Festival of Feathers: Mood Color Concepts

If there are things that I love to make in my pictures, it’s playing around with colors, lighting, and mood! Here are some color mood concepts I did. It’s not supposed to be too refined.So it’s a little messy. Besides, I love more simplified pieces of work. You can still pack a  punch and get your point across! Some of the lighting may look similar in certain pictures. That’s because I overlayed some of the same pictures over each other, creating a new interesting image out of random shapes and shadows. Guess it’s kind of like recycling. Makes for quick, but interesting imagery! Added some random heads of Anemone. - ELI

Finding our Footing: Jason Todd x Reader (Part 4)

• “So, peppermint hot chocolate?”

• Yup that’s a great way to start a conversation. Especially when you’re laughing at the choice.

• Okay, if we’re going to be fair, it is pretty funny. A giant man who’s intimidating as hell drinking a hot chocolate with extra whip cream. So you’re curious, if it bugs him, he can sue you.

• Actually no, you’ve got enough on your plate.

• “So, chai tea.”

• Oh so he’s a snarky one, eh?

• Seeing as you have no idea where to go from here, you give a small chuckle, glancing down at your cup with an embarrassed smile.

• A beat passes-

• “Do you come here often?”

• Cue looking back up with an exaggerated wink.

• And when Jason laughs, it’s a deep, belly laugh that warms your heart. You soon join in and any worry you might’ve had melts away.

• “Actually no, but if you’re going to be here, I just might.”

• That smooth mothertrucker.

• The conversation kind of flows from there, and suddenly your mouth hurts from smiling.

• He likes literature. LiteRATURE. HE LIKES LITERATURE.

• Fuck man, that’s attractive.

• The time passes a little too quickly for your liking, and you find yourselves starting to leave.

• “This was, enjoyable.”

• “Yeah, it was.”

• And you walk in companionable silence until you reach your cross roads.

• “I guess I’ll see you Sunday?”

• Okay, so maybe your group therapy isn’t the best place to meet a possible love interest but come on, the world should cut you some slack.

• “Or we could maybe get together before then?”

• YES.

• “I’d like that.”

• And okay, maybe it’s kind of sort of like a movie, where you’re looking down bashfully, and he’s got an arm scratching the back of his neck, and everything is kind of perfect.

• You know, if you ignore the baggage both of you have accumulated over the years.

• “I’m just gonna…”

• Ofc you just kind of slink away and mutter a goodbye. Ofc.

• (And then you get a text with a date and a time, accompanied by “Does this work for you?”)

• (You smile to yourself and look back to see Jason grinning like he’s so pleased with himself, waving his phone at you.)

• (Obviously you confirm it works, but after a timely “Doofus.” Obviously.)

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