fold out book


I bought some Shingeki no Kyojin CDs today!!
The first two, the cover books fold out into long swords… They’re awesome!
And I got a free Connie and Eren sticker with the first radio CD! :D


BA(HONS) Graphic Design: Editorial Project

Brief: Choose from a list of topics and create a book about that subject.

This book is about nanotechnology. The structure is based on that of a nanotube. These are microscopic vessels, which transport substances into the body. Nanotubes have many uses, but this book focuses on the medical uses only. The colour scheme red and blue was chosen because these are the colours that show whether a disease is present or not, when using nanotubes in tests. The net for this book was hand-made using InDesign. The book includes content about the history of nanotubes and their uses.