Bell+Howell Focus Free 28mm

November 2, 2011
Taken with Canon 5DII

I get quite a few questions about what cameras I use so I thought I would start putting together a short description of each.

With all of the hype for lo-fi cameras like the Holga going on, I went on a search for a cheap 35mm easy to use camera and found this one for $8 on ebay. It has a fixed shutter speed of around 1/100 of a second and an f-stop of f/11.  This is perfect for exposing 100iso film in the shade and overexposes it by 2 stops in the direct sun (completely within range of most negative films). The lens is nice and wide at 28mm which also means pretty much everything is in focus. I use mine mainly outdoors with 100iso b+w or color negative film. It can also be used with 3200iso or 400iso film pushed to 1600+ inside, although those generally come out underexposed which further adds to the grain (not necessarily a bad thing).  The lens has that same great sharp in the center and less so around the edges look of a low-end single element plastic lens found in the more expensive Holga and Diana.