There was a woman I loved. She was… my life. My heart. And she died.
—  Raymond Reddington on Elizabeth Keen, “Cape May”

Didn’t get to deadlift at the gym today but here’s one from earlier this week .
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Hey everyone 😊. Today’s card is about following your bliss. Go for what makes you happy. Be creative with daily jobs and if your ready to take the risk follow your passion to its full potential. Be happy with everything you do, and watch how your life changes, how it brings more of that happiness towards you, around you, see it flow out you and be spoken to you. Follow what makes you happy and you will bring with it a life of excitement. 💖 💖 💖

Daily Card : Three of Autumn
Card Meaning : Follow your passion when it comes to your career. Be the best at what you do! Being compensated for your creative talents.

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I apologize for being MIA on here, but I’ve been working my ass off being a full time account manager, full time student and full time intern. So if I haven’t answered your inbox questions I will 👌🏼 I have to say life has been insanely stressful but oddly rewarding. I finally feel like things are falling into place and I’m actually really happy for once. Through life and all of the obstacles I’ve taught my self to obey by 3 things; so say hello to my new tattoo.

Be happy. Be humble. Be focused.

Thankful for where I’m at, who I am and where I am headed. Have a good day Tumblr :)

I’ve made it a mission to wake up everyday at 8am to get as much done in the day as possible. It’s actually working so far.

I can’t dedicate all my effort into a retail job where I make more for them in a day than I get in a month.

My days off must be as productive. And each day should be a contribution to MY own dream.

#Cringe - but it’s real.


Damian Lillard was about that business last night, even before the game started.

What role do Ego and True Self play in distractions?

Answer - In order to teach lessons, Ego uses distractions as a form of temptation.  True Self uses symbols as distractions in order to communicate. 

Explanation - Ego distracts by providing an ever-increasing supply of physical improvements and wants.  It presents fictitious possibilities that keep people stuck in a never-ending loop.

Example - A person plans to retire and pursue their passion for traveling once they have worked hard to save a large sum of money.  As they reach retirement age and approach their goal, they realize that their cost of living has increased.   This makes them feel that they need to make more money; postponing their retirement.

Many people fall into this Ego-based distraction.  By the time that they retire, their age often prevents them from truly enjoying their passion.

True Self distracts character through symbols in an attempt to communicate and connect.  These symbols induce hidden feelings in order to gain recognition.

Example - Someone who is trying to decide whether to accept a job, feels compelled to turn on the radio.  As they listen to the song playing, they notice the lyrics.  The words to the song are about choosing obligations over happiness.  This makes them reflect on their situation and may cause them to realize that though this job brings a pay cut, it can provide happiness.