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This has been somewhat on my mind for the past few days so I feel like it’s important enough to articulate on the dash. I’m sure there’s other posts about this but I wanted to take a moment to talk about GUILT TRIPPING and what that means.

Guilt tripping is emotional manipulation. You partake in it when you use your emotions to urge someone to do something they may not want to do. They feel strong armed into doing the action because if not, you’ll get upset. The use of your possible negative reaction then becomes a threat.

“If you don’t reply, I’ll cry/block/get mad at you.” (It doesn’t have to be said, it can just be implied. It doesn’t invite a person to WANT to reply. It makes them feel like it is an OBLIGATION which it is NOT).

“Why haven’t you replied to me yet?” (You are not ENTITLED to a reply. No one on this site is entitled to a reply. We are all here by CHOICE).

“You replied to others but not me.”

“You don’t reply fast enough.”

“No one wants to ship with me.”

“Pay attention to me.”

It doesn’t have to be overt. And I’m not saying the disappointment isn’t valid, because it is. And I’ve felt it. But there are proper ways of depicting your disappointment and sharing your emotions. Some positive examples are as follows, because I know communicating with people is very difficult. Especially online.

“I feel upset that I’m not getting replied to, but I want to understand why you haven’t.” (It stops being an attack, and instead a discussion).

“Is there something I could do? Is it personal? Or is it just that our writing doesn’t click?”

“I feel disappointed because I think you’re an amazing writer and look up to you.”

I would also recommend asking yourself if you’re already upset about something else, and how that may be affecting your emotional state.

At the end of the day, your feelings are valid! You are allowed to feel disappointed! But it doesn’t make it okay to force your emotions onto a person. People have their reasons for not replying quickly or replying to other first. And ultimately, they don’t need to explain themselves. Most people do, because they are being polite. FOR THOSE FEELING GUILT TRIPPED: YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SAY NO! IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU AN ASSHOLE! YOU HAVE A SAY IN HOW YOU RUN YOU BLOG BECAUSE IT IS JUST THAT: YOURS.

But it may be real life, it may be muse is slow, it may be that muse is being fickle and particular, or maybe they just don’t want to! It isn’t something that needs to be taken that to heart. It isn’t a comment on your worth as a person, or your success as a writer. You’re allowed to be passionate, of course. But there is a world outside of roleplay. And sometimes when in the midst of our own insecurities, we forget.

You are worth being befriended! I promise! (I struggle with believing that, too). It is just a happenstance when you collide random people online. Just like in real life, you may wish well towards someone, but you just may not click. Just like you may not click as writers.

But you are beautiful! And I love you! Don’t give up. Because you’re going to find people that are stoked to write with you, that I can promise you for sure. <3

part two // dive



a/n: im still so excited that this is happening. also, for the dates and such, they’re just to show how long they’ve been dating, and some of them are like season sensitive. so just like ignore the fact that soon it’ll be like july of this year. also also, i just gave y/n’s family a hometown that i just pulled out of my ass bc it would be easier than trying to have a fill in so. 

this is still kind of short i’m sorry. i had writer’s block i was at a loss for what to write :((

so don’t call me baby
unless you mean it
don’t tell me you need me
if you don’t believe it
so let me know the truth
before i dive right into you

-shawn’s pov-
1 month in

“-And I swear to got milk flew everywhere.”

She laughs, a beautifully genuine laugh, one that’s started to play in my head before i fall asleep. Her coffee mug is still loosely held in her both of her hands, her elbows resting on the table, her bouncing foot tapping my leg every once in a while. She takes a deep breath to try and calm her giggles, but she’s still smiling when she brings her mug to her lips. “So do you miss them? Your family?”

“Yeah, of course I do.” Her brows furrow, waiting for him to continue. “I love New York so much, I really do. But of course I miss them, how could I not.” I take a sip of my coffee and she gives me a sad smile and reaches one hand to rest over mine. I flip my hand over and rub my thumb along her knuckles. She smiles and focuses her attention on our intertwined hands. That look comes over her eyes, and it’s only been a month, but I know what it means. She chews on her lip and she loses herself in a thought, what it is I don’t know, and I’m not ready to ask. I bring her hand to my mouth and kiss her knuckles. She shakes her head and blinks hard, coming back down to earth.

“Sorry,” she laughs. “That was probably a stupid question. Of course you miss your family. How could you not?”

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Acceptable oc names - Mountain clans

- A - Acorn, Adder, Alder, Amber, Ant, Apple, Ash, Ashen, Aspen, Arctic

-B- Badger, Bark, Bat, Bear,Beaver, Bee,Beech,Beetle, Berry, Birch,Bird, Black, Blaze, Blizzard, Bloom, Blossom, Blue, Blur, Boulder, Bounce, Bracken, Bramble, Branch, Breeze, Briar, Bright, Brindle, Bristle, Brittle, Broken, Brook, Buck, Bumble, Buzzard

-C- Cedar, Cheetah, Cherry, Chestnut, Cinder, Claw, Cloud, Clover, Cold, Copper, Comfrey, Coyote, Cream, Creek, Cricket, Crooked, Crow, Crouch

-D-Daisy, Dapple, Dark, Dawn, Dead, Deer, Defiant, Dew, Doe, Dog, Dove, Drift, Duck, Dusk, Dust, Dusty-

-E- Eagle, Ebony, Echo, Elm, Ember, Evening

-F- Falcon, Fallen, Fallow, Fang, Fawn, Feather, Fennel, Fern, Finch, Fir, Fire, Fish, Flame, Flare, Flash, Flint, Flicker, Freckle, Flower, Fly, Fog, Forest, Fox, Free, Frog, Frost, Frozen, Furze, Fuzzy

-G- Gentle, Ginger, Glacier, Glen, Gold, Golden, Goose, Gorge, Gorse, Grass, Gray, Green

-H- Hail, Half, Hare, Hawk, Haven, Hazel, Heather, Heavy, Heron, Hickory, Hollow, Holly, Honey, Hoot, Hop, Hope

-I- Ice, Icy, Ivy, Ivory

-J- Jagged, Jaguar, Jay, Juniper

-K-Kestrel, Kink

-L- Lake, Larch, Lark, Lavender, Leaf, Leopard, Lichen, Light, Lightning, Lilac, Lily, Lion, Little, Lizard, Log, Long, Lost, Loud, Love, Lynx

-M- Maggot, Mallow, Maple, Marigold, Marsh, Meadow, Midnight, Milk, Minnow, Mint, Missing, Mist, Misty, Mole, Moon, Moose, Morning, Moss, Mossy, Moth, Mottle, Mouse, Mud, Mumble

-N- Narrow, Needle, Nettle, Newt, Night, Nimble, Nut

-O- Oak, Oaken, Odd, Olive, One, Orchid, Otter, Owl, Old

-P- Pale, Pansy, Parsley, Patch, Pebble, Pelted, Perch, Petal, Pike, Pine, Plum, Pod, Pond, Pool, Poppy, Pounce, Prey, Preying, Prickle, Primrose, Puddle

-Q- Quail, Quick, Quiet

-R- Rabbit, Raccoon, Ragged, Rain, Rapid, Rat, Rattle, Rare, Raven, Red, Reed, Ripple, River, Robin, Rock, Rouge, Rose, Rowan, Rubble, Running, Rush, Russet, Rye

-S- Sage, Salmon, Sand, Scorch, Sedge, Seed, Shade, Shadow, Sharp, Shattered, Shell, Short, Shred, Shrew, Shy, Silver, Skink, Sky, Slight, Sleek, Sleet, Slug, Small, Smoke, Snail, Snake, Sneeze, Snow, Song, Soft, Soot, Sorrel, Spark, Sparrow, Speckle, Spider, Splash, Spotted, Squirrel, Stag, Starling, Stone, Storm, Stream, Stride, Stripe, Stumpy, Sun, Sunny, Swallow, Swan, Sweet, Swift

-T- Tadpole, Tall, Talon, Tangle, Tangled, Tansy ,Tall, Talon, Tangle, Tansy, Tattered, Tawny, Thaw, Tin, Thistle, Thorn, Thrush, Thunder, Thyme, Tiger, Timber, Tiny, Toad, Torn, Tree, Trout, Tumble, Tulip, Turtle, Twig, Twisted

-V- Vine, Violet, Viper, Vixen, Vole

-W- Walnut, Wasp, Water, Weasel, Web, Weed, Wet, Whisker, Whisper, White, Wild, Willow, Wind, Wing, Wish, Wolf, Wood, Wooly, Worm, Wren-

-Y- Yarrow, Yellow, Yew

.acorn, .ash, .back, .bee, .belly, .berry, .bite, .bird, .blaze, .blizzard, .bloom, .blossom, .boulder, .bounce, .bracken, .branch, .breeze,
.briar, .bright, .brook, .burr, .bush, .call, .chaser, .claw, .cloud, .crash, .creek, .cry, .dapple, .dawn, .dew, .dream, .drop, .dusk, .dust, .ear, .ears, .ember, .eye, .eyes, .face, .fall, .fang, .fawn, .feather, .fern, .fin, .fire, .fish, .flame, .flight, .flood, .flower, .fog, .foot, .fox, .frost, .fur,
.gale, .gaze, .gleam, .goose, .grass, .growl, .hail, .hare, .hawk, .haze, .heart, .heather, .holly, .hollow, .ice, .ivy, .jaw, .jump, .kit, .leaf, .leap, .leg, .legs, .light, .lightning, .lily, .mask, .minnow, .mint, .mist, .moon, .moss, .mouse, .moth, .muzzle, .nettle, .night, .nose, .nut, .oak,
.pad, .patch, .path, .paw, .peak, .pelt, .petal, .pool, .poppy, .pounce, .puddle, .purr, .quill, .rain, .rapid, .reed, .ripple, .rise, .river, .roar,
.rock, .root, .rose, .run, .runner, .rush, .sage, .sayer, .scar, .screech, .seed, .seeker, .shade, .shadow, .shell, .shine, .sky, .slash, .slip,
.snap, .snout, .snow, .soil, .song,  .spark, .speck, .spirit, .splash,
.spot, .spots, .spring, .star, .stalk, .stalker, .stem, .stem, .step, .sting, .stone, .storm, .streak, .stream, .strike, .stripe, .sun, .swipe, .swirl, .swoop, .tail, .talon, .thicket, .thistle, .thorn, .throat, .tip, .toe, .toes, .tooth, .tree, .tuft, .twig, .twist, .wail, .watcher, .water, .weed, .whisker, .whiskers, .whisper, .willow, .wind, .wing, .wish, .yawn, .yowl


Marine Layer is a Transmutation

May. 4, 2017

June gloom is coming soon!  I love June gloom, which is a nice reprieve from the excessive sunshine in LA.  I’ve never been much of a fan of the harsh sun, but have learned that the sun in LA is so uncomfortable on many days because it is a DOR sun.  The deadly orgone radiation and unhealthy, positively ionized skies are the reason smog lingers on some days and why the sun burns and hurts the skin.  We are misguided to think so much about the ozone layer, because on the OR days, the sun doesn’t burn as badly and feels comforting on the skin.  Also, on high OR days, even with the same number of cars driving, the smog doesn’t linger.  Science focuses so much on physical, mechanistic aspects of weather and air pollution, completely ignoring the energetic reasons.

Today was a heavy DOR day in Los Angeles, but even so, the chemtrails were not persisting, as so many of the cell towers have been neutralized.  The “smog” was very present, although a more appropriate name for this pollution would be electrosmog, since without positively ionizing, deadly radiation, it would not be smoggy.  By mid-afternoon, over the distant mountains to the east, orgone transmutations could be seen in the clouds, and in West Los Angeles, a marine layer started to roll in.  We have also found that marine layer, including the famous June gloom, is very likely a result of transmutation, as is fog.  As the deadly energy is neutralized, the moisture over the ocean can form into clouds through the bonding of water molecules through the hydrogen bond.  The air temperatures have dropped significantly from this morning to this afternoon, and the current artificial heatwave will end promptly as the frequency bombardment over the Pacific Northwest is neutralized.