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Piggybacking off of the last request about the Audrey Hepburn quote, could you possibly Write about this one? "Don't forget to smile, you're the prettiest when you do." I don't know who wrote it or if that's correct but I love it and could imagine Jughead using it to help Betty feel better after being teased by Cheryl or something like that. I love a good fluff piece. Love your writing and you!

Aww that’s beautiful! You got it!


Stupid Cheryl blossom and her stupid, perfect body, and perfect hair, and perfect face. Betty mumbled under her breath, slamming her gym locker shut and putting her flats back on her feet.

Of all days for Cheryl to be on a rampage, she had to choose today. Picking at everything Betty did, criticizing every aspect of Betty’s body and face. Normally she wouldn’t let it get to her, but today

It was her birthday.

She didn’t mind that no one remembered, it’s not like she mentioned it. Her birthday was always a touchy subject for her. On this day two years ago, Polly had been taken away, never to be seen again.

So yeah, she didn’t really talk about her birthday, but that didn’t mean she wanted to be treated like trash on it.

The day hadn’t started off great, her dad had gone away on business last night, which just left Betty and her mother alone in the house. Alice woke her up to tell her she overslept and was going to be late for school, the only reason she knew her mother remembered her birthday was the quick “happy birthday” she threw her before walking out the door.

Veronica didn’t know it was her birthday, Betty had never told her, so obviously she couldn’t count on that, and Archie well, he just forgot. It wasn’t his fault. He had a lot on his mind.

She knew she had to look nasty, her face a permanent frown, cut her some slack, if she wanted to be miserable she was gonna be miserable.

It was her birthday after all.

Walking through the halls, Betty ran her hand across the cold metal lockers, suddenly she spotted the familiar beanie of Jughead jones.

She smiled slightly, but even his presence couldn’t keep a smile on her face.

“Hey juggie.”

“Hey green eyes, what’s with the frown.”

She sighed leaning against the locker next to his.

“Just Cheryl being Cheryl, apparently my legs aren’t straight enough and my face isn’t pretty enough.”

He snorted ,drawing her attention to his,

“Yeah, you not being pretty enough, makes total sense.”

She smiled, smacking his shoulder

“Thanks juggie.”

“So Cheryl’s the reason for your grumpy mood?”

She nodded

“You sure it has nothing to do with today being your birthday?”

Her eyes snapped open, connecting with his.

“You remembered?”

He smiled at her, digging in his pockets before pulling out a folded up book with a little ribbon on it

“Happy birthday bets.”

Her eyes watered as she took the present from his hands.

It was an original, Holmes and Watson.

She instantly had her arms wrapped around him.

“Thank you juggie, you didn’t have to.”

He rested his hands on her hips, pulling away slightly.

“I like to see you smile.”

She beamed at him

“You always look the prettiest when you smile.”

Laughing, she pulled the book into her hands instantly digging into it. Smiling brighter than she had all day.

Favorite Things from episode 184

-Ashe had an arts and crafts day with Batty and Don’t to make Pigbat secret police badges

-Xyrax the Boneslurper? I hope we get to met him he seems lovely

-Postal system is wack

-Markus puts fold out pages in his books

-Ashe is willing to sing for Firi

- Kyr was hanging out under the bar? maybe with Charoth??

-Markus/Matt refrenced The Most Dangerous Game and I totally missed that the first time


-The Museum Museum

-Ashe has a complicated? tree house

-Ashe and Markus do not have quiet voices


-Ashe thinks that weddings need a referee


I bought some Shingeki no Kyojin CDs today!!
The first two, the cover books fold out into long swords… They’re awesome!
And I got a free Connie and Eren sticker with the first radio CD! :D

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How would one start mikagura school suite? i really want to get into it but i dont know how to start. Thanks;;

Hi!!! I’m glad you’re interested in Mikagura School Suite. As for where to start, you’ve come to the wrong place, because I am not a major player in the MSS fandom.

HOWEVER I will do my best ☆~(ゝ。∂), sorry if I do a shitty job on introducing stuff or forget important people.

So ok first of all MSS started as a Vocaloid song series by Last Note. (mylist) with videos illustrated by Akina (pixiv). These two are regarded as the main creators of MSS, and they are involved in all of the MSS stuff.

The first song is called After-School Stride and introduces the main character, Ichinomiya Eruna. So far there are 5 songs, but there will be more. The other songs are A Lethargic Coup d’Etat (Akama Yuuto’s song), Ecstatic Vivace (Yasaka Himi), Trashy Innocence (Kuzuryuu Kyouma), and Seeing a Sixteen-Day-Old Moon (Imizu Asuhi). Even if you don’t get into the series, I recommend the songs as they are very good songs in their own right and have some really good covers, too, if you’re not into Vocaloid.

A quick aside - I haven’t mentioned the story yet and I should here. It’s probably best described as a supernatural-slice-of-life. Ichinomiya Eruna (the protag) is a first-year and her favorite thing is cute girls. Her overly-affectionate cousin is like GO TO MY SCHOOL and she does because the girl in the pamphlet is cute. The school is kind of wonky because everyone is required to be in a club and they kind of have battles between clubs and everyone has really cool powers related to their club. Eruna thus embarks on her exciting new school life and tries to find a club that she wants to join, while duking it out with all of her cute classmates (everyone is cute, imo). Also, there is humor. It makes me laugh, like it is supposed to.

There are kind of a lot of characters but you can get a quick look at their character profiles here. There are even more minor characters but they don’t really have full official profiles yet.

Those profiles were translated by Ame, who also translated the songs I linked above. She’s also translated the first chapter of the manga and some of the first novel, which you can find on the Mikagura Scans site, along with other MSS-related goodies.

Speaking of the manga and novels, let’s talk about those. The manga is drawn by Sayuki and is serialized in Comic Gene, so if you’re hardcore, you can read the delayed raws on pixiv  or Comic Walker every month (only the most recent chapter and the first chapter though). Otherwise, you can read the scanlated manga here, but like I said earlier, there’s only one chapter done (out of 16 at this time). 

The novels are written by Last Note and cover/inside illusts are by Akina and the inside fold-out color illusts are glorious and adorable and you can check them out  (the fold-outs, not the whole book) at full-ish size on the MF Bunko Website. Everyone is really cute, why. Anyway like I said the novel only has a little bit translated.

Anyway the recent big news that probably got the word of MSS to your anonymous ears is the fact that it is getting an anime!! No one knows when it’s airing, but statistics show it’ll probably be in about a year’s time. The official anime website is here and is not very chock-full of information yet, but we’ll see. Also the official MSS site is here but all of the info on there is stuff already translated on Mikagura scans blog.

The anime thing is pretty exciting because, even though BRS and MCA were uh kinda disappointing, we are excited anyway because 1. getting excited is fun and 2. the studio doing MSS is Dogakobo who did Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Yuruyuri and other things

Anyway I’ve been talking like Ame is the only MSS translator on this planet and she is not. Other people I have seen active in the fandom are pika09 who does a lot of updates on merch and releases and fanart, and littleplanet17 who obviously likes Asuhi a lot and does summaries of the novels and the first part of the manga, though I think you have to hunt through their MSS tag a little find them. I really don’t know anyone else whose blog is MSS-centric I’m so sorry /cries into hands, please tell me if there are other people who do stuff.

I’ve done like exactly one contribution to the MSS fandom and that’s the ch. 16 summary of the manga since as far as I could tell most everyone has kind of given up on the manga??? It is a rather intriguing story though and I think I will continue to do chapter summaries since this time I just did it on a whim but it was really fun and interesting. I mean I caught onto the story kind of despite not having read most of the manga so you should be fine reading it after a brief introduction.

That got so long I’m sorry if I overwhelmed you but that’s MSS in a nutshell!! Nutcase!! Something like that.

Oh yeah one last thing pls buy the manga/novel/merch whatever to support the original artists if you can!! You can buy physical copies on Amazon or CDJapan/HMV/YesAsia (these are english sites) or digital copies from Bookwalker! Amazon and the e-book sites are in Japanese but it’s really simple to buy them via PayPal and I can always help if you get stuck. Even if you can’t read Japanese, buying them feels so cool and you can look at the super pretty illusts so it’s nice. 

Edit: I totally forgot but there’s a MSS wiki and it’s pretty detailed so by all means go check it out! There are spoilers tho, not that spoilers are really a big deal in this series.

Dialogue (Excerpt, More Than I Love The Queen)
The Beatles

January 27th, 1969 (Apple Studios, London): Over breakfast, John shows Paul a book he’s had compiled of the various press articles covering John and Yoko’s You Are Here art show. Paul reads aloud from some of the articles to the amusement of John and Yoko.

PAUL: “Beatle John Lennon hugged actress Yoko Ono last night and said, ‘My marriage is over. I am in love with Yoko. Of course my wife and I are not through legally—’” 

JOHN: That they put “actress” is great. 

YOKO: [laughs] No, they thought I performed in the Bottoms film. [laughter] They took it so seriously… 

JOHN: Said it seriously. 

PAUL: “How much does he love Yoko? ‘Much more than I love the Queen.’” [laughter; Paul hums] 

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BA(HONS) Graphic Design: Editorial Project

Brief: Choose from a list of topics and create a book about that subject.

This book is about nanotechnology. The structure is based on that of a nanotube. These are microscopic vessels, which transport substances into the body. Nanotubes have many uses, but this book focuses on the medical uses only. The colour scheme red and blue was chosen because these are the colours that show whether a disease is present or not, when using nanotubes in tests. The net for this book was hand-made using InDesign. The book includes content about the history of nanotubes and their uses.