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Ask Me.[Newt Scamander Oneshot].

why do i love romance so much

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Title: Ask Me.
Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader.
Words: 2,700.
Rating: T. (Mildly suggestive content.)

If you focused your hands in the correct position, you could almost feel the ghosts of the white scars that lined on his torso. Slowly healed reminders to Newt, that despite all the goodness and kindness in the world, there was always going to be a counter balanced reaction. In this very delicate case, it was put in the situation of his creatures, his naturally kind hearted nature and the injuries he may have gotten when trying to gain their trust. You could hear his voice inside of your mind, echoing, ‘They’ve never been dangerous. I was, and still am utterly willing to prove people wrong’.

You supposed that it was his gentleness and graciously loving attitude towards his passions that made you fall in love in the first place. Typically, his actions reflected his personality, especially in moments of bliss like the one you found yourself tangled in.

His hands were entwined deeply in your hair, and with nervous fingers, he’d twist a piece between them and hum more to himself as he craned his head down for another kiss. Not allowing such satisfaction, your playful side rose as you pecked his nose lightly. Newt hovered still, his full lips curling on the sides into that infamous half-grin. Newt surely made you question whether or not he was aware that his appearance had such an altering effect on you, because occasionally he acted the part, where as other times he found himself rather clueless.

Right now was a memory of the latter.

The look on his face nearly shouted at you, ‘So, you want to play games?’ Raising yourself against him with your hands flat against your chest, your lips grazed against his to answer him silently. Dropping his hands, Newt cupped your cheeks and allowed his fingers to slip across your smooth skin. A shudder of appreciation reached down his spine, or better yet, a shiver of anticipation of the unknown. Heavily dilated eyes caught hold of yours while his fingers continued a journey downwards now resting gently on your shoulders.

It was there that he paused to hesitate. Dropping his head to avoid eye contact so you couldn’t catch onto his contemplation, he stared at your right shoulder, almost admiring the way that the dim light of your hallway was illuminating your skin. Giving it the appearance of being on fire, he thought to himself. And the strange wonderment rose in his mind, crashing like a wave. If he were to touch you now, would your skin be hot like the blaze he imagined? Or would it be like a chilled fire, cold and eager to be warmed?

The dress that was so beautifully sculpted to fit you was non-existent there and left your skin free for all to see, and for him to touch. And in all honesty, such a naked piece of body had been begging to be touched all evening. And when he said all, he meant, all evening. Since the sun went down, to this second in your hallway. Newt stood pinned against your body and the wall and lifted his eyes. You had been hinting all evening, his mouth tilted upwards, that you wanted this so why would he be one to deny it when it was so close? He finally figured out your game, and to say that he was proud of himself for catching on would be an absolute understatement.

“There are quite a few names to which I could call you right now,” He whispered, pressing his mouth against your ear, “Let me think…” The rush of his fingers now touching your bare skin rose goosebumps onto your arms and through your body. Even if it were chaste and inexperienced, you wouldn’t have it any other way or with anyone else. “Seductress,” He began, relying on the depth of his voice rather than the actual volume, “Or are you a temptress? Are they the same thing, or is there a difference? Of course-” His hands rose from your skin before pattering back down on your back, where the dress too, left little to be imagined. It dipped far, resting to stop on the small of your back. He didn’t allow his curious fingers to dive any lower than the base of your neck though. That’s where they rested, and that’s where they would tickle you. “Seducing and tempting are very similar, but not the same. To seduce is to be… Well, pulled into a sexual act, isn’t it? Whereas, one would use the word ‘tempt’ in a more subtle, gentler tone.”

Biting down on your bottom lip, you vaguely questioned where this sudden burst of confidence came from as his voice tuned down your hallway, echoing off the plaster walls. You had thought, for at least a minute that maybe he was turning this into a lesson, into a lecture like he did when put into nervous situations. He’d begin blundering, finding a way out without actually confronting the situation he was put in front of. But, after giving it a good hard think, you deduced that it couldn’t have been that. The way that he was speaking to you, so huskily, the way his hands were raking along bits of your body that he hadn’t actually seen before, were telltale signs that this was something else. This was slacked confidence, raw emotion and genuine sex appeal. A side of Newt that you didn’t even know existed was getting clearer and clearer the more he allowed himself to build up in self-awareness.

“Allow me to ask…” Newt swallowed, kissing the shell of your ear, “Am I seducing, or am I tempting?” He pushed his head back and gazed down at you. Through the very little light you were getting, you could see a bit his beautiful eye color. “I know what you are, or at the very least, I know what you’re trying to do.”

“May I ask what you think that is?”

Newt gave you a small grin, pecking your lips before uttering against them, “You’re being a big flirt who’s denying me the simplest of pleasures, like an actual kiss.”

“Why give you the pleasure of such when you’re the one so blantly seducing me?” Your tone of voice dropped as you attempted to stay in control.

“Me?” He questioned. Heat burned on the tips of his ears, down his cheeks and across the bridge of his nose at your accusation. “I’m not one to seduce, and you know that.”

“Don’t lie.” You snickered, “At the very least-” You mocked him, “You’re building yourself to be a small bit tempting.”

“Never.” He shook his head in playful denial, his beautifully ashy hair bouncing along with the movement. You found yourself entranced for a second at his unspoken beauty. “I would never do such a thing to you.”

“Lies.” You ran your hands up his chest to rest them on his shoulders. Newt licked his bottom lip at the sensation of your hands running along his body, even if he was fully clothed in front of you. That was something he’d never get used to. The meager brush of your hands, and what they would do to him in moments like this constantly amazed him. “You’re tempting. Standing there, looking amazingly beautiful…” His eyebrows raised at your choice of words, “Oh excuse me-” You spoke sarcastically, “Did I say beautiful? I meant handsome.”

“I’d have been okay with beautiful.” Newt laughed quietly. Keeping one hand rested on the back of your neck, he swooped his right hand forward and put it under your chin. There, he propped your head up so he could properly look down at you.

“I was going to use pretty.” Your expression was smug, teasing and a bit flirtatious. He could see the latter, especially in the little glint behind your eyes.

“I’d have been alright with pretty as well,” His voice dropped once again as he looked at you lovingly. “But, I’d prefer to call you that.”

“I hope you don’t just like me because I’m pretty.” You pouted. Newt shook his head once again with a small cackle. Keeping the position of his hands, he pushed himself off the wall, successfully moving you back so you were now pinned between the wall behind you and his body.

“I love you because you understand me, which I had been looking for. And, honestly. I had lost hope. I was ready to marry Pickett, because I thought only he would understand my blabbering.” Newt joked, the hand under your chin now dropped to dance down your neck before caress your sternum. “Imagine that, Pickett Scamander. Sounds pretty awful to me.”

“Who’s to say I want to marry you?” He raised his brows once again, only this time in a way that said, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Newt was right to react in such a way, though your question once more of a tease than to be taken literally.

“Who’s to say I’ll ever ask?” He replied rather smoothly, his eyebrows still skeptical. “Unless you, my love, intend to tie me up and make me, you can’t assure that I ever will pop that question.”

“I actually expected it tonight.” You admitted, “Queenie may have let it slip that you were planning it-”

“Wait, wait-” Newt panicked, feeling his heart drop into his stomach at the sound of your statement.

“She also told me that Niffler stole the ring? Did you ever find it? Oh goodness, I hope you found it.”

“Of course I found it.” Newt scrambled slightly to rest one of his hands on his coat pocket, where the ring was lying snug.

Silence spilled between the two of you as he stood awkwardly in front of you. Mentally, he was cursing at Queenie for letting the cat out of the bag like this, but then again, she probably didn’t mean to. She rarely thinks before spilling out things like this. Getting vicious at her was going to do Newt no good right now. He drew a deep breath in, prepared to take on the accidental mishap with as much grace as he could.

“I was just kiddin’,” You popped your mouth and looked at your love in front of you, “Queenie didn’t… She didn’t tell me anything… I— was just playing around with you…”

He stopped moving altogether, and his breath hitched in his throat. It was coming to him now, the smack in the face of intense realization. “You didn’t….” You shook your head no, an obvious expression of guilt washing onto your face as you stared at him. “Oh, no…”

“I mean, now I do, and I know Niffler did steal the ring so…” Your voice cracked. “Surprise.”

“I was going to ask,” He said quickly and looked off to the side, “I just, couldn’t find the moment to do it? I mean, dinner, wouldn’t that be a cliché? I’m not a fan of doing it in such a way, I want you to remember it. I don’t want your engagement story to be a copycat of so many others.” He began speaking a bit faster, tears pricking at the back of his eyelids, “So, I thought, maybe on the walk home? But, I caught myself staring at you and before I knew it, you had lead me home, and then this, and now, and I thought maybe I could stave until the morning and perhaps… I don’t know, surprising you with a ring at breakfast? But, is that too cliche as well? I don’t know.

“Then last night, I nearly had a heart attack when I had misplaced the ring… what an irresponsible thing to have happened…” He rubbed his forehead, “I had left it sitting on my desk, and left for a moment, only a moment and when I came back it was gone. I went into an absolute frenzy. I should have figured it was Niffler, that little bugger… So obsessed with shiny things. He had taken it, and if I was bloody thinking, I’d have checked him first before throwing my case into a mess for two hours…

“And now, I’ve gone and ruined one of the biggest surprises of your entire life, because I couldn’t understand that you were only joking around. I ruined it…” He reached into the pocket of his jacket, plucking out a small velvet box, “This was meant to be something special, not some night of-of…”

“Newt.” You spoke quietly, contradicting his frantic voice. Reaching up with your right hand, you put it onto of his. “Shhh…”

“But, I…”

“You didn’t ruin it, it just…” You puffed, “Didn’t go as planned. That’s okay…” He swallowed quietly and balled his hand into a fist around the small box in his hand. “Any moment you asked me would have been special. I’m positive I’d have remembered it for the rest of my life, just like how I’m going to remember this…” You laughed quietly and clasped your hands around his, “I mean, you still get to ask… If you still want to…”

“I do…” Newt looked at his hand, “How do you want me to? I guess, at this point it doesn’t matter, does it…?”

You thought for a second and smiled lovingly, “Do it the way you want.”

He took a deep breath in and nodded, dropping to his knee without a second thought. Despite his attempt to remain cool and situated, his mind was racing. Of course before hand, he had mentally written a letter, things he was going to say to you but now that it was actually happening, he couldn’t find where he had stored it. Newt was left speechless. He kissed your knuckles slowly, looking up at you as you pulled your hand away from his balled fist so he could open the velvet box. It was smooth under his fingertips, alarmingly so that Newt actually found himself shaking in an attempt to open it as quickly as possible.

“I never imagined myself to be the type to marry, simply because for years, I was seemingly married to creatures and to finishing my book…” Newt told you, “Maybe love was for some, and never for me. I didn’t need it, until I met you… Everything changed then…”

His voice was breaking with emotions as he stared down at the ring, “I can’t give you much, other than a case full of creatures, an old scarf, a few bow-ties and magic spells and maybe a good solid kiss every so often, and I know not a lot of people would jump to be with someone as… Annoying as I, but for you, it seemed to be considerably different….

“From the time that Queenie had informed me that you thought I was, quote ‘Cute’, to the first actual encounter, there was something so different about you, and I couldn’t take my attention off of you. The way you walked, carrie yourself, the way you talked with such confidence, something that I wish I had, and something you’ve actually helped me with… I cannot thank you enough for the opportunities and things you have shown me…

“And if you’d allow me, for the rest of our lives…” He looked up at you Newt’s stare was intense, digging deeply into your own that you could almost feel him infiltrating your thoughts. “I’d love to show you equally amazing things… If you’d allow me the pleasure of a ‘yes’ to my next very needed question so I can stop talking and finally kiss you.” He fumbled, raising his wrist slightly to reveal to you the ring that he had so carefully thought about and chose. It was simple, but beautiful.

 A golden band and placed delicately in the center was a flower of diamonds. Small, beautiful and absolutely everything you could have ever wanted all rolled into one ring. You sniffled, staring at it for a moment before looking back at Newt. And the second your eyes caught hold of his, the question flowed from his mouth and sang into your ears.

“Will you, (Full Name) the love of my life, and the dazzling, perfect, amazing mother to my creatures… Will you marry me?”

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed because I know I had a lot of fun writing it! Reblogs and likes are appreciated. Stay tuned for more Newt! :D 

I left it on a cliffhanger, for a reason guys. ;) More to come.

Look how in love with each other they are- no one would look at another person like this unless they are totally smitten with them.

-Their eyes are completely endearing and focused on one another
-Their hands are holding onto the other affectionately
-The little blush they both have because they are having a moment where they know the other feels the same way

People can say Viktor and Yuuri still aren’t ‘canon’ (how I have no idea) but it is absolutely clear to anyone with sense that these 2 are soulmates who truly care for one another- every emotion and action is reciprocated and they support and hold affection for each other both physically and mentally.

This is exactly how LGBT relationships should be portrayed in all anime.

Caryl in Episode 10


I imagine Carol will definitely tend to Daryl’s bloody fists/knuckles HERSELF and she will tell him she cares for him and vice versa

(Parallel to S2 deleted scene where she brings him the bandages so he can patch HIMSELF up and calls him out for pretending he DOESN’T CARE)

When Carol is focused on his hands,Daryl will take his time to study her closely,literally drink her in.(Like, Daryl is always inclined to stare at her when she doesn’t look,like on watch after the No Sanctuary hug,for example)

There will be palpable romantic tension….There will be gentle,loving glances and I imagine he will finally swallow hard and look down and say You’re beautiful

She will look up and smirk and say Stop

He will smirk then,too I missed you

Carol’s impression is now serious This is pretty romantic

I imagine somewhere when this goes down there could be a forehead touch,and I am going to WEEP when this really,actually happens.

And never forget, Carol has a whole new outfit,Daryl has too.I hope they are both in blue…..and we have the Shiva parallel…..a wounded hungry animal that is bandaged and fed by Carol……

Seriously,I am going to explode from feels with this episode.



“She was lost in concentration at the task at hand, focused intensely at removing the leftover carnage from her girlfriend’s pretty face. As wrapped up in this as she was, she was still acutely aware of Jasper’s hands rubbing at the small of her back and the fact that her those deep, amber eyes of hers never left her own.” 

CANNOT get over @succubitchxoxo‘s Jaspidot Sunday sumbission! She has the power to place these two in the most basic of situations and STILL manage to write them so beautifully <3 

I started to draw this before I read it again and realised how many mistakes I’ve made, but hope you like it anyway! x

josteninski  asked:

Prompt for my wife: isak and even watching a movie and a snake comes on and even says, "hey, that's you!"

ur the best prompter wife. i present to you: snakesak 

Though he’d spent a staggering four dollars on it, refusing Even’s pleas for him to simply stream it for free like all other twenty-first century kids do because he is more morally sound than the rest of us, Isak did not much care about the movie. 

His mind was more focused on Even’s hands in his, the both of them sitting cross legged with Even behind him, chin resting on the crown of Isak’s head. 

It was something like a horror movie, Isak thought absentmindedly, scooting a little to get more comfortable. Or maybe an Animal Planet film? In his mind the two genres were one and the same anyhow. Perhaps if he had been paying more attention, he would have noticed it before Even did. 

“Hey,” Even says suddenly, letting go of Isak’s hands to point to the screen. “It’s you!” 

Isak looks up from where he had been gazing dismally at his hands, now empty of Even’s. 

On screen is a small snake, it’s tongue flickering in and out of it’s mouth, slithering around and with eyes like it was plotting a murder, or plotting how to break up it’s best friend and it’s best friend’s girlfriend. 

“That’s not me,” Isak says, but even as he does he knows it is a lie. Still, he feels he must deny it. 

“It’s okay, Snakesak. I still love you.” 

Isak slithers away. 

Imagine Poe finding out you were force sensitive

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Your eyes focused on the rock, hand hovering above it. The rock was small, but still. It floated beautifully inches from the ground, you smiled in victory. But a call of your name and the rock fell to the ground.

Your head jerked up from the grass, a pair of brown eyes staring at you from a few feet away. Poe Dameron walked up to you with a relaxed demeanor.

“Let’s go for a walk,” Poe held out his hand, a soft smile on his face not showing any indication that he had seen anything. You examined the curves of his face, his jawline was becoming more prominent. His baby face slowly had gave way to a chiseled handsomeness, as the two of you grew out of adolescence and into near adulthood.

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Scott Summers Imagine

Y/n sat at the edge of her bed, staring out the window. Trying to keep her mind off the thoughts that kept flooding in. She quickly turned around as she heard a knock on her door.
“Its opened.” She answred, waiting to see who was behind the door.
Scott crept in closing the door behind him. Y/n stared at him, wondering why he wasn’t saying anything.
“Sooo… are you going to say something or did you just come in here to look at me?” She asked him sarcastically.
Scott fumbled with his hands focusing his attention to his shoes.
“Well… I.. I um.” He stuttered.
“Well?! Say what you have to say.” Y/n ordered him.
He glanced up at her, looking back down.
“I just figured since you know, you can see the future and all… that maybe I dont know tell mine?” He whispered.
She laughed causing Scott to awkwardly laugh along.
“What am I? A fortune cookie?”
Scott shooked his head, now he felt bad for even asking.
“No no! I didnt mean it that way. Its just Jean told me thats what you did and i figured i’d ask you. I didnt mean to offend you i–” Scott rambled.
Y/n cut him off waving her hand, “I was playing with you. I’ll tell you, but you can not get angry at me for what I say.”
Scott nodded.
“You can sit right here.” Y/n patted her bed.
Scott slowly walked over to her, sitting at the edge.
Y/n scooted closer, grabbing his hand. She looked up to see his eyes, but he had his glasses on.
“Can you take those off? Or are you dangerous.” She hesitated to ask.
He sighed, “I kinda need these on. But I mean unless you like to be burned to death.” He awkwardly joked around.
Y/n giggled, nodding her head.
“Well I usually do this by looking into the person’s eyes, but i’ll try for you.” She smiled.
Y/n closed her eyes, her head was attacked by many images. She never had this many before. Y/n squeezed Scott’s hand, her head in pain. Scott began to worry, then y/n just burst her eyes open. She looked at him in shock. Her breathing rigid.
“What?! Whats wrong?” Scott asked pulling his hand away.
“Your… your eyes.” She whispered.
Scott shrugged, “Yeah what about them?”
“Your eyes, you learn how to control them.” She answered.
“What do you mean.. control?”
She looked back up at him, smilling she slowly placed her hands on his glasses. Slowly slidding them off. Scott quickly grabbed her hands.
“What are you doing?! I told you.”
“Then close your eyes.”
Scott let go, tightly closing his eyes. She slid them off placing them in her lap. Y/n then placed her fingertips against his eyelids.
“I saw that when your much older, you will be able to one day open your eyes again. No beam will come out. Just green eyes.”
Y/n grabbed his glasses placing them back onto his face. Scott opened his eyes, he never thought that would ever happen. He smirked as he got off y/n bed.
“So green eyes huh?”
Y/n rolled her eyes, “Dont flatter yourself. You’re not cute.”

Bad Potion

Prompt:The reader is burned minorly by a potion explosion and Draco takes care of her

Potions Class had always been your favorite class.Despite the monotonous voice of Snape and his tendency to take points from every other house but Slytherin,you were always looking forward to seeing Draco.The Slytherin boy at first had been his normal arrogant self toward you though being a Ravenclaw had eased the harshness slightly.After a couple weeks of quick witted retorts on your end,the two of you developed an unlikely friendship that soon became a relationship.While the development had been unexpected,you two found yourselves acting like an old married couple most of the time,as though you had been together for years.  

Being partners in Potions class had always been easy,everything just seemed to flow between you and gained you great grades in the class.But there were days you found yourself distracted by his simple touches and unfortunately today was one of those days.You had been assigned the task of making Pepperup Potion and were trying your hardest to remain focused when Draco handed you the ingredients to add.He gave you his usual sly smile when your eyes glanced toward him,causing the usual butterflies in your stomach.Turning back to the Potion at hand you grasped the newest ingredients and gently began to sprinkle them into the mix.Too little the potion wouldn’t work and too much would cause the mixture to explode. 

 The sudden presence of Draco’s hand on your upper thigh startled you,causing you to drop the rest of the ingredients into the cauldron.You had just pulled your hand back when the potion exploded into flames,causing a minor burn to your hand.Crying out in pain,you clutched your hand to your chest and squeezed your eyes shut.The immediate pain brought a few tears to your eyes but you tried to shakily breathe through it. At the sound of your pain,Draco had an arm around your shoulders and a hand at your wrist in a matter of seconds.Carefully,he eased your injured hand from your chest and began to inspect it. 

 "What happened?“He asked worriedly,concern evident in his green eyes. 

"Your hand on my leg startled me and I dropped more ingredients in the potion then I should have."You explained angrily,your pain making you irritable. 

 "I’m so sorry.I never meant to startle you."He apologized profusely.His guilty face reminded you of a kicked puppy.You couldn’t stay mad at a face like that.It was obvious he was punishing himself enough for the both of you. 

 "It’s fine Draco.We should go to the infirmary though."You suggested,glancing over his shoulder to see the rest of the class staring at you two in surprise and confusion.The entire school was aware of your relationship but they had never seen this tender and caring side of Draco before,only the arrogant and rude persona he so often defaulted to. 

 "Ms.(Y/L/N) is right,it would be best if you were to escort her to the infirmary."Professor Snape stated in usual emotionless tone as he stood in front of our table.With a nod toward the professor,you two stood and began walking toward the door."Oh and five points from Slytherin for recklessness." 

As soon as you were out of view from the stares of your classmates,You turned toward Draco. 

 "I’m sorry we lost points.I know how much you strive to earn them."You apologized,expecting him to be the slightest bit angry.Only he once more surprised you when he shook his head with a gentle smile and pressed his lips to yours.As usual sparks seemed to fly between your lips,igniting the familiar passion that lingered around you two. 

 "I could careless about points.All I care about is whether you are alright."He said softly when he pulled away.Your eyes fluttered open to catch his warm gaze,your foreheads resting against each other. 

 "Now how about we get that burn healed."A smile stretched across your lips as you nodded,leaning in one more time to savor a kiss.

See You, Space Primate

The lunar base gleams like a gold and diamond necklace strewn on the Oceanus Procellarum by a fashion designer with the impulse control of a two-year-old. Winston’s bulk thuds as he sits, face turned skyward.

“What kind of monsters are you making up there?” he muses.

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Imagine fixing badboy!Woozi’s school uniform when it gets all crooked.

BONUS: He really likes having you close to him when you’re fixing his school uniform so he messes it up on purpose.

Curiosity and the Cat

Miraculous Winter Sonata AU.

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Paris. Rooftops of old buildings, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower.

Blurred. Focused.

That roar again. Distant.

Marinette stood in a doorway, speaking with another girl.


He landed in front of her as soon as the girl left and the roar grew louder.

Took her hand. Focused. Dropped to one knee.

Kissed her hand.


Felix sat up in bed, cringed, and lifted a hand to his throbbing temple. His bedside clock read 3:37AM. He switched on a lamp. Threw the covers aside because he was too hot.

Scars covered his pale skin. Long lines on his legs marked where doctors had gone in to fix shattered ankles and fractured fibula. They’d had to fight to save his right leg, but there it was, still attached and giving him hell whenever the weather turned. He remembered the months of physical therapy. He remembered his uncle telling him he was now his legal guardian. He remembered Lila at his bedside, frowning at her calculus homework, twirling her favorite fox necklace around her finger.

He didn’t remember the accident. His parents. His life before he woke up in the hospital one winter day in complete agony.

He didn’t remember a cousin named Adrien Agreste.

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All I Want For Christmas Is You

Part of my Twelve Days of Christmas Celebration.

Sam x Reader (1,907 words)

Summary: When Sam agreed to pretend to be your boyfriend for your works Christmas Ball he never imagined the night would end like this.

Originally posted by samgirlsclub

“Oh c'mon Sam. Please!” It felt like you’d been begging for an hour straight now. You’d tried everything from casually bringing it up in a middle of a conversation to using the best puppy dog eyes your features could muster up yet Sam didn’t seem to be thawing.

“I just don’t see how it would help.” He shrugged with total honesty. The way Sam was acting it was as if you’d just asked him to help you cover up a murder rather than simply be your date to your work’s annual Christmas ball.

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Imagine – Taking over the wrestling world with The Shield

Word Count – 1,452


You got a call from Stephanie McMahon, asking you to come into her office right away. Your heart was pounding, thoughts running through your head nonstop. You told your best friend Sasha that you had to go, that you’d meet up with her after Raw.

You walked into Stephanie’s office, seeing her sit there with tons of papers in her hands looking focused, she looked up at you and smiled widely

“Please y/n, have a seat.” You nodded and gave her a quiet thank you

“Are you nervous?” She asked, watch your hands shake

“A..A little.” You chuckled nervously

“Well don’t be, cause you’re going to be the new womens champion after tonight!” Your eyes got wide, jaw dropping to the floor. You ran up and gave her a big bear hug, thanking her over and over again.

“And that’s not all… you and Charlotte will be the main event!”

This all felt like a dream. It was very, VERY rare for women wrestlers to main event anything. This was the biggest opportunity you’ve had in your whole career. Not only will you be main eventing Raw, you’d be winning the womens championship!

You walked down the hall with excitement, trying so hard not to scream. You were heading to the makeup and hair room when you ran into your best friends, Dean, Seth and Roman. You were best friends on screen and behind the scenes.

“Hey y/n, how’s it shakin?” Dean smiled, giving you a fist bump

“You guys are not going to believe this, 1. I’m going to be crowned the new womens champion! And 2.. ME AND CHARLOTTE ARE THE MAIN EVENT!”

They all gasped with excitement, giving you big hugs and telling you how proud they are.

‘Oh.. oh y/n, we won’t be here to watch it live.” Seth frowned, leaving Dean and Roman confused

“We won’t?” Dean asked

“No guys, remember we have a meeting…” Seth was up to something.

You frowned and nodded your head, heartbreaking knowing your best friends won’t be on the other side waiting to congratulate you.

“We all have our things we need to do, it’s okay.” You fake smiled

“We’re so sorry. We love you girlie, kick some ass out there and I promise we’ll go and celebrate when we come back.” Roman said. They all gave you another hug, then left.

When they got far enough to the point you weren’t in their sight anymore Seth pulled Dean and Roman to the side.

“I thought we had a meeting?” Dean asked

“No! We’re going to surprise her.”


“Are you excited to be the champ?” One of the makeup ladies asked as she applied your eyeshadow

“I’m really excited, I just wish my boys were here to celebrate with me. They’ve been with me through it all, it’d only feel right if they celebrated with me also.” Your eyes got watery

“Oh honey don’t cry! You’ll ruin your makeup, just think about celebrating with them after. And besides, maybe their meeting will get canceled and they’ll be able to come. Just try to think of the positives, think about how they title will finally feel in your hands, around your waist.”

You smiled, thinking of how good it’ll feel when your childhood dream finally comes true. You called your parents and friends from home, letting them know to tune into Raw tonight for a surprise…

Your hair was straightened, you had beautiful makeup on and your favorite gear on (whatever you’d like it to be). You were ready to go.

It was almost time. The butterflies in your stomach started to kick in, from nervousness and excitement. As you were walking to the curtain you passed Vince McMahon surprisingly.

“You deserve this, y/n. Congratulations.” He smiled, patting your shoulder lightly, giving you a hug then walking off. Seconds later your music hit, hearing the fans scream in excitement. This is it, this is really happening.

You ran out with a smile on your face, spinning around with your arms out, taking in the excitement. You walked down the ramp, making sure too high five every fan you could. Next Charlotte came out, filling the arena with boos. All you could look at was that title, thinking about how great it’s going to look on your shelf and around your waist.

The match went on for thirty minutes. You could hear the crowd chanting “Let’s go y/n!” *clap clap clap clap clap* throughout the whole match along with “Y/n’s gonna kill you!”. At some point you and Charlotte locked eye to eye as she yelled “You’ll never beat me! Never!” You punched her in the nose, then locked in Chris Jericho’s “Lion Tamer” move, him giving you permission earlier tonight that you could use it, and that it’d make him the happiest if you did.

You had her locked in for about a minute, then she finally tapped. The crowd went WILD! It was so loud you couldn’t hear a thing for a minute, worrying you went deaf until you finally heard JoJo yell into the mic


Your eyes filled with tears as you sat on your knees in the middle of the ring, covering your face with your hands as you cried tears of joy. Finally finding the feeling in your legs to stand up and hold the belt up high, running up onto the top of the turnbuckle holding YOUR belt. You jumped down, turned around and saw exactly who you wanted to see. Dean, Roman and Seth. All three standing there with tears in their eyes with their belts with them also. Seth and Roman with the tag team titles, Dean with his United States title. They clapped, roman picking you up and putting you on his shoulders as Seth stood on the left, Dean stood to the right and pointed at you while the crowd chanted “You deserve it!”

As you were walking up Seth yelled into the camera “The Shield, and our girl are taking over your world. So get used to it!” then walked off, he was right.

You went back stage and everyone was standing there waiting for you, clapping and giving you tons of hugs, handshakes and high fives.

You were walking through with the guys still by your side when Triple H came up to you, eyes glassy with tears as he held your face and smiled

“I can’t think of anyone who deserves this more than you.”

“Thank you, Hunter. That means the world to me coming from you. You taught me everything I know.”

One of the social media workers grabbed you in for a photo for Instagram, you were getting ready to pose when he stopped you.

“Dean, Seth, Roman? Can you join, please?” They all smiled, running in and getting in position for the pic. You all held up your titles. He took the photo and captioned it

“Taking over the world,”

After that and a few more photos you finally had some time to sit down and let this all soak in. It didn’t really hit till your family called you over FaceTime to congratulate you. You sat and talked with them for a while then you had to go, leaving for the hotel in a few minutes.

After your call the boys came back in, helping you pack your stuff while listening to Pandora. You sat down for a second and they noticed you sniffling, running over to you right away. Dean kneeling in front of you, holding your hands while Seth and Roman sat next to you.

“I’m so glad you guys made it. This moment wouldn’t of been the same if you weren’t here.”

“We’re glad we made it too, honey.” Dean smiled softly

“But, what about the meeting?”

“Um… Well… There wasn’t one. We just wanted to surprise you and make the moment even happier for you. I’m sorry if I made you upset.” Seth frowned, realizing he hurt you.

You pulled him in for a hug, rubbing his back then knocking his shoulder playfully hard. He grabbed it and rubbed it

“Ow! What was that for?”

“For nearly giving me a damn heart attack!” you both laughed, then you hugged him again.

After that you all went back to the hotel. You needed your rest, knowing tomorrow all you’re going to be doing is interview after interview now that you’re the champ, but you didn’t mind. You couldn’t of asked for anything better. Your childhood dream finally came true, and best of all you had your best friends with you through it all.

Hold Me Down

Requested: Yes omfg

Summary: Beer tastes like metallic, but his lips taste like cigarettes and she can’t get enough of it as she rides his thigh with his hands pressed firmly against her ass and hips.

Word Count: 2,244

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Mission: Semi-Automatic

Percy Jackson was never a part of this. He never thought he’d become a secret agent. He never thought his team would become his closest friends. He never imagined having to lie to his mother, to his little sister. Yet, this is what he had to do.

First mission? Infiltrate an illegal arms dealer’s crime family, working the way up. Retrieve the Master Bolt, and arrest the boss.

If only it were that easy.

Chapter 1: Another Day, Another Life-Altering Decision That I Have To Think About Before Lunch

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Percy focused on unwrapping his hands, sitting on a metal bench by a dozen boxing bags. The warehouse-turned-gym was getting quieter for the morning, clients heading off to work. He rolled up one of the long blue cotton bands, dropping it into his bag to focus on his other hand.

Group were chatting as they passed him, each with some sort of sweat mark on them. Whether it was glistening skin or a patch on their shirt, the people were tired after his fighting class.  The bright colors of women’s workout attire bounced off the monochrome walls, and the men’s muted wardrobe made them blend in. By then Percy had rolled up the other hand wrap and dropped it into his bag. As he zipped it up, he noticed someone sit down next to him.

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