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thanks to @consumed-by-musicals, @mikeysvibess, @jaredklein, @totalphanofyoutube, @siriusly-loopy-moons, @anotherstellarconversation, @memeing-through-a-window, @i-like-cabbages, @whizzerbegs, @dearevanphansen, and @accioelle7 for the ideas and support! love you guys! their contributions are credited with their tag next to their ideas :)  

also,, hey,, side note: last year at vidcon I went to his live jackask panel, and he roasted me on the spot (video later), and I can be seen awkwardly dancing toward the back at the end of jackask #69 when we’re all singing the theme song!!

-          was a fan since 2011

-          first video he watched: YGS #10: THE MUSICAL

-          an intelligent human being who studied music theory and film at an actual college who makes fun of grammar while singing about it? SIGN HIM THE FUCK UP

-          submitted his friend’s crytyping to YGS once and jack made a song about it (@i-like-cabbages)

-          can and will sing A N Y jacksfilms song since he’s memorized them all

-          halloween? jared’s singing ‘razors in your apple’

-          valentine’s day? jared’s singing ‘valentine’s day is a lie’ or ‘a terrible valentine’s day song’ or ‘the valentine’s day song’ or ‘a short valentine’s day song’ or the song from YIAY #312, ‘how to be single on valentine’s day’

-          what is a ‘real’ christmas carol? jared doesn’t fucking know. jared only knows ‘all i want for christmas is a girlfriend’ or ‘justin bieber’s christmas wish’ or ‘snowpocolypse’ any of the royalty-free christmas songs

-          any other time of the year: ‘take off your clothes like scarlett johansson’ or ‘paper bag’ or ‘alexander hamilton’  or ‘i’m sick of all these stinkbugs’ or ‘we’re all just assholes talking to a camera’ or any of the YIAY songs

-          can play the jacksfilms theme on the saxophone SCARILY well

-          runs the forehead, light switch, waiting until marriage, get paid, get laid, gatorade, and me me big boy jokes into the fucking ground (@consumed-by-musicals, @whizzerbegs, @dearevanphansen)

-          example a:

-          jared’s s/o: “so… this is kind of an awkward question, but what turns you on?”

-          jared: *smirk on his face* “…a light switch”

-          jared’s s/o: “i’m literally never talking to you again”

-          greets the group with ‘what up fam squad’ or some variation to that every day (@totalphanofyoutube)

-          guess what his two favorite shirts are??

-          that’s right

-          his limited edition gold foil ‘me me big boy’ shirt and his limited edition silver foil ‘fam squad’ shirt ( @siriusly-loopy-moons, @i-like-cabbages, @dearevanphansen)

-          wears them religiously

-          cries when they’re in the wash or they’re going somewhere fancy so he can’t wear them

-          this man

-          has watched

-          every

-          goddamn

-          YIAY

-          known to fucking man

-          spams the comments with ideas (YIAYdeas) for questions and answers

-          gets featured on quite a lot of YIAYs and jackasks because he and jack share the same sense of humor

-          is a pretty well-known face in the jacksfilms community (all of this section comes from @dearevanphansen)

-          one year, jared decides to go to vidcon just to meet the one and only jack douglass himself (@dearevanphansen)

-          he’s in the meet-and-greet line and he’s actually pretty nervous and scared and emotional???

-          like

-          he’s looked up to jack for so long and now he’s meeting him?

-          and he’s also exposing himself as the actual jared that keeps spamming him with tweets

-          so he has no idea how this is going to go

-          the line is painfully slow and jared gets even more anxious every passing second

-          but finally he gets to the front

-          and he’s tearing up

-          jack smiles at him and waves him over

-          and jared gives him the biggest hug that he’s ever given anyone ever

-          he immediately launches into his thanks  and tells him that he’s been watching since 2011 and that he’s looked up to him for almost six years

-          and jack starts getting a little misty-eyed

-          and he exposes himself as the jared, the one who always spams the comments

-          and jack!! is so!! happy!!  to meet him!!

-          he’s not angry like jared thought he’d be

-          jack thanks him for all his dedication and witty jokes

-          at this point, jared’s in total shock

-          but they got some cute pictures!!

-          and jack says that he looks forward to working with him on future YIAYs

-          *loud excited squealing from jared*


The honey from our very own MCAD Bees is for sale!  

Stop by the Bee Arts opening tonight at MCAD on the 2nd floor of the Concourse Gallery, during the Made at MCAD opening from 6-8pm, Friday, March 25, to purchase your items! Gold bee t-shirt designed by Niky Motekallem! 

All sales help support the bees at MCAD! 

T-shirts, $20. 
Foil t-shirts (special order), $25
Bear honey, $12, 
Hexagonal honey jar, $15
3″ round stickers, $2
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So I have an odd calendar entry this week. It says “Remind  folks about Make Your Own Imperial Radch Shirt Day.”

The note on the entry says “MYOIRSD should be coming on Two Systems Independence Day, which is the Monday after Easter.”

I only vaguely remember the conversation that led to this–something about my plans to make T-shirts being foiled by [redacted] and my being unable to do anything in that direction until [redacted] resolved itself one way or another.

So, I guess Monday, April 17 (that is,R2SID) is Make Your Own IR Shirt Day. Or maybe it ought to be Unveil Your Own IR Shirt Day, which would explain why I set the reminder a couple months before.

Calendar alerts. They’re the best thing, I’d be lost without them.

midnightfuckingmayor answered: supernatural expert Stanley Pines!

This one….got away from me. Thanks as always to @marypsue for beta’ing!


Within two weeks of losing his brother, Stan realized that Ford’s cabin wasn’t the only place where weird shit could be found. 

There were the little men he found rooting around in his trash alongside the raccoons-the first time he thought he was hallucinating, the fourth time he was shooing them away with a broom or his shotgun, whichever was closer to hand. Or the shadow of something far, far too big to be a catfish in the lake. He wasn’t entirely sure what was up with the rubes running around in red robes but considering how everyone seemed to Not Notice them at all, Stan had a feeling that it was best to avoid their attention. And the less said about the gang of weird man-bull guys who tried to rip the totem pole out of the yard the better. 

That fucking journal Ford had thrown at him helped a bit but his brother….Stan shook his head. Ford had always loved weird things, loved knowing what others didn’t, but the whole code thing was a bit much. He already had gotten his first ever library card just to get the few books on codebreaking that the small library in town had. Outside of the journal however, Ford had few other books lying around. A large and recently used firepit outside with mounds of papery ash all around, but nothing useful, nothing that would help Stan get used to the weird world he found himself thrust into. 

It was at that point, lying on the couch and doing little to no sleeping, and spending his days frantically putting together something to start showing the rubes, that he remembered Lou.

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Captain Jack's Hypervodka [Nine/Rose - Adult]

So this fic is based on this t-shirt design and the fact I’m drinking vodka right now. Sorry for any mistakes, but alcohol is not a reliable beta! And despite the name, there’s a sad lack of Jack. But still.


The first time he’d seen the shirt, it’d been in the 53rd century, in a pub after a busy day with the Slitheen. At the time, the Doctor had barely noticed it, just seen it in passing and decided a drink of hypervodka would be good.

The second time was after everybody had lived through another day of the London Blitz. And that time, he had actually paid attention. He’d let the TARDIS’ new passenger pick the destination to celebrate, they had landed back in the 38th century, four planets over from Earth, in a loud, crowded and apparently stylish club. And there, on each of the three bartenders, quickly and efficiently serving drinks, was the shirt.

It was just a t-shirt. But a t-shirt for ‘Captain Jack’s Original Hypervodka’. It featured Jack Harkness in a military greatcoat, one foot resting on a hand in a jar, standing in front of Big Ben. The Doctor didn’t like it at all. And at the sight of it, he’d turned around, quickly finding his two human companions. Catching their attention, he’d made it apparent they needed to leave. Right then. He’d muttered something about timelines and unsafe alcohol and anything would convince them they had to leave that instant. Thankfully, they’d been easily convinced and let him lead them back to the TARDIS and away from the century and planet.

At the time, the Doctor had assumed he wouldn’t see that shirt again for a while. If it was up to him, never again.

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