Antoine Geiger - ‘Sur-fake’

In his series Sur-fake, Antoine Geiger highlights our obsession with technology, in particular, smartphones. Each image shows a typical everyday scene but Gieger digitally manipulates and warps the faces, drawing them into the screens of smartphones.

“All of a sudden I would be on the metro or in the museum and feel on my own while it’s crowded. I could literally see people’s faces melting on their screens, like their identity was being lost in the non-space of technology, like the spacial dimension of the present has been outstretched.”

The way in which Geiger has manipulated the images highlights the way in which we become so focussed on our phone screens that we aren’t aware of what is going on around us. The manipulations also creates a sense of anonymity in the image, which could reflect the seemingly faceless users on the internet and the way that we can hide our identity behind a screen.