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The #holographic #foil on these prints is truly beautiful! #catprinted #catprint #art #heidiblack #yurionice #victuuri #viktuuri #victuri #Victor #yuri #yuuri

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Fencing Valentine's Day Lines

Warning: These are insanely stupid and I’m totally going to hell for half of these

•I hope no one foils your Valentine’s Day

•I’d like to saber this Valentine’s Day with you

•I’d like to see your flèche (yes I got nothing that has epee in it)

•I’d like to touch you on and off the strip

•I really know how to use my fingers (too much?)

•I’d really like to hook up with you, both ways

•I may be a A ranked fencer, but I’m an R rated lover

•I could hit you with my saber but I’m looking to score off target 😉

•What does epee and our date tonight have in common? You can put it wherever you want

•I’ll trade you a touch for a touch 😘

•You’re parry important to me

•Babe you’re like Leon Paul, everyone wants you

• Not even my fencing equipment can protect me from falling for you

•Our love is like a red card, I’m always gonna get a touch

•Babe our relationship is like Leon Paul, you look nice as fuck, but you’re expansive as sh*t!

•You can’t disengage around my love

•My sex life is just like an old foil, it’s just a little rusty

•I bet you’re as good down on your knees on strip as you are off strip

•You look beautiful wearing white, going up the strip, but how would you like to wear white going down the isle?

•Your love is like a mask clip, it’s always flying away!

•Babe you’re like a nice pair of knickers, I could see myself in you

•Love, we’re like a body cord and a reel, were connected

•I bet your yell is even better off strip

•Babe you don’t need to wear protection it’s not like fencing, I won’t hit your head, but I’ll definitely give you some (too much?)

•Tonight will be like point of line, you advancing all over my sword

•Our sex life is like a cross-step, you just came right into me (yea ok that was too much my bad)

•Babe you’re like a parry repost. You’re the priority

•Our sex life is like a fencer who flicks, half the time it’s gonna get on my chest, but once and a while if you’re lucky, you’ll get it on my back (ok these are getting too inappropriate… bad)

•If you like the bruises you get from my blade than I can give you a bunch more with something else