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David Tennant Don Juan in Soho Stagedoor 18th March 2017 


Experience the diverse moods of Oregon’s magnificent Mt. Hood! From starry night timelapse to gorgeous macro wildflower cinematography - ‘Mt. Hood in Spring’ showcases this gem of the Cascades on all scales.

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Hello, everyone! As the title states, I will be away for a little bit! I will be gone from July 20, 2017 - July 25, 2017 because I will be gone camping! I won’t have any reception during these dates so I will be unable to: post original content, do any tags, reblog from my tag, chat with anyone, etc. In the meantime, I will do my best to answer any asks I have and will even try to squeeze in one more post. My queue may still go for a couple of days, but know I will not be on.

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2/100 days of productivity → monday, july 10

my notes from one of my lectures today, mixed with the pre-reading content. i’ve been making anki flashcards for it, and i’m planning on highlighting and summarising over time so that i’m continually going over the content. hopefully i’ll be able to keep up with it and it won’t get overwhelming! let’s ace this semester!

anonymous asked:

Wir alle sind aus Sternenstaub, in uns'ren Augen kalter Glanz. Wir sind noch lange nicht zerbrochen, wir sind ganz! Whenever soulmates meet each other they start to glow because of the stardust that is in every human to lead them like a lodestar to the person who is "from the same star". After Afghanistan Tony thinks that he will never glow because of the arc reactor but when he meets Bucky for the first time they start to glow together in a warm happy golden light of the same wavelength.

I blame the “we’re still far from broken” for the angsty mess this has turned into. For some reason I read those lyrics and thought of it as a stubborn, desperate challenge against fate and well. What if things just–went wrong?

Tony Stark is different–extraordinary even–in many aspects. He is brilliant. He is a super hero. He’s got a self-made heart in his chest. But he is also human, ordinary in perhaps too many ways and–he wants what everybody wants. He wants to meet his soulmate.

For all the light jokes and smirking deflections when an interviewer gets too curious, a team mate too persistent, he yearns to find them. Yearns for the connection, the completion.

Sometimes, in his weakest moments, Tony allows himself to forget about the scars lingering his body, the jagged wounds marring his soul, the heavy weight of the arc reactor in his chest. Allows himself to just close his eyes and dream.

Tony is twenty and the entire world is made of swirling colours and blinking lights. He doesn’t mind too much–is far too drunk to mind anything at all. Even the aching loneliness, the bitter twang of betrayal after yet another train wreck of a relationship, is but a distant memory.

The shadows move.

Tony doesn’t mind. It’s kind of pretty, the way they twist and turn, blur out of focus and zoom in too close, before finally settling–no, melting–into the shape of another man.

He’s dressed in dark clothes that Tony’s tired eyes struggle to make out in the dim light. His face looks strange too, like maybe Tony’s subconsciousness couldn’t settle on a specific feature and decided to blacken most of it instead. The eyes are a pretty colour though.

Tony has always had a fondness for that particular shade of blue.

The shape–ghost–hallucination–takes another step. He’s armed, holding what might be a gun, and Tony laughs, unrestrained, because even in his own dreams his legacy is inescapable.

A click, another step and–

The world lights up in brilliant gold and happiness, a warmth so pure and encompassing, it reaches even the deepest roots of a frozen soul, envelopes it in its comforting embrace.

Tony wakes up the next morning, a foul taste of too many drinks on his tongue, head aching under the assault of his ringing phone.

It’s a call he isn’t prepared for, two bodies to identify, and the faint memory of a magical, golden hue gets lost in the grief and desolation of the days to come.

He wakes up alone. And with every passing day, every meeting and gala and handshake he deals out, it becomes a little harder to believe that there is someone out there for him.

There is something niggling in the back of his mind every once in a while. The odd, frustrating sensation of a key one has lost, an important piece of a whole that is missing. But then Obadiah betrays him, and his memory slips as the poison in his veins rises, and a witch’s power brings his worst nightmares to life.

When, months after the fall of HYDRA, Tony Stark shakes the recovering Bucky Barnes’ hand, there may be a fleeting sensation of familiarity–but Tony Stark has long stopped trusting his own mind.

[Hidden amidst thousands of files collecting dust in a forgotten cellar, there is a mission report concerning the elimination of an enemy agent. 

Primary target: Howard Stark (successful). 
Secondary target: Maria Stark (successful). Tony Stark (unsuccessful).
Notes: Immediate wipe recommended.]


My animatic of a trailer for an imaginary tv show adaptation of Check Please. (More thoughts on the tv show under the cut)


Bitty: @anittybittyblog

Shitty: @checkthanks

Jack: retro ryno (extra shout out to ryan b/c he doesn’t even go here, he’s a friend who graciously agreed to help out.)

Lardo: me! aka @ericrichardbittlejr

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(my apologies about earlier) so here it is, drarry or snupin?

Hi! Sorry for the long wait. I’ll be doing Snupin <3

  • Regulus watched in horror as Greyback bit his friend. He was paralyzed for an instant. When he rushed forward, Greyback already left, though his laughter was still lingering, and it gave Regulus chills.
  • He quickly realized that if he didn’t do something soon, Severus would die.
  • At this point, the greatest chance of survival was probably to have another werewolf turn Severus, instead of letting Severus die of the bite.
  • It was not an ideal option, but when the other option was death, they probably couldn’t afford to be picky about their choices.
  • Regulus had actually suspected his brother’s friend Remus Lupin was a werewolf for a while. There were signs, and Regulus was sharp enough to realize them. And Severus had been waxing theories for ages, and then suddenly stopping to do so about two years back, was also reeked of suspicion.
  • Regulus didn’t know if Lupin would help them, but it was the only chance, and he had to try to save his friend.
  • The only thing was, he didn’t know how to contact Lupin. Or even Sirius. Sirius had not told his family where he was going to after his departure, and Regulus, hurt by this, hadn’t bothered to ask.
  • He supposed that Sirius might be with Potter. The problem was, Regulus didn’t know where Potter lived either.
  • He felt frustrated, before remembering another person. Lily Evans, Severus’s ex-friend, seemed also quite friendly with Lupin as well. He knew Evans lived quite near Severus, because the two of them had met during childhood.
  • “Severus,” Regulus said urgently, “give me Evans’s address. I’ll apparate us there.”
  • Severus’s eyes widened slightly in disbelief, his face still contorted in pain as he kept losing blood. “I – why do you need –”
  • “I have a plan, please. Just give me the address.”
  • Lily Evans’s eyes narrowed slightly when they first showed up on her doorstep, and then widened in horror as she saw Severus’s state. While they were no longer best of friends, it evidently still pained her to see him in such a state.
  • It was the first time Regulus had seen Evans this up close, and he had to admit that she seemed rather beautiful. But he quickly pushed that thought away and focused on the current crisis.
  • “I – I need your help. Please. Do you know where Lupin lived?”
  • “Why –” her green eyes were confused.
  • “He’s the only one who might be able to save Severus right now,” Regulus said, urgently. “Look, I know you and Severus are no longer speaking, but, if we don’t get Lupin right now, Severus is going to die.”
  • Evans gulped, and hesitated a moment before nodding. She ushered them into her living room, saying that her family wasn’t home right now, and ran to her room to get something. Regulus felt slightly relieved. He was glad that Evans wasn’t wasting more time asking questions.
  • A minute later, Evans brought back a parchment and started writing on it. Regulus glanced at it curiously, and she explained to him while she scribbled. “I made this myself. Our group of friends each had a piece of this parchment, and can transmit message to each other.”
  • She glanced at Severus again, before adding, “I’ve just asked Remus. I’m not sure how the others would react to Severus …”
  • Smart girl, Regulus thought. “I appreciate that.”
  • “Reg, what the fuck –” Severus rasped out. “Lupin?!
  • “Shut up, don’t waste your energy talking, I’m trying to save you here,” Regulus snapped. He glanced at the clock, a bit nervous about how much time they had left, and let out a sigh of relief when Lupin arrived by apparition.
  • “I need you to bite him,” Regulus said bluntly, wasting no time to cut directly to the point. Lupin stared at him in shock, and Regulus added. “Please. He’s been bitten and will die soon. This is the only way.”
  • What?” Evans asked, frowning in confusion.
  • Lupin looked torn, and Severus muttered something like “I’d rather die.” Regulus ignored Severus and looked directly at Lupin. “Please. I’m begging you.”
  • “Bitten by what?” Evans asked again.
  • Regulus grimaced, debated internally of what to reveal to her. But she’d already known too much at this point, and would probably figure out soon anyway. “A werewolf. Fenrir Greyback, to be precise.”
  • Lupin tensed, “I’ll do it.”
  • “Thank you,” Regulus whispered.


  • Severus woke up, feeling odd and exhausted, and unfamiliar with his body.
  • He opened his eyes and realized that he was unfamiliar with his surroundings, too. He was lying on a small, unrecognizable bed.
  • “You’re awake,” a voice said, and Severus’s eyes zoomed into focus and realized it was Lupin. Memories immediately came rushing back, and Severus tensed.
  • “I told Regulus to leave you with me at my house,” Lupin explained slowly, hesitantly, as if afraid of how Severus would react. “There might be some symptoms at first, and I know how to deal with them.”
  • Severus stared at Lupin for a long time, feeling complicated. He wondered what would the rest of his life be like. He wondered if death would really be better, or worse.
  • “Thank you,” he finally croaked out, even if reluctantly. Still, Lupin had saved his life, after all.
  • Lupin gave him a small, wistful smile, as he murmured, “We’re on the same boat now.”
  • With a pang in his heart, Severus realized that they indeed were.

finishing up the 500mmc asks

My CINTIQ 13HD summary review

Since the very beginning of this year my life has been spinning like a crazy merry-go-round. One of the many elements that caused this was the decision to finally upgrade from my Cintiq 13HD Wacom tablet I’ve been using for almost four years. And since I’ve been using literally the hell out of it, I decided to share my opinion and give you a proper review about this great tool. In other words: why I genuinely recommend it despite new models being recently released and the fact that it’s currently the cheapest Cintiq tablet on the market. :>

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anonymous asked:

"I love a jonsa endgame but it's really complicated to pull off" Same :/ I mean, there's a lot of complexities in their personal relationship that they'd have to sort through and in addition to how that would work in their world & affect their relationships well, it's A LOT. And would Grrm delve into that? Idk. But an endgame has never really been vital to my enjoyment of this ship. It's the endless potential that's hooked me and always will regardless of what happens.

I completely agree with you. Shippers (in general, in any fandom) tend to lose sight of the fact that the overall story isn’t centered around their OTP. And it shouldn’t be! A shipper’s focus is like zooming in on a particular, often minimal piece of a tapestry, and in got/asoiaf’s case that tapestry is exceptionally intricate. A jonsa endgame, one capable of winning even the most skeptical viewers over, requires an introspective focus on both characters, so that the transition from (raised as) siblings to budding lovers (or cousins in a political marriage, take your pick) is smooth and believable. Imagine the show, with 13 episodes left and in the middle of the most important narrative climax of the last 2 decades of television, trying to do that and not half assing it. It’s hard, right? I’m not saying it’s IMPOSSIBLE—I’m saying it’s hard, and since there is an easier alternative that a much wider audience is already invested in (JXD), it’s a no brainer. In the books, who knows, but it makes sense that at this point in the show they want to simplify the narrative rather than complicating it.

We can still bask in the knowledge that an alternative route was possible, and even plausible, considering GRRM’s first asoiaf draft. As far as I’m concerned, the show gave me much more than I dared to expect in terms of jon/sansa—it gave me a relationship between these two characters. And a pretty big one! It’s crucial to the plot, it’s intense to watch, it affects both characters’ development deeply, and it’s still evolving. To me, that’s about the definition of *canon ship*.