Where one rock stops, and another begins…

Snapped on the Portuguese coast, the photo depicts a break in the sedimentary record, where rocks were eroded for a period rather than deposited, often bearing the tell tale signs of adventures in geological time. Such breaks are called unconformities, and when the rock layers are bent at different angles like this outcrop, they are called angular.

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Duran Duran “Pressure Off” w/ Janelle Monáe and CHIC ft. Nile Rodgers at 

FOLD Festival 2015

How to fold your Gi

So here’s how to properly fold your uniform to save space, and how to tie a knot that allows you to carry your Gi over your shoulder.

Pictures pretty much speak for themselves, so I’m not gonna waste your time making you guys read long explanations, but if anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know. 

Also, not my Gi. This one is my niece’s medium weight Gi. The lighter it is, the easier to fold, but it’s the exact same process for a heavyweight.

01. Spread out the Jacket as shown.

02. Fold pants as you would any other, and place with the top of the pants right where the jacket lapels meet.

03. Fold right side on top of pants.

04-05. Fold the sleeve. If the sleeve is shorter, you may not need to fold it twice.

06. Repeat same fold with left side.

07. Fold what remains of the pants, upwards.

08. Fold the top down from where the top of the pants is.

09-10. Fold the bottom part upwards, more or less in half. Now here, especially with a heavyweight Gi, make sure you leave that gap in the center, so that the space allows for the final fold.


For reference on how small the Gi ends up, that tile is 18 x 18 inches, so the Gi ends up being about a 10 x 8, more or less, depending on the Gi size and weight. This saves a lot of space in your bag, especially when traveling, and even more when you have more than one Gi.

Here’s mine (Heavyweight 14oz) folded, compared to my niece’s (7.5)

No more huge bags, just to carry one Gi, and if you, in fact, only carry one Gi (no equipment), you can use the knot below, and you can discard using a bag at all, as you can just throw the Gi over your shoulder.


Important note: If you fold your uniform after class, and don’t plan on washing it as soon as you get home, please don’t forget to spread it out and let it get some air. You don’t want a sweaty Gi to spend too much time folded up like this, trust me, hahaha.

Happy folding, guys!

Caledonian folding

Back in the early Cambrian some 500 million years ago, the continental dance had an active phase that resulted in the assembling of many of the plate fragments that form the bedrock beneath the European continent. Chunks of rock that were joined then that have stayed together through the vagaries of supercontinental gathering (the formation of Pangaea, completed some 300 million years back) and dispersal. There were two main landmasses in those days, known as Gondwana and Laurentia (for a piece on the formation of Gondwana see

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Easier than it looks!

Make your own Simple Origami Lotus Flower:

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The Heart Knot on a folded Gi

So I was playing around with tying the belt on the Gi and ended up with this.

This prompted a few of you guys, starting with she-kicks-she-throws and fightlike-agirl, to ask how I did it, and How to Fold the Gi.

So here it goes. With this one, again, pictures speak for themselves, so I won’t waste your time with clearly visible details, but if you guys have any questions, just let me know.

Up to here, it’s the same as tying the belt around your waist. Easy. 

Now we turn it around.

From here, we hide what’s left.

Post your results and tag me so I can see it and reblog it! =]