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Talk about heroes of the Rebel Alliance and Luke Skywalker gets brought up a lot. But all anybody talks about is the Force, or lightsabers, or the Jedi. That’s not how I think of Luke Skywalker. In my eyes, he’s the best X-wing pilot of all time. And if I’m not the second best, I will be soon.

Like Luke, I grew up on a planet nobody cared about, where I taught myself to fly in a banged-up airspeeder. It forces you to develop a gut feel for three-dimensional space, a survival necessity when your cheap instrumentation won’t tell you what you need to know. It’s that ability that helped me stomp the First Order on the mission to Starkiller Base.

We didn’t have much time to prepare. And just like the Death Star mission, we were operating under a countdown. In that battle, Luke used canyon-running tactics to zoom down the trenches at full throttle. I knew I could do the same thing, but with one huge disadvantage: a deliciously thick and choppy atmosphere.

The Death Star had been surrounded by hard vacuum, where the Empire’s TIES had the best possible environment for evenly matched dogfights. But skies above Starkiller Base? I knew those air currents were going to play all kinds of havoc whenever those huge TIE panels caught a stiff wind. And I was willing to bet that the TIE pilots didn’t have the brains or the instinct to compensate.

I was right—at least about the TIES. But Starkiller Base had ground cannons too. They fired homing missiles, and we lost some good pilots. But when the TIE squadrons closed in, the Resistance got the upper hand.

The S-foils on an X-Wing are basically designed for atmospheric flight! Ease off on the repulsors and just let the thernals and crosswinds lift you, flip you, and drop you. It was like I was back in my Skipfish running the Dandoran Eyeteeth. I didn’t have to calculate, I just knew.

Given enough time, we could have cleared the skies, but destroying the oscillator was priority. Commmander Dameron took the kill shot, but I blew the TIES off his tail. Starkiller Base exploded a hundred times bigger and brighter than the Death Star.

I dare the First Order to build another superweapon. I can’t wait to paint another kill tally on the nose of my X-Wing.

- Jess “Testor” Pava (Blue Three), “I Was There: Battle on Starkiller Base,” Star Wars: On the Frontlines


Got pretty thrown off course over the holidays, but finally got the last bits of gold ink and foil on this guy. Now to finish the other ten things I was working on…😐

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         “ you ready, karé? ”  he asked, dipping the s-foils of his x-wing in her direction as they hovered before the barrage of first order ships that arrived.  icy cold nerves coiled around the pit of his stomach as he powered up the hyperdrive, a feeling no doubt karé shared right about now, though they were never afraid to face it together.    let’s bring one home for the team. ” // @rapiertwo

Baby Steps || Frank & Justin

The little magpie screeched in alarm as it attempted to land and was foiled by it’s own wings. Something of what he was screaming could be translated as ‘Oh no, oh no, oh no, ohnoohnoohnoohno-!’ Then again, some of it was honest, terrified, yelling.

Trying to regain some control, he just barely managed to slow down before hitting the ground at a role. Wings flopping, and head spinning, Frank squawked his dismay and set about to untangle his limbs.


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Hey Nifty! Just out of curiosity, why do you like Clear Sky so much? Personally I find him a very interesting character, however I must say I really dislike him. He makes terrible choices and doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes until the first battle. And then he always wonders why things went wrong and its like ?? Maybe because you just made one of the most stupid choices in history?? (sorry I don't have any examples rn) But yea I'd really love to hear your thoughts on him!!

YeyeyeeYE i will talk about mister blue clear sky

Below is a rough character study thing of clear sky

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I don’t look at my photos much, not after posting (only sometimes when I see them reposted by some lovely person, ha, ha, thank you all) but this is a look at my favorites.

This has a horrible background, it’s a little blurry, and it was just quick pic, but I think it’s my best photo of my body, if you like that kind of thing..

I think this is a good photo. If the sun would have cooperated it would have been perfect, maybe. 

This turned out well, focusing on the bubble and not the body, ha, ha.

I think this pic turned out well.

I don’t plan well when it comes to pictures. There is much fighting with the camera, but these two were planned and turned out.

But the picture with my tin foil wings is my favorite picture.