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Characteristics of Indigo Children

 Who are the Indigos - Children of the New Generation?
The new generation consists of children currently being born on earth very aware of their spiritual nature and mission here. They have been referred to as Psychic, Crystal, Rainbow, Indigo, Star and Millennium Children. All these children are here to assist with the ascension of the planet however each group has a unique role.

Differences between the Indigo, Crystal, Psychic and Rainbow Child
Indigo Children are clearing blockages and old barriers so that the
Crystal Children can lay the foundation of peace and harmony
Rainbow Children can use their strong will and unlimited energy to build the new world
Super Psychic Children unlike the other children can see with there whole body lies

Whats an Indigo Child?
Indigo Children are a new generation of children who have specific characteristics that set them apart from previous generations of children
These children possess qualities unseen before
They named the Child Indigo because of the Indigo aura
The nurturing of these children requires a change in teachers and parents approach towards them if they are to achieve balanced lives

Whats an Adult Indigo Child?
Indigos did not just suddenly appear in huge numbers in 1992 they have slowly been increasing in numbers. Some believe as far back as 100 years ago
An Adult Indigo Child like Indigo Children possess certain characteristics that make them stand out from the rest of society
An Adult Indigo Child is somebody who was born before the major influx of Indigo Children in 1992 perhaps before these qualities were recognized or accepted
They now realize that they too are Indigo
How to tell if you or your Child is an Indigo

See the list of attributes below
If most or all of these are possessed by your child it is almost definite that they are an Indigo
The probability also increases if they were born after 1992
It is said that around 90% of children born now are Indigos

What are the characteristics of Indigo Child?

Operate from Chakra - Third Eye (mostly)
Aura Colour - Indigo

Characteristics of Indigo Child     

~ Warrior temperate
~ Determined
~ Detect dishonesty from a mile away
~ Absolute confidence
~ They rarely need others to tell them who they are
~ Are easily frustrated with routine or ritual
~ Based activities that require no creative thought
~ They do not accept authority without
explanation or choice
~ Non conformist
~ They have no trouble telling you what they need
~ May seem anti social if they are not around children like them
~ Sensitive
~ Intuitive
~ Technologically orientated
~ Intelligent
~ Empathy for others yet not for stupidity
~ Amazing memory
Life Purpose     

~ Indigos are here to free us from our past limitations destroying everything that stands in the way of a unified future ultimately raising the vibration of the planet

How to Assist an Indigo Child Fulfill Their Life’s Mission?

You may need to alter your parenting techniques
consider the following ideas :

Respect the child indigo as you would any adult without giving them adult responsibilities
Be creative
Always be honest and stand true to your words

Whether your child is a child Indigo or not they may still posess some of these qualities and perhaps some of the alternative parenting methods for parents of Indigo children may support your child too.

Keep an open heart and an open mind and let your instinct guide you.