“1880’s Austrian women’s fencing team poses in the fencing style of sword and dagger.”

From the website of Christopher L. Oberg:

“In the early 1900’s Fencing was chosen as an olympic sport featuring the three weapons we know today. Historical fencing styles featuring back sword, rapier and dagger ect. are no longer fashionable when compared to the modern olympic fencing games of foil, epee and saber.”

reasons why fencing is the best sport
  • swords
  • you can use the term “en garde” in context and not sound like a dork
  • if one of your teammates pisses you off you can legally stab them
  • wearing fandom stuff to tournaments results in about 5,000,000 compliments
  • you can literally be any body type and be good at it, i’m 5’1 and chubby and i win almost all my matches
  • knee-highs
  • did i mention swords?
  • build friendships by stabbing each other
  • stabbing people is a good stress reliever

Liquid Gold: Watercolor for Adobe PS by Studio Denmark

Introducing a comprehensive, realistic watercolor and gold/silver/rose gold bundle. I have been working on this for months, painting, perfecting, tweaking, adding more and more and more content…until finally I have managed to rein myself in, and actually release the product so you can enjoy it!

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