Puerto Rico
  • There is a world baseball thing happening
  • Puerto Rico is undefeated in the world baseball thing
  • No one on my Facebook feed will shut up about this
  • The players dyed their hair blond and stores in Puerto Rico are running out of blond hair dye because everyone is buying it to support the team
  • Heard some wild news that there was no crime in Puerto Rico over the weekend because everyone was too busy watching baseball??
  • We are up against the United States tonight
  • Precious boys pray before every game
  • And I’d love for Puerto Rico to win because our tiny island is past due for some good news
  • Go Puerto Rico!

Today in history, March 22nd 1873, Puerto Rico officially, Abolished slavery. Although that date was the official date for the abolition of slavery, enslaved Africans and their descendants still suffered under the conditions of slavery for a minimum of three more years, while slave owners were given money, and land agreements in their favor to compensate for the incoming loss to their revenue. Even after that, previously enslaved Africans and African descendants worked under similarly harsh conditions under the same “employer” for low wages.

It’s now been 144 years later, and I would implore us, Puerto Ricans , to reflect on what the abolition meant, and how the effects of race-based social structure still lingers on in current day Puerto Rico, and the Puerto Rican diaspora. How are conditions like for Puerto Rican’s of African descent, what are conditions like for Puerto Rican’s who’s African heritage is worn on their skin? What can we do to continue fighting against anti-blackness, and ensure a more inclusive, and less discriminatory Puerto Rican culture?

I don’t even watch baseball, but….


Double trouble. Reppin’ BFSN & PR for the World Baseball Classic ‘17!

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Not cosplay related it, but want to let you guys know im from PUERTO RICO, and I’m very proud!
Today’s baseball finale is USA vs Puerto Rico! lets see who win!

#teamrubio PUÑETA! BORICUA!