FoFL - Funny thought: deadly sins

Someone got an awesome idea (I’m talking about Mediocre-Grimm on DeviantArt) concerning the Federation of Fear story: that each of the seven members of the team represents one of the seven deadly sins, you know: wrath, avarice, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.


After all, every member of the team is or was somehow a villain in the story. Moreover they are seven. My gosh, it’s outstanding.

Mediocre-Grimm had this in mind, let me paste what he said:

“Brutaka=Pride. He was rather cocky when he was evil, particularly during his fight with Axonn.
Spiriah=Envy. He’s quite bitter about never being able to live up to his fellow Makuta’s achievements.
Roodaka=Greed. Even after she was queen of the Visorak, ruler of Xia, she wanted more and more.
Vezon=Sloth. I recall in one story where he traveled dimensions, he encountered something he ‘tended to avoid: hard work.’
Lariska=Wrath. She’s always the first to jump to her weapons.
Takadox=Lust. For the mask of life, I mean. He was going after it pretty hard, even willing to betray the rest of the Barraki.
Carapar=Gluttony. Referring to how he conquered that land with the use of poisoned food, which wasted said food, along with the consumption of resources to fuel his wars.”

I personally love the idea, but I wanted to know, what do you think about that? Maybe you have already noticed this link before?

FoFL news - 01

I finished the storyboard of the 23rd page of my comic version for the Bionicle story: Federation of fear; approaching the end of Chapter 2 (there are ten chapters). But more important, I have drawn the final version of the very first page of the comic, which is not a comic page actually, ‘coz you can associate it with some sort of chapter cover. But still, it’s the very first page and oh! I like it.
But I’m waiting for being further in my story boarding and page drawing to post it here and on deviantart.

I also have to draw a real cover…