It’s exam week and I am tired. Instead of coherent content, please enjoy this list of random dialogue that I currently have no context for:

Damian listened thoughtfully until Tim got to the end. “So basically we need your help. Any questions?”

“Yes,” Damian decided, after a few seconds of silence.


“When did I give you the impression that I cared?”

“Oh come on.”

“What was my mistake?”

“We’re on a timeline here.”

“No, really,” Damian asked, raising his hands in an exaggerated gesture of confusion. “Where did I go wrong?”

“I’m confused,” Duke told him. “Red Hood Jason or Trophy Case Jason?”

For some reason, Tim didn’t seem to understand the question. He pointed across the cave, to where Hood was sorting through medical supplies. “Jason.”

“So not the Robin that died.”

Tim pointed again, slower this time. “Jason.”

“That’s… the same person?”


“He didn’t actually die?”

“Oh boy,” said Tim, biting at his lip. “No, he was definitely dead.”


“Short-term. You really didn’t know?”

“It’s not an uncommon name?” Duke could hear the panic in his own voice, but he didn’t feel inclined to check it. “Why would I assume that one person… came back from the dead?? Instead of assuming there are two people named Jason?”

“Oh boy,” Tim repeated. He turned to Damian, who Duke suddenly noticed was smiling in a very unsettling sort of way. “You didn’t tell him?”

Damian shook his head. The smile became downright maniacal. 

Tell me what??”

“It’s a family meeting,” Dick told him. “You have to stay.”

Jason collapsed back into his armchair, glaring. “You know sometimes I think I never actually came back to life? I just died and went to hell.” He crossed his arms. “Because honestly? This could be hell.”

“Stop being dramatic.”

Jason threw him a look that clearly communicated ‘when hell freezes over’ in the most dramatic way possible, or at least that was the goal.

Dick turned away, rolling his eyes. He seemed to get the message. There, Jason thought. Nailed it. He felt better.

“What’s the holdup?” Tim asked, settling onto the couch next to Cass. “Something wrong?”

Dick shrugged. “Bruce says he has an announcement.”

“We have a new sibling?” Tim guessed.

“What? No.” Dick frowned, probably running the odds just to be sure. “Not that I’m aware of, anyway.”

“You had to think about it,” Tim noted, and then turned to face the door as Bruce finally made his entrance.

“I have an announcement.”

“We have a new sibling?”

“What?” Bruce asked. “No.” His eyes flicked upward for half a second, and then he continued, decisive. “No, you don’t.”

“See?” Tim asked. “He had to think about it.”

“I thought you were against this plan,” Duke said.

Damian nodded. “I am, but Todd and I reached an agreement.”


“Simple bet,” Damian confirmed. “If it works, I have to go to Drake’s birthday party, but if Todd dies again, I get to put ‘Damian told him so’ on his new headstone.”

“Oh,” Duke told him. “That sounds… fair.”

Damian leaned back against the wall, smirking. “I like my chances.”

[scene break]

At that point, Duke became pretty sure that the plan wasn’t going to work. He looked from Jason, up on the rooftop, to Damian, who was calmly punching numbers into his phone. “Uh. Shouldn’t we go help him?”

Damian raised a finger in a give-me-a-second kind of gesture while he put his phone to his ear. “Hello, Elliot Funeral Home? How much do you charge for gravestones? Midrange. I see. Very reasonable.”


“Fine,” Damian sighed. “Thank you,” he told his phone. “I’ll be in touch.”

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Touchy Feely

Genre: Fluff

Request: Hiii can I have a Mark scenario please!? Like when the members are around he acts tough and manly and as they leave he turns into a cutie patootie and they accidently see him!! Thanks

A/N: Here it is!! I really hope you like this anon! I tried to make Mark seem tough but it didn’t really work because let’s be real Mark is a cutie patootie down to the core but I tried!!

Originally posted by blutae

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At the beginning of ‘The Final Problem’ the audience is shown Mycroft Holmes watching a movie in his private home-cinema. As this episode probably happens inside Sherlock’s head … that what happens in this scene does not actually happen to Mycroft. It is Sherlock who is imagining it. Therefore I thought it could be interesting to take a closer look at this movie and the manipulated part of it as well. After all … it is Sherlock’s doing. And I was not disappointed.

Though I already knew about the 'reversed’ pictures of the Holmes family since January, I had no idea where they are precisely located. Or more accurately … what lies between them. They actually frame the image of the woman looking out from the screen, focussing on Mycroft …on her second appearance.

Thank you @monikakrasnorada and @221bloodnun for finding this hidden image.

What’s also very interesting is where the title of this episode has been put. Not on one frame but on three. And the middle image is indeed quite telling. Additional …  if one views the story with subtitles switched on … these words appear on screen:

under close watch -THE FINAL PROBLEM - very close

Surely just a random coincidence ….  :)))


But let’s start at the beginning:

MAN:  You know I could arrest you.

WOMAN:  What for?

MAN:  Wearing a dress like that.

WOMAN:  Would you like me to take it off?

MAN:  Then I’d really have to press charges.

WOMAN:  Press away.

The reel starts whirring

WOMAN:  Isn’t that how they got started?

MAN:  Who?

WOMAN:  Adam and Eve.

MAN:  Oh, them.

WOMAN:  And that turned out okay.

MAN:  You think so? I thought it was supposed to be the beginning of all human misery.

The rest is under the cut because it got a bit longish ….

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Standstill [drabble]

@taggingtim said: Tim and Bruce, ice cream, transformers :)

Notes; I’ve never seen transformers, but the thought of Bruce accidentally watching terrible anime amuses me, which is probably why this happened.

The last time Bruce had seen Tim Drake, before yesterday, was close to nine weeks ago. 

They had quite literally bumped into one another in the lobby of the Wayne Tower, Tim rocking back dangerously on his crutches. Bruce had clumsily caught him by the elbow, “Ha, ha, close call there, eh Tiger?” but the smile had been genuine.

Tim had been wearing a dark, beautifully tailored suit over a crisp shirt and skinny tie. His hair had been neatly swept back, his shoes polished and pointed. He had looked, for want of a better word… elegant. Even when he’d smiled so wide his eyes had crinkled and said, “Hi, B,” quietly and just between them.

And. Well. Now–

“I’d offer you some ice-cream,” Tim says, through a mouthful. Looking blearily up at where Bruce leans on the doorjamb. “But I already got my germs all over it.”

He’s sitting sideways on the couch, legs kicked up beside him, blankets pooled over his lap. He’s wearing a pair of wildly oversized woollen socks– that Bruce thinks might actually be his– and at least two shirts, his hair hand-ruffled and a few days past needing a wash. His spoon clatters noisily around the half-empty sundae glass when he shifts, gracelessly, to get more comfortable.

“As enticing as you make it sound,” Bruce says, feeling his mouth hitch up at the corner. “I think I’m good.”

Tim gives a one-shoulder shrug, says “There’s more in the freezer, I think,” and then, casting a look at Bruce, jangling his ice-cream, he says “But Alfred won’t give you a sundae like this. He made mine special, out of pity, so don’t expect the same dedication or flawless nuts-to-fudge-topping ratio. Or the extra scoop.”

“Seems fair,” Bruce allows, still smiling. He straightens from the doorway, says, “How are you feeling, Tim?”

Tim sucks on the spoon. Considers it. He says, “Little embarrassed. I’d never been told off by Jason Todd before.”

“He is both well-meaning and very frightening,” Bruce agrees, while Tim snorts. “I daresay the two of you are not what Alfred expected to find when he opened the door.” And then, ignoring Tim’s raised eyebrows as he walks into the room, he says “Apart from embarrassment?”

“Better than yesterday,” he says, digging around his sundae for a hazelnut. He sounds terrible. “But that could be the sugar talking.” 

“And you slept for a whole night,” Bruce says. “In a bed, which I imagine is something of an anomaly.” 

“It was– yeah–” says Tim, distracted, confused but obediently moving his feet when Bruce makes it clear he wants to sit down. “I– sleep, times.”

And Bruce does sit beside him, the couch warm from Tim’s body-heat, the kid staring open-mouthed and openly. Which Bruce doesn’t think is fair.

It hasn’t been that long.

“What are we watching?” he says, after a minute. Putting a cushion on his lap and giving it a pat. 

Tim, still wide-eyed, very slowly lifts his feet, one at a time, until they rest on the cushion. Bruce rests his palm on Tim’s warm shin, the gap between his sock and pyjama pants. Turns back to the TV. Waits patiently for Tim to–

“Some– it’s some garbage Ives loaned me,” he says, eventually. Eyes flicking between whatever… animated… shenanigans are happening on the screen and Bruce’s face. And he says, “Now listen, Bruce, you might not know this, but Ives. Well, he’s a huge nerd.”

“That beanpole blond kid?” Bruce says, mildly. “But he hides it so well.”

“Right?” Tim snorts. “Well, the thing normal people don’t, like, get, about being a nerd is that it takes a lot of free time. And I don’t really have much free time any more, you know? Between work and other work and Titan stuff and trying to sleep enough to be a functioning person… it’s just hard.” Here Tim pauses, to slurp up what is mostly liquid ice-cream at this point. Says, around his spoon, “Anyway, Ives doesn’t get that, so he keeps loaning me all these different box-sets of stuff that he loves, and then he gets all offended when I haven’t marathoned it by the next day.”

“So now that you’re laid up and can’t work,” Bruce continues, nodding. 

“I am catching up on terrible pop-culture,” Tim agrees. And then, “Sub-culture? No, pop– would you say this is sub-culture, or pop-culture?”

“You’re asking me?” Bruce deadpans, and Tim laughs hoarsely, knocks his foot against Bruce’s ribs. 

“Anyway, Ives called this series a masterpiece. I am starting to believe he meant it ironically.”

“You’d hope so,” Bruce murmurs, watching the poorly animated blood spurt across the screen. Absently tracing the shape of Tim’s ankle with his thumb.

“I’d try to catch you up, but I have no idea what’s happening,” Tim tells him, wriggling closer. Handing over his empty sundae glass.

Bruce takes it, damp with condensation and sticky with ice-cream, and sets it on the carpet. 

They sit in a short silence, both cringing a little at what’s happening on screen.

Tim’s phone buzzes loudly on the side-table, and Tim gives something between a laugh and a sigh when he picks it up, says, “And Ives is a terrible friend, he keeps texting me spoilers–” He holds it out to Bruce;

Did she lose her arm yet?

and Tim mutters, “You– suck– Ives,” typing it out as he goes, and hits ‘send’. Then, conversationally, “And the worst part is, there’s another three discs. And I know he’s gonna quiz me on it when I give his stupid DVDs back.”

“Ah, friendship,” Bruce says, and Tim laughs again. Then sneezes.

Says, “We can’t all be the surly one, B.”

“It works fine for me.” 

“I know it does,” Tim tells him, knocking into his ribs again, and his phone buzzes again with another SMS; “Okay, I am done talking to Ives, he is too much a pain in the butt.”

He hands the phone over to Bruce, who murmurs “I’m in charge of this, now?”

And the cell goes off again, with another message, and Tim expectantly holds out his hand. 

“I thought you weren’t–” to Tim, and then, inhaling through his teeth, “… ouch.”

Now she’s lost her arm,” Tim says, grimly. Scootching closer on the couch until his knees are properly hooked over Bruce’s legs. As an afterthought, he drags his pillows too, eyes dark and focussed on the screen. He drops his head to sag against the back of the couch, looking exhausted, breath sounding a little wheezy. Hugging a pillow to his chest.

Bruce pats Tim’s knee, says, “You okay, champ?” and then, frowning, “Doesn’t it hurt your throat to talk?”

“Well, yeah?”

“You are very chatty for a sick person,” Bruce tells him. Brow furrowed. 

Tim digs his heel into Bruce’s leg to get his full attention, sniffling. Says balefully, “Just ‘cuz I’m sick doesn’t mean my company is not still delightful, B.”

“Of course not,” Bruce agrees, turning back to the TV. And he’s still smiling, even when someone on screen is graphically beheaded. 


Prompt: High school au - Jungkook is in love with his best friend Jimin, but Jimin’s straight/pretends to be straight. 

“Hey, tell me when the teacher turns around,” Jimin muttered to Jungkook as he slipped his phone out of his pocket, eyes flicking down from the board to read a chunk of text littered with heart emojis.  Jungkook felt his stomach tug with the familiar sensation of jealousy, but he ignored it and gave a small nod, reluctantly tearing his eyes away from Jimin’s phone and back to the board.  

He wasn’t sure when the constant texts Jimin received from countless girls had started to annoy him. Jimin had always been pretty popular, with his cute laugh, warm eyes, and playful personality. Even when they were small, bumbling kids on the playground, Jungkook could remember girls poking at Jimin’s chubby cheeks and leading him around by his hand. And of course Jungkook had never thought anything of it - everyone loved Jimin, it had always been that way.

But then they hit puberty, and suddenly, inexplicably, Jungkook had begun to feel an uncomfortable tug in his gut every time a pretty girl smiled at Jimin in the hallways. However, it was probably sometime between thirteen and fourteen when it had really become apparent - the bitterness that rose up in his throat when Jimin’s phone buzzed more and more regularly. And when Jimin fell in love for the first time with the pretty little bird in their PE class, Jungkook felt a horrible mixture of uncontainable rage and crippling insecurity. The vicious satisfaction he had felt when she broke his heart had left him achingly guilty - but that still wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that the jealousy that ate away at his insides wasn’t directed towards Jimin. No - he was jealous of every single girl who saw Jimin’s smile, who felt his kisses, who experienced the feeling of his hand intertwined with theirs.

Which didn’t make sense, right?

Of course it didn’t. Jungkook was a boy, after all, and everyone knew that boys didn’t like other boys. Couldn’t like other boys. So he ignored it - or, at least, he tried to.

The bell signalling the end of their class rang and Jimin returned his phone to his pocket, slinging his bag over his shoulder.  He turned to Jungkook with a winning smile as the younger boy stuffed his binder into his backpack.

“Guess who has a date tonight,” he said in a sing-song voice.


“Oh. I thought we were hanging out tonight though,” Jungkook said, staring at his friend numbly.

“Ah, right,” Jimin cringed apologetically. “Tomorrow?” When Jungkook didn’t respond, he tugged at his sleeve. “Aw, don’t be like this Jungkookie. Maybe we could arrange a double date or something.”

“No, it’s fine,” Jungkook said, pulling his arm away.

“Seriously, I’m sure we could arrange something! Seungki-ah has lots of friends.” He waved off Jungkook’s feeble protests, hand slipping into his pocket to pull out his phone. “Besides, when was the last time you’ve been on a date?”

Jungkook shrugged. It had been a long time, truth be told, but that wasn’t something he wanted to admit to. “Jimin, I said it’s fine. I was hoping to hang out with Taehyung anyways.”

“Ah.” Had Jungkook imagined the hurt that seemed to flash briefly through Jimin’s eyes? But then Jimin smiled awkwardly, and Jungkook decided it had just been wishful thinking.  “Well. I guess in that case…”

“Yeah.” They walked down the hallway in silence for a few moments before Jimin nudged the younger boy gently with his elbow.

“The offer’s still open if you want, though.”


“Alright,” Jimin said with a light laugh. “Race you to History.” And then they were off down the hallways, the squeaking of their sneakers against the plastic floor echoing off of the walls.


Jungkook didn’t actually end up hanging out with Taehyung that night. It probably would’ve done him some good - Tae always knew how to make him smile - but he wasn’t in the mood to socialize. Rather, he made himself a batch of popcorn, wrapped himself in a cocoon of blankets, and flicked through TV channels mindlessly while procrastinating the large pile of homework that remained stuffed in his backpack. His parents were always out late working, so he wasn’t too concerned about getting scolded.

An anime flicked on and Jungkook paused, squinting at the characters as he stuffed a handful of popcorn into his mouth.  He didn’t just watch anime -  according to Jimin, he breathed it. Before he knew it, six hours had passed, and Jungkook was downing his fourth can of cola, the large bowl void of popcorn and discarded on the coffee table beside him. He was so focussed on the tv screen that he didn’t hear the knocking at his door at first.

“Jungkook!” Jungkook blinked at the tv - was he imagining Jimin’s muffled voice? How embarrassing. He was just about the turn up the volume when he heard it again.


Jungkook sprang from his couch, ignoring his stiff joints as he glanced hurriedly at his watch as he went to the door. It was almost 9 - what on earth was Jimin doing here? He opened the door to reveal a slightly disheveled Jimin, who was chewing nervously on his lip, hand raised to knock again.


“What are you doing?” Jungkook asked, bewildered. “I thought you had a date.”

Jimin avoided the question. “I thought you were going to hang out with Tae.”

Jungkook shrugged, stepping aside to let Jimin enter. “He was busy.”

Jimin raised his eyebrows at him as he kicked off his shoes, and Jungkook knew he’d called his bluff. “Ahh, okay, I was just tired.”

“I tried calling,” Jimin said offhandedly.

“I turned off my phone.”

“I know.”

They stared and each other and Jungkook suddenly became aware of the nervous energy crackling between them. Jimin stood close enough that Jungkook could see each individual eyelash, the darker flecks of brown in his eyes, the lines on his puffy lips. His throat felt dry.

“Weren’t you with Seungki?” he asked weakly.

Jimin sighed, and the mood dropped almost as quickly as it had appeared. He turned away to shrug off his jacket, and Jungkook let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. “Something came up. She had to babysit her younger cousins.”

“Oh. Sorry,” Jungkook said, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. He didn’t feel very sorry. “Are you hungry?”

They ended up slouched against each other on the couch in the dark, a bag of potato chips open on their laps and the light from the television flickering over them. Jimin’s leg was slung over Jungkook’s beneath the blanket that was tucked around them, and the contact made Jungkook feel safe. Jimin had said he was fine with watching the anime that the younger boy had already begun - which was a shame, considering that Jungkook was having trouble focussing on anything other than Jimin. His stomach twisted with fear and uncertainty anytime he tried to interpret his feelings, so he decided to just try to enjoy it. After all, Jimin was his best friend - he was allowed to enjoy the warm weight of his body against his, wasn’t he? They were practically brothers.

“Mmm, Jungkookie,” Jimin murmured in his ear, breaking his train of thought. He sounded sleepy. “I’m glad I came here.”

Jungkook felt a smile tug at his lips. “Me too, Jimin.”

“I have a confession to make, though,” Jimin sighed, stirring slightly. Jungkook waited, but Jimin didn’t say anything else.


“Seungki didn’t actually cancel the date. I did.” His voice sounded odd.

“Oh.” Jungkook’s heart stopped before picking up at a faster pace. Jimin cancelled the date to be with him? But no - Jungkook scolded himself for letting his imagination get ahead of himself.  Jimin had probably felt guilty for forgetting their plans.

“Because I wanted to be with you.” It was just a whisper, but Jungkook was suddenly very aware of the weight of Jimin’s leg on his, the lack of space between their bodies. His breaths became shallow.

“I like to be with you too, Jimin,” he managed, not daring to turn his head to look at his best friend. Why did his face feel so hot? It wasn’t out of place for Jimin to say something like that, not really. Jimin was always openly affectionate, and just because the tone of this voice was strange didn’t mean that this was any different from any other time.  

And yet, the silence between them was deafening, opposed to the comfortable silence they were used to. Perhaps Jungkook was just imagining it, but Jimin felt very still beside him and Jungkook had to fight to keep his body from tensing. He tried to calm his irrational heart down, fear prickling at the back of his throat - why was this so confusing? Why did he feel this way? Did he - could he like Jimin?

But no, that wasn’t something he could afford to think about, especially not while they were slumped against each other in the dark sharing body heat. Jungkook fought back the sudden hysterical urge to laugh, anxiety biting at his mind. The energy he had felt earlier was back, and it was buzzing between them, licking at the contact of their arms and legs.

A few minutes trickled by, and Jimin still hadn’t said anything else. Jungkook finally started to feel himself relax a bit, and he wondered if Jimin had fallen asleep. He glanced over and was relieved to find his eyes closed.

“Ahh,” Jungkook sighed out loud, feeling his body relax fully. “Ahh, hyung. Why are things so complicated.” He laughed tiredly, turning to pull at the blanket so that it covered Jimin fully even though half of his own thigh was suddenly uncovered.

Jungkook’s eyes returned to the anime, but the lump at the back of his throat was difficult to ignore. He swallowed once, twice. It didn’t go away. His eyes found Jimin’s face again, the light from the tv flickering against his smooth skin, and he abruptly felt the desire to feel his friend’s lips against his. Tears leaked into his eyes.

“Jimin,” he whispered, his voice wavering. “I think… What if I’m not.” He swallowed. “Not… normal?”

Jimin’s slow breaths comforted him, and he continued after a moment in a low, shaky voice. “It’s just that I might not. Like girls?” It came out as a question, and he felt his voice break as a tear slid down his cheek. “I’m sorry.” Another tear. “I’m sorry.” Another. “I. Might like you, hyung. I’m-” A sob shook his body and he clenched, hand flying to his mouth to stifle his breathing. Jimin didn’t move, and Jungkook slowly let himself breath again. He wept quietly into blanket, shame and disgust and grief leaking from his eyes and staining the fabric - yet there was something relieving about it. His chest hurt but it didn’t feel constricted anymore.

“I just,” he hiccuped wetly. “I just h-hope that. You don’t stop loving me.” He let out a shaky sigh. “Because I’m finding it hard to love myself right now.”

Suddenly fingers were wrapping around his wrist and Jungkook’s eyes flew wide open as Jimin pulled him into a tight hug, face tucked into the nook of his neck. Adrenaline pulsed through Jungkook’s veins, shock and humiliation clouding his vision. A loud, ugly sob broke from his mouth, making him jump, and he felt Jimin’s arms tighten around him. He let himself break down and cry into his friend’s shoulder, and Jimin didn’t say a word, simply holding him and letting him sob. It was only when Jungkook had run out of tears and his breath had begun to slow when he realized that his shoulder was also wet underneath Jimin’s face, and that his friend’s body was trembling slightly.

“A-are you okay?” Jungkook muttered weakly, pulling back and wiping his eyes on his sleeve. Jimin let him pull away, but his hands remained knotted in his shirt. His eyes looked puffy.

“Jungkook, I could never stop loving you,” he said hoarsely, and a wobbly, forced smile appeared on his face. Jungkook felt his heart break as he watched tears glimmer in his best friend’s eyes. “I’m not normal either. I… actually, I’ve liked you for a really long time, Jungkookie.” He gave a wet giggle. “I just assumed you were straight, though. Everyone else is.”

“Maybe that’s what everyone else thinks,” Jungkook mumbled and Jimin laughed and then they were kissing and for the first time since he was small, Jungkook’s heart felt free. It was messy and wet, but when they broke apart, they were both smiling.

“You haven’t had much practice, I see,” Jimin said dryly, but his badly repressed smile gave him away.

“Guess you’ll have to teach me, huh,” Jungkook said with a grin. His eyes stung and his head ached but he felt happier than he had in a long time and as Jimin pulled him into another hug, he knew they’d be okay. “Promise me one thing, though.”

“What?” Jimin’s breath tickled his ear.

“Don’t reschedule your date with Seungki.”

Jimin gave a disbelieving laugh and tickled Jungkook’s sides. “That’s not something you need to worry about, you loser.”

“Just promise!” Jungkook laughed, swatting away Jimin’s hands.

Jimin caught his hand and intertwined their fingers, his smile suddenly shy. Jungkook’s stomach twisted pleasantly.

“I promise.”


Prompt from anon - Could you do a oneshot about Tim crushing on this girl in his class and then one day he comes back from a mission and finds her babysitting Damian?? Tag: @whovianayesha


Tim sighed in relief as he read the message from Nightwing.

“It’s k we got, Demonian a sitter.

-Dick  😁😁😁😁😁”

He had already arrived at the Manor though, and as quiet as it seemed now, he was sure whoever it was was going to be in need of help. He sweated nervously as he thought that perhaps it was way too quiet and pushed the doors open.

He walked briskly down the hallway, checking the rooms as he passed them. So far no signs of life. Perhaps they were running around trying to find him? No too quiet for that.

As he walked past the kitchen he did a double take when he found Damian actually doing his homework at the table.

“What the fuck?” He asked as he walked into the room alerting Damian and you.

He hadn’t noticed you were there as he was too busy pinching himself to check if quiet Damian was just a dream. Although he did oversleep today.

“Fuck off Drake.” Damian said while keeping his nose in his book.

“Sure when you tell me what they’ve drugged you with.”

“Nothing.” You spoke up catching his attention “He wants to show me his game and I said I wouldn’t watch until his homework was done. “

He coughed when he noticed you there.

“Oh i’m sorry I didn’t notice you there Y/N.” He blushed  mentally kicking himself. Stay cool Tim he thought

“This is my … this is Tim.’ Damian grinned as he looked up, immediately noticing Tim’s change in expression.

“Hi Tim.” You smiled “You’re in my classes right?”

“Y-yeah.” He stammered. “I mean I think I’ve seen you around.”

Damian’s grin extended, so this was the person Tim kept getting grief over, the one he couldn’t stop focussing on in his classes. The one Jason had overheard him moaning in his sleep about.

Tim was too distracted by your presence to notice Damian’s scheming face, and he pushed his book aside.

*Are you ready Y/N? You promised you’d watch me play my game.”

“Sure.” You smiled and walked with him to the games room.

“So this will be my house when I’m older.” Damian started to brag as you walked through the manor. Tim followed you by your side, just in case Damian was going to upset or harm you in anyway.

He led you into the room and slammed the door in Tims face. Tim opened the door and let himself in and sat himself on the chair closest to the window, while Damian sat himself next to you. It was obvious Damian was up to something and Tim couldn’t figure it out until Damian was showing you how to work the controller. Damian held onto your arm while he showed you how to work the controller as he glimpsed at Tim’s face. That little shit was trying to make him jealous!

He should’ve known he wouldn’t be above this but felt thankful when he saw you brush his hands off and reassure him you knew how to use a controller.

As you played the game Damian kept his eyes on the screen while praising them as they hit the enemies while Tim watched your concentrated face. He smiled as you poked your tongue out slightly, like you always did when you came across a hard maths problem. Or when you were trying to figure out the right word for your sentence.

Lost in thought he didn’t notice you glance over at him occasionally with a tiny smile.

Although when your eyes locked with his, he looked to the bookcase behind them, and they smiled focussing back on the screen.

Damian huffed as he noticed you glancing over at Tim and he looked over at Tim’s smile. Damian glared at him before placing his arm around you, and gave him a look as if to say “what now Drake?”

You felt his arm drape around you and thought it was a perfect time to go get some water. As you excused yourself Damian offered to accompany you or get it for you, which you politely declined. After you had left the room you heard their voices exchange words before hearing a crash. You ran back in to see a Damian on Tim’s back who was pushed into bookcase.

“What the hell?” You yelled out shocked at the scene before you.

Tim used this opportunity to pick up the 11 year old as he started to apologise and cleared his throat.

“Clearly this Gremlin is tired, I’ve got it from here.” Tim winked at you while Damian bit his hand he was covering his mouth with. Tim winced as he smiled at you “ I’m okay.” He said as concern spread across your face.

“You just go and I’ll talk to you at school okay?”

You nodded silently and picked up your bag but lingered in the hallway after Tim carried him off.

You shook your head as you tried to make sense of the night, since when did your crush hang around Wayne Manor? Did he know you were here? Why was that boy attacking him?

After waiting a while to thank Tim you realised you had a better chance of doing so at school and you walked towards the door as another male entered the house.

“Hey! Can you please tell Tim I said thank you?” You asked him as he looked at you confused at your presence.

“Uh yeah, sure thing.” He replied simply and you nodded walking past him. As you walked through the door you heard him yell out.

“Hey Timmy that girl you dream about says thank you!” Jason winked at you as you turned back in shock and he shut the door.

He’s sitting against Michael’s leg, phone clutched in his hand while focussing on the screen ( the video is something dumb and lighthearted, meant to make them laugh and of Christine’s picking ). Occasionally his phone beeps and his focus shifts to feverishly type back, elbowing the boy behind him as he nudges him with his knee. If he’s feeling brave, sparing a glance up towards Christine or Rich, or even commenting on the video at hand with a laugh

Fingers tap against the edge of his case, shifting in position, nerves settling in– was he really going to do this?


No backing down now, practically yelped as he pushed off Michael’s leg.

“It, it– it’s you! I have a crush on you, I’m sorry, I don’t wanna– 
  I don’t wanna ruin our friendship, b-but, you wanted– you 
  wanted to know. I’m sorry.” 

Kindred chapter 3

Rae is still trying to hide from Tom and her feelings for him but doing a poor job at it, even in her own apartment she can’t escape him and he doesn’t really seem to mind her company.

No warning, this is pretty much all fluff and a little bit of feels for now

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


Kindred chapter 3

I was climbing the stairs to my apartment after a long day of work, looking forward to sinking down on my couch with a bottle of wine and just hide from the world for a while, and especially from Tom.
But when I opened my door I found the object of my recent problems occupying my couch with his enormously long legs, he was ticking away on the remote control of my tv and looked up when he heard me come in.

I had to fight my initial reaction to just turn around and walk back through that door.

What was he doing here? How did it become impossible for me to escape him? Not even in my own apartment now?! Is this a sign?

I took a deep breath and tried to act like I wasn’t bothered, which of course I was, this was my safe haven, he was not supposed to be here to distract me.

‘Hey stalker’ I joked, putting a smile on his face.

‘I’m so sorry,’ he apologized,’ your sister let me in but she had another fitting for her dress, she thought you wouldn’t mind if I hung out here, please tell me if you do, it’s okay, it’s your apartment and I don’t want to impose’

He was already halfway up and out of the couch before I could speak.
‘It’s fine, stay’ I sighed and gave him what I hoped would be a friendly smile, how could I kick him out when he was being all apologetic and sweet?

If the universe would not allow me to avoid him, I might as well just go with it, it’s not as if I really had a choice anyway.

He sat back down with a relieved smile as I took off my coat and crawled next to him on the couch, making sure I kept my distance.

‘I was just picking out a movie, do you want to join me?’ he asked.
‘Sure, why not…what are you watching?’
‘I hadn’t decided yet,’ he said,’ what do you like?’

‘No romantic bullshit,’ I said quickly,’ anything else is fine’
He shook his head laughing.

‘You’re not like most girls are you?’ he said as he looked at me. 
I wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or just a statement.

‘Am I not?’ I asked him as I smiled, his eyes were resting on me again and I could see his smile disappear and make room for a more serious expression.

‘No you’re not’ he spoke softly. 
And there it was again, that awkward moment where he looked at me too long for comfort and I could feel the butterflies starting to wake up in my belly.

I looked away and back to the tv, wishing he would just pick something and start watching it, anything for this moment to be over.

‘There,’ I said, pointing at the first movie I saw,’ The green Mile’
‘Really?’ he asked surprised,’ no romance but sad depressing drama is okay?’

‘It’s a great movie!’ I insisted.
‘That’s very true,’ he agreed,’ Alright, The green mile it is then’

I got up to take a bottle of wine and two glasses from the kitchen, filled them both and handed one to Tom before I crawled back to my corner on the couch.
‘I think we might need these’ I said as I gave him a little smile.

‘It’s okay,’ he said,’ if it gets too sad I will hold your hand’

I was definitely not imagining this, he was flirting, again! It’s like he just couldn’t help himself it came so naturally to him.

I took a long sip from the wine and tried to ignore what he just said and how his hand on mine was now all I could think about. I crawled further back to my side of the couch while he started the movie.

I was happy to be able to sit with him for a few hours without having to talk to him, I could see he was completely drawn into the movie and I allowed my eyes to drift. 

He was wearing a blue jeans and a dark t-shirt that hugged his chest and he was sitting with his long legs wide open again, leaned back in the couch.
His face was gorgeous in the dim light coming from the tv, his cheekbones appeared even sharper than usual and his eyes were so focussed on the screen it was almost hypnotizing, I could see him biting his lip when the scenes got more intense.

I couldn’t help but smile and I had to force myself to look away from him and keep my attention on the movie.

It was almost midnight when we were watching the end credits roll down the screen, I stretched my arms over my head as I sat up straight in the couch and turned to look at him. 
He was still watching the screen avoiding to look at me and I could see his eyes were teary.

‘Are you crying?’ I asked.
‘No, he said way too quickly but when he turned his head to look at me I could see the tears in his eyes.

‘Oh my god, do you need me to hold your hand?’ I joked, biting my lip as soon as I realised what I just said but he was so taken aback by the movie that he hadn’t noticed my poor attempt at flirting or if he did he just ignored it.

‘How can you not cry with this movie?’ he then asked surprised,’ it’s heart wrenching’
‘It is,’ I said, more softly now,’ and I did cry the first time I saw it’

‘I can’t help it,’ he admitted,’ it gets me every time’

I looked at him and the little smile on his face as he was hiding the tears and wiped his cheeks. 
It was the most adorable thing I had ever seen and before I realised what I did I had moved over to his side of the couch and put my hand on his knee.

He didn’t react shocked or surprised but just took my hand and curled his fingers around mine while he rubbed my palm with his thumb and stared into my eyes. 

My heart was about to jump out of my chest being so close to him all of a sudden.

I knew I should get up right now, just take my hand back and stand up but I was unable to move. I would do anything to drag this moment and have him touch me for just a little while longer.

His eyes had not left mine for some time now and I knew he noticed my breathing was faster than it had been before. I tried to read his expression but all I could do was drown into those gorgeous blue eyes, my mind was completely blank.

He brought his hand to my face and let it run through my hair softly, brushing my cheek with his thumb but just when I thought he was going to lean closer he let out a deep sigh and turned away from me. 

I knew the moment was over before it even started and I quickly got up from the couch, trying to escape the awkward emptiness that hung between us now.

‘Goodnight Tom’ I whispered and I looked back at him before I left the room, he was sitting numb in his spot on the couch and staring in front of him.

I had finally managed to find sleep after lying awake for over an hour, thinking about that moment and if I had just been imagining it, but it was a restless sleep and I woke up again around 4 o’clock that night.
As I tossed and turned a little I could hear movement in the other room, the guest room.

I tried to listen more carefully and regretted it immediately…the bed was squeaking, it was pretty quiet at first but then it got louder, and then I heard the sound that really killed me: it was a deep male voice moaning, it was Tom! Tom was moaning louder and louder and about to have an orgasm right behind this wall.
No! Oh fuck no! 

I pulled my pillow over my ears trying to block this sound from my head but it was useless. 
And just when I thought it might be over I could hear my sister screaming:’ Oh god…oh Tom…oh god yes!’

No no no this is not happening! 

I was out of the bed in seconds, ran through my living room in a mad rush and out of the apartment, I closed the door behind me and let out a deep sigh of relief at the silence in the hallway. 
There was no way I could go back in there so I knocked on Wyatt’s door.

It took him a few minutes to answer and he opened the door with messy hair, sleepy eyes and a blanket around his shoulders.

‘Of course it’s you’ he sighed.
‘I request shelter’ I begged him.

On seeing my face he pulled me inside immediately and put his arms and his blanket around me. I leaned into his hug and rested my head on his shoulder.

‘What happened?’ Wyatt asked.
‘Please don’t ask, I don’t wanna talk about it,’ I said as I shook my head and broke free from his hug,’ just let me have your couch’
He looked at me again with a worried look on his face.

‘You can have my bed, I couldn’t sleep anyway,’ he said as he gave me the blanket and pushed me towards his bedroom,’ go sleep and tell me everything in the morning’
I leaned in to kiss him on the cheek.

‘Thank you’ I said softly and found my way to the bedroom, I let myself fall on the bed and pulled the pillow over my head, I could still hear Tom’s sexy moans in the back of my head, sleep was the last thing on my mind. 


After saying goodbye to Wyatt the next morning I hurried over to my apartment to get dressed when I found Clara sitting on the kitchen table.

‘Good morning,’ she said with a big smile on her face,’ where were you last night?’
‘I had plans with Wyatt’ I lied, not wanting her to know that she and Tom were the reason I ran from my own apartment.

‘So you weren’t here at all?’ she asked, I could see a hint of relief on her face.

‘No I wasn’t,’ I said, it had been the last thing I wanted to say about the whole thing but the huge smile on her face made me angry all of a sudden and I couldn’t keep quiet,’ but um…I would appreciate it if you and Tom kept it down next time, I’ve just had complaints from my neighbour’

The smile disappeared from her face instantly, I know it was cruel but it made me feel a little bit better. 

‘I’m so sorry,’ she said as she brought her hand to her chest in shock,’ oh God Rae I’m sorry, I don’t want to get you in trouble with your neighbours’

‘Just go to his hotel room next time’ I said as I gave her a little fake smile and disappeared into my room.

I know, I wasn’t proud of myself either. Jealousy is an ugly beast and it hadn’t visited me for a long time, I was not ready to let it in again but I could feel it forcing its way in anyway and I was powerless to stop it.

The thought that she was, once again, getting everything I wanted so badly was killing me, more than it ever had before because in my 32 years on this planet I had never wanted anything more than I wanted that man.

Imagine: You forcing Dean to watch ‘The Notebook’ with you. It had always been your favourite movie and it was a welcome change from the action movies the two of you used to watch. But not long into it, Dean was getting bored. At first he started to touch you, tried to kiss you, but when you didn’t return the affection and focussed on the screen Dean wouldn’t sit still for a moment. “Dean, I warn you if you don’t sit still right now and let me watch this I’m kicking you out of the bed.” He looked at you with his best puppy eyes. ”But this stuff is boring, why can’t they just confess that they love eachother? And you can’t kick me out of my own bed.” You were really getting irritated by now and you were determined to watch your favorite movie to the end. “Watch me.”

‘Can’t believe you cheated!’

‘I didn’t cheat!’

Aaron shook his head and leapt up from the sofa. 'Of course you did! 'Cause that’s your style, isn’t it?’

'Aaron, come on! Just chill out!’

'Chill out?!’

Robert sighed and pulled his fiance back to the sofa. 'Alright, I’ll prove it to you. It recorded it, didn’t it?’

He pressed a button on the controller, and Robert pointed to the screen, where his character was put on instant replay. 'Now watch… see! I picked up just as much ammo as you did!’

Gunshots were fired. Aaron’s jaw clenched and he looked away. 'Yeah, well. I know that you did something weird.’

The older man chuckled. 'What, because I won? Someone’s a sore loser!’ He picked up the next Xbox controller and shoved it back at Aaron. When he didn’t take it, Robert rolled his eyes and just put it on Aaron’s lap. 'I’m gonna start another round, so you may as well play. Although you are gonna lose to your 30 year old boyfriend. Again.’

That at least made Aaron smile. 'You’re a smug bastard y'know!’ The smile widened when Robert winked at him. He picked up his controller and leant forward, focussing on the screen. 'Besides, it’s only 'cause you’ve been getting practice in with Marlon.’

'If that helps you sleep at night, Baby.’ Aaron snorted and smirked. Robert kissed his cheek. 'When we move into Mill, we can play strip shooter.’

'Oh yeah?’ The game started. 'Is that what you and Marlon do?’

Robert laughed. 'Well, that’s my incentive to win right there. See what’s under those chef whites.’

When Aaron lost (again), this time he claimed it was because he was traumatised by the image of Robert wanting to get Marlon naked.

Just A Number

Anonymous asked: Hi! Can I prompt an age difference! Skimmons fic? Thanks! xxx

Why yes of course you can! Thanks for this, and my sincere apologies for being a slacker. Once again, *cough*. I hope you enjoy this. 


Shit. Skye has been thinking that word a lot over the last couple of weeks. Not only because it’s her swear word of choice when something goes south, but also because… well… she has a crush, and an unfortunate one at that.

It’s nothing new for her to fall for women far out of her league. She has watched plenty of series with women who were 1) gorgeous and 2) too badass for her, as she’d like to put it.

But this time was different for Skye. For some reason this felt different. Mainly because the woman she was fawning after was someone she saw nearly every week due to a lot of fortunate events, but also because she and the woman got along well.

But shit nonetheless. Skye takes a deep breath before readjusting the strap of her backpack and running her hands through her hair. Just another appointment, they couldn’t help it that their servers kept breaking down. Shitty servers but she could do this. Maybe Skye should do her job better, but she got paid, got coffee and had meetings with her crush. She wouldn’t mind spending a few extra days there.

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Windows 10

Microsoft just announced Windows 10. Yes this is the 9th version of Windows but numbers don’t matter. This OS is everything that made Windows 7 great, along with a touch of Windows 8 (pun intended).

On the surface Microsoft seems to be back tracking. They alienated a lot of users with Windows 8, and even more businesses. People didn’t want something all new, they wanted something familiar but upgraded, that’s exactly what they’re getting in Windows 10. Where Windows 8 focussed on touch screens and tablets, Windows 10 is a return to mouse and keyboard users, you know, they way most of us use a computer.

There are still some elements of Windows 8 present in the Start menu (see the photo above) and on tablets, but for the most part this is the beefed up Windows 7 that users were hoping for.

Described as Microsoft’s “most comprehensive platform ever,” Windows 10 will offer a tailored experience for all hardware across a single platform family. And it turns out that’s intentional. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore pointed to the millions of customers still using Windows 7, and said the company wants to make their transition to Windows 10 much more comfortable than the unfamiliar leap to Windows 8 two years ago. “We want all these Windows 7 users to have the sentiment that yesterday they were driving a first-generation Prius, and now with Windows 10 it’s like a Tesla.”

EDIT: I just wanted to note that I was / am WAY into Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. I 100% understand what they were trying to do, and I was on board. … that said, I was never going to make it my daily driver for many of the obvious reasons. It’s nice to see them return to the mouse and keyboard user.

[via The Verge]

We’re not crazy enough!

jbuffyangel you said it last night…we weren’t crazy enough about the wedding theory!

The theory Jen, mersayseh and callistawolf posted didn’t happen but this train is not stopping so I’m just going to put this out here…

We haven’t reached our final destination yet!

If you’re of a nervous disposition or not on board the crazy train, you might want to look away because I’m about to go loco:

Something bothered me about the lack of Olicity wedding last night, I mean why spend SO much valuable screen time focussing on bouquets, cutting to scenes showing Oliver and Felicity staring longingly at either each other or Diggle & Lyla at the wedding if you’re not going anywhere with it?

It’s not coincidence, the writers and producers have to make some very unpopular decisions on a weekly basis and cut scenes that were excessive. So whatever makes it into the final cut, is there for a reason.

In the Flash future newspaper, there is an article stating that the Queen Inc. and Wayne Tech merger had fallen through. So we know that the company Queen Inc must exist. Palmer Technologies is no more and belongs to Felicity Smoak if last night’s paperwork is valid. So why would Felicity call her company after a man that has betrayed her trust, and married into the Al Ghul dynasty? It makes no sense whatsoever.

Stephen Amell said at Planet Comic Con in Kansas:

 "Without spoiling anything, I will say, I think the greatest moment in the history of the show will be the trailer that we show at Comic-Con this year,“ he said. "I really do, because after three seasons and 69 episodes, we are going to fundamentally change the show at the grassroots level.  I think it’s going to be cool.”

My theory is that Oliver and Felicity WILL get married but it will only be in Season 4 and will be hinted at in the Season 4 promo.

Obviously a few things have to happen before then.

Oliver will defeat Ra’s, and become the true leader of the LoA and release Nyssa from her vows (as Oliver said he could do for Masseo in 3x22). He will then hand over the League to Nyssa, just like Ray Palmer handed over Palmer Technologies to Felicity - mirroring their story lines.

Perhaps they will elope and marry in Vegas (porche and sunset) or perhaps Mama Smoak is planning a massive Jewish wedding. Who knows!

I remembered this scene in 3x17 and I think this is foretelling what is in store for Oliver and Felicity. They will become true partners, in work, mission and life. Oliver will become the Green Arrow and their base will be Queen Inc.

On that happy note I leave you to scrutinise/debunk or send supporting evidence in favour of my theory at will! Please tag me with your thoughts.

anonymous asked:

hey! I have a Harry request! could you do a cute, smutty one? feel free to make it as cheesy as you want. Thank you!!!

thank you for this request! i read it and i immediately started writing! and i love what i made of it. i hope you do, too! to all the others who have sent in requests: thank you so much! i will get to yours soon, don’t worry! - S

You smirked at yourself in the mirror as you ran your hands over the soft, black fabric covering your body. Today had been a good day. Whilst Harry had been at the studio you were out shopping, shopping for something other than ‘the usual’. Your mind had wondered over to that cute little lingerie store in your favorite shopping alley. It wasn’t too cheap and wasn’t too expensive, it wasn’t too sexy and it wasn’t too plane either. It was perfect. You had spent hours in there searching for just the right thing you were looking for. Ending up buying the lacy black matching bra-and-half string set going perfectly with that black suspender Harry loved so much, you made your way back home with a smirk.

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Forbidden Fruit (Matt Espinosa Imagine (Part 2))

So after being highly requested here is part 2 of Forbidden Fruit. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, here you go : (Go and read it… you know you want to)* Pretty please reblog/like/follow if you liked it*


“Y/n, we’re going, are you coming or not?” Nash called from downstairs.

“Shit!” I whispered. I was trying to find a super cute outfit that would make Matt look at me. I quickly grabbed a green blouse, washed out jean shorts and green vans, “On my way.” I yelled back while lightly applying some mascara so that my eyes would stand out. Everybody I ever met told me that it was the best part of me.

I grabbed some money from the counter with my phone before sprinting downstairs.

“I’m ready.” I said with a smile, letting out a sigh.

“Wow, are you going on a date or are you just dressing for us.” Nash asked, but instead of looking at him I looked at Matt who looked a little dazed.

“You’ll find out later.” I replied and as soon as they turned to walk away I winked at Matt.

“Shotgun!” Hayes yells already sprinting to the car, but he was in a race with Johnson, so he was bound to loose.

“To late little man.” Johnson said while sliding in shotgun. Cam decided to drive and the rest of us squeezed in the back. And I literally meant squeeze. Hayes ended up sitting on Matt’s lap and I sat on Nash’s. I would happily switch places with Matt but I couldn’t make it that obvious.

The whole drive we listened to music while joking around. Every now and then Matt would touch my leg and wink at me when I looked at him. The whole time I tried to keep a straight face, but him just touching my leg almost set fire to every fibre in my body.

After what felt like forever, we arrived at the movie theatre.

“So which movie do you guys have in mind?” Johnson asked while we were climbing out of the car.

“I thought we’d just decide here.” Nash shrugged.

“Can I choose? Please?” I asked with a big smile on my face.

“No offense, sis, but we are not in the mood for a romantic comedy filled with love and kisses.” Nash says putting an arm around my shoulder as if was trying to comfort me.

“Please, I was more in the mood for an action, maybe The Amazing Spiderman 2? I wanted to see it since it came out, but none of my friends wanted to come and see it with me.” I gave him the puppy dog eyes knowing that he’s a sucker for it.

“Is it okay with you guys?” He asked looking around to see what the others said.

“Yeah.” “That be awesome.” They all said with smiles.

“Yes!” I said excitedly starting to walk to the theatre.

“We never would guessed you were a Marvel kinda girl.” Matt said behind me. He was still with the whole group.

“I told you there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me.” I said with a smirk.

“That I realised.” He said so only I could hear.

We bought the tickets and headed over to the snacks bar where a cute guy with curly brown hair stood.

“What can I get for a pretty lady like yourself?” He greeted not even looking in the direction of the others. It almost made me laugh.

“To not flirt with her would probably be a good start.” Matt said clenching his jaw. I almost punched him in the jaw. Was he trying to tell my brother that something was starting between us?

“Just ignore him.” I said with a smile before giving him my order. The others ordered after me and when I reached for some popcorn I saw a little paper on top of it. It was my receipt but there was also a number and name written on it.

“You going to call him.” Matt asked looking over my shoulder.

“Maybe.” I said putting the paper in my jean pocket. I slowly walked away from Matt to throw spices on my popcorn. I don’t know what was going on between me and Matt, but there was something pulling me to him.

We went into the theatre and took our seats. I somehow ended up sitting next to Matt and knew it wasn’t a coincidence, but Hayes was sitting on my other side and I knew we had to be careful or our little fling would be over.

“You look really pretty.” Matt whispered through his handful of popcorn being stuffed into his mouth.

“Thanks.” I whispered back acting like I was really entertained by the black screen.

Before he could say anything again, the screen lit up and the introductions started. Halfway through the movie I felt Matt’s hand on my thigh and felt my heart start to race. He started to draw patterns on my leg which was officially driving me insane.

“Will you stop that?” I whispered/yelled at him hoping that only he heard it.

“With what?” He asked slowing down and making it even harder for me to concentrate.

“You know what. I’m trying to watch a movie.” I whispered turning to face him.

“Do you really want me to stop?” He asked leaning a little bit forward.

“Do you really want to play this game?” I whispered with my lips against his ear, “Because I can play it all day long.” I said kissing his jaw and working my way down his neck. I felt him start to get goose bumps and smiled to myself. I then went in for the move I knew would leave him wanting more. I lifted my head so I was staring into his eyes.

“See, you sure you want to keep playing?” I asked with my lips almost brushing his.

“You really think I want to stop now.” He said leaning in closer. Our lips were touching but neither of us started the kiss.

“We’ll see about that.” I replied before turning back to the movie. Luckily for me it was the fight between Spiderman and Electro so everybody else’s eyes were focussed on the screen. Matt’s hand stayed on my leg so I decided to play with his fingers to distract myself from the burning desire inside me.

Of course at the end of the movie I was an emotional wreck, the thing I feared most happened. Spiderman, of course, didn’t die, but who did was way worse.

“You’re adorable.” Matt whispered as the lights went back on and he had to remove his hand.

“Oh, shut up.” I said but couldn’t help but give him a smile.

“You okay, Y/n?” Hayes asked me looking a little concerned.

“Yeah, I’m okay, just it’s a sad ending.” I said and we all walked out the theatre. As soon as we stepped outside the movie theatre girls around me started screaming and asking for photos and throwing themselves at the boys.

The boys looked a little shocked, but still took some photos with the fans. There were even fans that got kisses from some of the boys, but they didn’t matter to me, only one person did and as soon as a girl kissed him and he kissed right back, I felt broken.

Why are you even upset? You’re not dating him? He’s forbidden. Even if there was a spark, there could be nothing more because of your father’s house rules. My subconscious yelled at me. I pushed through and started to walk home, not in the mood to wait for them or for the car ride with Matt.

I stuck my hands in my pockets when I felt the paper I shoved in there earlier. Daniel was scribbled on the paper with the number, so I decided to text him.

Me: Hey, it’s the girl, Y/n, from the movie theatre. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out some time.

I typed and took a deep breath before sending it. I felt nervous hoping that he would still remember me and not hand his number out for any girl.

Daniel: Of course, I’d love to. How about tomorrow?

He texted back almost immediately. I felt so relieved when I read it. Hopefully he didn’t think I was to forward.

Me: Sounds perfect.

I replied and my phone vibrated again, not even two seconds after I pressed send.

Daniel: I’ll pick you up at three.

He said and I couldn’t help but feel a little excited. I was actually going on a date tomorrow. It would be my first real one, only because my father actually forbids me to date, but I’ll just tell him tomorrow before I leave.

I quickly texted him my address before putting my phone in my pocket again. When I felt my phone vibrate again and removed it I saw it was a text from Nash and Matt.

Nash: Where are you, are you okay?

Matt: Where are you? I want to talk.

I quickly replied to Nash’s messages and told him I was walking home and I’ll see him there, while I deleted Matt’s message. I didn’t know why, all I knew was that I wanted someone who truly cares about me and not just the chase.

How was it? Should I do another part? If this gets more than 15 notes, then I’ll post another part*