Eyes speak so much louder than words and gestures. A glance can make someone feel completely ecstatic or entirely depressed. It could lift them into air, and it could drop them mercilessly just as fast. Words and actions are meaningless when compared with the language of the eyes. A flick, a flutter, or a glance convey love or pure hatred so much better. Ironically, they can make or break a relationship. Emotions are just concentrated in a person’s eyes. A window to their heart, perhaps. Just like how a clear glass shows what it’s holding inside. Almost see through for the ones who really try. However, it could be foggier than a London’s winter day for the ones who don’t really try to look. You can only find out how real a person’s feelings are by letting go of any prior expectations. Let it go, and stare on. Like, have you ever had feelings for someone that it was just clear as light to everyone around? You could have been oblivious to it. Hell, the person you harbored feelings for could have been oblivious to it too, but everyone else knew. Your feelings were just written in your eyes. You might have not spoken a word about it to anyone, but your eyes spoke way before your lips did. You can’t be ignorant with feelings. So open your eyes and look around. Figure out who really loves you, who is faking their love, and who is hiding their love behind a fog. You can ever know which angel is hiding behind Satan’s horns without really looking. At the end of the day, it’s the subtle things that really matter.
—  modestybae 
Haechan - “This isn’t a K-Drama”

Originally posted by 1aeil

Warnings: None

Type: Fluff

Requested by: Anon

Request: can you write a haechan (donghyuck) from nct imagine where its your first time making out or smth and its all akward n cute ? tyyyy 



Hello my beautiful anon! Thank you so much for your request! This is my first NCT request and I’m so happy that it’s about my beautiful baby Haechan! He’s my bias and I’m very excited to be writing about him! I know the story is a little long for an imagine, and also kind of rushed, but I hope you enjoy it none the less. Also, I’m sorry if it’s not as awkward and cute as you wanted, but I tried my best and I really hope I don’t disappoint! Please let me know what you think and please feel free to request again in the future! :)


Making out wasn’t like in the movies, that was for sure.

In the short time span you had been alive you had always believed that making out with the one you loved was this fun, cute thing that happened in every teen based TV show you had ever seen. That it was something exciting and pleasurable and something that couldn’t be explained. That it was something that just happened. Something that everyone naturally knew how to do. Something that was, well…easy.

Yet, here you were, leaning against the edge of the kitchen counter as Haechan, your boyfriend of 3 months, continued to kiss you passionately, your arms awkwardly hanging by your sides as his hands continued to confidently rub against the thin material covering your waist. Your mind continued to get increasingly foggier, the warm feeling of Haechan pressed against you traveling through your body and into your chest, your heart swelling in happiness but your body freezing in inexperience.

“Babe.” Haechan chuckled suddenly, his sweet voice forcing you out of your trance as he pulled away from you softly. “You can’t just stand there. Kissing is a 2-person thing, ya know. This isn’t a K-Drama.”

You looked up at him and laughed, his humor making you feel slightly better about the awkward situation. You then continued to let out a small sigh and shook your head lightly, your teeth gently pushing into your bottom lip as the right words failed to form in your mouth.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered, your shyness keeping you from meeting his eyes. “I’ve just never done this before and you obviously have. I don’t really know what to do.”

Haechan looked at you and laughed, his hand gently reaching out and gripping your chin as he forced you to look away from the ground and into his eyes. Pools of brown bored into your face as he gave you a small smile, gently removing his other hand from your waist and gripping your wrist, slowly moving your hand from awkwardly hanging by your side and to his neck, small shocks running through your arm as the warmth of his skin met yours.

“Well, let’s start with this.” Haechan recommended playfully, slowly moving closer to you as he brought your other hand to his waist. “I’m not expecting you to be some professional kisser or anything, but you at least got to do something with your hands.”

You let out a small laugh, looking into Haechan’s lively gaze as his notorious, yet charmingly devilish nature started to take over. You moved toward him slowly, your heartbeat speeding up as you could feel his warm breath fan against your lips. He gave you a small, reassuring smile as he leaned into you, his lips no more than a centimeter away from yours as he watched nervousness slowly return to your body.

“Don’t worry, jagiya. Practice makes perfect, right?” He asked, not even giving you time to answer before his warm and gentle lips reconnected with yours.

The kiss was tame at first, soft presses of velvety skin meeting one another and making your heart burst. You leaned into Haechan impulsively, your hand gently squeezing the back of his neck as all feelings of nervousness and inexperience quickly started to leave your body. Haechan’s fingertips slowly began to ghost down your neck and back to your waist, his sweet lips pressing harder against yours as he pulled you closer to him.

You froze for a moment, your mind becoming foggy once again as the new feeling became somewhat overwhelming. Haechan was comforting though, his gentle lips whispering small, reassuring words as tingles begun to crawl down your spine. You unconsciously shuttered, a small gasp leaving your lips as you pulled Haechan closer to you, warmth spreading through your body as you finally began to stop worrying and lost yourself in the kiss.

Haechan let out a small groan, slowly testing the waters by lightly grazing your bottom lip with his tongue. Another tremor ran through you, your mind racing with thoughts as you slowly opened your mouth and met your hot tongue with his. You couldn’t help but wonder if what you were doing was right or if you were taking a completely wrong path, but at this point you didn’t care, the pleasurable feeling of Haechan’s lips pressed against yours better than anything you had ever felt before.

The two of you only kissed for another minute or so, the need for air finally beginning to set in and forcing you to pull away. Haechan immediately tried to pull you to him again, his sly attempt at stealing another kiss making you giggle as you placed your hands on his chest and created a slight distance. Haechan looked down at you, a bright sparkle in his eyes as he stared down into your blush covered face.

“See, I told you not to be nervous. We just need to practice some more…a lot more…like right now more.” He said, a playful attitude lacing his voice as he smiled at you gently.

“You will NOT practice more.” A voice screamed, the exasperated tone ringing throughout the dorm and making you jump. You looked up immediately, eyes searching for the perpetrator before coming face to face with Taeil and the rest of the boys, the light shuffle of shoes against wood entering your ears as all of them quickly made their way into the kitchen.

“Taeil!” Haechan gasped, gently removing his arms from your waist as his eyes grew wide in concern.

“Don’t ‘Taeil’ me! What the heck do you two think you’re doing!?” He asked, hand reaching forward and pointing at the two of you as if you had just been caught making out by a parent or teacher.

You looked at him in surprise, eyes wide as fear and embarrassment set in. You were frozen in place like a deer caught in headlights, your face heating up as a deep blush made its way onto your cheeks and your hands fidgety as you heard some of the other boy’s chuckle at your state.

“Do you have any idea what it’s like to walk in on something like this?! Winwin is probably scarred for life now!” Yuta hissed, quickly grabbing Winwin’s arm and pulling him through the dorm.

“Yeah, we don’t want to see you getting it on in the kitchen! This is where we eat!” Mark scolded, quickly making his way past you and Haechan and into his room.

“You’re only children! Don’t ever let me catch you doing that again!” Taeyong demanded, a deep sense of authority lacing his words as he made his way into the living room and turned on the TV.

You heard a chorus of ‘yeah’s’ and ‘for reals’ as the rest of the members quickly made their way inside, each of them giving you and Haechan the stare down as all of them ended up lounging in the living room. You looked at Haechan with wide eyes, not knowing what to say or what to do, and gave a slight shrug, hoping he would say something to lighten the awkward situation.

“Hey, Haechan. I’m watching you, buddy.” Johnny called out, eyes boring into his before secretly giving him a small smirk and a giant thumbs up.

JD x Reader - Nightmares (FLUFF)

WC: ?

Requested: Yes! By @take-a-look-the-invisible-girl ((I hope this is okay! By all means, tell me if it isn’t. I’ll gladly fix it!))

Summary: the reader has been having awful nightmares and it leads to one bad school day and a whole lot of fluff!

Warnings: swearing, alluding to murder (is that even a warning??)

(S/n) = school name
(Y/b/n) = your bully’s name


Blood. There was blood everywhere you looked, running red rivers turned into oceans. At your feet, the cold and stiff hand of your mother had fallen. Just moments ago, you had watched her scream and beg for her life. You tried to run towards her, to save her. But your feet were planted forcefully to the spot, ensuring you could see as the tall black figure plunged a knife into her neck. Her pale and lifeless eyes gazed up at you, her mouth hung open in terror.

Without warning, her corpse unleashed an ungodly screech, jolting you out of your nightmare.

Sweat poured from your body as you peeled your pyjama top off of you and sighed. This was the 4th nightmare of the week and it was only Wednesday. You just couldn’t do it anymore. Every night and nap, without fail, you were forced to watch as everyone you loved was slaughtered right before your eyes. Your mother, your father, your sibling and even your boyfriend.

The cruel face of the alarm clock read 3:52am. The red numbers blinked at you furiously, angry at your presence. Maybe JD would be awake right now…

To: JD🖤
From: (y/n/n)💙
You awake..? X

You hovered over the send button for a while before deciding against it. He’d probably just get mad…

‘Fuck it’, you though. If the nightmares wouldn’t stop, you’d just stop sleeping. Tying your (h/l) (h/c) up in a messy ponytail, you pull out a book and begin to read until the sun came up.


Arriving at (s/n), you’re greeted by the usual smirk of your boyfriend, Jason 'JD’ Dean. In his hand, a blue raspberry slushee cup.
“Care for a hit?” He asked you, swinging an arm around your shoulder. “You look like you could use it.”
Glaring slightly, you take the cup and drink fast, causing a searing cold to tear through your mind like a blade.
“Fuck!” You exclaim, making JD chuckle.
“Did you sleep at all, (y/n/n)?” He asks, sarcasm dripping from his blue tongue.
“Did you?” You quip back, hoping to turn the conversation around. He doesn’t need to know, you think.
“Not at all, actually. I was… busy.” He replies with an air of caution in his voice. You cock your head with confusion, like a lost puppy, but shrug it off.

Walking down the halls was weird. Blame it on sleep loss but something felt different. As though somebody was missing… It took about an hour or so but eventually, it clicked. (Y/b/n) wasn’t there! You asked around but nobody seemed to know. Apparently they’re sick? Something about that didn’t sound quite right. But your mind was too foggy with sleep deprivation to care too much.


Days without sleep turned to weeks and each day, your brain became foggier. (Y/b/n) had yet to return to school and an investigation was now underway. You prayed they wouldn’t call on you for a statement, knowing that no coherent words would form from your lips. As luck would have it, you had only had to face 2 tests in the last three weeks, both of which you failed pitifully. It was getting bad… Noticeably so.

JD had been trying incredibly hard to find out what was wrong with you but you kept your mouth shut tight.
He doesn’t need to know.
He began to wonder if someone was bullying you and became extremely intent on finding out who. When his searches came up empty, he was frantic.
“Who is it? You’ve GOT to tell me! Is it Jack? Katie? Betty?” He was jumping up and down in the hallway, trench coat swinging as he went. To you, he looked hilarious but adorable. Like a dog with a bone, he kept throwing out names in hopes of a reaction.

As you walked, the hallway began to stretch and distort before your eyes. The words that your boyfriend was speaking began to float away into white noise, barely audible over the pounding of your heart. Slowly, every colour fused into one largely white blob and your knees caved underneath you. The last thing you remember was JD screaming your name. You closed your eyes, waiting for the impact of the solid floor but… it never came. Instead, you felt calloused hands on your bare arm before everything went black.


“JD!! No! Please don’t die, please! You can fight him! Please!” You screamed. The familiar scene of torture unfolded in front of you, this time your trench coat clad boyfriend was the victim. The deep red seemed almost neon against his black attire, his screams shook to your core.
Not again…
You look down to see your wrists shaking, nails drawing blood from your palms. You push harder, trying to move. Nothing.

“(Y/n), sweetheart? I heard screaming. What’s going o-” Your mother enters the scene. As quickly as she’s there, she’s gone. Writhing on the floor in agony, you watch the features etched onto her face go stiff.
This continues as your father, best friend, sibling and other friends of yours enter and die. It’s almost like a conveyor belt in a sick and sadistic factory. Around your feet, corpses litter the floor. Each face filled with its own tragedy.

Wake up… please wake up…



“(Y/n)? (Y/n)!” Your boyfriend says frantically, watching your body contort with pain. Tears flood down your cheeks, hands balled up in fists around the white sheets.

Finally, you wake with a deep and throaty scream. Your voice is hoarse from the internalised screams. Without even acknowledging he was there, you roll over to JD and clutch onto the thick black fabric of his coat.
“(Y/n),” he begins, a tone of anger in his voice. “What the hell happened?! You blacked out! And now this!”
Teary eyed, you look up to him and sniff.
“I… I kept having these n nightmares and I I couldn’t sleep so I just s stopped sleeping.” You stammer out, feeling weak and weary. You hear the boy above you sigh with disappointment. You shut your eyes tight, preparing for him to shout.

Instead, you feel his arms pull you close to his body. Allowing all anger leave his body in the remnants of a head shake, he rests his head atop yours.
“W why aren’t you mad..?” You question, voice trembling.
“I am mad, (y/n). But we can talk about this later. Right now, you need to sleep.”

With that, he places a gentle kiss atop your (h/c) hair and intertwines his legs with yours. For the first time in weeks, you feel safe. Your eyelids flutter shut as you press your body further into his. For the first time, you sleep peacefully.

“I love you, (y/n)” you hear him mutter to himself. Knowing he didn’t want you to hear that, you just smile to yourself.

That night, you dreamt of him. Alive, well and in love.


For @beepbeeplettuceboi :  Do you accept prompts? Do you watch Voltron?? If so, what if Lance finds his family in a Galran prison, but he’s hurt real bad and is thrown in there to die. So he tries to explain what happened and so do they. Then they get rescued. But what if someone doesn’t make it???

Word Count: 1090

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Smut
Rating: M
Drabble Request by Anon
Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

82: Do that Again
85: Tell Me What You Want
93: Mirror

You were hunched over the mirror in the bathroom naked and moaning at your husband. “J-Jungkook.” He glanced at you through the mirror.

“Tell me Jagi…Tell me what you want.” He said low enough for you to hear as his fingers rubbed up and down your core just before he licked his lips and bend down to devour you.

Your breath started to fog up the mirror as you felt his tongue lap at your clit as he waited for your response. You started to pant quietly as he moved his actions to your entrance. Sucking and slurping. He spreads you even wider to attack your forbidden place as his tongue probed the location. He pulls back just as you arch your back and he shoves his hot throbbing cock inside you hitting your spot. He pauses.

You whimper at the action. “Do that again.” You moaned out as he moves again hitting your sweet spot like you requested causing you to clench around him.

He grabbed your arms by the elbows pulling you back into him causing him to bury himself deeper within you. “I want you to look at me in the mirror and watch us.” He grunts out.

You bite your lip as you make eye contact with your husband in the mirror. His eyes darkening with pure lust as you can see his sweat glistening on his face and down his chest. You could feel yourself coming close to your end. “I’m going….oh my god…” you moaned out causing him to slow down.

“No jagi, you won’t.” He says teasingly. “Not yet.” As he went to a slower pace a few thrusts just before he stopped all together. He pulled out and carried you to your shared bedroom. “Get on top of the mirror on the bed. Face down, ass up, hands and knees.” He commanded.

You did as you were told and as soon as you do it, he is back inside you going faster and hard. Your breath starts fogging up the mirror beneath you. As you look at yourself in the mirror, you can see everything. The sight turning you on so much.

Jungkook watches you in the mirror. The sight of his wife being turned on by the sheer fact of seeing herself through the mirror as her husband roughly manhandled her, he bit his own lip in satisfaction. You clenched around him as his thrusts started to slow and become sloppy. “Come.” He moans and as soon as he gave you the permission to do so, you come undone panting onto the mirror as if it couldn’t get any foggier. You could feel your wetness drip down your thighs as you could feel him pulsating his release within you. His voice staggers in uneven breathing.

As you stay connected with him for a few minutes he starts smirking into the mirror at you. “Who would have thought you get turned on by watching yourself in the mirror?” He chuckles teasingly causing you to blush and pull him out of you as you crawled away, but he pulls you back. “Ah ah ah..” he says to you causing you to yelp out of surprise. “We aren’t done yet.”
Your eyes widened.

The Full Moon Attack

Sister Winchester : The Full Moon Attack

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Sister!reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!reader

Y/N = Your Name

Y/E/C = Your Eye Colour

Summary: Werewolf attack in a motel room where Dean and Sam are knocked out quickly by the monster. It’s up to you to protect your brothers, but at what cost?

Warning: Blood and death and all that stuff that you would imagine that comes with a werewolf attack idk

A/N: Idk if this will be any good I literally just came on here to look through my feed and then found myself writing this. But it’s a little fluffy and a little sad so whatever floats your boat, take what you need from this. It’s more of a Sam x sister then Dean x sister btw. Lots of love xx 

Originally posted by adaav

Shattering glass and a deep growling ripping from a human’s voice box pulled you awake from your light hunters sleep. Your hand gripped around your mother’s gun under your pillow as Dean’s voice rung in your head, “shoot first, ask question later”. So you jumped up into a kneeling position on your dead and pointed the familiar gun towards the werewolf pinning Dean down on the kitchen floor as you let the bullets fly, echoing around the room as Dean lay frozen on the ground. The werewolf looked up and growled louder, I guess you didn’t have the silver bullets in this gun. 

The werewolf now had it’s attention on you as it prowled over to you. Panic was creeping up your back and fogging your mind but you stood strong and confident in the werewolf’s wake. You could handle this, you had to, you had too so you could protect your injured brothers. The werewolf came to a stand next to the also unconscious Sam as it lent down to sniff him as he started to drool. It’s mouth extended and it’s pointed teeth glistened under the swinging lights. 

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So. I was having my 3 day vacation when I thought, “hey! it would be cool to play dnd with my friends” so I asked @crimsinash​, @echollama​ and @zyptoskid​ to play. 

The game is set on a fantasy world where magic exists. To utilize magic, the people of this world has to use their own blood to create a magic circle, that if activated, will cast the spell. But if the magic circle won’t be activated when the blood dries, it will be deemed useless. Those who can use magic are the races with a high level of intelligence. 

There are 4 races who live in this world; humans, beastmen, elves, and dwarves. Each one of them has their own unique ability. Dwarves are known for their super strength, they can use two handed weapons using one hand and can carry huge boulders with ease. Elves are the ones with keen eyesight, which enables them to spot enemies from far distance. Beastmen is a pretty diverse race but they have the abilities that their animal part has. humans on the other hand has a slow drying blood, which is pretty handy for magicians. 

These races don’t exactly fancy each other. But when a meteorite struck this world. These races will have to join forces. To defeat the emerging 5th race, the one they call demons.

Demons are creatures who have no magic affinity, but they are capable of reconstructing their bodies by their own will. Thus, they are able to have all the traits the other 4 races have and destroy everything on its path. The signs of a nearby demon is the miasma that they release which rots plants and more. So, if your plant starts rotting and the air starts getting foggier, run. A demon is nearby.

The character that is @crimsinash is named Blek. A beastman(dragon) mercenary who takes odd jobs and usually stay in the bar to drink alcohol. Her past is yet to be known but she is well versed with the dragon tongue. In the middle of the story, Blek nearly turned into a demon to save Jangles. But thanks to the intervention of the strongest Beastman, Hisame, her mind was still intact. Most of her body was transfigured to a demon, which removed some of her abilities as a dragonkin. 

The character made by @echollama is called Jangles. A human baker who was once an assassin but retired due to circumstances. He still keeps some of his gear but what he does now is bake stuff. He was also nearly converted to a demon but due to Bleks persuasion, he was reverted back to being human.

And the character that has just joined the crew is Hypho by @zyptoskid. A human druid who was wandered around the wilderness and is a well-versed marksman. He has spent most of his time alone in the woods and mountains to improve his craft. He also has a lot of scars but the most prominent ones are the one on his right hand(extending from his wrist to his middle forearm) and the one on his face(lower lip to chin but is covered by his facial hair) 

Memories of You

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Prompt #12: “Is your name WiFi? Because I think we have a connection.” 

A/N: You guessed it! Another prompt from @andtheraincamefalling Bad Pick Up Line Challenge that you can find here! Come on, it’s Sam. But this one is actually a little longer, but I’m pretty proud of myself with how it turned out! And I know, pick up lines are supposed to be cheesy, but this one just makes my hearth ache…

Warnings: angsty, fluffy towards the end, swearing (SPN usual), death, memory loss

Sam looked up from the book, his eyes searching for any kind of change in your demeanor. Dean simply stood with his hands in his pockets, trying not to let his breath catch in his throat as you stirred, groaning in discomfort.

Had you been able to see him properly, you probably would’ve noticed the worry in his eyes. You would’ve joked about how you were going to be fine and that he was overreacting. You probably would’ve noticed the way Sam’s hands trembled as he lowered the spell book. You would’ve taken note of how his Adam’s apple bobbed ever so slightly as he waited.

And that’s all they could do: wait.

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Ladynoir July Day 6 - Foggy

Some good ol’ comfort.

(Ao3 Link)

The moon shined down on the two superheroes as they leapt from rooftop to rooftop. They were just finishing up their Sunday patrol by having a race to their usual meeting spot: A horizontal beam near the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Ladybug arrived first, winning the race, her fast yoyo swings allowing her to pass Chat Noir just as he was reaching the top.

She let out a victorious whoop as she landed. Chat landed a second later, pouting at his loss.

She wiggled and bounced excitedly. “And the crowd goes wild! Ladybug once again the victor in the fourth annual Paris superhero race!”

Chat chuckled. “Wow. The fourth huh?”

Ladybug turned to look at him, blushing slightly. “Come on Kitten! Let me have this. This is the first time I get to be the one to celebrate.”

He smiled at her. “Well then, celebrate away.” He made a shooing motion with his hand.

She pouted. “You ruined it,” She kept up the pout just long enough for Chat to start looking regretful before breaking. “I’m just messing with you, Kitten.” She tapped his bell as she giggled.

Chat grinned softly at her. Their eyes locked together for a long moment. Their mutual affection shining through their gazes.

They broke apart when a small beeping noise sounded from Chat’s baton. He quickly glanced at the display, a small frown making its way onto his face. The bitter look made Ladybug frown as well.

“Chat, is everything alright?” She asked tentatively.

He slowly shook his head. “I forgot that I set this alarm.” He said quietly.

Ladybug shifted on her feet and, making a decision, reached out to put a comforting hand on her partners shoulder. He looked grateful for the support.

She took a deep breath to calm herself. “What was the alarm for?” She blinked rapidly. “If you don’t mind me asking, of course, because I don’t mean to pry, I promise, you don’t need to-”

“This time three years ago my mother disappeared.” He interrupted her, his eyes gazed into hers. “I forgot, last time that is, to remember.” He looked guilty. “So this time I set an alarm.”

“You don’t have to feel guilty for being happy, Kitten.” She squeezed his shoulder.

He smiled at her. “I know. It’s just…” He bit his lip. “My memory of her gets foggier every year and I, I just don’t know what to do about it. What if one day I can’t even remember her face without a photo?”

“Oh Chat…”

“I mean, I… I don’t.” He looked helpless. “I don’t know.” He whispered.

Ladybug slid her arm around him and used it to pull him into a hug. He slid his arms around her in return, tightly hugging her back. He buried his head in her shoulder.

“Do you want to stay like this for a while?” She asked softly.

“Yes please.”


A/N: Not sure if I like this, thought the scenario was cute though. Sorry, I haven’t been posting the past few days but I have been heckin’ busy. Might write another something if I’m not too tired tonight c:

Warnings: None. Maybe a vague mention of smut but nothing else.

Words: 827. A little shorter than expected but hey ho..

Originally posted by seabasschino

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A Thousand Silhouettes - Part Three

Summary: The last thing Brandon Stark remembered was darkness, and it was darkness he woke to.

Brandon Stark survives King’s Landing with scars both physical and emotional. The world as he knew it has changed, and at the center of it all is a bastard boy with his mother’s eyes.

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Archive Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: Gen
Fandoms: A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
Relationships: Brandon Stark & Lyanna Stark, Brandon Stark & Ned Stark, Jon Snow & Brandon Stark
Tags: Brandon Lives, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Hurt/Comfort, Uncle-Nephew Relationship, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, (just in case), Platonic Relationships, Family Dynamics
Chapters: ¾

Read at AO3, or read here:

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The Ethereal Plane: The Deep Ethereal...

By DandDforbrekfast:

Normally, travelers use the Ethereal Plane to cross the plane it is coexistent with. 

To some, the Ethereal Plane may have a separate region away from the Material Plane it is bonded to. 

This area is the Deep Ethereal. 

The best way to describe the Deep Ethereal is the analogy of an ocean and a seashore. 

The shallow water near the shore is the Ethereal Plane where it is coexistent with the Material Plane. 

As one moves out to sea (and away from the Material Plane), the sea deepens until finally one loses sight of land entirely. 

The deep ocean is the Deep Ethereal. 

Travelers on their way to the Deep Ethereal see the Material Plane becoming even foggier. 

Sight dims from the usual 60-foot radius, losing 10 feet each minute until finally the traveler only can see within a 10-foot radius. 

At that point, the traveler has left the Material Plane behind. 

To an observer who remains behind, the traveler grows foggier and foggier, then vanishes entirely. 

With no landmarks, travel in the Deep Ethereal works much like movement on the Astral Plane, where only time matters, not direction or distance. 

Depending on the destination, a trip in the Deep Ethereal takes minutes or hours.

When returning to the Material Plane, the individual re-appears in a random location, instead of returning to where he or she started. 

The traveler’s return point is 1d10 miles away from the original starting point for each minute the traveler has been trying to return. 

Determine the direction of the new exit point randomly. 

For example, a wizard hunts for a color pool in the Deep Ethereal, taking 30 hours to do so. 

She then attempts to return to the Material Plane, taking 3 minutes (rolled randomly) to do so. 

She arrives 3d10 miles away from her starting point in a random direction. 

The D&D cosmology has no Deep Ethereal, but you can add one to your cosmology as a method of reaching other planes or a place where particularly nasty creatures (such as a kingdom of ghosts or a realm of dreams) live.

Shower - Steve Rogers Drabble

Originally posted by sebastianstam


| Tony |

 Y/N jumped slightly at the sound of the front door slamming closed, nearly slipping on the wet tiles of the shower floor. Steve had been away for the day, some type of recon or something. She usually had no idea what went down during his missions, he preferred to talk about pretty much anything other than work. It was only every once in a while that he opened up about The Avengers business and even then it was only to ask her opinion on whether he was doing the right thing or not.

 By the sound of his heavy footsteps it was pretty obvious he hadn’t had a very good day. She knew that he’d want to just relax without having to talk about what had happened. More sounds of his frustration could be heard as he let something hit the ground with a loud crash. Probably his shield.

 She had already finished bathing but she knew he’d be joining her in a matter of minutes so she remained under the spray of water, making sure to turn the knob getting the water even hotter than before, knowing that his tense muscles will need it. The Bathroom door opened and closed with a harsh thud and she could see him expertly removing his uniform through the clouded glass.

 A gust of cool air hit her body as Steve opened the shower door. His eyes fell down quickly but crept back up her naked skin slowly, until their eyes met. He stepped inside, making her feel incredibly tiny with his massive physique. The hot water hitting him has him letting out a sigh and he reaches his hand out, running it down her forearm and taking her hand in his own. He gently guides her closer until she’s standing directly in front of him. His head is bowed, water dripping from his hair and onto her face as he leans closer, catching her lips in a soft kiss.

 It always went like this. He’d stomp around looking like he was ready to kill someone, but the second he touched her, or even looked at her, he melted into a a puddle of mush. Just like this time. His arms encircle her and their naked bodies mold together in the most perfect way. It’s the best way he can possibly think of to relieve his stress. Her fingers ghost over his sides before running along his back muscles as the water falls over the two of them.

 With every breath he takes a little more of his anger gets washed away, and every time she leans in to kiss water droplets from his chest his mind gets foggier, causing him to forget that he was ever agitated to begin with. All the while not a word is spoken. Y/N knows that all he needs is quiet, it’s something he was used to at an earlier time in his life and it was always calming. And Steve knew that she was okay with not talking about it. She was okay with whatever he needed.

 Then, he finally spoke a small, whispered confession.

 “I love you.”

A Mere Matter of Hatred Pt.2

Part 1 Here 

Pairing: Liam Payne & Zayn Malik (Ziam) 

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 4500

Summary: When Liam and Zayn decided to rent an apartment together they didn’t realize that getting along would the hardest part. However, one night when the pair is hanging on their last thread, things take a wild turn of events (Part 1). After that night things just aren’t quite the same. 

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Steve's Notebook

Alright guys, here is the intro to the Steve’s Notebook miniseries that I announced recently. As it is an intro, this one does not include any suggestions from you guys, but I’m currently working on one, as well as a story for the main (Y/N) Barnes series! So keep an eye out!

If you want to get involved, send me a suggestion of what you want to see in Steve’s Notebook, and I will write it, and dedicate the story to you!!!

If you have any feedback, as always, I would love to hear from you : )



Steve was sitting at the dining room table, pinching the bridge of his nose, elbow on the table, and eyes scrunched tight. A book was open on the table, cover up, in front of him.

“Steve, what’s wrong?” you asked, approaching him gently. You knew that he was stressed, confused and overwhelmed. Getting closer, you were able to see the title of the book.

100 Movies to See Before You Die.

He dropped his hand from his face when he realised that you were there, and faked a tight smile.

“I’m ok. Just a little headache,” he replied.

Even if you weren’t an empath, you would have known he was lying. You understood why he lied though, and you didn’t pull him up on it. Being your friend was hard enough, without the extra stress of your powers. Something that you had recently been reminded of.

“Your shoulders are tensing,” you pointed out.

Steve shook out his arms, but the tension remained. You had an idea, and popped into the kitchen, placing a heat pack in the microwave. This always helped you relax, and you were hoping it would help him too.

Returning to him, you gently draped the heat pack around his neck, and held it in place on his shoulders. You heard a sigh, and he leaned back in his chair, resting his head against you.

“What’s bothering you Steve?”

“We missed so much (Y/N). Movies, music, cultural events, historical moments… all things people reference on a daily basis, and I can barely understand what they’re saying…” Steve explained carefully. “I don’t think I can feel like I belong until I catch up… but there is so much, it’s overwhelming…”

You nodded your agreement. You were always amazed by Steve. At first, he was just as closed off from this new world as you. You had both watched movies, and read books and other things, but couldn’t get past your longing for the time you knew.

When you had both been recruited for the Avengers, Steve once again felt as if there was a place in the world for him, no matter how much things had changed. He began throwing himself into catching up on as much as he could.

You wished that you shared his enthusiasm. You had not condemned all modern luxuries, of course. But, you were happy to go at a slower pace. In honesty, you felt as if, the quicker you adapted to this new century, this new life, the quicker you would leave your old life behind. The further away it would seem. The foggier your memories of Bucky would become. And that terrified you.

You thought for a while about Steve’s stress, and decided that, no matter how you felt personally, you would help him in any way possible.

“Wait here for a moment,” you stated, prompting Steve to support the heat pack himself.

You went into your bedroom, and riffled through one of the drawers of your desk, finding exactly what you were looking for.

Back in the living room, you placed the notebook and pen in front of Steve.

“We’ll make a list, of every essential. Everything people recommend to you. And, then we’ll go through it point by point, until you’ve caught up. How does that sound?” you asked, opening the notebook, and taking the cap of the pen off.

Steve was silent for a moment. He was just as overwhelmed, as if the task of even making the list was daunting, until finally he nodded.

“Thank you (Y/N). I know that you’re not all that interested in catching up on everything. So I appreciate your help.”

“Hey now. I’m not opposed to watching the movies in that book,” you pointed to the book for emphasis. “I am especially happy to read some of the books that people think I should read. But, mostly, I am always interested in you. And this is something you want to do. So, where possible, I’ll do it with you.”

“Thank you,” Steve stood, and wrapped his arms around you, letting the heat pack fall to the floor. Some of the tension in his shoulders seemed to have disappeared.

“Of course Steve. I love you,” you replied, holding him tightly.

“I love you too.”

“Now,” you began after Steve let you go, “where should we start?”

“Stark recommended a movie to me,” Steve replied, retrieving the heat pack, and sitting back down.

“Oh?” you prompted, dragging a chair up as close as possible.

“Star… Star something…”

“Maybe it’s in this book?” You picked it up and started flicking through the pages.


“Is this alphabetised or ranked by quality?” you asked.

“Alphabetised I think,” Steve replied, picking up the pen, and pulling the notebook closer.

You spent the rest of the night, going through the book, remembering conversations, and jotting down as much as possible. By the time you were both ready for bed, the light was peaking in through the curtains, and you had a sizable list to begin working through.

Steve’s Notebook would definitely keep you busy for quite a while, and you were sure that you would add much more to it than you would ever be able to cross off.


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