Phrases with Faire- faire enough

 Faire is a very common French verb, and has many accompanying phrases with it! Here are a few to fill your vocab lists:)

S’en faire - je m’en fais/Ne t’en fais pas etc. - to worry

Ça va me faire bizarre ! - that’s going to be weird (for me)

En faire tout un drame - to make a big deal out of

Essayer de faire quelque chose - try to do something

Être de taille à faire quelque chose - to be up (physically, say if you are unwell) to doing something

Faire amende honourable - to make amends

Faire attention/gaffe (plus familier) - Fais gaffe ! - to be careful

Faire quelque chose au pif - je l’ai fait au pif ! - to do something off the cuff (do randomly, by accident)

Faire bien de - tu ferais bien de… - to do well to

Faire bombance - to have a feast

Faire bonne figure - to look well/happy

Faire chaud au cœur - ça fait chaud au cœur ! - to be heart-warming

Faire chier - il me fait chier ! - to annoy, to shit you (familiar)

Faire des bêtises - to do something stupid/silly/ill-advised

Faire des chichis - to put on airs/make a fuss

Faire des galipettes - to somersault/have sex- bedroom gymnastics 

Faire la grimace - to make faces

Faire des misères à quelqu’un - to make someone’s life a misery/to give someone a hard time

Faire du foin - to make a lot of noise/to cause a stir

Faire du gringue à quelqu’un - draguer quelqu’un - to chat someone up

Faire du lard - to put on weight

Faire du mal - to hurt someone/hurt someone’s feelings/to do harm

Faire en sort que - to ensure to/to make sure that

faire exprès - to do something on purpose

Faire face à quelqu’un - to face someone

Faire fausse route - to go the wrong way

Faire froid dans le dos - to send shivers down your spine

Faire honte - to shame e.g. ça me fait honte - that makes me feel ashamed/that shames me

Faire l’amour - to make love

Faire l’appel - to call the roll

Faire la grasse mat’/matinée - to sleep in

Faire la gueule - to sulk

Faire la lessive - to do the washing

February 1st - Fooine!!

For the 14 Days of Love Valentine’s thingymawhatsit hosted by @softkent

Ransom lay in wait behind the green couch. His waiting proved to be worth it because within moments, Dex and Nursey spilled into the haus, hands grabbing at each other while they fell to the couch in a fervent embrace.

Ransom waited a moment, and then popped up over the edge of the couch.

He cleared his throat to get their attention then looked them pointedly in the eye. “Fine,” he said, shaking the fine jar at them. Nursey glared at him, but handed over the money. Ransom, his work done, returned to the attic.

“Did you get them?” Holster asked.

“Yup,” Ransom said, showing him the newly added to fine jar.

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Goodbye, Eleanor & Where is Madi? Black Sails Episode Six

John Steinberg, the co-creator for Black Sails, stated before season four started that Madi and Eleanor’s stories were parallel arcs. The first five episodes laid the foundation for that, but it wasn’t until Episode six that we even saw the two former friends/sisters onscreen together to absorb what the true meaning of that statement meant.

Madi and Eleanor started off the episode trading barbs at the beach while Flint filled Jack in on what the hell was going on. Eleanor, being typical Eleanor, tried to get into Madi’s head

~ You trust him? Flint? You cast your lost with him. Before this war begin. Before everyone’s roles changed. Your father mistrusted Flint as much as anyone in Nassau did. I assume you were in some contact with him all that time. I’m surprised  that his feelings didn’t influence you~ Eleanor Rogers

Madi, being typical Madi, didn’t let Eleanor’s attempts at “getting to her” go unanswered. In much the same way that she had with Silver and Flint in prior  conversations, she turned Eleanor’s words back on her.

~ You were my sister. There is very little I remember from when I was young, but I remember this. You were older. You were beautiful. I revered you. When you were told that my mother and I were dead, I have to believe that it affected you. You had just lost your mother. But if things were as I remembered, my mother and I were your family too. And yet for all the years thereafter that my father cared for you, counseled you, labored for you he never told you that I was alive. It would have been so easy to lessen your suffering by divulging the secret and yet he never did. Have you yet asked yourself why that is? My father didn’t mistrust Flint. My father mistrusted all of you. ~ Queen Madi Scott

What a way to reintroduce two former childhood friends who were once so close, but yet are now on completely opposite sides of this civil war. How hard it must be to stare into the face of the “enemy” who is someone that you once loved as a sister.

Later on in the episode, as Flint, Eleanor, Madi and their entourage are making their way back to Nassau, they encounter Spanish soldiers and realize that shit has hit the fan. Flint leads them to a safe haven, which wait for it…..  is Miranda’s house. That’s how I knew someone was going to die. Miranda’s house is ceremoniously the “house of hope and pain”.

While Flint and the men are chasing down Spanish soldiers, Madi and Eleanor are holed up in the “house of hope and pain” being guarded by one of Madi’s Queens Guard and one of Roger’s soldiers. As Madi sits reading one of Flint’s books, Eleanor stands at the window clearly worried about the war going on outside. She takes the moment to start over……

~ It did affect me. When Mr. Scott. When your father told me that you and your mother had died, it affected me a great deal. It must have been hard to live hidden away for so long. ~ Eleanor

~ It was hard to be away from him. The rest of it. My mother did the best she could with the rest of it~ Madi

~ She must have did well. I find myself thinking about it. Walking away from Nassau, England, Civilization. One can be happy that way can’t they? A life of isolation, uncertainty as long as it is lived with someone you love, who loves you back? It is possible isn’t it? ~ Eleanor

~ It is. ~ Madi

Remember those parallels that Steinberg talked about? Those last couple of questions that Eleanor asked Madi displayed them beautifully. Here you have two women that have both fell in love. Eleanor with the Governor of Nassau and Madi with the Pirate King. While, Woodes Rogers has started this massacre by telling the Spanish general “I simply ask that you burn it all to the ground.“  Silver is telling Ruth at the Underhill Plantation that he understands the slaves anger and ” that’s why I came here to make it right.“

Look at those parallels… While Eleanor is looking out that window, trying to convince herself that Woodes didn’t start this war, Madi is sitting at that table reading, knowing that John is doing the right thing.

Remember, John discussed his plan with Madi or more to the point… this was their plan. They conceived it together as true partners. Eleanor on the other hand, came up with a plan to save herself, her husband and Nassau. Yet it wasn’t their plan. I would go so far as to say, the two of them have never had a plan. It has always been Woode’s agenda with Eleanor trying to love and support him in spite of it.

It was such a special moment between sisters. With the younger sister offering some solace and hope to the older, but remember this is the "house of hope and pain” so that moment of peace couldn’t last forever. Unbeknownst to Madi and Eleanor, one of the Spanish soldiers isn’t dead and he’s killed the guards and made his way into the house. Both Eleanor and Madi try to fight him off, but Madi is knocked out leaving Eleanor to try and save both of them. She fights fiercely and eventually sets the bastard on fire and the villa, as well. Yet injured, she isn’t strong enough to pull Madi from the burning house. Flint later returns to find a dying Eleanor in the front yard and the villa engulfed in flames. Eleanor’s final words are “I tried to save her.”

Damnit, I wasn’t ready for this fucked up outcome. I felt like Flint staring up at those flames. This is just horrifying. Eleanor and her child are dead because her husband refused to lose. Innocent people are being killed in the streets of Nassau because her husband refused to lose and now Queen Madi is presumed dead because this foine motherfucker refused to lose. Why didn’t Luke Roberts just continue to guard Jon Snow’s mama on GOT? He was not needed here. I am not feeling any of this. And to make matters worse, now Flint has to go tell his best friend, that his “tether” is dead. Lord be a prayer circle around Captain Ginger. Long John already warned him.

So the moment we’ve been waiting for happens… Flint along with Obi and a few soldiers make it to the Underhill Plantation. Silver is all feeling himself because he and badass Julius, the Leader of the Revolting Slaves, have fucked up the Spanish. He’s feeling good and then realizes his Queen is missing

~ Where is Madi? ~ Long John Silver

Flint is speechless. He doesn’t say a word. He doesn’t have too. Que, Silver collapsing like the broken man that he is. Remember, episode five when he looked devastated at even the thought of Madi’s demise? Well, this ain’t a drill folks and John can’t even speak because the grief is too strong. He eventually musters up the strength to say “it’s over”. Meaning, my love is dead, so fuck all ya’ll. Silver the con artist, the thief, the consummate survivor is shattered and has totally given up. Eventually, after everyone makes it back to the Walrus, Flint apologizes and Silver tells him it isn’t his fault. Well, damn! I didn’t see that coming. Now let’s see if the Queen Mother will be quite as forgiving. Somehow, I doubt it.

So the two sisters with the parallel stories “ died” together. Eleanor died being reassured by Flint (lied to) that her husband loved her and didn’t cause her death. Madi, however, was secure in the knowledge that she was John’s world.

 While Eleanor and Madi were at Miranda’s villa, Eleanor asked Madi if one could be happy with a life of isolation with the one you love, Madi responded with a smile, “yes”. In that moment, I think that Madi realized that her love for Silver really is enough. She looked at her “sister” who was standing their struggling to have faith in her man and she recognized that she didn’t share those doubts. If they had to walk away from this war, a life with John in isolation or in a tavern in Bristol, would simply “be enough”. Let’s just hope she lives to tell him that.

And yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That very much looks like Queen Madi Scott in chains. They got the Queen in chains ya’ll. Madi Scott of The Maroons. First of her Name, the Unbothered, Queen of the Freed Slaves, Ruler of the People of the Sun, Breaker of Chains and Love of the Pirate King. Yes, that Queen! To quote the devil himself Woode Rogers, Long John Silver is about to burn this shit to the ground ya’ll.

Speaking of parallels…. Five episodes ago, John Silver went into the sea, cut off his chains (ropes), saved himself and was reborn as Long John Silver. Now we find his Queen in the exact same situation. After her rebirth, who will she be?

R.I.P. Eleanor . May your next life be better than this one.

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Сегодня я хочу рассказать об одном интереснейшем поэте XIX века, который мог бы написать свою “Исповедь хулигана”. Одно из его стихотворений стало широко известно благодаря фильму “Молода и прекрасна”. 

В оригинале его начало звучит так:
“On n'est pas sérieux, quand on a dix-sept ans. 
- Un beau soir, foin des bocks et de la limonade, 
Des cafés tapageurs aux lustres éclatants ! 
- On va sous les tilleuls verts de la promenade…”   

Одна из вариаций перевода:
“Серьёзность не к лицу, когда семнадцать лет…
Однажды вечером прочь кружки и бокалы,
И шумное кафе, и люстры яркий свет!
Бродить под липами пора для вас настала…”

Прошу любить и жаловать, Артюр Рембо.

Направление: символизм

Язык произведений: французский, латынь


Артюр Рембо родился 20 октября 1854 года. Первое стихотворение было опубликовано в возрасте 16 лет.  В возрасте 17 лет Рембо знакомится в Париже с поэтом Полем Верленом и на некоторое время становится его близким другом и любовником. Верлен приглашает Рембо в Париж и оплачивает ему дорогу. В Париже Рембо участвует в восстании Парижской коммуны.
В 1872 году  Поль Верлен бросает семью и уезжает с Рембо в Лондон. Некоторое время прожив там, они путешествуют по Европе и расстаются в Брюсселе, после того как Верлен в жарком споре под действием абсента простреливает Рембо запястье. Верлен был осуждён на два года тюрьмы. После расставания с Верленом Рембо возвращается домой, на ферму Роше. 
После этого Рембо перестаёт писать и путешествует по свету до 1880 года. Затем в Африке (в основном в Египте и Эфиопии), а также в Йемене он занимается торговлей кофе, пряностями, шкурами и оружием.
В феврале 1891 года Рембо вернулся во Францию, где ему ампутировали ногу из-за раковой опухоли. В госпитале за ним ухаживала сестра, приехавшая из Шарлевиля. Рембо умер в Марселе 10 ноября 1891 года в возрасте 37 лет.

Лично для меня поэзия Рембо стала большим открытием и отдушиной. Его стихотворения вдохновляют и помогают найти себя. Главное, чтобы попался грамотный перевод, который сможет передать истинные чувства и эмоции автора и не переврёт весь смысл написанного в оригинале.



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