Translation of the Focus Knack article


My partner in crime @Yassammez was very sweet to share this with me/us. Official contributor to my blog now ;)

Interesting bit: ‘I’m currently trying to set up a new theatre project in London, together with a couple of young, promising actors.’

Parade’s End: 'Portray a slothful side character? With pleasure’ Benedict Cumberbatch has almost outgrown the small screen, but to a television series written by Tom Stoppard and partially shot in Belgium, the dandy Brit, won’t say no. Proof of this, the mini series “Parade’s End”, will be seen as of next week on “Eén”. 'I’ll remain with both feet firmly planted on planet earth.’

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It’s like there’s no stopping the good news today: my interview with Ezra Miller just got published on the website of one of the biggest Belgian magazines. For all of you who understand Dutch, you can read it HERE.

It’s the same magazine that also published my interview with Benedict Cumberbatch and it’ll look extremely good on my resume, so I’m super excited :) Wheeeee!

name: rainbow fluorite

weapons: none

abilities: this particular gem has a very subtle healing power that can clear someone’s mind and help them to focus. has a knack for bringing peace to a chaotic scenario. not much of a talker, but when she has something to say you better listen.

(okay kids, this is rainbow fluorite, becca’s gemsona. i’m not going to lie, being colorblind was a HUGE problem with this one as rainbow fluorite is many different shades of purple. all in all i think it turned out okay, especially the background and hair and such.)