Don’t think about Clarke fondly watching Lexa and their daughter nap, don’t think about clarke filling her sketchbook with drawings of the two people that give her heart a reason to beat, don’t think about Lexa being the huge push-over parent and Clarke having to constantly chastise her two warriors, don’t think about Lexa cherishing every single moment she has with the two of them because she just doesn’t get enough hours in the day to be Lexa and not Heda, don’t think about Clarke soothing away her worries at night, don’t think about the insecurities they have as parents, don’t think about their constant fears of failing their natblida, don’t think about all the angst and arguments that arise from that, but definitely don’t think about how their worries were for not, how their daughter is the perfect combination of the two of them, how she ends up being the most compassionate and cunning commander the earth has ever seen, how she never let’s anyone forget how her mother’s saved the world ten times over, but whatever you do, definitely don’t think about all the wasted potential this show threw away, just don’t do it.

Shout Out 2 All Bisexual+ People

Shout out to the bisexuals out here slutting it up. Shout out to the bisexuals who enjoy threesomes (or foursomes+) and take advantage of those opportunities. Much love to the polyamorous bisexuals and the bisexuals who say they’re bi-curious and those who don’t like sex at all.

Glory be to the trans, gender non-conforming and nonbinary bisexuals. Y'all foine AF.

Hugs to the bisexual+ women/femmes who leave their lesbian partners and eventually end up with male partners and vice versa. Relationships of all orientations end and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for getting out or for moving forward with whomever you please. It’s your life. Fuck their judgment.

Bowing deep to all my black and brown bisexuals who have been shining in every way since humanity was a thing. Sending prayers of protection to all my immigrant and refugee bisexuals, restorative justice to my indigenous bisexuals and two-spirit folks, profound respect and recognition to all the elder bisexuals who got us here, and access to every single differently-abled bisexual on this planet.

Protection and healing to all the closeted bisexuals who feel like they have to use gay, lesbian or straight labels to survive. We’re here for you when and if ever you decide to take the glorious and terrifying leap.

Love to the bisexual+/pansexual/polysexual/omnisexual/asexual/biromantic/aro/fluid/no label/queer/questioning/OMG-I-don’t-know-sexuals just trying to find their way. Shout out to all the bisexuals under the vast bi+ umbrella who feel like a more specific label suits them a little better.

Love and light to the bisexuals who will hold onto their bi+ label and you’ll have to pry it from their cold dead hands. Bi+ is not binary (or transphobic) and pan is not sanctimonious (or transphobic). We are a community and we had better act like one because we can’t win without each other.

Eternal love, familial bonds and transformative wisdom to all the bisexuals out here trying to live our best lives, whether we fit their dusty and falsely monolithic stereotypes at times, or nah. We are more of the queer community than anyone else and our expressions of bisexuality are not always going to look or be the same. That’s ok. Just know that when the bi+ bat signal goes up and the bat phones ring, whatever your label, or lack thereof, we had better show up and show out. For all of us.

Every Important [BANGTAN BOMB] You Need to Watch

[No, this is not all of them. Let’s be real a bunch of them are kinda boring. So here ya go all the good ones lol. (this list does not include Episodes only Bombs)]

** = Personal Favorites






Phrases with Faire- faire enough

 Faire is a very common French verb, and has many accompanying phrases with it! Here are a few to fill your vocab lists:)

S’en faire - je m’en fais/Ne t’en fais pas etc. - to worry

Ça va me faire bizarre ! - that’s going to be weird (for me)

En faire tout un drame - to make a big deal out of

Essayer de faire quelque chose - try to do something

Être de taille à faire quelque chose - to be up (physically, say if you are unwell) to doing something

Faire amende honourable - to make amends

Faire attention/gaffe (plus familier) - Fais gaffe ! - to be careful

Faire quelque chose au pif - je l’ai fait au pif ! - to do something off the cuff (do randomly, by accident)

Faire bien de - tu ferais bien de… - to do well to

Faire bombance - to have a feast

Faire bonne figure - to look well/happy

Faire chaud au cœur - ça fait chaud au cœur ! - to be heart-warming

Faire chier - il me fait chier ! - to annoy, to shit you (familiar)

Faire des bêtises - to do something stupid/silly/ill-advised

Faire des chichis - to put on airs/make a fuss

Faire des galipettes - to somersault/have sex- bedroom gymnastics 

Faire la grimace - to make faces

Faire des misères à quelqu’un - to make someone’s life a misery/to give someone a hard time

Faire du foin - to make a lot of noise/to cause a stir

Faire du gringue à quelqu’un - draguer quelqu’un - to chat someone up

Faire du lard - to put on weight

Faire du mal - to hurt someone/hurt someone’s feelings/to do harm

Faire en sort que - to ensure to/to make sure that

faire exprès - to do something on purpose

Faire face à quelqu’un - to face someone

Faire fausse route - to go the wrong way

Faire froid dans le dos - to send shivers down your spine

Faire honte - to shame e.g. ça me fait honte - that makes me feel ashamed/that shames me

Faire l’amour - to make love

Faire l’appel - to call the roll

Faire la grasse mat’/matinée - to sleep in

Faire la gueule - to sulk

Faire la lessive - to do the washing

I Legit Wanna Follow Every Witchy Tumblr on Here

I don’t curr if you’re Wiccan or not (I’m not tho)

I don’t curr what sexuality ye be

I don’t curr what type of witchcraft you practice

I don’t curr if you’re young or old

I don’t curr if you focus on aesthetics or content, I like em both gimme that shit

I don’t curr, I just wanna follow your witchy shit. If you’re a witchy tumblr, like or reblog so I can out your damn foine blog

expressions #4

expressions #1

expressions #2

expressions #3


people :

- faux-cul “fake ass” (m) : hypocrite

- daron-ne : parent (formal : père/mère, parent (m))

- taulard-e : prisoner (formal : prisonnier/ère, détenu-e)

- pote (ep) : friend (formal : ami-e)

- chiard (m), môme (ep), gamin-e, petit-e, morpion (m), gosse (ep) : child (formal : enfant (ep))

- mec, type (m) : man / meuf, gonzesse (f) : woman

- blaireau (m) “badger” : asshole/manipulator

- cassos (ep) aka cas-soc “social case” : white trash (dumb and/or poor)

- andouille (f), abruti-e : idiot (formal : idiot-e, imbécile (ep))

things :

- machin (m) : unidentified thing or thing you know but forgot how it’s called (formal : chose (f)), ex : c’est quoi ce machin?

- cabane (f) “cabin”, taule (f) : prison (formal : prison) / baraque (f) : house (formal : maison (f))

- chiottes (f) : toilets (formal : toilettes (f))

- cambrousse (f) : countryside, middle of nowhere

- papelards (m) : ID/paperwork (formal : papiers (m))

- clope (f) : cigarette

- pognon (m), thunes (f) : money (formal : argent (m))

- pchit pchit (m) : a spray (cf the noise)

- bécane (f) : motorbike (formal : moto (f)) / bagnole (f), caisse (f) : car (formal : voiture (f))

- bouquin (m) : book (formal : livre (m))

- godasses (f) : shoes (formal : chaussures (f))

- lorgnons (m) : glasses (formal : lunettes (f)) (lorgner, v : to eye sthg)

concepts :

- boulette (f) : mistake (formal : erreur (f))

- trouille (f) : fear (formal : peur (f))

- taf (m), boulot (m) : work (formal : travail (m))

- un chouilla (m) / un poil (m) “a hair” : a bit of (formal : un peu)

- bourre (f) : late (formal : retard (m)), ex : je suis à la bourre!

- plombe(s) (f) : a lot of time (formal : longtemps), ex : putain, il prend des plombes! qu’est-ce qu’il fait?

- foin (m) “hay” : noise (formal : bruit (m)), ex : qui fait un foin pareil à cette heure?! (pareil in that context : such a, otherwise : same)

- pain (m) “bread” : punch in the face (formal : coup de poing (m))

- feu (m) “fire” : aka a lighter (un briquet) or a match (une allumette), ex : je peux avoir du feu (pour allumer ma cigarette) ? 

animals :

- piaf (m) : bird (formal : oiseau (m)) (cf Edith Piaf)

- cabot (m), molosse (m), sac à puces “fleas bag” (m) : mean/annoying dog

- clebs (m) : dog (formal : chien-ne)

- toutou (m) : dog (childish)

- matou, minet, minou (m) : cat (childish)

- bourricot, baudet (m), bourrique (f) : donkey (formal : âne)

- biquette (f) : goat (formal : chèvre)

- canasson, bidet, dada (childish) (m) : horse (formal : cheval (m))

food :

- binouze (f) : beer (formal : bière (f)) / pinard (m), rouge/blanc/rosé (m) : wine (formal : vin (m)), ex : qui veut un autre verre de blanc? / piquette (f) : cheap wine / bibine (f) : cheap alcohol

- came (f) : drug (formal : drogue (f))

- bouffe (f) : food (formal : nourriture (f)) / barbaque (f) : meat (formal : viande (f))

- flotte (f) : water (formal : eau (f)) + to rain, ex : il flotte

- patates (f) : potatoes (formal : pommes de terre (f))

- casse-dalle (m) : snack (formal : casse-croûte (m), encas (m))

- dalle (f) : hunger (formal : faim (f)), ex : j’ai la dalle!

body parts :

- derche (m) : ass (formal : derrière (m), fesses (f))

- panards (m) : feet (formal : pieds (m)) / paluches (f) : hands (formal : mains (f))

- chicots (m) : teeth (formal : dents (f))

- pif (m), tarin (m) : nose (formal : nez (m))

- couilles (f) : balls (formal : testicules (f)) / bite (f) : penis 

- clapet (m) : mouth (formal : bouche (f)), ex : ferme ton clapet!

- ciboulot (m), cigare (m), citron (m) : brain (formal : cerveau (m))


- chiant-e : annoying (formal : ennuyeux/euse)

- cinglé-e, taré-e, cintré-e, givré-e, timbré-e, marteau, allumé-e, maboule, dingue, barge : crazy (formal : fou/folle)

- claqué-e, naze, mort-e “dead” : tired (formal : très fatigué-e, épuisé-e)

- camé-e : drug addict (formal : drogué-e)

- foutu-e : fucked, damned, ex : je suis encore en retard, je suis foutu!

- mytho : liar (formal : menteur/euse)

- pété-e (de thunes) : very rich (formal : riche (ep))

- sec / sèche : skinny (formal : mince (thin) / maigre (bony))

- dégueu(lasse), crade/crado (ep) : dirty (formal : sale)

- chelou (ep) “louche” in verlan : weird (formal : étrange, bizarre (ep))

- pris-e par : busy (formal : occupé-e), ex : je suis très prise par mon travail

- dalleux / dalleuse : horny pain in the ass

- pompette : tipsy / bourré-e, arraché-e : drunk


- se peler, se les cailler, se geler les meules, v : to be cold (formal : avoir froid)

- avoir les chocottes - les jetons - les pépettes - les foies - les pétoches / se chier dessus, v / flipper, v : to be scared (formal : avoir peur)

- bouffer / becqueter : to eat (formal : manger)

- crever, v : to die (harsh)

- défoncer / tabasser, v : to beat up someone 

- se marrer, v : rire

- choper : to grab (formal : prendre), ex : chope un manteau et on y va!

- aller au pieu (m) ”going to the stake” / plumard (m) : to go to bed

- se faire avoir “getting oneself gotten” : to be tricked/fooled, ex : “Joey, why did you climb into the piece of furniture? Tu t’es encore fait avoir!”

- chialer, v : to cry (formal : pleurer)

- bosser / taffer, v : to work (formal : travailler)

- passer un coup de X “putting a blow of” : harsh to explain, basically doing something quickly, ex : passer un coup d’éponge (f) = getting a sponge and wiping/cleaning the table, passer un coup de fil (m) = calling someone on the phone, passer un coup d’aspirateur (m) = vacuuming the place…

- se carapater, v : to run away (formal : s’enfuir)

- casquer, v : to pay a lot of money for something

- péter “fart” quelque chose, v : to break something / péter un plomb “fart a fuze”, v : to get pissed

- meumeumer, v : to hum a song (formal : fredonner) (taken from Shrek)

- piger / capter, v : to understand (formal : comprendre)

- puer / schlinguer / empester / sentir la mort / fouetter / empester, v : to stink (formal : sentir mauvais)

- chouiner, v : to whine (formal : se plaindre)

- piquer / chourrer, v : to steal (formal : voler)

- raconter, v : to mean (formal : vouloir dire), ex : qu’est-ce que tu racontes?!

- fabriquer, v “to build” : to do - context : someone’s taking a million years to get ready/get somewhere… (formal : faire), ex : mais qu’est-ce qu’il fabrique? 

- craquer (pour quelqu’un/quelque chose) : having a crush on someone, having bought something even though you know you shouldn’t have

- se coltiner / se payer, v : to have to take care of something annoying, ex : je me coltine mon petit frère à garder toute la semaine

- se trimballer (avec), v : to have to carry something

- niquer, v : to destroy/damage, ex : je me suis niqué le doigt avec du papier

- accoucher, v “to give birth” : finally saying stg, ex : Mais quoi? Accouche!

- chier, v : to crap 

- se faire chier, v : to be bored (formal : s’ennuyer)

- s’arracher “to pull out /  / se casser “to break oneself” / se tirer “to pull oneself” / se barrer “to cross out oneself”, v : to leave (formal : s’en aller, partir), ex : bon allez viens, on s’arrache, la soirée est finie

- cafter / rapporter, v : to snitch (formal : raconter)

- cavaler, v : to run all day long (formal : courir toute la journée)(cf horse : cheval / rider : cavalier)

- foutre, v : to do (formal : faire), ex : qu’est-ce que tu fous?

- se paumer, v : to get lost (formal : se perdre)

I mentioned verlan about the word chelou : french loves to cut a word in two pieces and mix. So louche (in that case weird/shady, also laddle) will become chelou, bête (stupid) tebé, merci (thanks) cimer, métro (underground) trom…