foggy goggles


Looks like this didn’t post last night so here goes again …

PR’d my 3rd ever sprint triathlon last night despite having a rough swim (brief panic attack, foggy goggles and abdominal cramping), a leg cramp 9 miles into the bike and frequent walks on my run. My saving grace was improved bike time, resulting in shaving off 28 seconds from my last PR. A humbling yet rewarding evening.

there are several types of hell at swim practice:

1. where you aren’t even tired, but you feel so awkward in the water, like all the timing’s wrong and you aren’t going anywhere

2. you are so fucking tired and everything hurts and you keep pulling but you are not moving at all 

3. you blank out and don’t know where you are. your goggles are foggy so you can’t see and you hit your head fifteen times on the wall because you don’t see the flags 

4. you are underwater but everything. everything is on fire


twishagratzu​ requested: peggy and steve get separated from the howlies in a blizzard and have to huddle together for warmth trope, bonus points if steve has to undress and is embarrassed. (also contains this headcanon)
Rated K+
2749 words, one-shot

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“I can’t believe Barnes didn’t see this coming,” she says, pulling her collar further up to cover her nose.

“In all fairness, Morita usually handles this whole weather thing.”

Peggy knows he can’t see her judgmental glance through the storm, but she throws it his way all the same out of principle.

“Which is why when Morita broke his leg, Barnes bloody volunteered to do the research,” she points out in a frustrated tone and hears Steve snort a short laugh beside her. “I doubt you’ll find it amusing when we die of hypothermia and our bodies are found frozen in the morning if they’re found at all.”

It doesn’t help her moods when he laughs again.

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being a swimmer

- before my last meet we debated whether it was proper to wipe standing up or squatting/sitting

- we have team poops, it is a thing and it occurs before every meet, it’s almost like a ritual

- for big meets (such as districts) we draw our nicknames on our backs and I was doing my friends which was “bubbles” and she wanted bubbles underneath but I accidentally drew them in a shape of a penis

- we play just dance at every swim party. EVERY SWIM PARTY
- We fight to the death for the last Gatorade at the big meets

- NEVER take another swimmers food, chair, kick board, spot on the wall, or food…. did I say food?

- we brag about our tan lines on a daily

- the entire team knows every word to “I’ll Make a Man out of You” from Mulan and sing it almost every ride to and from meets

- swimmers never enter a pool without doing butterfly, it’s a rule, we have a bible

- don’t complain to the coach they’ll just make the sets harder

- true friendship is seeing your best friends breast stroke face and taking a picture of it

- we do the swim cap trick at almost every meet, it works, it’s not magic

- no we don’t spit water in the air like Michael Phelps, we die clinging to the wall trying to breathe

- you don’t know what love is until you eat food after a hard practice

- no free style does not mean you can do whatever stroke you want
- there are four people in a relay

- 200 IM means two laps of each stroke in this order: butterfly backstroke breast stroke freestyle

- swim like a butterfly, sting like a bee

- big meets such as districts are practically a huge men’s speedo fashion show, it’s beautiful

- my schools football team tried our practice once…. they couldn’t finish it :)

- chlorine is our perfume, deodorant, face wash and hair spray

- no we can not just drink the water we swim in

- every swimmer pees at least once in every pool they compete in

- it’s called a swim MEET, not a game, we don’t play swim

- shaving your arm hairs will in fact help you drop seconds on your record

- PR: personal record

- our team chants are lame but fun

- boys, you will wear a speedo by your senior year I promise you

- speedos are a blessing from God

- “so are you the fastest on the team?” is the most basic question along with the statement “I bet I can beat you in a race” and to answer the first question it is always yes and to respond to your statement I will hit you with a kick board

- the pool is heated during winter, I wouldn’t be swimming if it weren’t

- foggy goggles means your working hard

- the tic-tac-toe looking chart is for us to keep track of our events, heats, and lane number
- the other morning, during practice I spit a loogie and my coach accidentally stepped in it and then made me sprint a 200
- fast skins work wonders

- a second in a 50 is A LOT
- our butts are white and more blinding than the sun
- if ya girl doesn’t have boobs, she sure as hell has a booty
- every swimmer wants to be a diver and at one point dives majestically thinking they’re the best one yet, but still stick with dying (sprinting)
- sitting butterfly kicks = abs of steel + pain
- carb loads must occur the night before big meets
- my bed time is 8:30/9 because of how tired I am and morning practice is only 7 hours away (6 am)
- at Districts my teammate threw our coaches socks in the pool for a dollar
- if you fall in the pool before the start gun you’re DQed (disqualified)
- you should feel like you’re going to throw up and can’t walk after a race for it to be good


- you are not a swimmer if you do not like nathan adrian bye
- setting off the metal detector at the airport @ those steel hard abs
- coach is satan 99% of the time, then other 1% of the time it’s taper or relay day
- swimcest………………….