Two more from Gatorade’s global Football ad campaign for 2013, shot by yours truly. The one on the right is a portrait of Aitor in Barcelona. The one on the left is Foday, shot outside of London on the very last day of the shoot. A very cold and drab day, we were all exhausted from the past three weeks, but somehow managed to feel energized the moment we started shooting. The anticipation that this was it was making me feel very loopy.

The sun struggled to come out later in the morning, but it didn’t burn off the fog completely, instead turning it into a very tenuous light. It was a beautiful light. I hate completely blue skies without a cloud in the sky. I rather take a little fog, and sometimes rain. Then the day was done and it was a wrap. I took out a bottle of tequila I had bought in Mexico City, and we all had tequila shots to celebrate the end.



This accidental composition is created by paint, paper and metal lock, differences in our lives create the harmony in beauty, managing them for co existence is the key to ultimate serenity, tune: Tilliboyo(Sunset), Foday Musa Susa, Kronos Quartet