Festival of Feathers: Mood Color Concepts

If there are things that I love to make in my pictures, it’s playing around with colors, lighting, and mood! Here are some color mood concepts I did. It’s not supposed to be too refined.So it’s a little messy. Besides, I love more simplified pieces of work. You can still pack a  punch and get your point across! Some of the lighting may look similar in certain pictures. That’s because I overlayed some of the same pictures over each other, creating a new interesting image out of random shapes and shadows. Guess it’s kind of like recycling. Makes for quick, but interesting imagery! Added some random heads of Anemone. - ELI


Burning colours of the day were still covering up the city - but not for long. The stars were slowly taking sun’s place and indolent moon was following them, slowly showing it’s craters from behind the buildings.

Arnei loved this time of a day when she could admire the most common battle on this planet. It was amusing how everyone forgot about it and she was, as always, alone in this theater. She despised all those human creatures. They were nothing near her. They were just another ants in this forest.

But she was different of course  She had a power that would destroy them all in the blink of her eye. Arnei was the only creature that would win all the battles.

Or more like was the only creature that would win all the battles before this fatal day.

Someone defeated her fire and she had no chance to take her revenge. Now, Arnei was waiting for her fate to come. Waiting and waiting for her next orders while the time was passing by between her fingers and scales.