To all of my fellow Jashi fans

Because I feel like it his been hinted that twice that ashi and jack will develop a romantic relationship AND the recent “spoiler video” on YouTube and on here I think it’s safe to say it MIGHT happen ^_^ I had a random thought if anybody remembers the veeeeeery first image we ever got of jack that was released back in December I believe when he was covered in blood and had his sword while it’s raining. Well i’m going to make a prediction and let me know what you guys think, what if at the end of episode 6 the episode where “ashi search for samurai jack helps her to see his effect on the world after encountering numerous people and places where he has changed things for the better” she finds jack in the cowboy getup like in the art in the behind the scenes video and apologizes to him for ever thinking he was evil and what if she starts to develop feelings for him but it’s not as prominent.
Then in episode 7 “when jack has to retrieve his sword with ashi and overcome mental and physical tests in the process” well what if that’s when they both actually gradually start having feelings for each other through out the episode and they don’t know how to express it to each other. Anyways I’m digressing, what if the image that I mentioned was apart of that episode, and the “physical tests" are them fighting side by side against some type of beast and it’s raining out and they both kill it or them and jack sheaths his sword and they both shout with excitement and they hug each other and they’re laughing. Then they both blush and jack says “oh um…I must apologize I was just so…ex…cited”(then it cuts to ashi looking at him and then back at him) then all we hear is the sound of the rain falling and they slowly move in towards each other and they finally kiss. Just before the credits ashi wraps her arms around her while the camera pulls out and theeeen end of episode ^_^ imagine if that’s the way it happens ? @to-my-ovaries your thoughts ?
Sappy Jashi head canon ending for samurai jack

I’m a sucker for sappy romantic endings

I imagine the scenario for the ending of samurai Jack back when episode five came out. I picture them having an ending sort of like the ending of the conjuring 2, emotional and beautiful. If the leaked ending that @bursty-chan Posted is real (I hope it is) I imagine it going something like this, after aku is defeated and jack and ashi marry and are expecting a child (assuming they have sex) they and all the friends Jack saved over the years restore Jacks old home and move in and become king and queen. When jack and ashi are moving in and having stuff brought to the palace how she comes across a box filled with paraphernalia they had collected on their journeys, and she finds record player with an Elvis album. Her eyes widen and become glassy as if she’s going to tear up. Then it flashes back to after I’d imagine the events of episode 8 when they find out they have romantic feelings for each other, they are traveling together trying to find aku’s Domain and come across an old abandoned house that looked like it was occupied by family once and they begin to look around inside. Then ashi comes cross a record player with an Elvis record she asks jack
“What is this thing ?”
Jack replies “I believe it is a machine that is used to listen to different types of music” then as he’s finishing his sentence Ashi interrupts him by starting the player up, (it plays “I can’t help falling in love with you” they stand there in silence as the song plays as jack closes his eyes and smiles ashi begins to tear up and says
“It’s beautiful”
And jack replys
“Yes…yes it is”
Jack then walks over and wipes the tears from Ashi’s eyes and says
“Hey, when this is all over would you like to dance ? Just the two of us ?”
Ashi’s face blushes and eyes turn glassy as if she’s about to cry again, but holds it in and simply nods her head and says
“Yes, I would love that jack”
They look into each others eyes and kiss and pack the record player and album away in a box of other things they found around the house, and leave it there knowing they will return for it. Then it flash back to the present were ashi slowly begins to smile with glee, she call jack from the next room where he is setting up a shrine for his sword and says “I just found something I think you’ll like”
jacks replies
“Oh ? I will be there in a minute I am just finishing up something” then he slowly starts to hear a familiar song then with a surprise look on his face gets up and goes into the next room sees ashi slowly tapping her hands and swaying to the melody. Just like the clip above and except when she holds out hand she says “may I have this dance my king ?” With her face fully blushing and jack chuckles and says “of course my love I promised you didn’t I ?” Then they proceed to dance like In the clip. As they dance she looks up at him, he says “love you” and ashi not being able to hold back her tears as they roll down her cheeks says “with all my heart" and I’d like to imagine they’re in front of a large window with cherry blossoms blowing in and they are both wearing the same robes that jacks parents wore and slowly press their foreheads against each other’s and kiss and slowly fades into a traditional Japanese painting of the two.

I KNOW ITS CHEESY AND CORNY AS HELL ! and I’m trash for thinking about this But I’m a emotional guy and a hopeless romantic. I would also be lying if I said I didn’t get choked up typing this lol

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Best summer of my life. I’ve been seeing him since 2010 and have had thousands of experience with him that it could even be in my resume. I am speechless, no words can describe my happiness this summer, wow. From getting recognized from my idol, to getting picked on by him on the TEI workshop to be the author and reread the poem and getting me all nervous and foolish in where my pen got stuck on my hair lol. From calling me “his lady”, to giving me lots of love and hugs, from getting moments with me on stage, for giving me and my bestfriend a high five, from he reposting my picture and following me on insta, FOR HIM to appreciate the support I’ve given him, from holding my hand to having a small talk with him, from getting a nsn’s guitar tik, to simply giving me the ALTIMATE fan experience of my life. I might even be forgetting some things but I’m just so thankful, he’s shaped me to be the woman I am proud to be. I will call myself a nsn fan forever. Since 07’ till foeva. BEST WARPED TOUR EVER.

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