“Foggy Field" 

Just last month the grasses were lush and green, and humid mornings made for beautiful foggy scenes on the plains of northeast Colorado.  The brown season of winter has arrived and it will be many months before the plains look like this again.

Near Greeley, Colorado - October 2014

Shot notes:

Ektar 100 4x5, 90mm Caltar Lens

1 second at f32, no filters

natasha: hands numb from the cold, a piano sporadically breaking out into crescendos, moonlit rooms, cobbled streets, puffy eyes and red noses, your heart pounding so loud you feel it in your fingertips

sonya: foggy wheat fields, details of renaissance paintings, waking up at 4 am when everything is quiet, delicate silver jewellery, the unbearable pain that comes when someone you love hurts them self and there’s nothing you can do

pierre: old book smell, closed curtains that barely let sun in, cold wood floors on bare feet, layers of coats and sweaters and scarves, melancholy glances, snow illuminated by streetlights

anatole: cologne so strong you choke, cigar smoke, sly smiles, carcasses picked clean by animals, a secluded wooden cabin in the forest, someone standing uncomfortably close to you

mary: empty churches, illuminated stained glass, a wilted floral centrepiece, baroque paintings, life like marble statues, hands trembling from nerves, clouds so dark and menacing they feel surreal
Outlander Announces Season 3 Premiere as Stars Adorably Say Goodbye to Scotland
So long, and thanks for all the kilts.
By Joanna Robinson

Fans of the Outlander novels already knew this was coming. But without revealing any major spoilers for you non-book-readers, suffice it to say that Jamie and Claire Fraser will not be spending all of next season in the foggy fields of Scotland. They are, in fact, headed to South Africa. To learn why (or how these time-traveling, star-crossed lovers find each other again), you’ll have to tune in to Season 3 when it returns in September 2017.

Even without any huge revelations about how the Frasers have traveled through time and space to see one another, this video from stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan is a joy to behold, mostly for the sheer, giddy chemistry these friends exude on screen. Fans will, yes, have to endure a bit of separation at the beginning of Season 3 as Claire and Jamie go their own ways, thanks to the quirk of time travel that tore them apart at the end of Season 2. Calling in from the set in Scotland late last year, Heughan told Vanity Fair that being apart from Balfe was like “having a death in the family. Well, I don’t know. I mean, it’s just like a different show. It’s hard to separate yourself from the character. It’s always hard when we’re apart, actually, because she’s a great person, great to come to work with, and a very good actress. But I think it all adds to the reunion—if there’s a reunion, or when there’s a reunion—well, you know there’s one in the books. It should be very special.” Balfe jokingly responded, “Och! He’s already killed me in his mind. Gone. Too sad.”

Balfe also had a little insight about what Claire will be wearing as she and Jamie set sail for South Africa: “Outlander costumer Terry [Dresbach] came up with this great, fun idea for the costume that Claire takes back to the 17th century with her. That’s much more traditional. It melds both the Parisian world with the Scottish world a little bit, but it’s going to be very different to other seasons. In Season 3, I think I have one costume for the back end. Before, I had 17, 18, 19 different looks. It gets quite simplified toward the end, because we obviously go on a ship.” Sadly, Balfe confirms, she will not be going full pirate. “I don’t think that’s what we were going for, but that would be quite funny if I just showed up with a patch and a parrot.”

In the video above, Balfe and Heughan joke that they will be able to ditch a few layers of costume once they leave the harsh climate of Scotland for the sunnier shores of South Africa—but fans can also read something a little more risqué into that statement if they like. In response to the general outcry over the lack of sex between the somewhat stressed and estranged Frasers in Season 2, Balfe promised: “I think the reunion and everything that’s going to happen once Jamie and Claire see each other, I think it’s really special. Maybe [fans will] have to wait a little bit, but I don’t think the sex is going to be as scarce as last season, shall we say.”

The third season of Outlander—which will include 13 episodes based upon Voyager, the third of eight books in Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling series—will premiere in September. Fans eager to get an early taste can also catch the Outlander panel at San Diego Comic Con this summer.


The “Cervine Birth” video is most likely a hoax, as the only source that really has any information on it is Creepypasta (and we all know the stories there are real), but I found the ‘audio’ from it and decided to share because it’s pretty creepy and right up my alley.

The story of the video goes that in 2009, an amateur filmmaker uploaded a video to Youtube that opens up on a foggy field, then zooms onto a white figure that turns out to be an albino deer lying on the ground. The deer stares into a mirror, then the deer in the reflection begins convulsing in an unnatural way. The real deer is still lying on the ground. The real deer then secretes a black substance from under its tail, and it then gives birth to a still, human-like creature covered in the dark tar. A close-up of its face is shown for a second before the film cuts back to the mirror, now broken. 

Anyway, the audio is cool and the video probably never existed but it’s a really creepy concept and I love it.

Sometimes, It is All Too Much

Nuada was on the battlefield again, not in any specific place or at any specific time, but on that dark, foggy, and nebulous field of nightmares where all wars meld into one, all horrors compound themselves. The field was his heart, the sword in his hand every harsh word, every desire, every desperate striving wish for something better. Whole. Safe. A return to what once was. The humans he slaughtered were endless, undaunted, undying. They stood as soon as they fell, pushing him back and forcing him to draw upon every ounce of strength he possessed not to simply drop from exhaustion as they still kept coming. He did not see any other elves around him. He never did on this particular field.

The blades that tore his flesh, the fires that seared it, the blisters on his hands and feet, the strain of seizing muscles in his back – none of it compared to the despair in his heart. He would lose this battle and the war. He always did. The nightmare was always the same. Like a child refusing to believe the obvious, struggling against the impossible to make his dreams come true despite the whole weight of the world bearing down on him and telling him to cease, Nuada fought onward, denying Defeat Her satisfaction, if not Her victory.

The fatal blow was always so, although never in the same place. Tonight, his gut had been sliced open by a glaive, the pain taking a few seconds to register, even as the sickening feeling of his own blood and organs spilling out into his hands made his stomach turn over. He fell to his knees, a surge of pain racing through him with the impact, and he was down. Defeated. Meaningless. Faded. Before the human in front of him removed his head, he spoke to him, ironically enough in the Elven tongue.

If you fight the wrong battle, you will always lose the war.

Nuada jolted awake, crying out from shock and frantic, ragged energy. The blankets of his bed stuck to his bare chest, and his pants clung to his legs. He was soaking wet with sweat, and every muscle in his body hurt.

That was always the way with this nightmare. It left him physically spent, sore, shaky, and weary, but the true agony was the aching in his heart. Breathing hard, he clutched his chest over his heart as tears flooded his golden eyes, a very nearly hopeless expression washing over him and his countenance as grim as if this day were his last. But it was not he himself for whom he wept.

What if he could not raise the Army in time? What if the Army failed him somehow? What if the humans were killed, and his people died anyway? What if illness – of mind or body – over took them all, causing a sudden drop in what little remained of their numbers? So much could go wrong, and with each passing day, Nuada felt he was losing ground. The urgency was building to an almost maddening level within him. His wildness, clawing at him from the inside, demanded action from him, but there was none to be taken. Not yet. it was always… not yet.

He could not help but whimper as he thought of them, the last few children, the last generation of adults, the aging elders. There were a handful, really, of elves left in the world. The situation was so dire as to be hopeless to them already, but it would never be so to him. If Nature had intended for elves to fade, She would never have instilled him with an indomitable will to fight on for them until his last breath. Why had acceptance found their hearts and not his?

Stand. Fight.

His wildness ordered him, almost taunted him, leaving him restless and wanting. He would stand. And fight. Today, and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, until his people were saved or he was dead, hardened into the very same earth from which his people were first fashioned. When he returned to the earth was perhaps out of his hands, but how he returned there, and whatever he chose to do with however many years – months? days? moments? – he had left, was his choice.

I am free. I am wild.

I will not stop.

I cannot.

Weary but not broken.

Cornered but not caged.

He wept, but it was not done in defeat. It was more a release of the emotion that the nightmare had brought on, a cathartic purging of the yearning and pain he felt. When the tears stopped, he would be whole again… for now. Alone in his bed, his sobs echoed across the sanctuary. He would not be alone for very long. Already, he heard footsteps… He did not move, for he was not ashamed to be seen as he was, not by anyone he had granted entrance here.


Scenes from the Great Smoky Mountains

I did a spontaneous 650 mile / 1040 kilometer - 10+ hour solo road trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I left Orlando at 7:30 in the evening of Thursday and got there around 7:00 in the morning of Friday. That consisted of three gas stops and breaks and being pulled over twice by the cops! I was exhausted when I got there. Thankfully (for this particular case anyway), it was really cloudy that morning so there was no sunrise to witness, so I slept for about an hour in my car before starting my day exploring and taking photos.

I spent most of the first day going around Cades Cove Loop which was an 11 mile road inside a valley with the mountains all over. I saw a ton of deer and bucks here and it was pretty much foggy the entire time. The adrenaline and excitement from the beauty of it all made me forget the need for sleep and food until about 2:30 in the afternoon. Stopped by the hotel to check in and leave my stuff there, grabbed a quick bite, decided to skip the nap, and headed out again to take photos! I drove the the mountain road called Newfound Gap and spent the sunset to early evening there taking long exposures of the valley below! Headed back to the hotel and all I could think of was sleep! It was an awesome first day!

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil