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So said he, and bright-eyed goddess Athena smiled
and caressed him with her hand. She appeared in the form
of a beautiful tall woman skilled in splendid works.
And, voicing winged words, she said to him:
“He’d have to be thievish and cunning to surpass you
in all your wiles, even if it were a god who met you.
Reckless one, intricate plotter, insatiable in your wiles,
you wouldn’t, even in your own land, forgo your frauds
and thievish words, that are, from the ground up, dear to you.
But come, let’s talk of this no longer. Both of us know
cunning arts, since you’re by far the best among all mortals
in speeches and in counsel, while among all the gods
I’m celebrated for cunning arts and wisdom. Yet you didn’t recognize
Pallas Athena, the daughter of Zeus, who’s ever
by your side, and guards you in all your labors”…

The Odyssey, book 13, translated by James Huddleston

It’s hard to fake a smile
When you’ve been around the both of us for a while
I gave you my two cents and you gave me mine
Now we are both rich but we’ve lost our minds.

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Could you do a little fic of some sort with Noctis' sister dating Ignis and ignis proposing, and it being a big deal in the kingdom with their beloved princess getting married, maybe nsfw? Of course you do what cha want with this request if you choose to write anything like this, anyway thanks for your time, love your work, you're a very talented writer!


Ignis x fem!Reader
Word Count: 2,789

Have I ever mentioned how the “Noct’s older sister” trope is one of my favourites when it comes to FFXV fics? I love love love it. So here is some fluff and a touch of smut, but also some feelings because I love writing tender moments. 

Tagging some friends! @iinkpools @chocobro-daydreams @ladyscientia <3 Enjoy!

When Ignis had invited you over to his apartment for dinner, you thought nothing of it. He cooked for you all the time, always had a new recipe that he wanted you to try, so you went over to his apartment after a council meeting with your father.

Your phone buzzed in your pocket as you rode the elevator up. It was from your younger brother, Noctis. You checked it and quirked an eyebrow. All he had sent was a photo of him and Prompto, exaggeratedly winking at the camera. You rolled your eyes and put your phone back into your purse and walked out of the elevator once it had reached Ignis’ floor.

You knocked on the door and when Ignis opened it, you saw that he was dressed in a suit. You glanced down at your clothes, an ordinary black asymmetrical top and ripped up jeans, and then back to his formal attire.

“Something tells me I’m underdressed.”

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Dating Tsukishima Kei

  • you two have ascended and crossed the realm and barrier of language 
  • you two can have those silent conversations by just like looking in each others eyes, nodding, gentle touch on the arm etc
  • it makes everyone go ??????? but you two get each other so it cool
  • really likes intertwining your hands with his and play with your fingers 
  • it has a soothing-calming down effect on him and he usually cracks those genuinely smiles when he does that
  • it has you shook with emotions
  • it’s beautiful
  • u love that boy
  • still sassy and sarcastic af but he wouldn’t be him without it and u love him either way
  • and u sass him back. sass his ass back into the seat 
  • his weakness is u being close to him, more exactly, u being close to his face
  • and then u blow air at his glasses and they fog up
  • weakness
  • has a cute nickname for u in his phone with a heart on the end
  • let’s u borrow his headphones. and u know that is a big step in this relationship