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Yu-Gi-Oh Diadhank Cosplay Prop ~Walkthrough~ with lots of pictures

Hi guys! As requested, I’ve made a walkthrough of how I made my Diadhank (aka, Season 5/Ancient Egyptian Duel Disk) prop for my Thief King Bakura cosplay. Feel free to reblog, share, and consult!

(Photo cred L->R: Anime USA Official Photog, @neofi-cosplay, @justlikeswitchblades with minor brightening by me)

I made this prop a few months ago, so I only have the progress photos I remembered to take, but hopefully I can fill in the gaps with explanation.

As always, I hope this tutorial helps give you a good idea of where to start, and that you make it your own project rather than copying mine move for move. You can learn a lot that way, and taking liberties is what makes your project unique. Anyway, let’s get started~

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ninondominion  asked:

Hey there, I recently saw your holographic bookcover post and I was wondering where you got that printing option? I'm searching for a while now to get some business cards done with the effect but I can't find any, welp!

I’ve been hunting this junk for so long, I tell you what:

There’s a website print service for it somewhere but I 10/10 cannot find it now. I think you had to order a large quantity and they might just do bookmarks in the holo? ((Someone message me if you know the site))

The thing I used is a transfer foil so it doesn’t really laminate. It only sticks to hot ink, and you peel the plastic off when it’s done. This is probably the stuff they use for business cards b/c it won’t put holo on any blank paper parts. You’ll need a laminator. I got the foil here. Their customer service is kind of bad through email, so just call them if you have a problem. My roll of foil had a lot of pattern breaks, so large prints might not work well with it.

I’ve been told hobby lobby has transparent holographic stick on lamination pages every so often.  But it’s not on their website, so who knows if they really do.
I’ve only seen one person on ebay sell the sticker version, I haven’t bought from them, but I found a review. 

Pineapples are both delicious and symbolic.  Sweetness aside, they are a constant reminder representing hospitality.  We decided to jazz up some plain cloth napkins and give it a little sparkle and shine.  After all, there’s no better timeless motif than this fruit that evokes a tropical moment, and makes guests feel welcome to any dinner party.

To create: Brush a thin layer of the transfer adhesive onto a corner of the napkin in an oval shape. This will be the base of the pineapple. Let glue dry for 30 seconds. Cover the adhered area with the gold transfer foil, silver side down. Gently smooth down the foil with your fingers. Place a piece of parchment paper on top of the foil transfer and iron on medium heat for 20 seconds. Let cool completely then peel away the gold foil. Using a needle and thread, stitch around the top of the metallic oval to create the crown of leaves on the pineapple. Repeat process to create a set and serve up at your next meal for all your guests to be in awe.


HOLOGRAPHIC TRANSFER FOIL | LED/UV GEL LAMP | product: #laqued | shop on-line ➡️ Dual power + low heat curing time .10seconds #laquenailbar #laque

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our hoodies - blue beetle (jaime reyes)

everytime i’m working on a blue beetle design, especially based on jaime’s costume i really want to have it done without using the vinyl transfer foil ;; sewing on the edgy shapes is one of the hardest things though, at least for me ORZ but looking at the previous tries i can tell we’re getting better at it, which makes me really happy ♥ the chest part looks like it’s way too big because of how small or mannequin is haha 8D  now off to get some rest after the con before i spend all day replying mails and messages tomorrow TuT


So i just made a thing within 1 hour :’D
I will list step by step below how I made this Jack Spicer Frankenstein Shirt

1. Stuff you need:
-red shirt
- black and green t-shirt Iron on foil (due to my work I can access this stuff, because you can’t buy it in any normal shop, you either have to order it online or go ask in your local visual advertisment shop if they would sell you some, every shop that makes shirt advertisment should have some)

2. draw and cut out the form on the black foil !! IMPORTANT !! DO NOT DRAW IT ON THE SIDE THAT IS GONNA GET IRONED ON THE SHIRT !!

3. Do the same with the green foil. Make sure it is a bit smaller than the black outline so you don’t have some green stuff peeking out on the sides.

4. start adjusting and ironing on the green part first
wait a few seconds before pulling of the transfer foil, or else you will pull everything off again.

5. now put the black part over the green one and do the same as before.

6 Enjoy your Jack Spicer Frankenstein Shirt :D