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When you’re feeling fat and muscular at the same time Lollol. Also ever see how people got that photo ready pose? watch the transition from gut to abs lollol. #followmyjourney #dedication #focus #motivation #bodybuilding #chest #tattoo #shoulders #will2befit

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A few people said that my skeleton bride Will would make a decent tattoo. Originally I was just going to paint it or something but if you’re brave enough to get a tattoo this is the design I had in my head,instead of the previous sketch.
…I’ll go over it with black later,I’m just too lazy right now.

quick body and anatomy studies with Eirik.

His ‘standard’ ( as in standard in his mind, aka unhealthy ) look is how you will usually see him. when his mind is more calm but still numb and neglectful and his mind is still getting in his way of daily tasks or life. He eats, but its still very little because most of times he isn’t in the mood to or too stressed to digest anything down, so he has visible bones but still has hints of muscles on his body, esp on his stomach area or legs since he works out too.

His ‘yikes’ look typically occurs when he is having an episode or something that him to relapse back to his eating dis.order where he stops eating at all and purposely starves himself.

The healthy one is when he eats more often and even goes to gym, but his super fast metabolism keeps from him to getting too much weight, too much fat or muscle mass, but he has instead lean, almost cyclist looking body with toned abs and arm muscles. It maybe doesn’t look like much but it’s way better and healthier than in the condition he usually puts himself into. This will occur when Eirik lives with someone who gives him an actual positive and not forceful motivation to improve his health and not neglect his body.

Shot of Myles Kennedy at Rock am ring, Germany. 

Shot by Natasja de Vries - anchorfocusphotography ©

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Shot for thisisallthingsloud !

tattooartist!luke was a little skeptical about giving you your first tattoo. he had been dating you for a while now, and he was nervous that he might fuck up your tattoo, you would hate him, and then break up with him. he did not think that by agreeing to give you your first tattoo would be the best decision he had ever made. 

he had you recline back on his seat, prepping his machines and getting the ink ready on the table next to him. to his great surprise, you weren’t even nervous. you calmly breathed in and out normally, gazing at him with a lazy smile. he made sure the stencil of the design you picked out was in the perfect spot on your collarbone and shoulder before taking the machine to your delicate skin. 

nothing prepared luke for what was about to happen. 

a few minutes into the tattoo, there was a comfortable silence. luke preferred it to be that way, he wanted all of his focus on the tattoo. he could feel the growing heat radiating off of you, which was normal, but he still checked up on you. he peered up at your face with wide blue eyes, his hand covered in inky symbols pausing the machine. 

your head was thrown back on the chair, eyes closed and cheeks flushed. a bolt of heat shot down luke’s core as he thought of your face when he goes down on you, not unlike the face you had on now. he quickly looked back down and got back to work. 

you began to writhe in the seat a few moments later, which again, was normal. it wasn’t until you let out the tiniest of whimpers did luke stiffen. he continued his work, only moving to a more sensitive area of your collarbone to test a slight theory in his mind. you let out a moan when he hit the spot. not a groan of pain, but a moan of pleasure. he distinctly knew the difference. smirking a little, luke stored the information away for later. 

you had a pain kink. 

luke ignored your moans and writhing the best he could while finishing the tattoo. he just couldn’t wait to get you back home.


luke had been strangely quiet on the way home from his shop. you had just gotten your first tattoo, courtesy of him, and if you were being honest, it was probably a bad idea. you were in love with his tattoo, it was flawless. but you totally exposed the fact that you had an embarrassing pain kink. it probably made luke uncomfortable, and that’s why he was so quiet. stepping through the door to your apartment, you reach for luke’s hand.

“luke, liste–” you were cut off by the harsh bruising force of luke’s lips on your own, his tattooed hands pushing you roughly to the wall. you moaned pornographically, because this was new. luke always treated you like you were going to break. you loved that because it made you feel infinitely cared for, but you wanted something more. something primal.

luke bit harshly at your lip, making wetness begin to pool in your panties. you tugged sharply at his hair, making him growl and press you harder into the wall. he released your swollen lips and dug his fingers into your hips, hard enough to leave bruises. he dropped his head into the crook of your neck to leave hot kisses there, biting down on your earlobe. you were in ecstasy. 

“you never told me you had a pain kink, pretty baby. i can’t wait to spank that naughty little ass of yours for keeping such a secret.”

I’M SUCH A BITCH I LOVE IT i literally look forward to blurb night jesus i love you krysten 



We are going to Mystic Village to walk around with my Ma.
Focus is not going to be happy because she has to wear her uncle Rocco’s blue harness and everyone is going to call her a boy, but she is girl. Hear her roar! Jk. she doesn’t care. she’s happy and comfy!

Happy Mother’s Day to the mommies of humans and fur babies! @focusthehusky on IG