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Ride With Me (Part 9)

PAIRING: readerxbuckybarnes au


WARNINGS: swearing, mentions of cheating and breakups…..smut..SMUT 

*(Y/N) and Bucky come clean about their past relationships, paired with Clint’s famous whiskey anything could happen. 

You asked for smut and you shall receive smut! As always feedback is greatly appreciated! 

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GIF NOT MINE (although I am so here for it)

The image of Bucky leaning against his bike taking a long drag of his cigarette would forever be burned into your long-term memory, as you rounded the corner you were greeted with the glorious and erotic sight. You cataloged every detail his boots, the dark wash jean over his long thick legs. The red Henley peaking out from his leather jacket made your libido purr with pleasure. Then you remembered why he was sat outside your apartment at 1 am, your drooling mess of female hormones was quickly replaced with the monster of anger and jealous. She growled throwing obscene gestures while smacking your libido as she made kissy faces at him. Bucky looked up at the sound of your heeled boots hitting the pavement as the raging war of hormones battled in your brain.

“Hey” he greeted, stomping out the cigarette. You nod for him to follow you up; your mind was racing with a thousand questions as you both climbed the stairs. Throwing open the door you rummaged through your bag pulling out the bottle of whiskey, discarding you bag by the entrance you walked swiftly to the kitchen.  You listen as Bucky closed the door behind him as you pulled out two whiskey glasses. You re-entered the living room gesturing for him to sit.

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A few people said that my skeleton bride Will would make a decent tattoo. Originally I was just going to paint it or something but if you’re brave enough to get a tattoo this is the design I had in my head,instead of the previous sketch.
…I’ll go over it with black later,I’m just too lazy right now.

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STOP BUT IMAGINE P being all young and innocent looking at Harry's tattoos and pointing to the mermaids vag n going "daddy I have one of them, does that mean you're gonna get mine tattooed" HAHAHAHAHAAHAH

She’d be at the age where she’d be very curious about everything her tiny mind would come across; why daddy’s crotch looked different to hers and mummys, where babies came from, how babies are made, and all the kind of questions that a four-year old just wouldn’t quite understand at her age. She’d be confused when she’d cuddle with him, her eyes scanning his tattoo-full arm, focusing on the mermaid on and frowning up at him, tapping at the place on his arm where the mermaid sat permanently.

“Daddy, she’s a girl,” she’d point out, “and m’a girl, too. And so is mummy.”

“She is a girl, Poppet,” he’d smile and kiss her head softly, “you’re not even watching the film with me anymore, huh? You made me put this princess movie on and daddy’s the only one watching it?”

“I am watchin’ it, daddy,” she’d whine, and squirm in his arms to look up at him properly, “does that mean you’re gon’a have mine an’ mummy’s?”

He’d chuckle softly, “no, Poppet. Not at all. Daddy was young and silly when he got that tattoo on his arm and he didn’t think anything through about future life. I’ve got a couple that have you and mummy involved in though. I’ve got your name tattooed on my wrist. And I have your name written in Greek on my shoulder because your name comes from the Greek country. And, I’ve got mine and mummy’s wedding date tattooed under my wedding ring,” he’d smile, watching as she changed focus from the mermaid tattoo on his arm, twisting the golden band around his finger.

“What if mummy has other babies? Will you get drawin’s for them?”

“Of course, baby. Of course I will. Permanent reminders of my little family,” he’d smile, sliding his wedding ring off so that she could look closer at the numbers, holding it tightly in his other hand, “we’ve got a video somewhere of our wedding day. We’ll have to show you one day.” xx

There's Many Things I Wish I Didn't Do [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: I know your hard on future!Barry rn but I need more E2 Barry. Or your version of E4 Barry because FUCKING YUM BARRY WITH TATS AND GAUGES PLEASE YES

a/n: oh e4barry… he is yum…

Through the dimly lit living room, Barry tugs off his black tight shirt, tossing it on the chair. With a sigh, he rakes his long fingers through the short light brown hair, messing it up. There’s a light on in the bedroom. Frowning, he speeds to the doorway, coming in. “Babygirl, why are you still up?” he asks, unbuttoning his jeans in front of the dresser.

Instead of responding, you let your eyes map out the muscles in his back, doodling your finger on your thigh in a lazy motion. Barry sighs, stripping off his pants, leaving him in those tight firetruck red boxer briefs that drive you mad. They match his gauges perfectly.

As he removes his silver band from his thin ring finger, placing it on the dresser next to yours, your eyes focus on the tattoo just above his hip. It’s your favorite that he has. In beautiful scroll writing font reads: Ellie - 12.6.14. “I wanted to wait for you.” you whisper, watching him walk to the side of the bed. “I missed you.”

Barry frowns, climbing into bed and pulling the blankets over the both of you. Warmth surrounds you and you snuggle up next to your husband, feeling the cool metal of his bellybutton ring on your lower stomach. “I missed you too, sugar.” he muses, pushing some of your hair off your forehead slowly. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here to put Ellie to bed.” he mumbles, light green eyes darting around your face.

Sighing, you trace his lightning bolt tattoo on his left pec, leaning your forehead against his freckled cheek. “It’s okay.” you say in a hushed voice, curling your hand on his chest. Another sigh bubbles in his throat while he holds your waist close. “I love you.” you hum, running your hand down his arm to his hand.

His hazel eyes watch your movements intensely; long fingers locking with yours. “I love you too, doll.” he whispers, removing his cheek from your forehead and pressing his nose to your forehead. A shaky breath escapes his plump lips. “I wish it didn’t have to be like this, baby…” he mutters, tears clouding his vision. “We need the money though… and my job pays really good… and, god, I wanna take you and Ellie on that trip so badly…” Barry croaks out, cradling the back of your head in his palm.

“I know you do.” you nod, “We’re going to get that money before her birthday, Barr.” you soooth, cupping his cheek. “And you are the best daddy ever.” you praise, yawning slightly.

The speedster kisses your lips, squeezing your hand. “Sleep, darling.” he whispers, watching your eyelids flutter shut. How is he going to afford that trip to Disney? Looks like he has to use his powers. It’s for a good cause though. If his princess wants to meet princesses, then he’ll do whatever it takes.


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Personal Thought 5.6.17

Since becoming technically single for 7 weeks though emotionally single for 12, I’ve had a realisation moment. I never really discovered who I am. It sounds deep but it’s true. I’ve been in 2 long term relationships spanning between January 2012 and March 2017 with only a single 5 month gap in-between (3 months of which were spent by me lusting after a boy); and in hindsight I realised I’ve always had a rough idea of who I wanted to be, but never thought it possible and just ignored it like a pipe dream.

However now, freshly having turned 23 years old and finally putting things in perspective I’ve decided I miss the me before I began to put others before myself. The last time I remember feeling close to myself would be when I was 17 back in December 2011 and the first week of 2012 when I was just a lone teenager listening to alternative music and doing my own thing with my friends. Since then I have been distracted and I’ve let myself physically fall way below average and even with my academic achievements, I’ve done well but now I’ve graduated and found a job I’ve risked losing my edge and my drive toward my dream.

Fresh out of uni I had a plan. A plan I’m at risk of not sticking to. A plan that if I forget about, will lead to complacency and no doubt regret later in life. Therefore today is the day I sort my shit out and get on with it. Inspired by several fictitious characters from TV such as Harvey Specter from Suits and Frank Underwood from House of Cards, I have realised I need to play to win. Accompanied by a couple of weeks playing All Time Low’s entire discography on repeat, events at work and the headlines in the news I realised I need to get off my arse and be in control once again.

Thanks to my flatmate I started running regularly in an attempt to boost my fitness and get back my pre-2012 body to aid with my daily confidence, added to the gym visits thanks to agreeing with a friend at work to tag along with him. I aim to fully achieve the aesthetic I’ve so badly been desiring for as long as I can remember but believed I could never achieve, because I wasn’t one of those people. Only I realised, to become one of those people you have to want to be, and you actually have to do something.

I have already begun making minor changes to my aesthetic with more attention to my face, buying more flattering and appealing clothes, I even bought several rings because it’s something I want to start wearing. Once the body transformation has truly begun, I will add to it with tattoos so I can finally feel more at peace with my appearance.

Along with this, I aim to get back to studying on an evening back on track to passing my qualification before October which was the deadline I set myself in 2016. As once this is done, I can look for better more well paid jobs to further my career progression to my end goal. But I have to start putting the time in again. As I realised that’s what all the great people I idolise so much have done, they put in the time! Nothing happens over night, and nothing happens especially if you don’t make it happen.

So this is me, making it happen.

Shot of Myles Kennedy at Rock am ring, Germany. 

Shot by Natasja de Vries - anchorfocusphotography ©

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ID #47856

Name: Lil 
Age: 18
Country: New Zealand

Hi there. I’m a freelance tattoo artist and a Concert Photographer and upcoming Journalist for ‘Discourse’, we focus on music, tattoos and gaming. mostly alternative, metal, rock, etc. - Which is great cause i’m into all of those things :)
I have one tattoo, but I’m soon to get loads more.

I guess I’m mostly looking for a pen pal who’s into music journalism as well, but I’d love to just meet and talk to people from other countries.
I have a lovely Maine coon cat and a love for big fluffy dogs.
I’m part Maori and have only ever traveled to Australia.

I dunno what else to write here but I look forward to hearing from someone :)

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1) Hi. I think that the Truman Protocol is something less conspiratorial than what you're suggesting. The answer is in the COGs. According to Wikipedia, "Continuity of government (COG) is the principle of establishing defined procedures that allow a government to continue its essential operations in case of nuclear war or other catastrophic event." In 1952, Pres. Truman ordered all federal offices to develop their own continuity plans for the event of a civil defense emergency. Plans have been

2) maintained and adapted since then, at times requiring the construction of secret facilities. The continuity plan was activated for the first time following the September 11, 2001 attacks.” According to the official White House page, “since the days of the Cold War, the US has had a plan in place to continue the operation of the government following a catastrophic attack on the nation’s capital. Because of its sensitive nature, details from the classified ‘Continuity of Government Plan’ have

3) been kept secret, even from Members of the House Homeland Security Committee. The 2007 ‘National Security Presidential Directive 51’ directs the geographic dispersion of leadership, staff, and infrastructure in order to maintain the functions of the United States Government in the event the nation’s capital is ‘decapitated’ by a terrorist attack. Buried deep within the 98-page National Continuity Plan is the strategy for the mass evacuation and relocation of every federal government agency

4) including The White House and the military in response to an exceptional catastrophic event within the National Capital Region. Following a catastrophic national emergency, the President, or his successor can authorize the establishment of a temporary ‘Shadow Government’ to maintain control of the essential functions of the Federal Government. Every federal agency has designated key individuals to be part of an ‘Emergency Relocation Group’. These ERGs are assigned to an alternate secure

5) location on a rotating basis and are ready to take over the duty of supporting the National Essential Functions of this nation in an emergency.” Moreover, in this page you can find more info about the Presidential Succession Act of 1947. The presidential succession line includes the Vice President, the Speaker of the House, Secretaries, etc. In addition, these people are tracked and their position is known at every time: “A real-time tracking system identifies the location of key officials

6) at all times using Location Based Services available from cellular phones and GPS devices implanted in wearable accessories such as pins, earrings, and wristwatches. There are 24/7 Observer Stations responsible for monitoring the status of each key government official to determine his or her location in the event of an emergency. So my guess? The Truman Protocol has to do with all the above and is super secret because it has to do with the operation plan in case of attack. Parts of the COG

7) are obviously known to different agencies but maybe some parts (Truman Protocol) are only known to the President himself and a very small group of people (that’s why the Truman Protocol meetings were so secretive and Nas could not find anything). If the enemy had this plan, then they could make sure that the government would never be able to function after the attack. Sandstorm obviously have this information and as we know from ep. 2x19, Phase 2 involves an attack with nuclear materials.

8) Their plan could be to attack DC and eliminate all branches of the Government (like they did in Designated Survivor, a show currently airing in ABC), attack the Heads of main Agencies and take them out, also hack the Observer Stations and take out the government officials that were going to be the successors of the deceased in the Shadow Government and then have their own people coming up in the line of succession. One of them, Kurt Weller. And that way they would burn the country to ashes

9) and get the power. According to imdb, in 2x21 and 2x22, a Homeland Security Agent and a Secret Service Agent are joining our FBI team. This makes sense. Also, Jane and Weller get the plane to go to DC. And finally, “Weller finds himself at the center of a surprising event”. A meeting with the President? A Shadow Government meeting? Does he become a member after Pellington’s death? (He will be killed in 2x21 in NYO. He isn’t a member of Sandstorm. If you have the FBI Director on your side and

10) access to his information why would you need an Assistant Director or Dr Borden spying on Jane? He’s the “staffer to the morgue after a close encounter with a Sandstorm operative” they talked about.) As for the conspiracy, let’s face it. You don’t bring the US to its knees with 33 million from an inheritance and Parker as your number 2. It’s kind of ridiculous. Obviously, there’s someone behind Sandstorm. Loaded and determined. And maybe what happened with Weller in NYO is happening with

11) other people in other places. Also, we have to focus on the tattoos. Why the tattoos? And how many of them were solved because Sandstorm had decided it was time? In my opinion, a lot of them. Because a lot of them required some external factor to be activated. For sure, it was the tattoo in 2x02 about DEA’s gun-waltzing program. Well guess what. Remember Agent Valentin Barker who was injured and wouldn’t be able to walk? She comes back in 2x21 and 2x22. Anyway, these are just some stupid

12) theories about Phase 2. The Blindspot writers have a very different story to tell, for sure. Thanks and have a nice evening, . g;)


Don't Tell Me That I'm Ordinary

“Okay, bye guys!” I called out to my coworkers at the tattoo shop. I grabbed my bag and jacket and started walking towards the door when someone called me.

“Wait, (y/n)!” Hannah called running after me. I turned around.

“What?” I asked.

“Want a ride home?” she asked with a small smirk.

“Uhm, sure” I replied, and we got into her car. Halfway to my house she spoke up.

“So umm Oli wants to know if you’ll do some backing vocals for the new record” she said rapidly. I raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“No, why would he ask me of all people?” I asked. She raised her tiny shoulders and bit her lip.

“Well, I might’ve told him that you sing all the time at the shop and you’re really good at it” she said in a high pitched voice. I whipped my head to look at her.

“What?! No, Hannah, I’m not doing it” I said, reaching for the car door handle as we turned down my block.

“Yes, you have to” she said, and I heard a click through the car. She locked the doors.

“No I’m not” I said, unlocking my door.

“Yes, you are” she argued, locking the doors again. I groaned and rolled my eyes at her.

“Hannaaahhh” I whined.

“Come on (y/n)! You’re really good! Pleeaassee?” she begged, clasping her hands together. I sighed.

“Fine” I replied, and she did a little happy dance in her car seat. She unlocked the doors and let me out.

“Be at the studio at 3pm tomorrow!” she called out. I gave her a thumbs up as I walked to my building. What the hell did I get myself into?

*The next day*

I made my way to the studio, biting my lip the entire time. I was so nervous, this was the first time I’d be doing something like this. I walked up to the clerk at the front desk.

“Hi, I’m (y/n), I’m working with Oli Sykes?” I said. She nodded.

“Third floor, second door on your right” she said, and continued typing. I walked to the elevators and made my way up. When I got to the door I knocked hesitantly.

“(y/n), you really had the balls to come!” Oli exclaimed as he opened the door. I walked in slowly and saw the rest of the band inside, but an extra person was there. I recognized him as Vic Fuentes from Pierce the Veil.

“So, you ready to sing for us?” he asked deviously.

“Umm, I’m here so do I really have a choice?” I responded. He laughed and led me into the sound booth and showed me the ropes. Then he gave me the lyrics sheet and stepped out.

“Ready?” he asked through the mic. I gave him a shaky thumbs up.

“Okay. 1, 2, 3…”

*The next day… again*

“So, how was it?” Hannah asked me at work. I was working on a chest piece for one of our clients.

“It was okay” I responded, trying to keep my focus on tattooing the guy.

“She was fucking brilliant” a familiar voice said. I looked up and saw Oli smiling at me.

“Holy shit, you’re Oli Sykes!” the client exclaimed, trying to sit up. I pushed him back down to the seat by his stomach.

“Yea, he is. And if you want this tat done right, don’t move” I said sharply. He nodded and I resumed my work.

“Well, someone’s feisty today” Hannah teased.

“Well, someone forced me into working with her fiance on his new album when I said no” I replied.

“Hey, you killed it! And you really impressed Vic” Oli said, making me blush.

“Oh, did she?” Hannah asked with an instigative tone.

“Yea. So much in fact, that he said she was hot, and wants to go on a date with her” Oli replied. I set down my tattoo machine and turned to face him.

“He did not say that” I said shaking my head.

“Oh, but he did” Oli replied.

“You should do it” Hannah said, raising her eyebrows.

“Nooo” I replied.

“Oh come on! Just take a chance” she said.

“He really likes you (y/n)” Oli said lowly. I bit my lip and tapped my fingers on my knees.

“Fine” I replied. They gave each other high fives.

“Alright, I’ll tell him to meet you at the Bistro at 8pm tomorrow” Oli said, then walked away. I returned to my client and continued tattooing him.

“You are hot actually” he said. I squinted my eyes at him.

“Shut up”

*The next day… again again*

I fixed the hem of my dress as I walked down the street to the restaurant where I would be meeting Vic. I felt more and more butterflies forming in my stomach with each step I took. I walked into the restaurant and up to the clerk.

“Hi, reservation for Vic Fuentes?” I asked. He hesitantly nodded and eyed my tattoos before leading me to a table where I saw the brown locked man sitting with a smile. He stood up when I get to the table.

“Hi, (y/n), I’m glad you made it” Vic said, giving me a hug which sent shivers along my body.

“Yea, I don’t like breaking promises” I said as I walked to my seat. He pulled out my chair for me and pushed me in once I was seated. The waiter gave us our menus and left, giving me the eye as he did so. I started feeling sick in my stomach.

“So, I have to say, you were amazing yesterday” he said with a smile. I tried forcing one back.

“Thanks” I said with a shaky voice. I cleared my throat before speaking again.

“I’m a big fan of your work” I said, making him laugh.

“Hey, tonight I’m not a singer, I’m the date of a very beautiful woman” he said with that charming smile. I looked away as I blushed, but saw the people next to us eyeing me and whispering. Were they talking about me because of my tattoos?

I reached out and took my glass of water, bringing it to my lips with a shaky hand that was much too obvious.

“Are you okay (y/n)” Vic asked.

“Y-yea, I’m fine” I answered. He raised his eyebrow as he looked over to the people next to us. The were still whispering to each other and sending looks at us every once in a while. I felt myself start to hyperventilate.

“Hey, hey, (y/n), just relax, okay?” he said, getting up from his seat and coming around towards me. He reached out for me and gently put his hands on my arms.

“Just look at me, okay?” he said trying to calm me down. I tried to nod but saw more people staring at us. Next thing I knew I was outside in the night air.

“Are you okay?” he asked. I tried to control my breathing.

“Yea, I think so” I replied. I then realized what happened.

“Shit, I just ruined our dinner I’m so sorry” I said. He smiled and shook his head.

“Don’t worry about it, that place was too stiff anyways” he said. I nodded and rubbed my hands on my upper arms.

“You cold?” he asked.

“Umm, I can manage” I said. He took off his jacket and draped it over my shoulders.

“You didn’t have to” I said.

“I wanted to. I saw it in a movie” he said with a cheesy smile which made me laugh.

“Well, where do you wanna go?” he asked. I looked around before answering.

“The beach?” I suggested. He put his arm out for me to grab as he put the other hand on his hip.

“Well, my lady, let’s go” he said. I hooked my arm with his as we made our way to the beach on what might’ve been the best date so far.

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Not cos the interview will focus on the tattoo but because it will be there in the pics unless he literally hides his hand in all of them. Everything he does now will be tainted by it being there in every pic cos no matter what he got it for it will look like it's for her

Anon, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about that. Just try to ignore it. As long as the media doesn’t talk about it, it’s unluckily many in the gp will. And we know it’s not for her, so there’s that.