It’s crazy to think that it’s been over two years since my first album came out. One of the best parts about working on that project was that one of my best friends and his wife were working on their debut project as well, as Colorfair. Going through that process at the same time was a cool experience. I’d share the latest update. Then I’d get to hear the process on theirs, and just getting to be in the studio during their creative process inspired me on my own creative journey. I write all of this to say that now as I begin to work on my next project, not only are they working on theirs, but two of my bros are working on theirs too, and this go round I’ve been blessed to be a part of their process too. And let me tell you, there is some GOOD music coming your way! #staytuned #selah #focus2 #JxJ #colorfair #newmusic

Title: “Buckboards Only”

iStore offered a program named “Focus2” for $14.00. The program specifications stated compatibility with the programs I already use, so I purchased the software.

I used Focus 2 on this image to see what it would do. Pretty impressive as it allows various methods of adding graduating focus to images. There are presets for various types of subjects from macro to landscape, etc.

Most of my normal editing was completed prior to addition of the focus effect. I used Efex Silver Pro for the sepia conversion. Let me know what you think.

Camera Info: Camera Nikon P7000; ISO 100; Aperture f/7.1; Shutter 1/140 sec; 19mm (35mm equiv.).

Ref: KS134781P7.

Your comments and questions are welcome.

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FOCUS 2! The solution to all of your career search troubles! (Stephanie)

Happy Friday all!     

     Ever get so overwhelmed thinking about what career is right for you? I’m sure you all have taken those career tests to find the best matches for you. I know I’ve taken those at least 10 times since high school because I’m always wondering what career will best fit my interests.

     UAlbany actually does offer something like this- it’s called Focus 2, a career assessment tool. I have made a profile for myself, and it really is such a great site!! And I’m not just saying that to rave about it, I really did find it extremely helpful in narrowing down my future career possibilities!

     Here’s how it works. All you have to do is go to this link

and create an account for yourself! Once you’re logged into Focus 2, you can explore all of the different options and assessment tests it offers. You can assess your academic strengths, personality, skills, work interests, and more! On top of that, you can search any occupation by name, explore careers based on YOUR major, and even build your own action plan!

     This really is a great tool offered by the school, and I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants career guidance. Personally, after creating my own account and taking various assessment tests, I feel like I have a better understanding of what career I want to pursue!

Here is the link again:

Good luck and have fun :)