1991. Testimony of the Ancients

 is the third album by Pestilence.

Following the departure of former bassist/vocalist Martin VanDrunen, guitarist Patrick Mameli taking over vocal duties. Mameli steered the band towards a more melodic and technical approach. The resulting concept album, Testimony of the Ancients contrasted brutal death metal riffs with melodic interludes and tackled what John Serba describes as, “strangely philosophical, and oddly compelling, subject matter”. After each song on the album, there was an instrumental outro track. This attempt to push the boundaries of death metal at a time when the scene was saturated with copycat “one track minded” bands, mirrored the efforts of fellow progressive bands Atheist and Death who released Unquestionable Presence and Human respectively in 1991, the same year as Testimony. The album can also be seen as a stepping stone on the way to the following Pestilence album Spheres, which departed still further from traditional death metal and headed towards jazz fusion.

This is Pestilence’s most interesting album, I cannot say if it is the best because “Consuming Impulse” is one of the best death metal albums ever, but its way more conventional,  this for all who want to know who the true masters and originators of the genre are.

Patrick Mameli    Patrick Uterwijk    Tony Choy    Marco Foddis

forest ambassador 2014 games of the year

the forest ambassador games of the year were collaboratively determined by a group of friends of the forest. all games that were posted this year were eligible regardless of their original release date. congratulations to all the winners!

Friendliest Fingers - Keyboard Party
Creepy Shapes Award - The Rapture is Here and You Will Be Forcibly Removed From Your Home
Best Choices & Consequences - Find Me a Good One
Best Game to Play Before Bed - Solaris
Most Satisfying Tentacle Physics - The Majesty of Colors
Most Slapsick - App Escape
Davish “Pops” Krail Memorial Award - Accelerator
Least Convoluted Web of Lies - Argument Champion
The Inverse Joffe Award for Least Accurate Zoological Information - Fruit Mystery
Sexiest Vision of a Cyberpunk Future - Reset
Best Romance With a Cat - Dating Sim
Most Melodic - Kyoto
Most Sparely Evocative Illustrations - Zombie Ninja Confessional
Most Pups - W▲TCH DOGS

Most Realism - Martian Middle School Dance
Parallel Universe 2013 Nuovo Award - Save the Date
Saddest Sunset - To What End
Damned If I Know Award - how do you Do it?
Most Creative Use of Three-Dimensional Space - Projective
Best Ferry - To The Other Side of the World
Best Performance by a Duck in a Leading Role - One Duck
Most Demanding Tree - A Moose’s Love
Most Neurotic - Pale Machine
Best Use of Weaponized Genitals - Lo-Fi Dick Fight
Best Game About Sex - Negotiation
Most Chaotic - DNCE PRTY

Ruggedest Announcer - Hotline Trail
Most Soothing - Doki Doki
Best Game In Which Everyone Wins When You Stop Playing - Transgression
Raddest Pong - Corruptong
Most Unnerving Power Imbalance - Weird Egg & Crushing Finger
Prettiest Memory Palace - Death Paradise
Best In-Game Haiku - reProgram
Best Pollack-Inspired Platformer - Action Painting Pro
Most Adorable Player Character - Cactus Block 2013
Creepiest Corridor - Colour is the Keyboard
Best Use of Ass Eating as Mechanic - Queer Power
Best Flashlight - Night in the Woods

Most Melodic Shades of Green - Cosmogonie
Only Extant Game About Future Bear Sex - Jamco Matefest 3013
Most Foucauldian - Nothing to Hide
Most Egregious Title Pun - Get ‘em Hard
Filthiest - Brooklyn Trash King
Most Addictive Pulsation - Heart the Beat
Best Game with Armor and No Dragons or Kings - Your Lover Has Turned Into a Flock of Birds
Best Physics-Based Puzzle Featuring Annelids - Wrrrmz
Most Clutter - Dehoarder
Most Satisfying Fail State - Tony Eagle Amateur Skateboarding

Best Stories Within a Story - Sister’s Little Helper
Least Demanding - Colorscope
Best Mechanical Storytelling - Beloved
Sickest Beats - Lounge Lord
Stubbornest Cats - Cats
Best Adaptation of a Game Popularized on LCD Mobile Phones - Candy Worm
Most Ecstatic Vision of a Queer Utopia - Slave of God
Chillest Game - Snaquia
Too Real Award - The Hunt for the Gay Planet
Most Action-Packed - Party Time
Most Likely To Incite Spontaneous Acts of Kindness - HUGPUNX
The Yoshi Prize - UMAI!

Best Nontextual Depiction of a Complex Economic System - To Build a Better Mousetrap
Best Adaptation of a Major Novel About a Trans Woman - Nevada
Special Achievement in Background Rock-Formation Design - Be Reasonable, Diane
Cutest Fairies - Small Armor
Best Use of Keyboard Controls - No, Birdie, No!
Best Parody of Police as Insitution - Crime Zone
Best Use of Strategy Guide as Raw Material - Unpredictable Storyline Twists 2
Loveliest Game Made By a Couple - Dance Party
The Foddy Prize for Brain Rewiring - Fignermukre
Best Two-Player Duel - Cat Gentlemans Play: Insult Spinner 10 Cents
Most Unexpected Use of Puzzlescript - Vine
Most Compelling Exploration Game - Marble Safari
Best Dialogue - Bite Me

Most Resonant - Gonubie Hotel
Most Frenetic - … (Trembling Dots)
Coldest Alternate Ending - Super Leg Shaver II Turbo
Most Hopeful - For Political Lovers, a Little Utopia Sketch
Most Claustrophobic - Reverberant
Most Potent Combination of Curious Bliss and Ambivalence at the Prospect of Its End - Scaling the Sky
Starseed Pilgrim Prize - Temple of the Faceless Minotaur Who Sees the Burning Light
Best Resolution - 3x3x3
Most Likely to Elicit Squeals of Horror/Delight - Horse Master
Most Ambitious - Crypt Community

DK Prize for Jungle Beats - Rain
Best Genre Fusion - Lexicopolis: A-B-City
Best Distillation of a Genre - Ernesto
Most Relaxing Deadly Space Flight - 7 Light Years
Most Calming - Morning Coffee
Slickest Visual Design - Delve
Voight-Kampff Prize for Best Android Interrogation Scene - Electric Tortoise
The Doublecakes Prize - Space Wrestler
Spookiest Castle - Pontefract
Tool-Assisted Speedrun Award - Surf Camp
Dreamiest - The Wait
Bogost Prize for Existential Starkness - Get X, Avoid Y
Best Romance With a Bird - Legacy Bird
Best Collision Physics - Last Chance Supermarket
Merriest Game, Verily - The Faeries’ Curse
Cutest Robots - Probe Team
Detritus Prize for Best Game About Leaving - Notes on Departure

Least Videogame-y Art Direction - Humanoid 47
Best Rhythm/Evasion Game - Battle Cube
Best Use of Mouselook - The Dark Third
Broderick Prize for Most Curious Game Where the Only Way to Win is Not to Play - Shower Sim
Most Unhappy That Simulator Simulator Won Most Recursive - BRICK[bricksmash]SMASH
Best Use of Visual Effects in a Text-Based Game - Capsule
The Andrew WK Prize - Party Business
Most Melty - Journalière
Longest Tongue - Realistic Kissing Simulator
Most Dashing Mohawk - Coming Out Simulator 2014
Best Performance From a Dog - Corgi Simulator 2071
Most Recursive - Simulator Simulator
Most Juxtapositional Title - How to Be Happy
Lovely Voice Award - Secrets Agent
Best Musical - Jazu
Best You Feel Smart For Getting The Borges References - Intimate, Infinite

Best Dancing that Kills Video Games - Quing’s Quest: VII: The Death of Videogames
Most Atmospheric - No Wave
Best Molleindustria Game Not Made By Molleindustria - Zerstört Zerstört
Most Advanced Human-Computer Interface - Manifest
Best Fairy Tale - Line Crossing
Most Economical Mod - Circle Breakout
The Why Didn’t I Think of That Prize - Faif
Cutest Murder - Chef
Best Use of Hygiene Products as Projectiles - Tampon Run
Most Compact - Tiny Crawl
Most Serious Red - Space is Red
BF Skinner Award for Excellence in Behaviorist Minimalism - Unislot
Best Virtual Arctic Playground - Scribbly Walrus
Most Prescient - Tuboflex
Best Color Scheme - Cyroad
TJ Thomas Award for Elegance in Mechanics - Side to Side
Procedural Music Award - Equestria
Most Lively Bones - The Fastest Skeleton

Best Numeral Exegesis - Venus Meets Venus
Best Performance by a Cephalopod in an Office Drama - Fax These to Smith
Most Original Concept - Wunderheilung
Best Michael Brough Game Not Made by Michael Brough - Substratum
Best Sci-Fi Horror Story - Stowaway
Surprise Hit - The Worm
Most Unsettling - The Sun Does Not Exist
Wickedest Kitten - Hummingbird
Best Digital Analogue to a Physical Puzzle You’d Find in a Dentist’s Waiting Room - Wrlddivision
Most Spare and Terrifying Prose - LQN-21
Most Groanworthy - The Wonderful World of Dad Jokes
Sherlock Prize for Lonesome Wandering - Colt-55
Egg - Egg Boss
Golden Sneakers Prize For a Platformer That Actually Tells a Story Well Through Play - Five Stages
Dreamiest Love Story - Eden
Best Use of a Sexpocalypse - God(s)

Pleasant Anxiety Award - A.void
Most Annoying Roommates - Artpartment
Crunchiest - Frail Shells
Capitalest - A(s)century
Most Mysterious - The Ybuwyn
Most Desolate - Gray Desert
Award Award - Entire Screen of One Game
Fullest English Breakfast - Full English Breakfast
Most Appreciated Pain - Hurt Me Plenty
Hungriest Ducks - Feed Some Ducks
Most Stark Depiction of an Economic Reality - Capitalism
Spookiest Circumference or Trippiest Road - GhostRing
Trickiest Simulation - 33rd Street
Most Difficult - The Ocean
Pointiest - The Handsomest Echidna
Most Satisfying Audio - Frying Bacon