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A seriously pissed off clown head cannon scenario part 2

Warnings: GORE

You swallowed the lump forming in your throat and looked up at Penny’s face. His lips were turned into an extreme frown that made him look like he was snarling. His eyes maintained their blue color but they drifted apart so he could glare at you and Jerry simultaneously. Without speaking a word he thrust his hand in your face and when you took it he jerked you off the bench with enough force to make the bones in your wrist pop. Jerry started to speak but Pennywise focused both eyes on him and bent down so they were eye level. “She’s my Honey” Keeping his grip on your hand Penny turned to the sidewalk and began to drag you along. Jerry jumped off the bench “Hey! I wasn’t done talking to her asshole!” You put your hands on Penny’s back to keep him moving forward as you realize that the last few people in the park are gone. “WELL ENJOY MY SLOPPY SECONDS SINCE I’VE ALREADY HAD THAT HONEY POT!” Pennywise stopped walking

You felt the vibrations running through his body and heard the growl that seemed to echo in your head. Jerry’s smirk fell from his face as Penny’s head started to turn around on his body. His teeth ripped through the sides of his face and drool falls from his ruined lips as he turns his red eyes to Jerry. Penny growls again as his body turns the same direction as his head and he crouches low getting ready to pounce. Jerry tries to scream but the clown is too fast. His clawed hand grabs Jerry by the hair as his mouth extends out and he rips into the flesh of Jerry’s throat. He pulls his face back and the flesh tears with a wet sound as Penny is hit in the face with the arterial spray of blood. Jerry’s eyes meet yours as he gurgles on his own blood. The hole in his neck is gaping open and it looks like his head will fall off any second. Penny goes in for a second bite Crying out in shock you run up and grab Penny by the arm. Without looking at you he shoves you backwards and you feel an elastic sensation in your gut

You hit a dirty mattress instead of the sidewalk and the frame groans with the impact. Looking up you see a ceiling above you. You sit up to look around and realize you’ve been teleported to the second story of the house on Neibolt. You take a few shaky breathes to try and calm your nerves. Jerry was an asshole but he didn’t deserve that. You need to get out of the house and find a group of people until Pennywise has a chance to calm down. Standing up from the bed you take a step forward when a hand grabs your leg. It pulls you down and you loose all the air in your lungs as you hit the floor. Struggling to catch your breath you turn around and see Pennywise the dancing clown under the bed. The gloved hand holding your leg is covered in blood, long claws have punctured through the finger tips and are sinking into your flesh. You turn onto your back and start to kick away from the bed. Penny practically slithers out from under the bed and stand to his full height. His face is covered in gore and he has way too many teeth in his too large mouth. Bloody drool flows freely. In his hand he has Jerry’s head, the ruins of his neck sway as Pennywise steps toward you and roars. You did something you swore you would never do. You jump to your feet and run like hell.

You burst out of the bedroom door and take off down the hallway. If you can just make it to the stairs you might get away. You look on in dismay as the hallway extends and the stairs get further away. What the fuck!? Just how powerful is he? You feel his fingers tangle in your hair and your forward momentum is stopped with jerk of your head. The sudden vision of what happened to Jerry forcing a scream out of your mouth. When you turn around Penny is still standing in the bedroom. His arm has stretched down the length of the hallway and is now pulling you back to him. You meet his eyes and feel the strength leave your legs. You’ve never seen him like this, he is staring at you like only a true predator can. What if he is really going to eat you this time?

As you enter the bedroom he flings you back onto the bed which promptly breaks the frame and the mattress falls to the floor. You lay there a moment and think fast. Turning to watch the clown stalking towards you you clear your throat and say “Penny, honey, I’m yours and yours alone” Penny let’s out another growl and makes it to the end of the bed. “Yes, yes. Mine” his mouth doesn’t move. “We had a deal remember” you yell at him, tears starting to stream down your dirty face. At this Pennywise lets out a manic laugh and jumps on top of you pinning you under his body

He snaps his teeth in your face and says “break you”

Man, this fic has really developed a mind of its own. I wanted to focus more on the gore this chapter but smutty monster fucking will be next!

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Jungkook x Reader Smut

Genre: Smut (18+)

Warnings: Degrading, Anal, Intense Smut, Teasing, Overstimulation, Spanking, Orgasm Denial.

Word Count: 1K

Apology: I’m sorry Jungkook Stans


You and Jungkook haven’t had the chance to spend time together since the comeback. Despite him not allowing you to pleasure yourself while he was away, you still did, also telling him while he was away.

Just thinking of the punishment he had planned for you excited you. You put on his favorite set of blue lace lingerie, under a sheer black shirt. You lay on the bed, ready for him.

The front door creaks open. You hear the commotion of him putting things down, the jingle of his keys hitting the kitchen counter. You hear an echo of his sigh come down the hallway, making you squeeze your thighs together. The hallway light peeks through the bedroom door as he cracked it open. Flicking on the lights, Jungkook’s eyes immediately focused on just you. He made his way over, eyes never leaving you. He spread your legs, positioning himself between them. Your eyes lock with his, his left hand exploring your body, not missing a single bit of skin.

“You’ve been naughty baby girl,” He smirks, his forehead pressed against yours, lips just hovering over yours. The rasp in his voice causes you to bite your bottom lip, your eyes locking on his lips. He softly presses them to yours, pulling away quickly, making you whine of neediness.

“I’ll have to punish you,” His hand slipped underneath your shirt, squeezing your breast, making you moan.

“So sensitive,~” He hums. His lips connect to yours, going in with hunger. Jungkook massages your breast, as you moan while he kisses you. Your legs find their way around his legs, creeping up. He pulls away from the kiss, lifting you towards him. His right cheek pressed against yours, his hot breath hitting your ear.

“Go get in the shower,” He whispers, “I’ll meet you there,” You nod, getting up, heading to the bathroom. You start the water, making it the warmth that’s perfect for the both of you. You strip off your clothing, Jungkook coming in as you were about to remove your panties, his finger hooking on the sides. His hard length grazes your back. Jungkook slips your panties down your legs, allowing you to step out. You step in the shower, the warm water hitting your back, Jungkook follows, turning you around to face him. His hand held the side of your face, your hands placing themselves on his chest, as you put your head up to kiss him. His fingers tangled in your hair, your right hand reached down to touch his length, causing a small moan from him. Jungkook reaches down, grabbing ahold of your wrist. Jungkook lifts you up, holding you against the shower wall, his tip grazing your sensitive entrance, you whimpered in his ear as you wrapped your legs around his waist, arms around his neck.

Jungkook slid in, slowly, with a breathy moan. You began to roll your hips on him, Jungkook moved you up and down on his length. Your nails dig into his skin, leaving scratch marks all over his back. You felt your high coming, Jungkook could tell by the expression on your face. He stopped, turning off the water, then carrying you to the bedroom. You were “bothered” still, you knew he was hard still, but he has something planned. Jungkook went into the little drawer of toys he had for you. It wasn’t going where you thought it was, he lubes it up, walking to the edge of the bed where he left you.

“Bend over,” You situate yourself so that your feet are off the bed, your ass in the air in front of him. Jungkook turns on the vibrator, the noise exciting you. No warning, he stuck it in your ass, you expel a series of moans. He teases your entrance with his tip, you begin to whine.

“Daddy~,” You whine. Jungkook decided to make this a little game. Every time you whine, he’ll spank you.

“Whine some more, I dare you,” He kissed up your back. He continues to tease you, making you just whine more. Your ass is already bright red, stinging with pain. Jungkook begins to roughly thrust into you, your knees going weak. You’re gripping the sheets, moaning as loud as you can.

“Da-dad,” You whine, barely able to make out the word. But, when Jungkook spanked you, you screamed. “Daddy!” You clench around him, lifting your hips.

“Cum all over daddy’s cock, you dirty little slut,” He growls with a few more hard thrusts. You came when your breath hitched. You came, hard, so did Jungkook. But, he wasn’t done yet. He turned you on your back, then slid a finger through your folds.

“Wait here, princess,” He left the room. The vibration of the dildo in your ass made you roll your hip. Jungkook came back in, he took the vibrator out of you, setting aside. He then goes down between your legs, you felt something cold on your stomach, whimpering. You lift your hand, to feel his hair, you tangle your fingers in it, as he moves an ice cube around on your bare stomach. You remove your hands, then he goes down farther, running it along with your inner thighs. Then, he began to suck your clit, the ice cube on your sensitive bud, it was a sensation you’ve never felt, but you enjoyed it.

Once the ice cube fully melts, Jungkook licks a stripe along your core, then begins to eat you out. His tongue twisting, going on the edges of your walls. Your breath hitching at every move he makes. He knew just his mouth wouldn’t get you enough, he moves his mouth from your core to your clit, inserting 2 fingers, padding at your g-spot. He began thrusting them into you, slowly. You were breathless, glistening with sweat. You whimper as you came onto his fingers, back arching.

Jungkook stood before you, sucking your juices off his fingers. Then, leaving the room. You lay there, catching your breath, and limp. He eventually came back, lifting you up bridal style, carrying you to the bathroom, candles were lit up, roses in the water. He carefully set you in the water, climbing in behind you, laying you on his bare chest. He kisses your shoulder, nuzzling into your neck.

“You took me well, baby,” He says, rubbing your thighs. “I’ll take care of you tomorrow,” Still out of breath you whisper.

“I love you,”

“I love you too, princess,” He kisses onto your neck.

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“I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.” Please with 2p Canada and a female s/o

Jealousy was a fun thing to play with.

That’s what you thought before you were dragged away from the men who decided to flirt with you by your boyfriend. He had put up with it for too long, and you knew he figured out you were just playing with him.
When the two of you finally got home, he seemed livid. Before you even opened your mouth to say something, he had you pinned to a wall and was invading the territory in your mouth.

He pulled away from the harsh kiss. “Why the fuck did you let them flirt with you?” he growled. You smirked.

“Because it’s fun to watch you get mad like this,” you replied, wrapping your arms around his neck. His eyes focused on you as he scowled.
Before you even realized his look, he ripped your shirt off of you,and unbuttoned your pants. You gasped as the cold air hit you.
You saw his teeth sharpen in his open mouth as his human ears reshaped into wolf ears on the top of his head. He ripped his own clothes off of him and rid you of your bra, showing no mercy to your bud as he worked at it with small bites and licks. He soon looked up from his work on your chest and directly into your eyes.
“I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you won’t be able to walk tomorrow,” he growled before pulling your panties down and thrusting in quickly. You moaned out as he did just as promised.
His nails were dug into your thighs as he fucked you harder than you ever remember him before. He bit down harshly on your neck, drawing blood, but not enough to be a problem. You yelped at the bite as you shut your eyes tight from the pleasure he was giving you.
He shoved you harder against the wall as he knotted in you, filling up your walls. You breathed heavily as he did, and he kissed you with all the passion and possessiveness he didn’t get to show you seconds before. He pulled out and held you to him, still breathing heavily. “Don’t you ever let anyone talk to you like that again.”

Soulmate AU Tropes #2

You only find out who your soulmate is after they die 

Your soulmate’s hair colour matches your eyes (eyes colour changes when they dye their hair) 

Soulmate tattoos, but only your soulmate can see them. (extra: one half is dead set on pretending they can’t see anything) 

Every time your soulmate has a new favourite song, you can hear it in your head (this can potentially get pretty embarrassing) 

Eye colour changes based on soulmates mood, ex: red eyes when they’re angry

Being able to see every colour…expect your soulmate’s eye colour, until you meet them. 

When you look into the mirror you see your soulmate’s reflection, not yours 

Only being able to see in your soulmate’s favourite colour (isn’t too bad if they like blue or something, but of course theres that one whose favourite colour is like…grey) 

it’s choro’s month!! so I plan give Choro the love he deserves ♥♥


Here’s a shot from #zootopia that I really enjoyed animating! The big challenge was the moving camera and composing the final frame with clarity. Also managing 10 characters and making the focus and intent of the scene clear. I did a 2d sketch pass first to find my performance and choreography, then I worked really hard to tie down that final image of the shot with all the characters. That way I could work backwards into that final pose. I then animated it stepped on 2’s/4’s before finishing my final polished version. After animation, all the other departments did amazing work. The Lighter did an incredible job to keep the viewers eye focused on the center of the screen. Great team effort!😊 Happy Friday!
#disney #disneyanimation #animator #animate #cganimation #2danimation #handrawn #process #animated #bellwether #nickwilde #judyhopps #jennyslate #art #computeranimation #animals #cuteanimals #sheep #videooftheday #videos #film #video #photooftheday #videooftheday #lol #funnyvideos #process #educational #student

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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Full-Stage View
Post Nekoma vs Karasuno match with EVERYONE ON STAGE DOING 5000 THINGS.

  • 1st gif: Zoom in on Hinata and Inuoka meeting
  • 2nd gif: Zoom in on Noya trying to start a conversation with Yaku
  • 3rd and 4th gifs: Tora and Tanaka
  • 5th and 6th gifs: Kuroo and Daichi going at it (Yaku and Noya comparing receives)

Please do not repost gifs

Bruise [ X ] [ Final ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 5.8k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

Originally posted by peter-pan-yeol

The world could change a lot in four months, transforming from dull and grey to full of life and color. The once white ground now was sprouting with sprigs of green, the air filled with the scent of fresh flowers blooming. Your eyes were constantly enticed, watching the cherry blossoms in the park flutter to the ground when the wind blew too hard, noticing how the number of people out every day had multiplied as the weather improved. The earth looked new, fresh, like someone had turned it off and back on again, resetting it to his most gentle settings, ones that emitted joy. It was all in stark contrast to how it had been just weeks ago. The world had moved on in the past four months, things had changed, and in some ways, so had you.

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okay, i was reading your cursed child snippets, and dreamt in that world last night. so the trio were at green grass manor and draco had to leave for some reason but didn't want the kids to think they were unsupervised, so he left an illusion subroutine that would go off when it was either too quiet or too loud, an image of him would walk casually into the room where suspicious activity was taking place, look around disapprovingly, sigh deeply and leave. thank you for these snippets!!!

That feels entirely plausible tbh. Like I could just see my cc au Malfoy sitting at his desk going “okay how do I keep them alive while they’re here. okay, so most of the shit we got into was because of sheer adult negligence. So I’ll just never leave. This is fine.”

But then there will be times he absolutely has to leave. Like the time Potter himself calls him up because they found a dark artefact in a London basement and Malfoy’s the only one with the extensive academic knowledge on the subject able to identify it (well that and his father, but Luscious Malfoy would rather die than help the Ministry so no one asks him) and Astoria *tells* him just to go, it’ll be *fine*. She’s sitting upright today, in a comfortable chair close to the fire, wand out as she works on something beautiful with silk thread. And it’s not that he doesn’t *trust* her–or his son’s reverence for his mother. It’s just that…well…it’d make him *feel* better if she’d let him seal the house and shut off the floo…except she won’t and he won’t distress her by asking, so he does the next best thing he can think of. Because if he can’t be here, then he can at least cast a sentinel that Looks like him to be seen around the place.

That this is technically blood magic and technically possibly not entirely legal is neither here nor there.

Until the day something does happen and it ends in a duel with Potter standing back to back with him, the smoking debris of the drawing room drifting down around him. When Potter spies the sentinel–guarding the children like it’s supposed to–Potter just turns to him, and with profound and heartfelt understanding says, “Honestly, same.”

And if you’ll permit me to say, the Dial Tone Au and Cursed Child Au are totally the same universe. And given Dudley’s presence in Harry’s life, and Malfoy’s enforced presence through his son, that absolutely 100% means Dudley and Malfoy meet more than once. Like at Christmas when the Malfoys find themselves invited to the Burrow for Boxing Day and Malfoy wants to decline, he really wants to decline like he has done for the last few years. But Potter insists (actually his wife does) and even Astoria seems to want to go (…it’s lonely here, he knows, both their families having abandoned them for being muggle supporters…) and Scorpius all but *begs* so Malfoy finds himself standing stiffly behind Astoria’s chair (and he can’t help but be thankful to the Weasley woman for the subtle ways she manages Astoria, the way her needs are met without alienating pity) by the fire in this cramped ramshackle house his son is so in love with, drink in hand as he listens to the two women compare the latest fashion in Witch Weekly as chaos reigns around them and…

“He’s a bit of a stuck up git, isn’t he?” Dudley murmurs, low enough not to be heard by anyone but Harry as the two cousins sit at the table peeling potatoes. Harry could have done this in seconds with his wand but Dudley always feels alienated when there’s nothing he can do to help with dinner, so they sit and peel and talk about nothing in particular.

Harry looks up, absently pushing his glasses back up his nose to regard Malfoy. He looks stiff and out of place, dressed all in black as usual, eyes focused on nothing as he stands over Astoria–almost like a sentinel on guard…until she reaches up with a pale thin hand and squeezes his, and he looks down clasping hers in his, listening to what she has to say with such utter devotion before turning his attention to Molly Weasley with a smile so full of warmth Harry barely recognizes him…

“Oh I dunno,” Harry says, throwing a sliced potato into the pot. “I think he’s trying.”


“Neat where others were sloppy, organized where they were confused, sure of himself while they floundered, he cut a swath through England’s murderers that left the police far behind.
Unimpressed by titles, unfazed by difficulties, untiring in his labours, Hercule Poirot stood as a bulwark protecting English society from legions of lady poisoners, gentlemen stranglers, and murderers of all sorts and persuasions who, without his efforts, would have escaped justice.
Though he occasionally berated himself for his few mistakes and miscalculations, he knew his own worth well enough. Spurning false modesty, he allowed as how he was ‘the greatest mind in Europe.’”

- ‘Hercule Poirot, The Man and the Myth’ by Jerry Keucher, from The Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Agatha Christie by Dick Riley and Pam McAllister

Criminal (m)| one-shot

Originally posted by nnochu

Pairing| Jungkook x Reader

Genre| Smut

Word Count| 5,168

Summary| As a rogue werewolf, you know the dangers of trespassing on a pack’s territory, but you don’t really have a choice.

A/N| Here is the better-edited reupload of Criminal! Hope you all enjoy~

You hadn't planned on getting caught. You had hoped for the exact opposite, actually.

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We’ll see that, sweetheart - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: We’ll see that, sweetheart

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean and you being hunting partners and in love with each other for year, but are too scared to admit it. You are close and have a strong bond, being intimate in different ways every time. When he sees you interact with Jack and take care of him he remembers how he’s always wanted to have kids with you and finally gets the courage to bring it up to you.

A/N: In a close to perfect Supernatural universe this is how I’d like to see Dean open up to Jack, just to get over a lil bit of the pain in the previous episode! But I love both so much that the writers are only making it harder for me now!

“And that is how you can also raise the volume if you want to hear more clear, but careful with that around here cause Dean’s always a grumpy old man with these stuff.” you said playfully and Jack grinned slightly, just as Dean looked at you and scoffed.

“I’m not old.” hemuttered and you hummed.

“Sure, whatever you say grandpa!” you winked but he just shook his head, a small smile creeping on his lips “And- no, Jack he’s not my granpa. It’s just a thing, I call him stupid nicknames sometimes. That’s all.” you said, noticing how the nephilim was ready to ask.

“Oh” he nodded his head “Alright, and if I want to watch… cartoons, I press on number one and then three. For… thirteen, right?”

“Exactly! And there’re plenty of Scooby Doo there for you too!” you giggled, patting his back as he broke into an adorable grin.

“I really like that one, it’s wonderful!” he breathed out, his eyes sparkling.

“It sure is, Jack.” you chuckled “But remember, whenever there isn’t something good on TV and you really want to do something you can opt for a book!”

“Yeah if you wanna be a nerd in life sure.” Dean mumbled and you shot him a look.

“There are plenty of good ones around here, and I have a lot I think you’d like.” you said softly to Jack “Just until you find what you really like and what not we keep exploring, alright?”

“Then I think we should name you Dora.” Dean muttered with a snicker and you couldn’t fight the grin that spread on your lips, as Jack merely tilted his head to the side and frown.

“Do- Dora? What is that?” he mumbled and you still couldn’t fight the laughter that left your lips.

“Dean!” you exclaimed, throwing a pillow at him as he dodged it “How the hell do you even know about that?!” you shook your head.

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Halloween Party

Note: i don’t even…i can’t explain..ROLL WITH IT, Y’ALL. happy early Halloween!! i’m hoping to dress up as a vampire! anyways, here’s a smut post, because why not. i imagine Bucky with this hair in this? leave a comment! I love reading them! I hope you’re all doing well! .c

WARNING: It’s SMUT!! 18+ ONLY! If you’re underage and on my permanent tag list, please respect my wishes and do not read this. I’ve yet to go through and see which of you are under 18. I’m horrible, I know, but yeah. DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18!!

Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ was pumping through your body, the music being so loud in the hallway from the party room. Tony was hosting his annual Halloween party - which you were a tad late to - and he invited nearly half the city of New York. Your shoulders brushed against others that passed by you, dressed as cartoon characters, supernatural beings, and even dressed as members of the team.

You’ve had to do a few double takes as you made your way to the party, nearly mistaking someone for Thor a few moments ago. He wasn’t nearly as tall, but he had the muscles and facial structure. Not to mention, the whole costume was on point, down to the Mjolnir.

For Halloween, you dressed as a cat. Leather black suit, a headband with faux fur black cat ears, a faux black tail that attached to your clothed ass by a velcro strip, and heels. It was a cliche costume, but it was last minute this year. You added the whiskers and nose with eyeliner to finish the look.

Plus, you already had the accessories from using them in the bedroom, so why not use them for this? Nobody would know.

Well, Bucky would.

The music was even louder as you stood at the entry door - you had to stop to take everything in. Ghosts hung from the tall ceiling, spider webs were littered over the walls with orange and purple fairy lights tangled in them, the tables had a large spider as a centerpiece, and fog rose above your ankles. The snack table had creepy looking snacks, a huge zombie cake was in the middle and was nearly half gone, and the punch bowl resembled blood.

Tony does not disappoint. He had planned this party in only a few days and it looked as if it had taken forever.

You smiled as you weaved your way through the dancing guests, searching for a familiar face. The strobe lights didn’t help, but it was easy for you to spot Steve and Sam near the bar. They were dressed as Woody and Buzz from Toy Story.

“Lookin’ good, fellas!” You hollered as you approached the two. They turned to face you and their eyes nearly fell out of their sockets as when they saw your costume. “Me-OW!” Sam gently grabbed your hand and bit his bottom lip as he looked you up and down. The team hadn’t seen your costume yet so this reaction was expected.

You laughed and shoved his chest. “Hm, couldn’t stay away from the wings, I see.” You smirked and Sam snorted, rolling his eyes. “Steve here wouldn’t leave me alone when he saw Toy Story for the first time. These costumes have been planned since August.” Sam muttered just loud enough for you to hear over the music.

Steve scoffed. “you were excited about it when I suggested it. This isn’t all on me!” He defended himself and you giggled softly. “I think you both look amazing.” You commented and straightened Steve’s cowboy hat, making Steve blush. 

“Thank you, Y/N.” You smiled and turned to face the people on the dance floor, your eyes moving across them in search for your boyfriend. “Either of you seen Bucky?” You questioned, trying to see over the tall people. Steve hummed as he looked over the crowd, searching for him. 

Bucky decided to dress up as Dracula for Halloween. His costume was also cliche, but you thought he looked sexy as a vampire. He wore a double buttoned victorian red vest over a white dress shirt and had a long, silk cape on, the inside matching his vest. His long hair was slicked back and you put fake blood drips from his lips to his chin earlier before you got ready. And when he smiles, those fangs remind you of when he bites your neck while he-

“There he is!” Your thoughts were interrupted by Sam. Your eyes followed his finger and you could see Bucky talking to Clint who was dressed up as a Mummy. Natasha, dressed up as Jessica Rabbit, was standing beside Clint. They seemed to be having a nice time, so you stayed with Sam and Steve.

“I’ll leave him be.” You turned to face the men again and watched Steve’s eyes trail down your body once more. “Don’t get all woody, Woody.” Sam snickered and Steve elbowed him quickly. “Shut up, Sam!” He whisper yelled. You couldn’t help but playfully roll your eyes at them.

A few minutes passed while you spoke to them. The music was actually good this year and you were enjoying yourself a lot. A few friends stopped by a couple times, then you were left alone with the two men again. When they started talking about work related topics, you zoned out, facing the bar that was also decorated.

You hadn’t noticed that the two men left your side until a large body pressed against your backside, a metal hand and a flesh hand rest on your hips.

“Here, kitty, kitty.” Bucky’s voice was low and husky in your ear, it sent shivers down your spine. You bit your lip as he pulled you back against his crotch, nuzzling his face into your neck, giving it a small bite. “Mmm, good evening, master.” You heard the hitch in Bucky’s throat and he smirked, turning you around to face him.

You looked up at him and he squeezed your hips again. He let out a chuckle when you wiggled your eyebrows at him. “You look amazing, Doll.” His eyes focused on your slightly exposed cleavage. You felt yourself become bashful as his eyes raked over your body. He looked even better than you remembered when you helped him dress up.

“Being a vampire suits you,” You commented, watching the way his fangs shined underneath the lights. “I’d quite like you to suck my blood.” Your voice was seductive and Bucky bit his lip, the two fangs slightly poking his thick bottom lip. “I’d rather you suck me.” He whispered, moving his hands down to your ass, giving it a squeeze.

You let out a whine and started to become aroused. “Yeah? You want your cock in my mouth?” The innocent look on your face caused Bucky’s cock to twitch. He let out a harsh breath and nodded. You loved teasing Bucky and you knew exactly what to do. There was a bowl full of lollipops on the bar counter and you reached to your side to grab one.

It was cherry flavored and you unwrapped it, watching his face. Bucky kept his eyes on you, wincing at the tightness in his pants. You looked into his blue eyes as you raised the red lollipop to your lips. He gulped and you opened your mouth to lick it slowly, letting your lips wrap around it. Bucky’s eyes drooped and you let your lips come off with a pop.

“Kitten, you’re killing me.” He whimpered, playing with the tail hanging from your ass. Not wanting to waste anymore time, you grabbed his cloak, keeping the lollipop in your mouth as you pulled him through the room towards the door. You quickly made your way to the nearest empty room, which wasn’t difficult since everyone was occupied in the dance room now, all while maintaining a seductive sway in your stride.

You giggled as you pulled the lollipop from your lips and dropped it in the trash can outside the door, feeling satisfied when you heard Bucky groan behind you. “Damn, Kitten, your ass looks great.” He slapped your right cheek with his flesh hand and you relished the sting, shoving you both into an empty bedroom and shutting the door.

“Bet you want a taste, huh?” You giggled. Bucky quickly turned you around, slamming your back into the wall. You loved when he was rough with you. It took him a while to get used to it, even when he’d see you moan in bliss as he choked you, but he grew comfortable. You never pushed him and vice versa. You trusted each other.

Bucky growled and tugged down the zipper on your cat suit, unzipping it and moving it out of the way so your breasts were showing. “I fucking love these.” His teeth nipped at your breasts and you gasped when his hands squeezed them. “Bucky.” You whimpered his name and he bit down harder, eliciting a moan from you.

Your hands made their way into Bucky’s hair and he hissed, pushing his hips into you. “Are you gonna behave, Kitten?” His voice was barely over a whisper and you nodded, looking up at him innocently. “Knees. Now.” He ordered firmly. You sank down to your knees, keeping your eyes on Bucky’s. His eyes nearly closed for a split second as he watched you lower, the sight almost enough to make him cum then and there. Almost.

You reached your hands out to hold onto his thighs but he shook his head. “Keep your hands to yourself. I’m fucking your mouth.” The authority in his tone made you want to disobey and challenge him, but you decided against it. For now.

Bucky unzipped his pants and he shoved them down along with his boxers to his knees. His cock sprang free and slapped against his clothed abdomen. The sight made your mouth water and you absentmindedly leaned forward, your eyes locked on his thick member.

Bucky chuckled and his flesh fingers wrapped around his shaft. He started lightly tugging on it, the movement causing his balls to jiggle. “Mm, you’re so eager. You want me to fuck your mouth? Huh, Kitten?” He was teasing you with his words but you didn’t care. You were desperate to taste him, to feel his heaviness on your tongue.

“Please. I want it so bad.” You begged shamelessly, licking your lips. Bucky stepped forward and you sat up on your knees, keeping your back straight against the wall. You opened your mouth and stuck your tongue out, letting Bucky slide his cock inside.

A shiver shook Bucky’s body and he gasped as you closed your lips around the tip, lightly licking as he kept sliding in. His hand left his shaft and he bottomed out, letting a groan fall from his lips as you relaxed your throat. His chest was heaving as he sat still. Tears started to form in your eyes but having his cock in your mouth and hearing the broken whimpers coming from above you, it made it all worth it.

Bucky pulled his hips back so half of his cock was in your mouth. He thrust only slightly, looking down at you as you hummed around him. You looked up at Bucky and his hips jolted involuntarily, his cock reaching the back of your throat again. “Fuck, such a good Kitten.” His voice sounded wrecked.

You moaned around him, urging him to start going faster. He chuckled deeply and rest the palm of his flesh hand against your cheek, wiping a stray tear. “Ready?” He whispered, spreading his legs a tad further apart. You nodded as best you could, causing Bucky bite his lip at the sensation.

He started to speed up and you relaxed your jaw so he could get even deeper. “Oh, that’s it. Yess.” His hands rest on the base of your skull, his fingers grasping locks of your hair. His balls started to slap against your chin and neck, and the sounds it was making caused your panties to get wetter by the second.

You looked up at Bucky through your lashes. He was a total mess. His head was thrown back, his eyes were closed, and his mouth was hanging open. You felt his hands tighten in your hair, tugging your head closer and off the wall. You gagged around him as he thrust particularly hard, your nose pressing against his pelvic bone.

“S-so good. Fuck yes, Kitten.” He whimpered your pet name and let his head fall forward. Your saliva was starting to come out from the sides of your mouth and he thought you looked so beautiful like this. He gave a few quick thrusts and gasped when he felt your tongue lick the underside.

He quickly pulled away from your mouth and you gasped for air, having not been able to properly breathe. A string of saliva connected your bottom lip to his tip. “I love your cock so much.” You wanted to lean forward again and take it, but you waited like a good girl. He smirked down at you, raising an eyebrow.

He started tracing your lips with the tip of his cock, knowing how crazy that drives you, but it drives him even crazier. “Do you?” He slid just a little in, watching as your wrapped your lips around his tip. You nodded and pulled away with a pop. “I want you to cum in my mouth.” 

Bucky gasped and creased his eyebrows, his cock twitching. You reached a hand up and began to stroke him. “Please, cum in my mouth. I want it so bad.” You spoke in an innocent voice, lightly squeezing Bucky’s cock as you jerked him off. “Oh, Kitten. Fuck.” He let out a shuddered breath and you lifted your other hand to fondle his balls.

When you noticed his abdomen tightening, you put him back in your mouth. You stroked the rest at a harder pace and sucked on his tip, moving your tongue back and forth against the underside, hitting a sensitive spot. “I’m gonna fucking cum.” Bucky growled, jerking his hips forward.

He took control again, holding your head as he fucked your mouth. You moaned and squeezed your breasts together as you stared into Bucky’s eyes. He was a gasping and moaning mess as he watched you. Suddenly his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he let out a strained groan and you felt hot spurts of his thick and salty cum coating your throat.

You moaned at the taste, furthering his orgasm. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He choked out, his thrusts faltering just a tad. You swallowed all you could in case he had more, and he always does. You felt a few more drops land and quickly swallowed the rest down.

Bucky let out a heavy breath as he pulled out, tapping your cheek, silently telling you to open up wider. You let your tongue hang out and he smiled lazily when he noticed his cum was nowhere to be seen. “Such a good Kitten.” He pulled you to your feet and you smiled, licking your lips clean.

Bucky kissed your neck as he zipped your cat suit back up. His warm breath made you shiver as he leaned into your ear and your knees nearly buckled as you felt his metal hand slide in between your thighs, his palm cupping your pussy.

“I’m fucking this kitty later tonight. I want you wet and aching for me.”

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watermelon x red, blue and pikachuuu
they are handmade stickers u 7 u

002 || Stranger Things

Request: noneeee

Summary- The group plan to track down the remaining numbers, but Eleven can only find 002. They convince Steve to drive them all the way to her whereabouts, and he’s forced to make a rash decision.

A/N: I’m honestly buzzed for this, so this is my kind of take on for season 3 in personal opinions, feel free to send me requests of what you’d like to see within the next few written things bc this will be a series. I’d love to incorporate some of your guys ideas (will obvs credit) bc yeah, but this is merely based after Season 2 and on my own ideas.

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