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Ride With Me (Part 9)

PAIRING: readerxbuckybarnes au


WARNINGS: swearing, mentions of cheating and breakups…..smut..SMUT 

*(Y/N) and Bucky come clean about their past relationships, paired with Clint’s famous whiskey anything could happen. 

You asked for smut and you shall receive smut! As always feedback is greatly appreciated! 

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The image of Bucky leaning against his bike taking a long drag of his cigarette would forever be burned into your long-term memory, as you rounded the corner you were greeted with the glorious and erotic sight. You cataloged every detail his boots, the dark wash jean over his long thick legs. The red Henley peaking out from his leather jacket made your libido purr with pleasure. Then you remembered why he was sat outside your apartment at 1 am, your drooling mess of female hormones was quickly replaced with the monster of anger and jealous. She growled throwing obscene gestures while smacking your libido as she made kissy faces at him. Bucky looked up at the sound of your heeled boots hitting the pavement as the raging war of hormones battled in your brain.

“Hey” he greeted, stomping out the cigarette. You nod for him to follow you up; your mind was racing with a thousand questions as you both climbed the stairs. Throwing open the door you rummaged through your bag pulling out the bottle of whiskey, discarding you bag by the entrance you walked swiftly to the kitchen.  You listen as Bucky closed the door behind him as you pulled out two whiskey glasses. You re-entered the living room gesturing for him to sit.

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a/n: happy birthday to @your-safety-pin !! (i tried to get this to post exactly midnight your timezone but i think i’m a bit late haha) youre one of the sweetest people i’ve ever met and I know chanyeol would fall in love with your if he ever met you ^^ this is too short and does no justice but i hope you’ll enjoy it anyway!

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He just dunked it in the milky water and attacked his face, the back of his neck, the strong column of his throat. The full tattoo down his left arm gleamed with the water sliding off him… He washed while she spoke, scrubbing himself down with brutal efficiency. He lifted the lavender soap to his hair, and she squeaked.   (Queen of Shadows)

I like how when Sarah is describing Rowan washing himself, she says he “attacks” his face, the back of his neck, etc.  and scrubs “himself down with brutal efficiency” because at his heart Rowan is a warrior who hasn’t quite yet found his peace. So even when he’s taking a freaking bath (which should be peaceful), he feels the need to complete everything in an efficient rough sort of way because he has that sort of mentality to keep on moving to distract him from his dark past. Even the whole focus on his tattoo just shows how far away Rowan is from inner peace.

But then Aelin comes and washes hair and it’s like all of his stress sort of melts away:  Even Rowan breathed it in as she scrubbed the tonic into his scalp. “I could still probably braid this,” she mused. “Very teensy-tiny braids, so—” He growled, but leaned back against the tub, his eyes closed. “You’re no better than a house cat,” she said, massaging his head. He let out a low noise in his throat that might very well have been a purr.

But it’s not even just Rowan who gets into that sort of tranquil state. Aelin, also a warrior at heart, feels a sense of peace as well. It’s that bond and trust between each other that enables them to feel safe and comforted in each other’s presence (i.e. Rowan and Aelin playing the pianoforte; Aelin being able to walk away with her back to Lorcan because Rowan’s there; Rowan and Aelin stretching for each other in bed when the two of them were separated). 

But it’s not even Rowan and Aelin who feel a sense of peace around each other, it’s the entire Terrasen court that feels safe in each other’s presence. Again, it’s the whole trust and bond concept. 

Three weeks of grueling travel—but also three of the happiest weeks Aelin had ever experienced. (Queen of Shadows)

It’s incredibly important that the whole foundation of Aelin’s court is based upon trust and love because only then will they be able to become a court that upholds the Old Ways and changes the world. It’s so important because only then will corruption be nonexistent, or at the very least a minor issue, and there would be people, who genuinely care, working for the greater good. It’s a stark difference from Maeve’s court which is based upon a Blood Oath that inspires fear, slavery, and total obedience. Her court isn’t based upon anything substantial which is why I believe that Aelin’s court WILL indeed come out on top, even if there are some serious casualties.

A few people said that my skeleton bride Will would make a decent tattoo. Originally I was just going to paint it or something but if you’re brave enough to get a tattoo this is the design I had in my head,instead of the previous sketch.
…I’ll go over it with black later,I’m just too lazy right now.

Sorry, had to reload with some tweaks - for @lightofevolution - fanart for her fic, “Being Silly” - keep reading for the passage that inspired this fanart!

“Yes.” Unceremoniously, Draco unbuttoned his shirt and handed it to Hermione, while she started at the blond’s naked torso shamelessly. At least, it was unceremoniously for him - not so much for the onlooking witch. For her, it was seeing a Christmas present unwrapping itself. The first few buttons revealed the hard planes she had already felt beneath his clothes on occasion - and was instantly delighted because she had been wrong in one point. She had expected Draco to be the type of man who shaved his chest hair - perfectly groomed creature he was - but there was a quite appealing layer of dark blond hair to be seen. Not enough to crawl from under his collar and be visible for the world (she had this discussion with Harry once), but a perfect amount of it to shout masculinity.

“See something you like, Granger?” Theo asked, amused.

“Yeah. Fascinated with, really.” She snapped out of her reverie, realising how her words had sounded and looked into Theo’s and Blaise’s saucy grins.

“I meant Draco’s tattoos, idiots. Merlin, you’re worse than Ron!” Indeed, she was fascinated by the full set of Quidditch spheres on Draco’s skin, the highlight being a beautiful Snitch on his left pectoral. She had fully expected to see a giant dragon curled around his shoulders like she had seen on Charlie’s body (a very fond memory which involved a very hot summer night in a dragon sanctuary and a midnight bath). The witch stepped closer, her fingers hovering over Draco’s chest where the Snitch sat, not daring to look into his face. She tilted her head, inspecting the artwork. From close up, she could see the golden ball had something engraved on its surface - ‘Malfoy 7’, the Seeker position. Maybe she had underestimated how much Quidditch meant to him. Playing certainly did wonderful things to his physique, framing his body with wiry muscles and hard planes, making it hard to solely focus on the tattoos. She lifted her head, staring into those dangerous, silver eyes.

“May I?” she asked, her voice barely a whisper. He nodded, faintly smirking, probably aware of how she had checked him out. Her fingertips touched the wings of the snitch, surprised how warm his skin was, and the small thing flapped its wings. Hermione felt the childish joy of having discovered something new in the world of magic. She giggled, her palm splayed against Draco’s chest (ignoring the impulse to trail it over the dark blond hairs below his navel - yes, of course she had seen them). “I want one.”

To read her fic, find it here:

New To This - A Roman Reigns Story

Life couldn’t be any better for Amour Hayes; she’s engaged to her childhood sweetheart, she’s got a wedding to plan, and is finally about to achieve her lifelong dream as a professional wrestler. But when one of the top figures in the business shows a keen interest in her fledgling career (among other things), it threatens to derail all her plans in a big way. Roman/OC

“Come on, Hayes, step it up! Get on her!”

The damp, unruly strands of stray hair invading Amour Hayes’ eyes temporarily obscured her vision and made it difficult to take on her trainer’s instruction. Brushing them away impatiently, her mind flitted to the next line of offense, but her opponent had tackled her to the canvas before her thoughts could fully register. The hard surface made unfriendly contact with her body, but the rushing adrenaline helped fight off the pain, and she battled with her opponent trying to twist her body into a sleeper hold. Amour tried to concentrate on countering the hold, but between the hundreds of thoughts scrambling around her head and her trainer screaming at her from his spot outside the regulation wrestling ring, it was a near impossible feat.

“For fuck’s sake, Hayes, what are you doin’?” Pounding his palm hard on the mat, her trainer, Tony Sandoval, shouted again. “Quit pullin’ her arm like that! You’re gonna break it!”

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Shot of Myles Kennedy at Rock am ring, Germany. 

Shot by Natasja de Vries - anchorfocusphotography ©

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BTS Reacts to You Having a Lot of Tattoos

Hey guys! Alright, so I managed to get this one done. My computer wants to update again and then I’m going to work on a few other things before I update it again. As always, if there’s anything that you want to see, please feel free to send me a request. I love writing what you you guys want to see!! Now, lets get into this, shall we?


     @ydvusbe: Hey can I get a bts/got7/exo reaction to you having a lot of tattoos and piercings (like Ryan Ashley malarkey)

One thing I would like to point out is that tattoos are technically taboo in Korea. Whenever someone appears on shows like Show Me the Money or anything of that nature and they have tattoos, they will blur out the tattoos. That  being said, it doesn’t stop idols from getting them, like G-Dragon or Taeyang, some of Korea’s biggest idols. I actually don’t think that they would mind the piercings that much so I’ll mostly focus on the tattoo portion. These reactions are all my own guess since, as far as we know, I haven’t seen anything about any BTS members having a tattoo.

1. Jin (cutie!!!)

     Jin might be a little unsure of someone with so many tattoos at first. It might take him a little while to adjust, but after a while he would get used to seeing them. I’m not positive that he would ever come to truly love them but as long as you are happy with your decisions, he could never hate them.

2. Suga (Rude af)

     Suga wouldn’t really care. He tends to be chill with just about anything so I don’t think he would really care about you having so many tattoos. He might even think that they were cool.

3. J-Hope (This beautiful man….)

     J-Hope would be shocked at first, to be honest. Not because he doesn’t like them, but because it’s not something that they would typically see on a regular basis. He would probably take the longest to get used to them but they would never change his opinion of you since things like that don’t affect your personality in any way. He wouldn’t hate your tattoos or anything, it’s just something he had never seen.

4. Rapmon (This version of Rapmon makes me happy!)

     Rapmon wouldn’t care at all. He is an advocate for people finding their own form of beauty that they like, so he wouldn’t really care about your tattoos. He’s probably gonna think that they’re pretty badass, honestly. He’s the member that I could most likely see getting a tattoo at some point in the future.

5. Jimin (Rude…. Very Rude…… I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself, tbh…..)

     We’ve seen Jimin wear some fake tattoos in some performances (aka the killing performance where he wore the giant fut coat) so I don’t think that he would really be bothered by you having tattoos. He might be thrown off by you having so many but he would adjust fast.

6. V (CHILD!!)

     V would think that they were awesome. He would probably be curious as to what made you decide to get so many and why you chose these specific designs, but he would never be bothered by them.

7. Jungkook (Shy Baby Bun Bun…)

     Jungkook is another member who would probably be thrown off at first but he would adjust quickly, much like Jimin. He would find it easy to adjust and probably admire your tattoos for their artistry and design.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to send me any requests you might have!

There's Many Things I Wish I Didn't Do [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: I know your hard on future!Barry rn but I need more E2 Barry. Or your version of E4 Barry because FUCKING YUM BARRY WITH TATS AND GAUGES PLEASE YES

a/n: oh e4barry… he is yum…

Through the dimly lit living room, Barry tugs off his black tight shirt, tossing it on the chair. With a sigh, he rakes his long fingers through the short light brown hair, messing it up. There’s a light on in the bedroom. Frowning, he speeds to the doorway, coming in. “Babygirl, why are you still up?” he asks, unbuttoning his jeans in front of the dresser.

Instead of responding, you let your eyes map out the muscles in his back, doodling your finger on your thigh in a lazy motion. Barry sighs, stripping off his pants, leaving him in those tight firetruck red boxer briefs that drive you mad. They match his gauges perfectly.

As he removes his silver band from his thin ring finger, placing it on the dresser next to yours, your eyes focus on the tattoo just above his hip. It’s your favorite that he has. In beautiful scroll writing font reads: Ellie - 12.6.14. “I wanted to wait for you.” you whisper, watching him walk to the side of the bed. “I missed you.”

Barry frowns, climbing into bed and pulling the blankets over the both of you. Warmth surrounds you and you snuggle up next to your husband, feeling the cool metal of his bellybutton ring on your lower stomach. “I missed you too, sugar.” he muses, pushing some of your hair off your forehead slowly. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here to put Ellie to bed.” he mumbles, light green eyes darting around your face.

Sighing, you trace his lightning bolt tattoo on his left pec, leaning your forehead against his freckled cheek. “It’s okay.” you say in a hushed voice, curling your hand on his chest. Another sigh bubbles in his throat while he holds your waist close. “I love you.” you hum, running your hand down his arm to his hand.

His hazel eyes watch your movements intensely; long fingers locking with yours. “I love you too, doll.” he whispers, removing his cheek from your forehead and pressing his nose to your forehead. A shaky breath escapes his plump lips. “I wish it didn’t have to be like this, baby…” he mutters, tears clouding his vision. “We need the money though… and my job pays really good… and, god, I wanna take you and Ellie on that trip so badly…” Barry croaks out, cradling the back of your head in his palm.

“I know you do.” you nod, “We’re going to get that money before her birthday, Barr.” you soooth, cupping his cheek. “And you are the best daddy ever.” you praise, yawning slightly.

The speedster kisses your lips, squeezing your hand. “Sleep, darling.” he whispers, watching your eyelids flutter shut. How is he going to afford that trip to Disney? Looks like he has to use his powers. It’s for a good cause though. If his princess wants to meet princesses, then he’ll do whatever it takes.

Zayn’s Shade

I think Zayn might be the only one left I haven’t done a shade post for during the leaving stunt.  After today, I think it’s a good time.  I’m going to start with general stunt/OT5 is real shade, then do Ziam separately because there’s so much.

For starters, I always thought that this was odd.  It was the first pic of Zayn after him quitting the band was announced I’m pretty sure.  We always talk about how Zayn’s candids look like modeling shots, so how did this picture end up with such a goofy face?  I think Zayn did it on purpose to reassure fans that the situation wasn’t as dire as all that.

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Clotpolesonly - A bit of a throwback fic! I tried to put in stuff you mentioned enjoying, so fingers crossed it hits the spot :)

by @troubleiwant 

Explicit - no warnings

Post-S2 divergence with no Alpha Pack and nobody dead, just rebuilding the Hale House and with a little bit of pining and maybe some kissing! Also, minor Lydia/Stiles and Erica/Stiles friendships

Stiles scrubs a hand through his spiky-short hair. It needs a trim, but fuck it. Summer means he doesn’t have to worry about shit like that. He’s beyond glad to be done with the year, not least because he was getting sick of the wary looks cast his way on account of the damage Gerard’s beating had left on his face. The split lip is long healed by now, but the bruise across his cheekbone is still a tender reminder, reflected in the bathroom mirror and in the gentle tone his dad takes with him at breakfast.

It’s not so bad, though, Stiles thinks sternly at himself. So he got knocked around, so Boyd and Erica were tortured, so Jackson almost died. Nobody’s actually got killed, except for Matt, who deserved it, and…. and what is his life that that’s supposed to be a reassurance? No, Stiles corrects himself. Things are not great in ye olde Beacon HIlls. Not great at all. They’re supposed to be enjoying a carefree break like the kids they are, but instead there’s so much bad blood lingering around town that you could drown in it.

Even Scott, usually so optimistic about everything, has been knocked down a few pegs what with the breakup with Allison in the wake of her realizing how shitty her hunter family really was. He’s taking singledom a little better than Stiles though he might, honestly, but that means he’s alternating between calm assurance that he and Allison will get back together in the end, and weirdly obsessive focus on a tattoo he wants. Stiles is glad he has goals besides winning her back, but he isn’t at all excited about the specifics. Needles, man. Ugh. He’s not sure what kind of emotional pain a dude needs to be in to think that’s a good idea.

The Hale pack seems equally adrift after the events of the school year. Derek isn’t talking to Scott, on account of the whole “using you as a key element of a plan that I kind of forgot to tell you existed whoops” and new beta Jackson would try the patience of a saint, which Derek certainly is not. On top of that, Erica is handling the trauma of her kidnapping the same way she’d dealt with her frustrations about being bullied when she was first turned - with sex.

She’s flirty with Stiles, who does his best to ignore it, and with Isaac, who doesn’t quite understand that it’s only teasing. Apparently she even kissed Derek at training one day, according Boyd. Fuck if that isn’t a surreal (and, okay, kind of hot) thought. Wost, she keeps hitting on Jackson just to rile Lydia, who takes it just about as well as you’d expect. Isaac, hung up on Erica and already feeling pushed aside with Jackson’s entrance into the pack, takes it worse than that.

Add in all the normal hormonal disagreements between a bunch of teenagers trying to live together in an old abandoned house, and the Hale pack is basically a powderkeg.

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Mini-fic rec list for James/Thomas and James/Thomas/Miranda, as there have been a few people looking for recs recently! This is by no means an extensive list in any way, shape, or form - god, there is so much goddamn fantastic fic out there, thank you to Black Sails for drawing in such a talented fandom - the following is just a small taste. Positively, there are some underrated gems linked here that deserve some more love. (I always feel bad about rec lists, because I know I’ve inevitably lost track and missed a lot of great fics/stupidly talented authors, so I want to emphasize again, this is by no means extensive.) Most of these are newer fics from the last few months, but there are some older fics recommended, too.

I’m furiously kicking myself re: how many drabbles/short fics and drabbles/short fics from authors that just post on Tumblr have disappeared into the horrifying void that is my Tumblr Likes list, I was an absolute idiot for not keeping track of them separately. The following is pretty much just from AO3, as bookmarks made it easier to keep track of everything. (Sub-categories for one’s Likes outside of tags wouldn’t go astray, Tumblr, just sayin’. ie. categories for fic, meta, soul destroying gifs, etc.)

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