting across the field and effortlessly scoring a goal, to which the crowd erupted in applause. She smiled a little, freezing over when Isaac’s unmistakable blue eyes caught her from across the field, as she could feel them boring into her from all the way in her seat. He flashed her a big grin, so she pursed her lips and waved politely back, her chest tightening with pain. She used to come to every game to support Isaac, but as this was her first in ages, the first where that boy on the field was but an acquaintance at this point, remembering the past and how he’d send her those smiles only hurt. 

The sun began to set, casting a pink hazy glow over the grass, the scoreboards lighting up neon red and illuminating Beacon Hill’s close score with the visiting high school. There were two minutes left on the clock, and the boys stood like a wall as they formed a stance in the center of the field, their last shot to take the win. Everyone’s colorful signs were still, bodies unmoving as they tensed. A whistle went off, and a blur of colors went running in all directions. First to McCall, then number 20, then by some miracle Stiles didn’t drop the ball, then to number 14; Isaac. As the last seconds ticked to a stop, his eyes gravitated to (Y/N), and she gave him a small nod and a mutter beneath her breath.

“You got this.”

She knew he’d heard, the little tilt of his jaw as the ball whizzed into the net told her that. Then students burst from their seats like popcorn, screaming and jumping to their victory, many pouring from the stadiums and onto the field. The girl stood, shoulder bumping someone’s as she rose, her focus landing on a shorter girl with brown eyes and a distinct face. Her breath hitched at once, praying the girl didn’t recognize her, but that look of fear and recognition said otherwise. 

“You’re-” the girl gaped, but (Y/N) was already sprinting away and melting into the crowd in a matter of seconds.

She spun around, making sure she’d lost the girl, her heart pounding loudly in her ears. Then she was split from the crowd and pushed to the middle of the field, where the boys had grouped and were huddled around Lahey, whose name echoed around the stadium. He smiled, drunk on the victory as he was hustled from the group, his blue eyes lifting and freezing on the girl. She gave a half smile, and he went to approach her at once, but was cut off by a brunette who’d barreled into him, none other than Alison Argent. She threw her arms around his neck, and his smile faded as he was distracted, lifting his gaze a second later but catching no sign of (Y/N). He pat Alison gently and peeled her off, saying something to her and running into the crowd before she processed his goodbye.

“(Y/N)!” he called, and though his voice was drowned out by students, he knew she’d hear it. “I know you hear my voice, just, come back, okay?”

He finally broke from the crowd and saw her, arms folded over her crimson top, her back against the edge of the stadium. 

“You’re here,” he breathed with relief, skipping over to her.

His blonde curls were plastered to his sweaty skin, his blue eyes alight and bright under the big white lights, his arms smeared in dirt and grass. God, was he a sight for sore eyes.

“Where else would I be?” she tried playfully.

“I don’t know, actually,” Isaac stopped, leaning against the bleachers beside her, “wherever you’ve been hiding these past weeks?”

“Oh,” her smile faltered, “yeah I’ve just been, uh-”

“Busy,” Isaac nodded solemnly, “yeah.”

“You were great out there though,” she tried to lighten the mood. “Remember when we used to practice together?”

“If by practice you mean you’d throw me a ball and I’d catch it with superhuman speed, and then I’d throw one and you’d miss it and it would somehow hit you in the face by accident-”

“Oh shut it, Lahey,” she giggled, giving him a shove.

He smiled wide, “couldn’t forget it. Oh and cute jersey,” he added, “a little big though. You must’ve got it off some really tall and handsome guy I bet, one with a smolder to make the girls swoon,” he teased.

“He’s actually pretty average,” she shrugged with a grin.

“Ouch,” he covered his heart with mock hurt. “But I bet you might be good at lacrosse now.”

“Why so?” she pondered.

“Well, now you have the…gift.” He said it quietly like someone was listening, but of course no one was.

“Sure, if that’s what you call it,” she laughed bitterly, “some gift.”

“Why the long face?” he tapped her nose lightly, “It’s a blessing in disguise.”

“Not really,” she said with a sigh, “that’s actually why I’m here.”

“What?” Isaac inquired, eyes narrowing. “So you didn’t come to see the game to see m-” he paused thinking over his words, “us.”

“No,” she admitted, folding her arms over her chest. “Well, sort of.”

“What gives?” he questioned, trying not to seem taken aback.

“My father is here,” she muttered.

“That asshole,” Isaac groaned and shook his head in disgust.

Her father, one of many Beacon Hill’s policeman, was not only a strict officer, but also a terrible excuse at a good parent. He’d left his wife, hurt his daughter, and to say they didn’t get along would be an understatement.

“I know, just, shhh, okay?! He’s here because a girl was near the woods the other day and got attacked by a creature and she goes here, so he’s, you know, patrolling.”

“What!?” Isaac gaped. “What attacked h-”

He froze, icy eyes glazing over, jaw setting as a realization settled on his features, “you did not.”

“I may have,” she grimaced.

“Oh my god!” he panicked silently, grabbing her by the shoulders and shifting her behind the bleachers where it was completely empty. “What the hell did you do?!”

“I’m sorry, okay!” she threw her hands up in defense, “it was really late and I’d lost control, I didn’t know what I was doing. I just saw this blurry shadow and I was so angry and out of it that I jumped at her out at her without thinking. She screamed and called for help, and I really could’ve torn out her throat if I wanted-”

The girl paused, catching Isaac’s opened mouth and wide eyes.

“But I didn’t!” she exclaimed. “I ran away, and she’s fine, it’s just…”

“Just what?” his jaw pulsated lightly.

“I may have just seen her here and she may have totally recognized me and my dad may definitely be onto me about being a werewolf,” she rushed in one breath.

“Jesus,” Isaac ran a hand through his gold curls with agitation. “How did all this happen?”

“I-I don’t know, Isaac. Things have been super rough for me recently, and this transition being thrown on top of it just has me in a constant state of feeling helpless and absolutely insane.”

The sun was gone now, the sky black and dotted in golden stars, shadows flickering over the faces of the huddled supernaturals. From over the field, students were already lighting the big red and gold fire.

“Why haven’t you told me?” he whispered sadly.

“I don’t know, maybe because you’re the one who abandoned me.” 

She’d said it without thinking, her mouth dropping as she regretted her words at once, “I didn’t mean-”

“It’s alright,” he shook his head, “I had it coming.”

“I’m sorry,” she shook her head.

“Don’t be, you’re right.”


“One of the many reasons I’d missed seeing you was because I couldn’t even apologize to you,” he chewed at his lip with worry like he always did when he was stressed.

“For what?”

“Scott told me how much you’ve been struggling,” Isaac murmured. “And don’t,” he raised his finger when he saw her grimace, “be mad at him for telling me. I forced him. I forced him to tell me everything, since you wouldn’t.”


“No, just listen,” he cut her off. “What you’re going through shouldn’t be something you do alone. And I know you pushed everyone away, even Stilinski won’t shut up about it. And it’s my fault. When you were bit I just got so scared, and I-I panicked. I wasn’t okay in the head, I thought you would never forgive me because I know you never wanted this. I chose it, I chose this, but not you. And I couldn’t stand the thought of you feeling that resentment, so I broke us apart, thought maybe it’d be better for you to experience this transition by yourself, but that was an absolutely shit thing to do and I see that now, and I’m so sorry, (Y/N).”

She just stood there in the silence of the night and chirping crickets, her heart racing.

“Say something?” he asked, “please?”

She cleared her throat and rubbed lightly at her temples, “I’m not saying I agree,” she murmured hoarsely, “but I understand. And I know it’s selfish of me to just barrage in here and ask for your help, especially now that you have priorities with Alison and everything.”

His full lips twitched down at the mention of her name. “(Y/N)…”

“No,” she insisted, “my turn.” She nodded, “I know you’re happy. You have everything you want. You’re praised on and off the field, you have the girl of your dreams, you have it all. But meanwhile, I’m just trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing right now and how I can survive. And yes, seeing her run across that field and into your arms, it hurts, Isaac, like shit. But, I need to let that go, I know. I have to focus on myself, because the only thing that hurts worse is turning and losing control, slipping up and feeling myself lose sense. So, I’m asking for your help, please.”

Isaac’s eyes were shimmering, it looked like he’d cry, but he didn’t. He just cleared his throat and nodded, “of course.”

“(Y/N)!”  a voice hollered, through the night.

A breeze brushed her skin as none other than her father walked from around the bleachers, clad in his uniform.

Dad,” she addressed him curtly, her heart racing.

“Lahey,” the officer nodded at Isaac, who he not only had taken a liking to, but had absolutely no idea was a werewolf.

“Sir,” he bent his head.

“Can I speak to my daughter a moment?” he said, hie eyes fiery as they landed on the girl.

Her eyes widened as they caught Isaac’s, and he shook his head at once, “I’m sorry, I can’t do that sir.”

“Excuse me?” his voice lowered.

“I said,” Isaac’s polite smile vanished, “I’m not going anywhere.”

The officer’s eyes narrowed with dislike, “very well. (Y/N), I just had a very distressed young lady inform me that the thing that attacked her in the woods looks just like a girl at this school, you, in fact.”

“Oh?” she shrugged, “weird.”

“Mmm,” he huffed, “is it? That you’ve been acting up, and then this happens right near our home last week?”

“Mom and I’s home,” she corrected, “not our.”

“Don’t try that tone,” he spat.

“Then don’t pretend you didn’t walk out on us after hurting us both.”

Her father’s hands trembled like he might hit her, but he didn’t this time.

A heat sparked in her chest, a knot in her heart as she felt the tips of her fangs extending out, her nails curling against her fists. Isaac’s eyes widened in alarm, and he wrapped his hand gently around hers so as to hide the claws, his hands catching the drops of blood that dripped from her palms.

“I’m sorry sir, but your daughter and I are going to be on our way now,” he said, pulling her carefully around the bleachers.

“Don’t walk away!” he barked, to which Isaac ignored him.

“Stay calm, okay sweetheart? I got you.”

She breathed heavily, throat rumbling dangerously.

“I know what you are!” he hollered.

Isaac growled audibly and spun on his heel, “with all due respect, sir, your daughter was not in the woods the other night, alright? She was with me.” Issac’s slender fingers reached for his back pocket as he pulled out a small package and threw it to her father, who caught the silver wrapping and squinted to make it out. Then, before he could register, Isaac wrapped his arms around her and was away in another moment. He swept her into the deserted parking lot and into the passenger seat of his car, locking the doors and spinning to the girl. His car was warm and familiar, and ironically the place he’d broken her heart.

“Hands,” he commanded.

She extended her wrists, and he unfolded them slowly to reveal the bloodied mess.

“I’m going to rip his throat out,” she said, he teeth piercing her tongue as she growled, her eyes glowing gold.

“No, no, you won’t. You’re going to take a deep breath and count with me, okay? Everything is okay. Focus on something that grounds you, that brings you back, an anchor.”

“I don’t have an anchor,” she growled, her face contorting as she groaned in pain.

“You do,” he insisted. “I need you to focus on someone, picture their face, that person who you can’t live without, and hold onto that, okay?”

Her teary eyes opened, locking to Isaac’s blue orbs, “okay.”

She breathed heavily, never blinking or tearing her gaze from his as he counted slowly with her, rubbing his thumbs soothingly on her arm and matching her breath patterns.

She honed in on those unblinking eyes, the little dimples by his lips, Isaac’s safe and dark scent, and the memories and songs they’d sang in the very car she sat in. Then, slowly but surely, her teeth retreated, her claws retracted, her eyes faded back to their usual color.

He smiled wide and gently pulled her into a hug, “you did it, I knew you could do it.”

“Yeah,” she wiped quickly at the tears in her eyes, “not without you.”

He pulled back and hesitated, his thumb coming to brush a loose tear from her cheek, “what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she sniffled and pushed her hair from her eyes, “I’m just a mess.”

“A mess with an anchor,” he grinned.

“You, Isaac.”

“What?” he stuttered, his breath catching.

“You’re my anchor.”

She just stared at his awestruck face, her fingers trembling in her lap. Then she sighed and made up her mind, turning to leave the car.

“Wait, don’t.” He touched her shoulder softly.

“I’m sorry,” she shook her head and wiped her ruby stained palms on her jeans, “I know that was wrong, that having you as my anchor is wrong, but I can’t help that.”

“No, it’s okay,” he soothed.

“Really?” her eyes flickered over his face uncertainly.

“Yeah, really,” he breathed, “you’re still mine.”

Her heart practically flipped from her chest, unable to help the short laugh when she breathed, “oh?”



A sudden silence and thick tension spread over the two, their eyes locked, their faces inches apart.

“What did you give him?” she broke the silence, her blood rushing in her ears.


“My dad, what did you give him earlier?”

“Oh,” Isaac smirked, eyes glinting mischievously, “condom.”

She practically choked on the air, snorting and covering her mouth, “you what?”

“Well he’s not asking questions now is he?” Isaac laughed with an arched brow.

“No, he’s not,” she grinned dumbly at him. “You just had that on you then?”

“I was lucky,” he shrugged.

“So, you and Alison…?” she let the question dangle.

“What? No, oh no!” he waved his hands, “no no no.”

“Oh,” she sighed, sounding more relieved than she’d meant to let on. “But, you were going to?” she asked. 

“No, sweetheart,” he laughed, “that had been in my pocket for a while because this girl I used to date was super kinky and she used to fuck me after lacrosse games all the time.”

“Wh-” she started, her eyes going wide when she caught his words. She shoved the giggling boy and covered her reddened face, “shut up, Lahey.”

“I’m not lying am I?” his lips twitched, eyes sparkling dangerously.

He pulled her hands from her face, and she pressed her lips together, smiling, “well, this guy I used to date would be all sweaty and hot after his lacrosse games, and it would turn me on so much,” she teased.

“Really now?” he flashed a smile.

“Yeah,” she shrugged, smile fading when she realized those honey colored curls were still a mess over his sculpted, dirtied, sweaty face, which is exactly what drove her insane.

He snorted, “oof, don’t jump on me or anything.”

As much as she would’ve wanted nothing else, she said, “I know, off limits, hah hah.”

Isaac’s smile faded, a quiet enveloping the space again.

“About what you said earlier, about Alison-” he murmured lowly, blinking through his lashes. “You were wrong.”

“I was?”

He nodded and bit at his lip, eyes boring hungrily into hers, “I made a mistake, letting you go.”

He tilted his face, bending closer, breath fanning over hers, and she pulled away, which hurt like hell, “Isaac.”

“I know,” he groaned and sat back. He reached his fingertips out and came close to lacing them in hers, withdrawing before their fingers could intertwine. “God, I know. But, I just want to…” he shook his head, aching in his voice, he didn’t have to say anything though, she knew what he meant.

“I know, me too. Goodnight, Isaac Lahey,” she smiled sadly, stepping into the frigid night.

“I can drive you,” he offered, but she knew one more second near him and she’d make a bad decision, so she shook her head.

“Goodnight, (Y/N).”

And then he watched with agony as the girl he was irretrievably in love with walked away.

Hands All Over (I)

Summary: Zhi Zi Zhi Shou, Yu Zi Xie Lao: To hold hands and grow old together.
Thirteen times Matt Murdock touched your hand- and the one time he didn’t couldn’t. A drabble series.

Matt Murdock x Reader

For @howlingbarnes birthday challenge “Languages of Love”

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I’m super excited to share this with you guys. I’m going to be posting this every other day at 2:00 CDT until completion. And because I wrote all of the drabbles on one document, they won’t have individual word counts. They will all be drabbles, though, just some longer than others. I won’t be able to update the masterlist until I get back from Sturgis on the 13th, so if you need to view any of the previous chapters, just look on my page.

Also, happiest of birthday to the amazing, wonderful, talented, beautiful Kayla!!

Originally posted by queerheadcanonoftheday


The first time didn’t count, not really. It was a simple gesture of formality, one that he’d exchanged with any number of people in the course of his lifetime. It was nothing special- at least he hadn’t thought so at the time, hadn’t realized until much later in life how much that moment would someday mean to him.

They were standing in the office of Nelson & Murdock, the four of them. One hand folded over the top of the walking stick, he extended the other in front of him expectantly, waiting for his newest client to shake his hand. When she did, her touch was gentle. She didn’t squeeze too tight, her fingers wrapped neatly around his. She shook it, once, and let go. Even then Matt could still feel her skin on his palm: soft, the hands of a young woman who worked hard (he could tell because she had just put lotion on that morning, the scent of it still clinging to her, a slight unnatural slickness coating her palm) and who, judging by the relaxed grip on his hand, was not the type of woman to confront people.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside - Seth Rollins Smut

A/N: Hi all ! This one is also for my ppl w/anxiety hoLLA. There’s one daddy and slight degradation. Long bc of light-fluff srry. Thanks for reading - feedback is vv appreciated !!

OC|Winter Time!!|Seth has to leave home|Fluff & Emotions|Shower Sex + Dom Seth

The dark void that rested your eyes and eased the movement of your body filled with nothing other than creativity of your mind classified as a dream kept you sunk into that state every human needed - sleep. Your energy absorbing body laid faintly against the couch where you fell asleep to the rhythm of heartbeats sponsored by the man that took yours for marathons - Seth Rollins. Only, he wasn’t there anymore. He was wide awake preparing to leave for the job he paid sweat and tears all his life to live through. Your generated illusions of reality were broken by the sensations of his very  lips against the soft skin of your forehead. Your eyelashes fluttered open, your eyes to adjusting to the morning light as you took in your lover Seth who was hovered over you. 

He was already dressed and by the looks of it - prepared to take off to the endless roads that stopped at the arena his was to perform at. A exhausted sigh escaped your lips. When you heard the news nights ago, you had spent all the time regretting this exact moment to arise. “Awh cmon babe - not even a good morning” Seth chuckled at you - your first reaction to seeing him in the morning being a mumble. He knew you dreaded these days and ever so thought your reaction to his departures were adorable. Apart from him actually leaving his world behind  he adored knowing that you loved him enough to not want him to leave your side. You sighed again as if exposed, your adjusted eyes meeting his gaze. “Good morning Seth” you smiled sweetly, a pinch of dread hidden in each corner of your smile. Seth’s lips met yours in a deep yet quick peck, his eyes taking in the lovely essence of seeing your morning state.

 "Hey now, that’s better alright. Now come say goodbye to your boyfriend hm?“ Seth’s words were blanketed by his raspy voice as he took you into his arms, helping you stand up. "Goodbye ? Didn’t I just say good morning ” A chuckle followed your remark, the pads of your bare feet hitting the cold wood flooring below you stunning cold vibes throughout your skin momentarily. Once you were up you and Seth walked up to the door. 

“What about a jacket?” You suggested trying to prevent Seth from leaving every second you could. He paused just as his hand went for the door knob “A jacket? I already have one on” he dismissed referring to the flimsy black jacket covering his arms making your eyebrows raise hastily. You knew that wasn’t enough to keep him warm especially at this time in the day where it was just barely 30 outside. “Seth - are you-  its cold as shit outside you need another jacket on” Your voice leaked assertion at the wild thought. You could picture him now running laps in place to keep warm - adding to fact that you wouldn’t be there to take care of him… did he really think you were gonna let him go outside like that? 

Your lips smacked, your cold feet gripping against the floor as you shuffled to the hall closet filled with all of the two of yous bulky or out of season wear, your ear filling with Seth’s protests. Seth had worn the jacket all day and it kept him snug so in his mind it was a piece of cake for him to go out the same way. Your eyes scanned the aisle of hangers until your hands gripped the hook of a thick dark denim jacket, your heels turning to meet him. “Here wear this - even if you wear it over that thing it still matches what you have on ” you nearly begged Seth who shook his head indefinitely. His thick bottom lip folded over his thinner top, brimming just below the tamed dark hairs of his beard. 

“No, no, look - I’m from Iowa I don’t need this crap - no look at this it looks like something from a renaissance fair” He dismissed, insisting he leave the house with only his Black and Brave track suit on. You giggled lightly as his stubbornness. When Seth thought he was right he was a hard man to persuade.  "I mean thank you for worrying about me but your man’s got this babe" He took the hanger clad jacket from your hands returning it to the closet, the spark of his soft warm touch filling your hands. His silky dark brown eyes gazed down into you, using the grip to pull you into his chest. You rested your chin on top of the muscular pecs, shaking your head side to side with another small giggle leaving your lips.  "You’re gonna freeze your ass off Rollins" and he was. No matter how ‘Iowan’ you were your balls could turn blue going outside in the current weather. “Nah, Nah, I got this baby girl” his voice was full of pride and dulcet reassurance , his lips grazing against yours inducing a passionate kiss, your cold lips lapping for each others warmth. Seth hummed off into the kiss, succumbing to seduction by the taste of your lips, the two of you inches away from losing yourself in each other until he forced himself away, his index finger pulling his sleeve back to look at the shining watch clad on his wrist. 

“Welp babe, a man’s gotta work” he stated resentfully it being 5 minutes over the time he was supposed to leave for his prolonged road trip. A sad sigh escaped your lips, heavy eyes hitting the floor, the realization that he actually has to leave setting in. The face of fact that you really had to revisit the cruel long for him that was put away when he came back home. “Hey now babe..” Seth trailed off softly watching your head fall. His heart pained seeing you upset and knowing he indirectly caused it made him feel even worse. Seth didn’t like being away from you infact he hated it but it was the compromise for doing what he loved. If it was all up to him , he’d spend the rest of his days with you laying in the comforts of the warm duvet and blissful pillows of your bed all day long but he especially didn’t want this to be the last expression he saw you with.
His rough - velvet to touch skinned hands cupped the sides of your face, forcing you to meet his gaze, his face inclining forward so that his nose pressed against yours. “I’ll be back soon , alright baby?” He contained his raspy speech to a low mutter, his words being more of a statement than a question. He too was also ass at saying goodbye to what he cherished as he was never the lovey-duvy type and often couldn’t find the right words to say . His eyes swam desperately into yours - his ocean to search for the sign you understood his words so his mind wasn’t flooded with worry that you had anxiety while he was gone. 

Goosebumps glistened across your skin as if you could feel his emotions, as if you could sense how much he cared about you like thorns on a rose. The feeling he gave off made up for the lack of words his lips couldn’t quite form.You found it in yourself to nod,  a soft “Okay” crawling out the brim of your lips. You knew Seth had roads to ride, weights to lift, crowds to perform for, a universe to satisfy and didn’t want to keep him from it selfishly. Feeling satisfied that you understood, Seth carried shame in a nod, forcing himself away from you. You took the chance to grasp the unpierced tender lobe of his ear with your fingertips playfully not being able to swallow anymore of the sorrow filled atmosphere. 

Seth’s thick eyebrows raised on top of his forehead  in reaction, his face tensing into a playfully stern mask to hide his laughs. Laughs spilled from your mouth, knowing he hated when people touched his ears it being grounds for him to swear death in his eyes but in yours it was only an opportunity to throw him off. “You know I’d get you if I had the time” he teased, his sweater tightening against  his arms as he wrapped them across his chest stubbornly, the gaze laid on you following suit in stubbornness. 

Soft light-hearted laughs spilled from your mouth , your arms clutching Seth’s guarded one. You inclined your body into his to kiss the  narrow lips painted across his face. “Go” you encouraged him to leave while you were in an permitting mood. Seeing your smile itched one onto Seth’s mouth by force, his whole demeanor lightly up just by the sight. He planted one last kiss to the brim of your forehead before turning to the front door. “I’ll be back before you know it” he promised , a “you better” mumbling from under your breath. As he walked to the front door, everything seemed to move in slow motion. You followed mindlessly behind him, as if your brain was hiding from  the experience underway. “Love you always and forever and stuff like that” Seth vowed, swinging his key ring around his fingers, the other one turning to cold metal door knob that sanctuarized your home.

 "Love you too Se-“ you started off shyly until the cold air of outside attacked your skin pulling you into reality. Seth’s raspy laugh joined the cold in the air as he watched you jump to the sound of winter.  "Oh my - go please” your fingers pressed against his flimsy jacket pushing featherly signaling him to leave, causing his laugh to erupt.“How do you even survive without me” He threw his head back lost in humor as he stepped out into the cold air. “Yeah okay love you too Seth” You closed the door immediately behind him, his laughs still audible through the door. Although a smile crept onto your voice at the sweet sound that you’d miss - your body sulked into itself. Your heart going cold wasn’t from the breeze that poisoned the warm air of your house, but was from the absence of your lover. You knew he’d be back in a few days - his place of travel being the sister to your current residency but your heart couldn’t help but ache at how many goodbyes you had to force out over the months. Not to mention the thoughts that would come when you started to overthink about what he did when he was gone. You knew he loved you to the moon and back but its something you can’t help. Occupy. You needed something to keep you busy so you couldn’t think about it. A hot shower sounded nice. 

Worn articles of cloth made a river across the bunny fur mess of your bathroom rug, the fiery water grazing touches of tempered angels against your bare skin. Your thoughts sunk away to the sensation of warmth and beats of music you played to occupy the ill air in the empty house to make everything less-lonely. Maybe everything wasn’t so bad. Maybe you could actually make it through this time without crumbling to despair. 

A distant yet loud ruffle in the air sparked your attention pulling you out of your thoughts. Did someone break in ? Just perfect timing to die while naked in the shower. But would they really be making that much noise ? The sounds you heard were loud and felt welcomed into your home. It was as if an animal somehow managed to crawl inside. But they stopped. Your mind crawled you into a abyss of fear until you heard the door swing open , your skin jumping indefinitely. “Getting all cleaned up for me huh?” Seth announced his voice booming throughout the bathroom, his voice raspier from the bone chilling frost outside. He was back already. “Seth ?? Why are you here” You questioned loudly, coming down from just fearing for your life. 

“Well, I tried to get on the freeway and this guy in a semi-he just wouldn’t let me so I let the monster have it and now I’m back here” Seth explained causing you to roll your eyes rolled into the back of your head. You knew he just too coy to admit that the extreme frost outside was too much for him to bare. But you were glad yet insecure about him choosing to stay. It felt selfish to be the reason he wasn’t there to pursue his career but at the same time it felt like you needed him. “Now, make room for one more alright - I’m freezing my ass off” You heard the sound of his zipper followed by the ruffle of his baggy pants material, causing you to laugh “ know you’re supposed to” you started in between giggles until he interrupted. “Yeah I know now cmon” You saw his shaped hairy tan leg step in first before the rest of his muscular physique came in. His dry arm matted against your wet back to spin you around so he was under the water, a sigh of satisfaction spilling from his mouth. “You know, and I did wanna get back at you too” Seth trailed off “That tugging ears thing - not cool”. 

“No? I thought it was pretty cute” You giggled in response but truly couldn’t tell if he was serious or not judging solely by the tone of his voice which was unreadable. If he was serious it was definitely not the time to send you into a tickling fit or else you’d end up on one of those life alert commercials. “And you know,” Seth continued. “I just couldn’t pass up the best part about showering together…I can tell if that little pussy is getting wet or not”. Goosebumps found it’s way to cover your skin through the warm water spraying down on the two of you. “Seth..” you started -  unsure of how to follow being slightly turned on by the comment.  “Oh my - women. The things it takes to get you serious” Seth joked, your fingers shoving his wet toned shoulder in response. “Not funny!” Pouts streamed from your mouth, provoking a laugh from Seth. 

“Hey now I’m supposed to be the one getting back at you” His damp hands cupped your wrists in this, your feet sliding against the slippery tiles as he brought you closer.  "Unless that little pussy is wet huh? You got it wet for daddy?“ Seth’s voice was deep and seductive your body not being able but react to his language, your legs twitching as your arousal let go to Seth’s words. One hand dropped your wrist, his index and middle finger pressing together using the warm shower water to slide against the sensitive skin of your clit. His fingers crept further into your opening until he reached your hole, the tips of his fingers poking into you as if testing water. "Oooh, my girl is all wet” Seth smirked devilishly his fingers continuing to rub you sending pleasure waves throughout your body , ripping soft moans from you. “Mmhm” Seth hummed cockily satisfied completely with the reaction he was getting from you and so his dark lustful eyes filled with your every move. 

“You’re a dirty girl you know that huh. I say a few words and you just make a fucking mess” Seth teasingly shamed as he watched you fall to his touch. “Kiss me” he demanded, you immediately following suit to lock your lips into a deep kiss with his. He pressed you against the tile wall, your back sticking up against the smooth chilling surface. His pace quickened, the surface of his damp fingers rubbing your clit viciously into your lustful kiss until he removed them to wrap his hand around the thick erection you put him on.  "You see what you do to me huh? Making me want you - turning me into an animal" Seth purred, guiding his tip to rub small circles right on the sensitive hood of your clit inducing moans from you. “Oh Seth..” you muttered off, gripping onto his arms for extra support from falling victim to the running water, your thighs spreading to allow him entrance. Seth was taken over with lust from the situation, you feeling the dirty eagerness of his cock through each throb it gave as he moved the shower head so that it was shooting directly down the middle of your bodies, highlighting both of your figures. He slipped his wet cock into your hole with no hesitation, a loud moan erupting from your mouth at the pain that shot through your body from the feeling of him invading your tightness. “Seth..” you whimpered, your arms wrapping around his torso as he thrusted his hips synced with rhythm. His face rested against yours, his nose just pressing up against your ear.  “Louder” he demanded as his hips fucked your lower half harder, the pain quickly relieving you into a pool of ecstasy. Your body was too focused on the pleasure to even sound audible which made Seth frustrated, his toned body pressing you harder against the tile wall “You fucking hear me huh dirty girl? I said louder” he demanded through deep raspy groans of pleasure. “Seth!” you moaned louder in the sexist voice you could put on through loosing yourself to his dick.

 "Oh fuck yeah that’s my girl" His body pressed closer and closer against yours until you felt your bare ass stick into the wall, his lower half pounding you into it. You couldn’t take anymore . Your body drove itself into the valley of pleasure and ecstasy that took over your body your walls tightening around Seth as you screamed out an orgasm through the encouragement of Seth’s words. He let out a massive shout feeling you squeeze against him, his eyes tightening at the pleasure. “Ah my fucking god” Your pussy took one more pounding before Seth pulled away, jerking his dick off to ropes of  cum oozing from his swollen head, his face scrunched as he released. You stood there against the tile wall defeated under his lust.  "Holy - so f-ing good baby girl - Oh I would’ve missed this" Seth confessed to the power of pleasure, his golden body exhausted from the intense orgasm. He flashed a smirk his brown eyes meeting yours. “Alright enough hanky panky let’s get cleaned up” his voice was soft with adoration for you - the woman he loved with the whole of his being - the woman he saw perfect through each imperfection that society could blind her with. You smiled nervously, both your emotions and body a wreck from the hard penetration as you watched him cup a  louffa in his hands, adding a generous amount of body scrub to it. “My back first” he announced, a playful smile crept on his face. You rolled your eyes and got to work scrubbing your lovers back. 

Surprise (Part 2)

Shawn Mendes x Reader


Word Count- 1594

Summary- You decide to surprise Shawn with both your’s and his family on a special concert night!

Triggers- none! fluff

A/N- hello family so this is the HIGHLY REQUESTED part 2 of Surprise!!!!! enjoy!

p.s.- when I refer to TD Garden i refer to the arena of the Boston concert, that’s where the Boston Celtics play!


Shawn’s face drops. His eyes dilate as he lips separate ajar. 

“(Y/N)?” Shawn whispers. He obviously knows that it is you he is looking at, but his brain needs a moment to contemplate what is happening. He looks quickly from you to Geoff. Geoff is amused at the situation as he can’t control his laughter. “You’re joking.” Shawn laughs as he sits up from the couch. 

You unfold your arms and watch him walk slowly toward you. “Not at all sweetheart.” You giggle. 

“You see my girlfriend, her name is (Y/N), she is in New York for school, or at least that is what she tricked me into believing.” Shawn steps as close to you as he possibly can without making his bandmates uncomfortable. 

“She sounds amazing.” You swell. “I’m sure she is just the sweetest girl you have ever met!”

“Yeah I guess.” Shawn shrugs. “Most of the time at least.” Shawn laughs before he finally pulls you in for a sweet, but quick kiss. You then openly accept his embrace. You have positioned yourself very strategically so when Shawn went in for a hug, his family and your family would be directly in his eyeline. 

“Wait…” Shawn draws out once again confused, “Mum? Dad? Matt!”

“JAX!” Jackson yells out his own name because he wanted to get Shawn’s attention. You are honestly proud him that he didn’t ruin the surprise of the families beforehand when only you and Geoff were with Shawn. 

“Matt!” Shawn cheers once again as he jumps into his arms. Yeah his family is great and he hasn’t seen them in a couple of weeks and yes he adores your family as well, but Matt has acted as the older brother Shawn never got to have.  Shawn has been with you for so many heart wrenching tears shed over the absence of Matt in the past nine months that it is not only exciting for him to see Matt himself, but it is a weight lifted off of his shoulders that he has been carrying for a long time. Knowing that for at least now, your heart is whole, makes his heart whole as well. You catch his teary eyed glance as a smile bursts from his face. His eyes are full of happiness and they only reflect to you. “You have no idea how good it is to see you man!” Shawn laughs. He pulls away from Matt and turns to his parents. Giving them quick hugs and between each time he turns around he looks back to Matt to make sure he is actually there. 

“Hey Liyah.” Shawn laughs, tears still welling in his eyes as he gives Aaliyah a side hug. He gives a few more quick hugs to your sisters and parents. 

“Don’t forget me, Jackson!” Jackson calls from behind your parents. 

Your dad turns round to see Jackson standing with his back pressed up against the wall behind him. “Jax, Shawn will get to you, why don’t you let him catch up with Matt and (Y/N) really fast.”

“You are not allowed to call me that!” Jax almost yells, “Only Matty, Shawny, and (Y/N) are allowed to call me that!” Your dad rolls his eyes as he has heard Jackson’s little spiel multiple times. 

Shawn crouches down to meet Jackson’s eyes. “What’s up little man?” He picks up Jackson and places his on his hip. Jackson’s head falls directly to Shawn’s shoulder. In the midst of the craziness and everyone finally getting to see each other you get to share a sweet moment with shawn. His cheeks are flushed as he smiles at Jackson’s cuddling against him. You lean into his open arm and watch him as he smiles lovingly at your little brother. You catch eyes with him and you bring your thumb up to his cheek to wipe the tear from his lash line. 

“I love you.” You whisper into his ear. 

Instead of replying to you he kisses your cheek and turns back to Jax. “Do you want a pair of headphones for tonight?”

“No! I can handle it!” Jackson says confidently.

“Yeah we’ll have a pair just in case, right Jax?” Matt chimes in. 

After an hour and a half of catching up with all of the crew and families you all prepare for Shawn’s concert. 

“Alright bubs I’m gonna go get the families in their spots for the concert.” You say to Shawn as you lift yourself up from the spot on the couch you had next to him. You have a tendency to give new nicknames to everyone every few months. There have been three nicknames that have sustained years of different names. You have always called Matt ‘bigs’ because he is your big brother, Jackson has always been ‘Jax’, and (weirdly) Shawn has always been ‘bubs’. 

“Where can I find you?” Shawn asks. What he means by this is that he wants to know where he can look for you while he is on stage. He likes to glance over to where you are in the middle of the stage to reaffirm that you are safe and honestly… he likes to see your pretty face (especially when he is on his performance high). 

“Well I have to set my parents and sisters up at the tech booth and I think your family is going to go over there too.” You sat on the coffee table across from him. 

“You never answered my question.” Shawn smiles. 

“I’ll be in my usual spot.” You laugh, “I would never watch one of your concerts from any other spot!” You poke his cute little scar underneath his right eye. 

“Okay, then I will see you on stage beautiful.” And with a kiss on the cheek you were gone 

You helped your family get situated in the tech booth only before yelling a quick, “Take care of them!” to Brian behind the table. You ignored the screaming fans as you made your way back to the side of the stage, your home at Shawn’s shows. It gives you the best angle and he always knows that you are safe. Plus you can always enjoy a quick-sweats-happy kiss while he runs to the center stage. 

Right after Shawn runs back onto the main stage from his center stage under the moon you were enjoying Shawn’s music when someone placed their hand on your shoulder. After screaming and turning around faster than you thought possible you found a laughing Matt and Jax. 

“WE WANTED TO COME DANCE WITH YOU!” Matty yells over the music. Jax plays with the ginormous headphones that take over his head. 

“YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME!” You yelled back, you could barely hear what Matt had said. 

“Okay…so”, Shawn begins a little speech on stage, “I had a very special surprise before the show today from some very special people. I got to see my family (crowd screams). I got to see my girlfriend (Y/N) and her family. And something that is really, really special is… as some of you may know… (Y/N) has an older brother named Matt. So Matt, is a Navy Seal which is… the coolest thing ever and he is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Matt has been gone on active duty for about umm… like nine months now and he came back home yesterday and he surprised me today. I have this song that is very special to me, it was originally, and of course still is, for my girlfriend and the fact that I leave for a long time and we don’t get to see each other, but for tonight I want to dedicate this to anyone serving on duty out there. No matter what country you are from, if you are on active duty, or if you are a veteran, or if you have a loved one that has given their life for their country… this is for you. This is Never be Alone”

“WHAT ABOUT ME!” Jax screams as you walk to the edge of the stage. He folds his arms over the top of the stage and rests his chin on the top of his arms. “ME ME ME ME ME!” He begins to wave his arms. 

Shawn laughs at the sight of Jackson on the side of the stage. “Wait I’m sorry one second.” He pauses before walking to the side of the stage and he grabs jackson. As he walks back into the fans view the screams are louder than you thought possible. “So this is Jackson. Jackson is almost four years old, right bud? Jackson loves attention and he loves the stage so he is going to perform this one for me. Boston is a very very special town to me so I might as well make this performance special as well. Again, for real this time, this is Never be Alone.” Shawn winks to you as he lets Jax down to run around the stage. 

Seeing Shawn with Jax always makes your heart melt. You little brother is having the time of his life, the man you love is pouring his heart out on stage, and your big brother is home and by your side. Right now, this is all you need in life.”


(A/N: This installment contains potentially triggering content.)

He loves her. This much he knows. Scully is the sea, all salt and moonlight, and she says his name like she’s luring him to the rocks. She leaves a dry, dusty curl of petal on his desk, like one last kiss from Phthinoporon. 

This work is his life, not theirs, and it’s a lonely road to Graceland. 

The office is quiet that morning. Coffee going cold, the diligent scritch of Scully’s Waterman. They shed their suit jackets, Mulder loosens his tie. The hush of rain on the skylight, files and books spread on the desk, research for Arlington. The office is quiet that morning. And then it isn’t. 

“The condoms,” Mulder says, leaning against the filing cabinet with his arms crossed, studying a scuff mark on his shoe. “You’ve been… this is why.” There’s a hot flood rolling in his belly. 

He glances up, and her beryl eyes scorch him. She gingerly sets her pen down. “Bambi Berenbaum,” she says, slowly, as if he’s stupid. “Detective White. Don’t be juvenile, Mulder.” 


“I’m not your wife. Right? Isn’t that how you put it? I can sleep with whomever I choose. You certainly exercise the same freedom.” 

Mulder sees red. 

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anonymous asked:

There is a part of me that wants to see Sweet Pea and Cheryl stuck in a closet together. For science of course.

Part of me really wants this too .. so I wrote a thing. For science of course

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How to: Chiton

Hello. Have you ever wanted to dress like this:

Now you can!

Fellow divines, I have scoured google images and made one myself to bring you this tutorial.


  • Very comfy
  • Literally just one piece of fabric
  • No sewing required
  • Can do this by yourself
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • Gotta make sure it’s wrapped properly so you don’t flash anyone

Let’s get into the tutorial shall we?

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Just For The Money

Anon asked: Could you write something where Kylo and reader end up in some sort or cooking/baking competition together? They could be from rival bakeries, but in the end they still end up together, and maybe collaborate on something?

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Ah, another fic where I get to combine my writing with my other favorite hobby: baking!)

Bakery AU: Kylo Ren x Reader

Plot Summary: You run a simple and sweet bakery, mostly catering to the people who want to stop by for a sweet treat for a good price. Kylo Ren runs a high end cake shop, taking in clients for formal events. The both of you have had a long rivalry, but right now, both your businesses are about to bite the dust. That is until a baking competition arrives in town, so both you and Kylo are desperate to win. There’s a catch, though! It’s a couples-only bake-off!

Originally posted by masterpatterner

Pulling a fresh batch of cookies out of the oven, the smell of chocolate and caramel filled up the small little pastry shop, as you indulged in the sweet sensation tickling your nose before setting them down to cool.

The door to your bakery jingled, as a woman with her daughter entered, yourself smiling alongside the mother as the young girl oogled over the dozens of sweets, running along the cupcakes, to the pies and cookies.

“Hi! Welcome to Tatooine Treats! How can I help you two?” You asked cheerfully, setting your oven mitts to the side as the girl peeked over the counter.

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Snowed In

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

Title: Snowed in
Pairing: Carl Grimes x reader
Request: Could you write a fic where the reader and Carl are married and have a family and are telling their children how they met? (This takes place after the apocalypse).
Warnings: um, mentions of family death???

The post apocalyptic world was now at peace. City by City it was being cleared of Walkers and life was returning back to normal.
You and Carl finally summoned up enough courage to start a family together. It took you a long time to agree to have a baby, but now you have a thirteen year old son and eleven year old daughter.
It was hard for you, watching Lori die while giving birth to your sister in law. But with the new hospitals, everything went well and you gave birth to two healthy babies.
They go to school like normal kids and eat dinner around a table like a normal family. Carl is a police officer now, just like Rick pre-apocalypse. Things are returning to normal.
One morning we got snowed in, nobody could get in or out and school was canceled. You decided to make chocolate chip waffles and hot chocolate for breakfast.
Katelyn was the first one to wake up, she’s an early riser like her father. With her rumpled brown hair and pajamas, she got first pick on waffles.
“No school,” You announced as she sat down.
“Really?” Her eyes brightened.
“I made waffles,” You re-announced. “Go wake your brother.”
“He’s going to hit me,” she eyed you as she started back towards the direction of Logan’s room.
“I’ll hit him,” You warned.

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Told Ya

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Pairing: None

Warnings: None, just fluffy humor

Word Count: 1,022

Summary: What happens when Reader gets curious about Sam’s green smoothie? Hilarity ensues, that’s what.

A/N: I kept the reader as neutral as possible – MJ can be interpreted as any gender, in any ship you prefer. Special thanks to @jerkbitchidjitassbutt for her advice and expertise (love you, girl!).

The Impala cruised along, effortlessly gliding over the long, dark stretch of highway. The radio was off and conversation had long since dwindled, leaving nothing but the familiar soothing, throaty growl of the engine to lull you into a state of blissful relaxation. You stretched your battle-weary limbs and reclined across the length of the backseat. Dean remained intently focused on the road, while Sam gazed out the window as he sipped contentedly on… something. What is that? you wondered. You hadn’t even noticed the cup in his hand until now. Where did he even get that? The contents looked like pureed Martian, but Sam seemed to be enjoying it. You were intrigued…

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AN: idk…but I see this damned site is letting me copy and paste again.


She didn’t look up when he cleared his throat once…or twice but the third time pulled her out of her reading. The fingers that were once curled under the novel, had moved upward to push thick reading glasses onto her nose.

“Uchiha-san,” She said.

He was leaning against the Book-Check-Out counter. His arms folded over the marble top as he glanced towards the aisles of books. “I can’t find a book.”

Her nose wrinkled upwards in confusion but she ended up smiling. “I’m on break right now,” she said. “You can ask her.” Hinata motioned to the pretty brunette currently stamping several biology books.

“I don’t know her,” he said.

“And me?”

He pushed himself off the counter. His hand sliding down the strap of his backpack to readjust it. “Enough.”


He understood she was teasing him. About a month ago, when he discovered the great use of the library, they stood in the middle of Fiction Authors A-F for fifteen minutes as he tried to remember her name. It embarrassed him more than it hurt her feelings. They just hung out with different types of people.

“I will help,” she said. Hinata placed a star glittered bookmark in the novel and hid it beneath the shelves. The young woman stood and walked from behind the large desk.

He followed her towards The Fiction section until she stopped and turned to him. A smile had pulled at the corners of glossed lips. “You’re following me but you never said what book it was.”

If he had been lying, he surely held a tight poker face. The Uchiha male slung his backpack off one shoulder and unzipped it. Hinata watched him rummage through the navy bag until he pulled out a folder. Flipping through the color coded sections, he leaned towards her. Taking her terrible eyesight into consideration, he held the folder closer.

“Oh,” she said. “That’s a good read.” She motioned him to follow. “It’s pretty short. Low on romance too.”

“Why do you say that?”

Hinata ran her finger over the spine of dozen books as they disappeared between two large aisle. She glanced over at the young man as she pulled out the forest green colored novel. “You read romance, Uchiha-san?”

“No,” he said.

She handed him the book with two hands. “I didn’t think so and yes I am judging your book by its cover.”

He smirked, his fingers drummed the book. “Seems unfair.”

She brushed the bangs of her pixie cut to the right before pulling longer strands behind her ear. “C’est la vie,” she said.

Onyx eyes rolled. “Is your break not up, Hyuuga?”

She pushed her mustard orange sleeve back, revealing a silver watch. “Twenty minutes to spare.”

He knew that. He had been timing these things. Last week he came five minutes before her break, ten the next time and now twenty. Now he knew her lunch break was at 1:30…which doesn’t really work for him considering his class starts at 1:45.

Professor didn’t take roll and Ino always sends notes. So being thirty minutes late to have a conversation with his ten year crush wasn’t damaging his grades.

“Mai will check you out,” said Hinata.

He pressed his lips as the petite woman pivoted on her heel. Today she had on a burnt orange cardigan and matching skirt that brushed mid-calf, her blouse had ducks on them and her flats made her look even shorter.

He rubbed his eye with his thumb. “Fuck,” he said. Onyx eyes peered at the book in his hand. He didn’t even need this damn book.

He went back to the counter again and proceeded to clear his throat until she looked up. “Back so soon, Uchiha-san,” said Hinata.

“Sasuke,” he said.


He nodded. “Do you have classes later?”

“No,” she said. Her brow lifted in confusion and curiosity. “…but I need to study.”

“I’ll meet you back here then.”


He gave a dismissive wave before walking away. Hinata sighed, ignoring the sly remark from her coworker. “…he’s like that with everyone.”

“No, no, no,” Mai said. “Not me. Not the general population…nope.”

She shook her head. “Mm.”

anonymous asked:

Loved the last scenario you answered for me <3 so here’s my second request! Aizawas reaction to class 1a (and maybe present mic) trying to set him up with his crush? Maybe they have picked up on subtle changes in the way he talks and looks at her so they figure it out over time and pull hizashi into helping them set their Sensei up on a date or at least time alone together. She could be the schools librarian or something so he uses the quiet atmosphere as an excuse to see her throughout the day

Alrighty, here we go; I’m out of Villain Requests until the box opens back up, so I undertook this lovely cute one ^-^ I felt too light and fluffy, so I added just a hint of NSFW at the end. Lovely reads, my Meatballs.

-Mod Pasta🍜🍝

🛏“Oh, Aizawa, you’re too stoic for your age,” Kirishima heard little bells of laughter, perking up when he heard his teacher’s name. He glanced at Mina and Kaminari.

🛏“Guys?” They were already standing up, eyes sparkling with mischief. He hesitantly followed, and they found their Sensei sitting at one of the tables in the library, backwards on the chair and straddling the back. His arms folded over the top of the chair and his chin rested in a relaxed position on them. He was staring at a beautiful young lady, no, he was staring at the librarian.

🛏“You’re only a year younger than me, (L/N),” he grumbled, and you giggled at him. He smiled ever so slightly back.

🛏The group of students silently retreated, eyes wide with shock. Soon, the whole of Class 1-A knew about Aizawa’s little flirtatious escapade.

🛏But, they couldn’t be for sure about it until you came in for a one-week lesson on their midterm project. Most of them already knew you, but now they got to see how Aizawa acted around you.

🛏It was almost an instant shift. Instead of sleeping in his sleeping bag, he was sitting on it and watching the class very closely, almost like a hawk. They also recognized that he had washed his face much better, and had he even trimmed his beard to look even?

🛏On the second day, you teased him lightheartedly about his helicopter teachering. His response was wildly different than anyone expected, “Oh, just making sure my rowdy kids don’t accidentally hurt you.” The blush that that caused you was even more exciting to the students.

🛌The rest of the week, they collected little facts about you. You mentioned your favourite food: Pasta. Oh, talented and amazing Pasta, how you absolutely love it. Also your favourite drink, hell, these students are the top in their grade; they got everything that they’ll need.

🛌Once they’re sure of their motives, they wait until Aizawa goes to the bathroom during English class. Then, all of Class 1-A goes absolutely silent, and Sensei Hizashi was quite dumbfounded:

“What happened?” He asked, and Mina was the first to speak. Midoriya looked like he wanted to, but he seemed too shy.

“Sir, you’re Aizawa’s friend, right?”

“Of course, young Mina. Have been, always will be his best!” He exclaimed, a grin covering his face. He would be lying if he said he knew what was going on, though.

“Well, we…” Kaminari started, but Kirishima broke in.

“We had an idea, Sensei,” he nodded to the general class, “All of us did.”

“Oh, and what’s that?” He prodded, placing his hands on his hips.

🛏Once Class 1-A debriefed him, he was absolutely in for it. He made sure to keep a few things out of the mixture, but he told the class more of what they would need to know, and once Aizawa returned, everyone was already working on their assignment once again.

🛏Hizashi was just about as giddy as the students. He set up a meeting after school, and Aizawa had asked about it, but Hizashi blew him off about some “extra presentation information” shit.

🛌They planned, and oh boy they planned hard.

🛏The next day, during lunch, Hizashi slipped into the library. He stroked up a conversation with you, being the well-known radio star he is, and found out if you were free over the weekend on Saturday Night. He asked if you wanted to hang out with him and Aizawa, and at the mention of him, you quickly agreed. It was cute; how easy it was to see your crush on the man.

🛏Come Saturday morning, Hizashi remembered to inform Aizawa that he’s going to the bar that day. It turned out that Aizawa had. hella plans until an hour after the meet up time, but Hizashi’s way too much of a nice guy to tell you that. So, instead he meets you there and entertains you loosely. It’s not like he’s boring company, and you find yourself opening up to him over a few drinks.

🛏That, that’s the catch; you’re a lightweight. By the time Aizawa grumbled angrily and shows up (notably wearing a small bit of cologne and has his hair in a bun), you’re a giggling mess. The two Class 1-A kids that had followed Hizashi, Kirishima and Momo, were gaping as you grabbed Aizawa’s arm and hugged it like a lifeline.

🛌Plan A failed; on to plan B.

🛏Whilst Aizawa liked the attention from that night, he felt a bit underwhelmed that it was because of your alcohol content, and he definitely pushed Hizashi hard for getting you drunk.

🛏The next idea was all Bakugou’s. He had offhanded said, er, growled, “Just shove them together; she’ll blush and he’ll kiss her. Just get them alone and it’ll happen.” Even though the class was surprised, Midoriya piped up and mentioned that it might work.

🛏Hence how you were happily making your way to Class 1-A due to how Hizashi had called saying that Aizawa needed to ask you about a certain book. As you turned a corner, your unearthly yelp was covered by a hand as you were shoved into a closet. You hit something warm, soft and fleshy, causing your mortified yelp to turn into a scream as the darkness enveloped you.

“Hey, hey, (L/N), calm down,” You recognized that voice…

“Aizawa?” You questioned, standing up straight and holding your clipboard closer to yourself.

“Yeah. I’m guessing the kids did this?” He sighed, and you hummed in response.

“I don’t know; I was just pushed into here.”

“Yamada pushed me in,” he grumbled, and you giggled softly; it was cute, his voice when he did that.

“What’s so funny?” He questioned, but he didn’t sound annoyed like he would with his students; he sounded generally interested.

“Oh, well, I just think it’s cute when you mumble,” You carelessly flirt, forgetting your close proximity to the man. You didn’t see the smirk slapped upon his lips when you said this.

“Really, huh? Well, I think you’re a lot cuter than that,” he prodded, causing your cheeks to align in neon pink.

“I-Um-thank you-“

“No, the pleasure is all mine,” it was then that you felt his hand brush your shoulder, then his fingers cup your chin. Your eyes widened as your breath caught, and he paused at that.

“Why did you stop?” You whispered slightly playfully, and he just grunted in response before closing the gap between your lips. Your hands slipped on the clipboard, and it crashes to the floor as you caressed his cheeks and his other hand rested on your waist.


Ten minutes later, Hizashi and Class 1-A wondered why you hadn’t exited the closet; the door wasn’t locked. When they heard a crash eight minutes ago, they assumed that someone had tripped. But when they heard another one followed by a couple more, their eyes bulged out of their heads.

“S-Sensei?…” Mina slowly turned her head to look at Hizashi, who was gaping like a madman, his glasses at the tip of his nose.

“Hell Yeah!”