foil wing

have you noticed how often in cartoons there is a WHOLE cold roast chicken in the fridge

not a partly carved chicken carcass wrapped up in foil, not the wings and leftover meat in a Tupperware after you cut them off the frame and threw it away (or made broth with it if you’re a freak)

an entire perfect cooked chicken, uncut

The only scenario I can come up with where that makes sense is if you’re having people over for lunch tomorrow and you want to serve chicken but not to have to cook it on the day, and how often does that happen?

Baby Steps || Frank & Justin

The little magpie screeched in alarm as it attempted to land and was foiled by it’s own wings. Something of what he was screaming could be translated as ‘Oh no, oh no, oh no, ohnoohnoohnoohno-!’ Then again, some of it was honest, terrified, yelling.

Trying to regain some control, he just barely managed to slow down before hitting the ground at a role. Wings flopping, and head spinning, Frank squawked his dismay and set about to untangle his limbs.


anonymous asked:

Hey Nifty! Just out of curiosity, why do you like Clear Sky so much? Personally I find him a very interesting character, however I must say I really dislike him. He makes terrible choices and doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes until the first battle. And then he always wonders why things went wrong and its like ?? Maybe because you just made one of the most stupid choices in history?? (sorry I don't have any examples rn) But yea I'd really love to hear your thoughts on him!!

YeyeyeeYE i will talk about mister blue clear sky

Below is a rough character study thing of clear sky

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These are two of my bigger summer projects. The other two (watercolour kirin and the demon horse) are my others. Demon horse is nowhere near done, but watercolour kirin needs paint, and these two should hopefully be ready for paint very soon! 

I’m enjoying working with the fantasy film! It’s a different way of planning sculptures for sure, but I love all the sparkly iridescent awesomeness at the end. 

The kitsune fox dude will be white with purple wings and fins, and the kelpie hippocampus guy will be a dark green with gold highlights. 

Both are made from polymer clay (cernit or sculpey firm) over a wire and foil armature. The wings and fins are fantasy film with clear gel and paint. You can’t bake the film wings so they are attached and reinforced with apoxie sculpt.  :)