fogelfenix replied to your photo:;__; *hugs*

:* I couldn’t sleep last night either. :P I listened to the radio on low volume until I went out. I believe it’s good to occupy your mind with something during nights like that.

true. i believe so too.

 ….checking social media is not the best option though lol.  

but i usually sleep just fine so no worries

fogelfenix replied to your photoset:i’m so artistic look at me i can make a fucking…

Cool! :D I admire your creativity, I’m searching for one or more of those to buy… cause I have no patience… :P

thanks c: i was about to buy one at first too, i mean there’s probably tons of cool tapestries online. then again i don’t really feel like buying some cheap “tie dye hippie boho bohemian earthy nature mandala love peace psychedelic trippy gypsy home decor tapestry ✨” (or some shit like that :D) from ebay. i’d recommend searching at places like etsy, there could be some quality ones there, maybe, i haven’t really checked. might be kinda expensive though, idk.