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Beatles Drummer Ringo Starr and wife, Maureen “Mo” Cox, on Feb. 12, 1965, in Hove, Sussex, England. The couple married secretly in London on Feb. 11 and spent a three-day honeymoon at a friend’s home.

Maureen was 18 at the time and pregnant with the first of their three children. She took his real surname, Starkey, always called him “Richie” instead of “Ringo” and gave up her dream of owning a beauty salon to focus on being a wife and mother, They divorced in July 1975, after Maureen learned of Starr’s affair with Nancy Lee Andrews.

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because i'm a shithead, can you please write a u-kwon scenario where his girlfriend accidentally got herself lost on public transport and calls him because she's had an panic attack due to it

This was not at all where you’d wanted to go. Damn it, I knew I shouldn’t have tried to take the bus all by myself… New to Seoul, the words on the signs meant nothing to you, and worst of all, you were all out of cash - you had nothing on you but your ID and your phone. Immediately you could feel panic rising in your chest. Your hands were almost shaking too hard to dial his number.

Pick up. Please, jagiya, pick up…

“…hello?” Over the phone, Yukwon sounded groggy, and you felt guilty. With his hectic schedule, he was usually short on sleep, and from the sounds of things, you’d woken him. Blinking back tears, you replied:

“I’m so sorry to wake you…but I’m really scared…”

“What? ____?” Instantly, he seemed to wake up. “Why are you scared? What’s going on? Are you safe?”

You took a shaky breath. You hated making him worry… “Yes, I’m safe. I’m sorry. It’s not an emergency. I just…I missed my bus stop, and I have no idea where I am right now. I don’t know how to get home, and I don’t have money for another ticket…”

Much to your surprise, once he’d processed this, Yukwon chuckled. “You’re lost?” he asked. “What’s around you?”

You tried not to panic as you scanned your surroundings. Focus. “Um…a nail salon. A noodle place…” You continued to describe the shops around you, focusing on each name in turn to calm yourself down. You were a klutz, but Yukwon would fix it and make it all better, and that was why you loved him.

He stayed on the phone the entire way to meet you, and as the next bus pulled up to the stop, you breathed a sigh of relief as you saw your boyfriend. “There you are…I was so scared,” you whispered as you hung up. “I’m so sorry for making you come out here, jagiya…”

Yukwon smirked a little. “I’ve come to expect it. What would you ever do without me?” he teased, kissing your cheek. “I only knew because this noodle shop here happens to be my favorite. Here, let me buy you dinner before we head home…”

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