foil glitter

I’m a bit proud of my small collection of washi tape that I managed to build up. As you can probably tell, I love foiled washi tape! In the background, you can see my small terrarium I bought a few weeks ago that I still haven’t filled up yet. I hope everyone is having a great week!

  • Aries & Taurus: Pick out the Christmas tree together, bring it home, set it up, and decide they’ve done enough work for the day.
  • Gemini: Puts up weird decorations, including half eaten popcorn strings and blinking lights.
  • Cancer: Tears up as they put up ornaments that have been in the family for generations and remembering previous Christmases.
  • Leo & Libra: Sits on top of the tree because they’re the stars. A fight ensues.
  • Virgo: Sighs and cleans up the pine needles on the floor
  • Scorpio: Fixes the lights that Gemini broke and tries to break apart Leo & Libra
  • Sagittarius & Pisces: Running around the house, drunk on egg nog & crashes into the tree
  • Capricorn: Runs out to the store to buy another Christmas tree
  • Aquarius: Decorates it with tin foil and glitter since other ornaments broke
  • Cancer: Tries to glue the ornaments back together
  • Leo: Sits on top of the new tree
  • Libra: Pushes the tree over
  • Aries: Punches Libra in the face
  • Sagittarius: Drunkenly declares war on Aries
  • Taurus: Sleeps through the whole thing
  • Scorpio: Leaves the house for the night
  • Virgo: Sobbing in the corner
  • Gemini: Comforting Virgo, while egging on the fight
  • Aquarius: Baking cookies for Santa, oblivious to the noise because they have headphones in
  • Pisces: Passes out
  • Capricorn: Calls Santa, tells him to not bother stopping by their house




misscrazyfangirl321  asked:

Westallen for the ship meme?

  • who holds the umbrella when it rains

Neither. After an unfortunate incident involving Barry, a polka dot umbrella, and a hungover Caitlin, Team Flash has agreed that avoiding umbrellas is the best possible option. Besides, Iris and Barry love playing in the rain, and if they want to avoid it Barry can flash them to their destination.

  • who is the grumpiest in the morning

Barry. Oh god Barry is like an angry bunny in the morning, making these high-pitched whining sounds and burying himself in the blankets to avoid the world. Iris once went outside and got a tree branch in order to poke Barry continuously until he started moving. Its her favorite story to tell whenever she gets tipsy.

  • who worries more when the other is sick/hurt

Barry. An unfortunate side effect of being a hero is nearly constant injury, and no matter how much Iris worries she is sadly used to it, with the thought of his advanced healing giving her some comfort. Barry, on the other hand, is driven mad when Iris is injured following a lead or comes down with a bug that’s going around. He once tried to learn to knit to make her a blanket when she came down with the flu, but after it caught on fire three times he decided to stick to making soup and lending her some of his speedster-heat.

  • who plays pranks on the other

They don’t play pranks on each other. They play pranks on everyone else. (Cisco regretted the day he saran-wrapped the doorways when he found his workshop covered in foil with glitter everywhere)

  • who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa

Barry. Tactile since he was a child, Iris has long since become used to him sitting on the couch and giving her puppy dog eyes until she heaves a sigh and collapses against him. (In reality, Iris craves cuddling just as much as he does. He just always gets the words out before Iris can).

  • who insists on creating nicknames for the other

Neither. Cisco does it enough for them. Though Iris is quick to throw out “honey” and “sweetheart” because Barry is such a romantic sap and melts a bit whenever she does.

  • who drools on the other when they’re asleep

Both of them, though Barry does it more often as he’s more likely to fall asleep while cuddling on the couch.

  • who says ‘I love you’ first

They’ve been saying it to each other for years. As to who said it first, well. They prefer to tell everyone they said it at the same time. 

Gilmore’s Glorious Tarot Deck


GILMORE: Hello Tal'Doreians!

We have an exciting
new product we want to share with you

today on Gilmore’s Glorious QVC.

What you see here is a beautiful
major arcana tarot deck

featuring some of the most prominent figures

of “who’s who” in picturesque Tal'Dorei,

painted by the brilliant Lady Ioana Muresan.

Printed on the finest card stock parchment

with glittering gold foil imported from
the mines of Kraghammer,

this is truly a showstopper for any
high society soiree.

You’re not just telling their fortunes,
you’re bedazzling their future.

Now today we’re offering this beautiful purple
and gold deluxe edition as well as…

…that-that’s it, actually.

I wouldn’t offer anything other than
the finest edition in my store.

The going market retail price of these cards

is four platinum, or forty gold pieces,
or four hundred silver pieces,

or four thousand copper pieces,

but today, we are giving you the special
Gilmore’s Glorious QVC value of–

Sherri, no, we’re still filming those.

Please! You’re getting them all smudgy.

The special Gilmore’s Glorious QVC value
of 24 gold pieces and 99 copper.

That’s right. Just two and a half platinum pieces!

But that offer only lasts until the disclosed
amount of seconds

runs out on the timer in the corner.

Scry now! Or come down and visit me,
Gilmore, at Glimore’s Glorious Goods.

In the Outdoor Promenade District of Emon.