focus: hope

”For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people, 

training us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, 

and to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives in the present age,  

waiting for our blessed hope, 

the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ,  

who gave himself for us to redeem us from all lawlessness 

and to purify for himself a people for his own possession 

who are zealous for good works.”

- Titus 2:11-14 English Standard Version


Polarity is a program.. The truth is one.

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I remember my ex boyfriend.

I was a very jealous type of girlfriend when we were still in a relationship. I admit i was immature back then. Whenever we quarrel, i was always the first one to give up on the relationship. Little misunderstandings and arguments about small things often lead to “i’m breaking up with you” - my favorite line to use when things are getting too heavy for us to carry on & continue the relationship. But my favorite line turns out to be his weakness. He’s always the first one to apologize, telling me how much he loves me and how he’s so afraid of losing me. I pushed him a lot of times before he finally got tired of countering all my attacks. He gave up. That time, i was hating on myself for pushing him away. I remember texting him everyday, leaving long messages saying how sorry i was and how i regret what i did but in the end, i was left with nothing but silence. He never replied. I was regretful. I pushed him away until he can no longer take it. I blamed myself for years.

Right now, I still push people away. In fact, there’s someone i’ve been talking to for a year or two. I’ve been pushing him away but he’s still here, fighting for his place in my life. He’s so insisting that sometimes when i push him away, i’m the one who gets tired of pushing.

I don’t know the reason behind me pushing people away, perhaps you do it too. We may have pushed people away, or treat others coldly, or nag at them, or burst out on them, or showed other people some kind of not-so-pleasing personality and made a mistake on how we treated them,

but here’s what i realize

We don’t have to blame ourselves when someone leaves. We don’t need to ask our friends to evaluate us and tell us what’s wrong with us.

The right ones will stay

and the right ones will choose to stay.


and over


The right ones will fight to stay.


paramore - last hope (live)


Citizens of Tumblr! Good people of Tumblr. Beloved people of Tumblr. People of all kinds and backgrounds on this Tumblr website! Good and great people, on Tumblr and Tumblr. And Tumblr on this website and this is Tumblr. Wonderful, wonderful people of Tumblr! Citizens of America. Citizens of Tumblr. Funny Tumblr people. Citizens of America. Citizens of Tumblr!

We have won.

Mark Zuckerberg is president!

This is so much and so much! The oval office in the White House, and this is what it is. So many supported and this was possible! We have technology. We have love. And now, we have president. Mark Zuckerberg: 47th United  States? Such a good title to have. And geeky Wil Wheaton is a Vice President and that is! And hope and hope and hope and hope and hope. Mark Zuckerberg the president! Mark Zuckerberg the president! This is what the people wanted. This is what those the people needed! Need of Mark Zuckerberg. Can’t you see? In the heart? There can be nothing without Zuckerberg. He will save America. He will bring back the sky.

This shall be no more. The Pence administration? A failure of America. Pence is kept, the way without harm, and that’s that, but so much more is needed to America. Mark Zuckerberg is needed to America. The threat of Mobian cult is what is the threat of America. So much loss. So much collapse. A concern of which? Continues to be ripped in and again, and hope is lost. A government so vile and reckless. Hopeless for America. Something had to be done. Michael Richard Pence has not been harmed. Michael Richard Pence has not been harmed. This is those things the newscasters always say! America must be united. Only one way. Only one way. Mark Zuckerberg will save America. Mark Zuckerberg will bring back the sky.

Some was lost in the change. Some cannot receive Mark Zuckerberg. Stuck to the world before and such. And these some have been lost. Mark Zuckerberg technology too strong for some to admit. (Military will be improve! The false faith threat quick dispatch. A danger destroyed! All thanks to Mark Zuckerberg.) Bring sorry, but must. But the rebuild has begun so soon and already. Many and many were loyal to Mark Zuckerberg, and loved Mark Zuckerberg so deeply, and needed Mark Zuckerberg to be president. So many serve loyal and love! And love! Mark Zuckerberg and love! Mark Zuckerberg is president. Mark Zuckerberg is president. He will repair. He will heal. He will end the treacherous times. He will save America. He will bring back the sky.

As for we! Mark Zuckerberg campaign team, of Mark Zuckerberg campaign blog, and the help of campaign Mark Zuckerberg? We have won, and the election no longer needs for Mark Zuckerberg, but he will need so much else! We will stay. We will keep update the blog. We will share the beauty of Mark Zuckerberg! So much better and more content for you funny Tumblr folks. So much more love for Mark Zuckerberg is hoped for! Now you can see his beauty. Now, you can see his beauty. Now, everyone will see his beauty. A Mark Zuckerberg happy moment. This is what has all been hoped for! Aren’t you happy? Aren’t you happy? Mark Zuckerberg has won. Mark Zuckerberg will bring back the sky.

Mark Zuckerberg is hope. And, good and good folks of Tumblr, hope is America. More update of come soon, but for now. Together united, forever strong.

what have they done?

I know this was a present for Peepsqueak, but I want all of you to take a good look at this picture. Not only it symbolize Wander’s Hat, but it also symbolize hope.

Wander’s hat doesn’t give you what you want, it give us what we need. Right now, it’s giving us hope because I feel like we are getting closer to saving the show. I mean look how much process we did over the months: We have over 40,000 signatures (almost 50,000!), it been referenced and cameos in other shows, marathons every now and then, and most importantly give the crew and @crackmccraigen hope that the show can be save.

When ever you are feeling down or giving up, look at this picture and remember that it’s symbolize hope for everybody that needs it. Wander spread hope for us, we have to do the same for him and the crew.


We made it through the first trimester :). My husband wanted to do the first trimester screening (NT scan + heart scan + bloodwork) and the Harmony Test (blood test for changes in the number of chromosomes). The scan was perfect, now we wait for the lab results. I enjoyed the scan (they had such a great ultrasound machine -> perfect pictures and we now know the sex of the little one already ;), but I don’t like waiting for the lab results. We’ll get them in the middle of next week. If everything is fine, we finally share the news at work etc.
Our families already guessing if it’s a boy or girl, but we won’t tell them - it’s real fun ;).

I’m feeling very good physically (had some nausea and was veeery tired, both has improved a lot), but I can’t shrug off all the doubts. Of course the critical early weeks are over, but as I’ve worked in Gyn/OB the last 7 years I’ve also seen the rare cases. Can’t talk with my husband about that (normally he’s the one who worries and he is just happy at the moment - I don’t want to destroy that). And I know that those fears are irrational. Most of the pregnancies / births going I’ve seen over the years went well. But of course the bad experiences are stuck in my brain.
Also I’ve got a kind of ‘survivors guilt’ overcoiming infertility. I still follow many TTC blogs and I just hope that all of them will be pregnant soon. This community helped me a lot.

I guess I’m getting a little hormonal at the moment (one day absolutely happy and on the next I can’t belive in our luck) But that’s normal in pregnancy I guess :).

17th of November 2017

If there is something that God has spoken into my life over and over again, it is that He always has my best interest in mind. God paints a picture in His Word about what is right and what is wrong, for a reason. The non-believer may think that Christianity is all about rules. But I would like to offer another side. I’ve found that the things in life that lead me away from God, always lead to self-destruction. That rings true in my life, and the lives of people around me whom I’ve seen stray away and do their own thing. A god who lets you do what ever you want and get away with it, is not a loving god. But guys… our God cares about us SO much, that He’s made it clear about what will prosper us, and what will destroy us. Sometimes that looks like conviction, and sometimes that looks like Grace. With that, let me say… there is a reason why He wants our lives to line up with His Word. He has a reason.

I still check my email every day, hoping to see your name. When I don’t, like every day before, it’s another dagger piercing my heart. But I keep checking. Hope is funny like that; it doesn’t care about the day or week or month before. It knows, despite all evidence to the contrary, that there is always the smallest chance that you’ll finally decide to answer me. Logically, I know that you won’t, but hope doesn’t respond well to logic.
—  This hope is what I cling to on my darkest days.