Pokemon cross-breed commission set one of two for an anonymous Pokemon enthusiast! I had great fun with this set - it got a little weird and a tad morbid in places, but that’s where the fun is.

For your potential question-answering needs:

Q: How come these “crossbreeds” look almost nothing like the original parents / Pokemon?

A: The reason for this is because these crossbreeds are not made by using either parent as a rigid template. These designs are formulated via the basic (not exact) body-shape of the mother Pokemon, between one and three physical features / attributes of both parents (eg: gaseous flight), between one and two behaviours described in the Pokedexes across versions / the anime, and a shared colour palette. These attributes and descriptors are put together in an interpretive fashion, using the parents as a springboard rather than a rule. The results of this method can vary heavily, and is often dependent on the amount of freedom I’m given by the client. This this case, I was given free-reign over my choices, producing some wilder results.

Much thanks to those who joined me on multiple streams putting this set together! I immensely enjoyed your company and commentary (and your awful puns).

ETA: By request, here are the bullet-pint descriptors for the above crossbreeds!

SLAOS: Shiny Magcargo + Gastrodon.

+ Most be kept moist, but contact with water can be deadly. + Internal organs exposed to allow needed cooling, will burn otherwise. + Owners will be investigated for cruelty, as this crossbreed is considered a result of unethical breeding practices.

HEARTBURN: Gardevoir + Shiny Magcargo

+ Slow moving. + Spine is immobile, uncurling it will kill the Pokemon. +Heart burns at 10,000 deg C.

MARTIAN BRAINS: Gradevoir + Driftblim

+ Prone to explosions, with recorded fatalities. + Illegal in most leagues and cities. + Known in law enforcement and underground rings as “Hindenburg” or “Lead Zeppelin”. + Compulsively grabs at people and objects.

SMOKE STACK: Gardevoir + Weezing

+ Toxic union results in erratic foetal cell duplication. + Surviving eggs bear multiple fused Pokemon. + Acidic gases eat away Pokemon’s brain, nullifying psychic abilities - eventual neurological failure. + Cysts ooze pus until they rupture unto vents. + Toxic, acidic gas produced by oxidising white blood cells.

PUPPETEER: Gardevoir + Reuniclus

+ Illegal, owners will be investigated for cruelty. + Crossbreed never develops beyond foetal or pre-egg-laying stage. + Lives for 21 days in utero. +Foetus gains consciousness within first day gestation with great psychic power. + Foetus(es) will take control of mother and use her as a psychic amplifier. + Mother cannot control body. + Conscious but no intelligence, cannot be controlled. + Difficult to detect, only indicator is erratic movement by the mother.

I hope you enjoy!

Stillborn ‘human-beast hybrid’ lamb sparks 'witchcraft' panic in South Africa

Horrified elders at a remote South African village are convinced a deformed stillborn lamb, which resembled a human, was “sent by the devil” and born as a result of bestiality and witchcraft.

The superstitious locals at the farming town of Lady Frere, in Eastern Province, believed the creature was part human, after pictures of the creature began to widely circulate through the town.

Eastern Province’s Chief Director of Veterinary Services, Dr Lubabalo Mrwebi, confirmed the lamb, which was stillborn, resembled a human but was not part human.

Superstitious locals at the farming town of Lady Frere, in South Africa, believed the deformed creature was part human-part beast. Picture: Supplied

He said the lamb was infected with Rift Valley Fever early in the pregnancy - a fever-causing viral disease, generally found in regions of eastern and southern Africa where sheep and cattle are raised.

“The deformed lamb exhibits signs that are consistent with an early foetal development that went wrong as a result of a viral infection and nothing more.

Chief Director of Veterinary Services Dr Lubabalo Mrwebi confirmed the lamb resembled a human but was not part human. Picture: Supplied

“We can confirm this not a hoax photo but that the severely deformed lamb was born by a sheep in Lady Frere this week, which at a glance resembles a human form,“ Dr Mrwebi said.

The Sun has reported a villager was quoted as saying: “The elders when they saw it said it was sent by the devil and was born after a coupling between a man and a sheep and then there was panic.

Panicked locals believe the deformed creature was sent by the devil, conceived by a coupling between a man and a sheep. Picture: Supplied

“Many people are afraid and will not be happy until it is burned” he said.

The Eastern Cape Department of Rural Development veterinary officials are conducting a post-mortem on the lamb, and the results will be provided to the remote town’s citizens.