foggy lense

BTS reaction to accidentally fogging up their boyfriend’s glasses after giving them a forehead kiss.

Seokjin -

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Seokjin’s face would be one of horror and humor. He had wanted to kiss you because you weren’t having the greatest day, but that definitely seemed to lighten the mood. He would chuckle at the incident, and make a humorous comment.

“I guess my beauty was too much for you to see, jagiya.“

Yoongi -

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Yoongi would feel embarrassed on the inside, especially once he noticed that it was his breathing that caused your glasses to fog up. However, he wouldn’t show it on the outside. He’d only shake his head, and make a negative remark on your lenses.

“The people that made these did a shitty job jagi.“

Hoseok -

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Hoseok would laugh off his nerves. He would feel slightly embarrassed that it was him that caused your lenses to fog up, but he would contain it. He wanted to seem as normal as possible, especially after that small incident.

“Everything must look different now, huh jagi?“

Namjoon -

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Namjoon would feel stupid for a few seconds. It would take him a minute or two to register what happened, that was until you were squirming underneath him just so you could clean your lenses. That would be when he realized that he had fogged your glasses up accidentally, and he would chuckle a little before shyly apologizing.

“I’m so sorry jagi, I didn’t mean to.“

Jimin -

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Jimin would be a little ball of flustered nerves. He would stare wide eyed at your now foggy glasses, and would let the heat rise up into his cheeks. He then would surprise the both of you, and fall over giggling at what he had done.

“You’re so cute baby, but you look even cuter with your glasses foggy.“

Taehyung -

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Taehyung wouldn’t mind the incident much. He would just remove your glasses from your face, and put them on his own. That was when he really knew how much he had fogged up your lenses, and that would make him giggle.

“You’re so blurry jagiya.“

Jungkook -

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Jungkook would be slightly nervous when he seen your foggy lenses, but wouldn’t think anything of it. He would sit back down, and start scrolling through one of his social media accounts, trying his best to seem like he wasn’t nervous at all.

“You really should clean them jagi.“

love wounds me with tender lips and fingers [jared k. x reader]

words: 1100+

warnings: not explicit, implied smut. insecurities. body validation.

i fuckin love jared kleinman thanks


Jared came with a set of insecurities and anxiety all his own. As much as he’d deny time and time again, he was insecure about his body; the layer of chubbiness that could always been seen on him was enough to make him want to constantly hide in the confines of his sweaters that were a little too big. He guessed that that was the reason why he’d never gotten any further than some steamy make out sessions with you: he was just too nervous to let you see everything that he deemed ugly or gross.

He’d invited you over for the weekend; his parents would be out of town and Evan was busy doing whatever it was that Evan did on his own. The plan was to watch some movies, play games, do anything that let you spend time together. As much as he liked the kissing and the hugging and all the things that came with being in a relationship, talking and getting to know each other was by far one of his favorite things to do: just when he thought he knew everything about you, he learned something new.

The movie the two of you were watching was extraordinarily boring; you could point out all the plot holes, dialogue drags, and dull action sequences in less than three minutes. Instead, you turned your attention to your boyfriend who looked as if he was going to pass out right then and there from extreme boredom. Peaking his interest, you scooted closer to him and leaned against his arm.

“What are you doing?” he asked, looking over at you. Sarcasm was apparent in his tone. “Can’t you tell I’m trying to enjoy this awesome movie?’

You snorted, snuggling yourself against him. “Come on, Jer.”

He smiled a little, slipping his arm out from under your weight and wrapping it around your shoulder, gently nudging your body into him and onto his lap. The two of you were already giggling like children, your noses brushing against one another. Your hands came up to his face and your thumbs rubbed over his cheekbones.

“I love you,” you muttered, pressing a quick kiss to his mouth.

Jared’s free hand came to rest at your waist, his fingers pressing into your skin.The smile that easily spread across his face was one of the most breathtaking things you’d ever seen in your life, something you’d kill to see every morning and every night for the rest of your life.

“I love you, too.”

His lips meshed against yours like puzzle pieces, slotting together like they had been made for each other. The fervor that was present in your shared kisses promised the idea of intimacy and it excited you. Jared’s fingers were gripping your waist so tightly you were sure they’d leave bruises later.

You trailed your mouth in your normal manner: lips, cheek, jawline, neck. If you peeked up, you could see the steam beginning to fog up his glasses. He swore under his breath as your lips brushed just the right spot on his neck, the place that’d always unravel him right under your fingertips. It gave you great satisfaction to know just what you were capable of doing to him.

With the full intent on going all the way with him, you moved your hands from his cheeks, down his chest, stopping at the hem of his shirt. The sudden pressure of your hands on his navel caused your boyfriend to jump and pull away from you, his eyes wide.

“Jared?” you questioned, cocking your head to the side. “You okay?”

He took a breath and nodded his head quickly, mumbling, “Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. We can keep going.”

Instead, you sat back and rested a hand on his cheek, his skin burning under your touch. He leaned into your palm, looking at you from behind foggy lenses.

“Are you sure?” you pressed on. “What’s wrong?”

He looked immediately nervous, his skin turning an even brighter shade of red. He was silent for a second, a sure sign that there was something on his mind that he didn’t intend on sharing with you.

“It’s stupid, don’t worry about it-”

“Jared, it’s not stupid. If it has something to do with wherever it is we’re… heading, then I wanna know. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

“It’s just… It’s stupid, you know? I’m not the fittest guy out there.”


“I just don’t want you to be let down or grossed out by my body.”

It surprised him when you leaned into him, wrapping your arms around him, one hand curling into his hair and nestling his head into your neck. His own hands gripped onto your shirt, tears pricking at his eyes.

“I love you, every bit of you, alright? I’m not going to be let down at all,” you mumbled into his shoulder. “I promise. Do you still want to?”

He worked quickly, pulling away and looking at you. “Yes, yes. Of course I do.”

You both smiled, laughing like you were sharing an inside joke. He pulled off his glasses, setting them to the side, before you curled your fingers at the hem of his shirt and tugged gently. He nodded, letting you pull it up and off his body. As soon as his shirt was dropped on the floor, your fingers splayed out across his torso, mapping out every dip, bump, and curve in Jared’s body.

“You’re so, so beautiful, Jared,” you complimented, pressing a loving kiss to his collarbone. “I promise. We’ll take it slow, alright?”

You kept to your promise. Your fingers danced gracefully across his chest, stomach, and back. Inexperienced hands worked together, clashing and bumping in a messy harmony. The noises you two drew from each other were sinful and beautiful, creating a song in the silence of the house meant only for your ears. The high brought on by your deft movements narrowed Jared’s vocabulary to only your name and a storm of “I love you’s”, a chorus that inched you closer to your own cloud of pleasure.

His fingers pressed into your back as if to draw you back to Earth, your chest heaving against his after your tumble over the edge. Everything was silent for minutes at a time, the only sounds being your breaths mixing in the air. And then… laughter.

Jared’s shoulders shook with quiet chuckles, holding you tightly against him. It didn’t take long for you to join in, laughing with him against his skin.

“What are you laughing at?” you question in between tired giggles.

“I just love you. So much.”

You pulled your forehead from his chest, your eyes sparkling as you continue to laugh. His nose crinkled as he looked up at you. The moment was so perfect, so adorably comfortable. You wanted to stop time, freeze it so you could live here forever, away from a harsh world that judged every little thing.

Instead, you leaned forward, pressing your forehead against his, still laughing. Even if you couldn’t freeze time, you could live in this moment for as long as possible. And you did.

Mega Man X: The Novel Chapter 2

Hey all, sorry for the long wait! Chapter 2 is finally complete!! As usual, I thank my lovely team for their work! Edgekagami was the translator this time, and my editors were the lovely moidang and Lambency!

For the most updated versions of each chapter, please check the google doc! I will be updating the tumblr posts when a new version is released but it’ll lag behind a bit.

In this chapter, a penguin has no chill, and our blue hero is stealing the trademark of another blue hero.


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“You shouldn’t be around me, and I don’t think I can be the better person and walk away from you, so you gotta do it to me. You have to tell me to stay away from you. You have to tell me to never come back here.”  […]
“I’m not a fool.” I remove my glasses, wiping the foggy lenses. “I’m just a girl from Maine who wants a friend from Philadelphia. You’re my friend. I chose you as much as you chose me.” I put my glasses back on to see how reddened his eyes have become. “You’re the second friend I’ve ever had in my whole life, and I’m picky about my friendships. But I chose you.”

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twishagratzu​ requested: peggy and steve get separated from the howlies in a blizzard and have to huddle together for warmth trope, bonus points if steve has to undress and is embarrassed. (also contains this headcanon)
Rated K+
2749 words, one-shot

A big thank you to agentofvalue​ for proof reading this

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“I can’t believe Barnes didn’t see this coming,” she says, pulling her collar further up to cover her nose.

“In all fairness, Morita usually handles this whole weather thing.”

Peggy knows he can’t see her judgmental glance through the storm, but she throws it his way all the same out of principle.

“Which is why when Morita broke his leg, Barnes bloody volunteered to do the research,” she points out in a frustrated tone and hears Steve snort a short laugh beside her. “I doubt you’ll find it amusing when we die of hypothermia and our bodies are found frozen in the morning if they’re found at all.”

It doesn’t help her moods when he laughs again.

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anonymous asked:

so is it like... seemingly cannon in the simple times that finnick liked melody or terry but they were having a thing????

[Kinda spoilerish but since I have more to develop knock yourselves out.]

Aight. So like, Finnick had a hardcore thing for Terry as he worked at the diner. Like so bad where he almost dropped the air-conditioner he was fixing it when he heard Terry call his name. However, in the 70s that whole queer-dating was frowned upon, let alone Finnick didn’t want to ruin the friendship they already had. So as long as he had Terry’s general company he was happy. Finnick also had a slight thing for Melody, admiring her singing and how kind and quirky she was made him feel comfortable around her. So at some point, Finnick had thought out relationship ideas with either of his friends. Terry on the other hand, only had a liking to Melody. He wasn’t truly aware of Finnick’s true feelings. That’s why it kinda sucked for Fan Man when Terry came to him for dating advice when he finally got the guts to ask out Melody. This made Finnick both happy and sad because A) He rather liked both of them, especially Terry. But it appears that they did not and were no longer “available” as Terry and Melody began to date. B) Though he was delighted to see how happy Melody and Terry were and they did in fact make a cute couple. It was nice to see his friend’s smile, even without Finnick in the picture. So overall it was bittersweet.

However, on the horrid night as Finnick saw Melody get brutally killed, he made his last phone call to Terry, telling him that he was sorry for letting him down and that Melody would in fact not make it to Terry and her’s date. As he rambled, Terry already on the other end of the line freaking out with confusion as to what was going on, Finnick made one last attempt to say “I always loved-” before having the line cut and his body dragged away. He never told Terry, and he died alone. Finnick didn’t even die near the corpse of his own friend who lay bleeding from her smashed head on the floor of the Pizzeria. Nah, he was forced to see his own reflection bleed out in front of him through the foggy lenses of his glasses from across the cold, dark floor.

Matt + Foggy - Shopping & Etc.

- Matt Murdock and sunbeams. Matt curling up on the couch where he knows the sun will be moving to soon, the little warmth on his skin helping his muscles feel that little bit less sore.

- Matt going with Foggy to the barber for moral support when he cuts his hair after college. The hairdresser turning to ask Matt what he thought, and Matt responding that it looks stunning. Apologizing before the hairdresser realizes that he’s blind and has a chance to start themself.

- Matt telling Foggy later that night at his apartment, both of them just a little drunk, and Matt trying very, very hard to keep a straight face while he talks about how he doesn’t know what the big deal about the haircut was, because he can’t see the difference.

- The tradition of stupid novelty sunglasses that Foggy buys Matt every holiday, that started when they were drunk and in Kmart one st. paddy’s day, that Foggy has had to become increasingly creative with.

- The fancy designer sunglasses with the round red lenses that Foggy buys Matt as a birthday present when they’re out of school.

- The two of them trying their very best to behave in the supermarket.

- The avocado that Matt slipped into the cart the first time they went shopping for groceries after Foggy’s fateful drunken slip. *

- Foggy buying him nothing but socks for Christmas one year, and wrapping them in a variety of different packagings including safely locked in sandwich bag in an old juice bottle filled with water.

- Matt ordering custom braille cufflinks with FN embossed on them from etsy, and giving them to Foggy as a graduation gift.

- Matt attempting to sway Foggy from his continued adventures in punjabi and come learn spanish with him.

- Matt ‘accidentally’ stealing Foggy’s starbucks when they go out, because the stuff he orders is actually pretty good.

- The both of them going to a sex shop because Matt doesn’t entirely believe the descriptions Foggy keeps giving him, and they were actually both legitimately laughing too hard for him to bother checking his heart.

- Matt and Foggy being even more attached at the elbow than usual after The Incident, because everything is kind of a mess and on top of the usual fear of manholes, he’s worried about the amount of rubble and detritus everywhere. **

- Shopping for Matt’s furniture, ending up being the adventures of them collapsing on various couches together to test them out, until Matt gives up and they take the one they’re on.

* (“You fiend!” Foggy shouts halfway down the aisle and Matt can’t help but laugh, making some sort of effort to look innocent by the time the too-creaky cart and Foggy pull up alongside of him.

He’s aware of Foggy gesturing at him, and he’s fairly sure the avocado is in his hand, and Foggy is asking how could he.

“Oh, good.” Matt tells him. “I was hoping that wasn’t a pear.”)

** (Neither of them really want to be alone after that day. They make excuses, but really, most of the city is holding it’s breath. It leads to baffled half-meetings with Foggy’s family on skype, Matt dragged into the picture for impromptu introductions and the reassurances that everyone is fine.)