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i accidentally another character who was supposed to be an adoptable
her name is pilot. she can navigate sky, sea, space, and a few other things too, probably. if you’re willing to trust her and tolerate some… unconventional seating she can get you wherever it is you need to go, quickly and safely, even if getting there shouldn’t be possible.

Abstract Crack

Abstract patterns prevail in a bench in downtown Indianapolis

Sine Qua Non Photography: images by Nathanael Handlang

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Adolphe Ganot. Ghost Scenes, Formation of Images in Plane Mirrors, Images of the Camera Obscura, Virtual Image, Decompisition of Light by Prisms, Positives on Glass, Different Kinds of Lenses, Conjugate Focus, Visual Effects of Refraction, Electrical Discharge in Highly Rarefied Gases (Frontispiece). Natural Philosophy for General Readers and Young Persons. 1876.

14 Card Spread: The New Year

Last year I tried this spread for the coming year. I liked it, but this time I wanted to create a system of my own, focusing on the things I consider most important. This is the result:

1. Keyword: Core
This card is the one below #2 in the picture. A keyword for the new year, a sort of headline of what your main focus will be, what your new year will be about at its core.

2. Keyword: Context
A context for the core, providing further explanation as to what area(s) of your life will be affected or where/how this process will take place.

3. What do I take with me from the previous year?
The most important thing - perhaps a new insight or an experience - that you will bring with you from the previous year into this new one. Something to learn from, or something that you still need to solve in order to make progress and evolve. Depending on the card you draw in this position, it could be something that holds you back, or something that will aid you in your progress. A symbol of the past.

4. Focus for my mundane life
What you should or will focus on in your everyday life. This could be about your living situation, work, education, relationships - anything that occurs on the material plane.

5. Focus for my occult practice
What you should or will focus on in your spiritual, magickal, occult - whatever you call it - work. Could be a clue as to where you should go next, if you don’t already know, or a hint of what you might learn this year.

6. January-March: What will hold me back?
Any challenges or problems you might have to deal with during the first three months of the year. Something you have to work through, something that seems difficult.

7. January-March: What will help me move forward?
Something that could make it easier to overcome the obstacles. Something that will feel easy, flow without troubles. Something that makes you feel good and helps you grow and develop.

8, 10 & 12.
Same as #6 but for April-June, July-September, October-December, respectively.

9, 11 & 13.
Same as #7 but for April-June, July-September, October-December, respectively.

14: What will I take with me into the next year?
Same as #3 but from this new year into the following year.

General comments

  • The reason I picked even numbers for what’s holding you back, is that even numbers symbolize status quo to me, and status quo, to me, is stagnation. There is also a numerological significance behind the numbers 6 and 7 which I think suits this choice.
  • For the same reason, odd numbers signify movement for me, hence the choice to make them symbolize what helps you move forward - away from the status quo.
  • If you feel the opposite regarding the above, you can switch meaning of the even and odd numbers to make the spread suit your purposes.
  • Cards #4 and #5 are probably self-explanatory, with as above, so below.
  • Same goes for #3 and #14, which are past and future (if you read the spread from left to right) - if you read it from right to left, you might want to switch places for these cards.

Let me know what you think if you try this out!

The Kanadovs Part 1

Summary: In order to retrieve some important documents, Y/N has to pretend to be the wife of the person she hates the most; namely Pietro Maximoff.

Chapter List


Part One

“Not a fucking chance. Nuh-uh. No way,” you stated, starting to push your way back again. Clint rolled his eyes and grabbed your shoulder, turning you around.

“You’re doing this.”

“Over my dead body,” you hissed, but Clint was forcing you forward. The agent removed his sunglasses and placed them in his jacket pocket, using his heel to push himself swiftly away from the wall and make his way over to you.

“Barton will meet you at the tower and fly you out to Rome tonight. The other agent, aka your partner, has already been out there for a few days, gathering intel.” 

Maria looked out the window.

“Who is the other agent, if I may ask?”

She shrugged.

“No idea. Coulson picked him out. I’ve heard he’s good, though.” 

You nodded and joined her in her looking out the window.

“Why am I going? Surely Natasha would be a better option?” you asked.

“She’s on a different mission. You’re the best suited candidate out of all the agents, considering your history in espionage.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, I suppose.” 

She snorted with laughter and unbuckled her seat belt.

“We’re here.” 

She waited for the van to stop, before getting up and sliding the door open. 

You jumped out, grabbing your bags and making your way into the tower.

You entered the jet and placed your bags on the floor. Clint was already inside when you arrived, tapping his fingertips on the armrest impatiently.

“You ready?” he asked, and you nodded.

“Yeah,” you answered, sitting down in the co-pilot’s chair. You fidgeted a bit, trying to get comfortable.


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I just deactivated my twitter account and I feel like I’ve lost so many good friends. The people there were so nice and friendly, it was like a happy little family. 

I really hope I can see them again! 8m8 


트위터 존잘님들 정말 고마웠고요 다들 너무너무 사랑해요! <33 짧은 시간이었는데 정이 너무 들어버렸어요 ㅠ 보고싶을거에요! 으앙

디시 올게요! 나중에 또바요! =^)

You Can Never Go Home - Part Two

That Girl’s Not Right

You couldn’t focus on the plane ride. The rest of the team reviewed the files and threw round theories but you didn’t contribute except when some asked about some aspect of the town.

“You okay?” Rossi touched your shoulder as everyone grabbed their stuff after the plane landed.

“Yeah Im good” you said, forcing a smile.

“I know it can be tough going home” he said softly. You just nodded, you thought you had hidden it better than that.

Your stomach was in knots as you approached the sheriff’s station. Everyone bundled up the stairs behind Emily but you hung back. Maybe you should have stayed at Quantico. This was wrong. You couldn’t handle it after all.

Sheriff Coleman was older than you remembered. You had to remind yourself that it had been fifteen years. His thick hair was white and his faced was lined but still set in a permenant scowl. His gaze swept over the team as each one was introduced by Emily. Then it fell on you and your stomach flipped.

“We heard you were a fed now” he drawled “Didn’t think you’d be back for this though” Another voice cut in.

“We didn’t think they let murderers into the FBI” Pam, the station manageress/receptionist almost spat out the words from behind her next. You could almost feel the blood drain from your face. Pam and the Sheriff just scowled but the look on each of your teammates’ faces was worse. Confusion. Shock. Horror. No words would come out of your mouth, you just stood there, the air thick and heavy around you. Emily cut in to your eternal gratitude.

“The FBI only lets in the best and brightest” she said calmly with a smile that dared anyone to contradict her “And Agent y/n was only ever a witness in your investigation correct? I’ve reviewed the case files sent to the bureau when Agent Gideon was asked to consult-” wait, what? “-and I agreed with his assessment that you were looking for an adult male killer rather than a teenage girl.” Emily paused to let them consider the withering tone in which she had delivered that last part before continuing. “Agent y/n came to us with an impressive academic background and extensive professional experience and has proved herself an asset to this team several times over. I trust her presence here won’t be a problem?”

“No ma'am” said Coleman reluctantly. Emily nodded tersely before asking to be taken to a quiet room where you could all set up. You were still shaking when he left you alone. It was Rossi that broke the silence.

“So he’s still an asshole”

You looked at him in shock

“Wait, weren’t you retired from the BAU at that point?”

“Gideon called me up for a second opinion when he was asked to look over the case. The locals didn’t take too kindly to being told they were wrong but I agreed with him” The rest of the team bar Emily were regarding you with anticipation. You sighed.

“So when I was sixteen my high school boyfriend Toby and I were down by the river. We had cut school. I had to go home when it started getting dark but Toby stayed and-” your voice broke.

Emily reached out and placed a reassuring hand on your shoulder. You took a deep breath.

“The next morning Sheriff Coleman knocked on the door and they had found Toby by the river. Someone had beaten and drowned him. I was the last person to see him alive so I was questioned. I was never charged but people thought…” Your eyes began to sting.

“Toby was a big kid” Rossi added “Pushing six foot already and a star on the wrestling team. He put up a fight. I’m not sure y/n could take him now let alone when she was a kid. But small town mentality will out”

“Its brave of you to come back” said Tara with a reassuring smile.

“Its my job” you said with a sad shrug.

“So are the locals going to be a problem here?” asked Luke

“We just wanna solve this thing same as you agent” a familiar voice said.

“Dale!” You darted around the table and threw your arms around the tall guy who entered. He was the spitting image of Sherriff Coleman but twenty five years younger and his demeanor was the exact opposite. It had been at least fifteen years since you last saw and he looked so much more mature now but he had the same boyish grin as when you were kids.

“Everyone this is Dale Coleman he’s an old friend”

“It’s Deputy Coleman now” he said proudly “I’m gonna be working with you guys. Anything you need I can get you. We just want justice for these girls”

“Dale is one of the good guys and he knows everyone in town.”

“Glad to have you onboard Deputy” said Emily “Could you accompany Dr Lewis and Agent Alvez to the latest crime scene? Dave can you take the first crime scene? JJ and I will stay here and talk to Kaity and Sasha’s families while y/n and Reid head to the coroners”

Everyone moved at once. You were just about to follow Reid out of the door when Emily stopped you.

“I meant every word I said back there” she said softly “And Tara is right. It’s brave of you to come back here”. Your eyes were begining to sting again and all you could manage was a throaty thank you before you scurried out the door.

Part Three - In The Cracks will be up next week

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Hey, I'm so sorry for this. I know you've posted so many tutorials on how you color n stuff, but I just can't get it. I ADORE your art style and am trying to gain practice by mimicking it, but the coloring is making me so frustrated. Is there perhaps any extra little tips or details you can give? Again, I'm very sorry to bother.

hey! dont be sorry at all, i don’t mind. 

here’s a process thing with more images, if that will help- if you could be a bit more specific with what exactly you’re having trouble with i’d be happy to do something centered around that. hopefully something in here will make things click.

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The Quest for the Lost Treasure (Part 3)

Pairing: Adventurer!Jason Todd x Adventurer!Reader

Word Count: 1652

Summary: In university, you discover that an ancient treasure supposed to have been “found” was actually still lost. Determined to be the one to find it, you set off on a journey to find it, and run into Jason Todd and his adventurer posse. With Jason’s expertise of the land, and your natural talent for adventuring, you two are the perfect mix. Will you find the treasure smoothly? Or will you fail and lose a friendship?

Warnings: foul language, stolen vehicles, Jason being an ass again

A/N ooh la la there are some sassy moments up in dis chapter. I hope you like it! Its kinda a filler, but I promise the next chapter will be more action packed (PS get ready for the smolest batboy!)

Parts: 1 2

Reader POV

“Y/N! Y/N! There is a boy at the door for you!” I hear Maya’s grandmother shout. I sluggishly get out of bed and shuffle out of my (guest) room.

“What? What boy?” I shout as I pad over to the front door. I practically spent the whole night talking on the phone trying to get tickets to Colombia, but unfortunately, everything was booked. Just my luck.

“This boy,” Mrs. Caixeta gestures to the guy standing at her door, and surprise surprise, it’s Dick Grayson.

“What do you want?” I greet him grumpily.

“Good morning to you too. Are you ready to go?” He asks.

“What the hell do you mean? Speak English,” I slur.

“Well, first, I am speaking English. And, second, we’re taking you to Colombia. Get your stuff so I can take it and put it in the plane.” Dick explains. It takes me a few seconds, but I process what he says and jolt fully awake.

“Wait what?! You’re taking me? What about your jackass of a leader?” I ask.

“Uh, he doesn’t really know, he thinks that I went to go get some snacks for the flight,” Dick scratches the back of his neck.

“Oh great. Dick, it’s fine, I don’t want to get you in trouble. Just go to Colombia. Honestly, don’t worry about me,” I say as I begin to close the door.

“Y/N wait, please. Jason doesn’t know that you can really help us. He’s too proud to admit he needs help sometimes. He’s a really complicated person,” Dick pleads.

“You’re telling me,” I roll my eyes.

“Come on, join us. It could be fun,” Dick smiles. I look at him for a few seconds and then make my decision.

“I’ll be out in 10.” I tell him.

“10 minutes or seconds?”

“Minutes, I’m not the freaking Flash.”

Jason POV


“WE NEED THEM!” Tim shouts back.

“NO WE DON’T!” I argue.

“Can you shut up? I’m trying to sleep!” Damian comes down the stairs and walks over to me.

“No can do, Damian. Tim is being a pack-rat as usual,” I shake my head.

“Tell me again why I can’t come? I’m just as capable as Drake. You know this!” Damian asks.

“Dude, you’re like 10. I can’t let you come because you’re too young,” I ruffle his hair.

“I’m actually 11 so shut the–” Damian starts.

“LANGUAGE!” I interrupt. He flips me off and crosses his arms.

“I blame this on myself,” I refer to his near cursing incident, “Anyways, you can’t go and that’s final. Babs will take care of you while we’re gone, it’ll be fine.” 

“Aw man, what a buzzkill! Let the kid come!” I hear a familiar voice behind me. When I turn around, Y/N is standing there, next to Dick, with a smug smile on her face. She’s got a backpack and Dick is holding a duffel bag, which I assume is hers.

“Wowza,” Damian says.

“Shut up, pipsqueak,” I tell him. “What are you doing here?”

“Dickie bird here said I could come with. Thanks again,” she winks at me.

“You’re not welcome. Dick, I made it clear that we weren’t taking her. What the hell?” I say.

“Jason, now I really don’t care. Y/N is a nice girl and we should give her a hand. You have to get over the past and focus on the future. She can help us out,” Dick walks over to me. I glare at him for a few seconds before I look up at Y/N, who’s simply looking at her nails. Then I push past him and walk over to her.

“Okay fine, but here’s the thing: you’re not just gonna catch a ride with us and leave. I fully expect you to help find The Crown. If I catch you ditching us, you’ll be sorry,” I say as I grab her by the arm and pull her towards me. I look into her eyes, searching for a sign of fear, but there is none.

“Sounds like a plan,” a sly smile appears on her lips. Not even a little scared. I let her go and storm over to the house to find Tim.

“On one condition,” she calls out. I stop in my tracks and turn around.

“And that is?” I ask with agitation.

“Tater-tot gets to come with,” she nods at Damian. I look at Damian, who’s grinning up at me. I really don’t want to do this, but if it means her keeping the promise, then I have to.


Reader POV

As the song switches on my phone, I sigh for the third time during this car ride.

“We have been driving for half an hour. Didn’t you say you had a plane or something?” I turn to Dick and take out an earbud.

“Yeah, but it’s in a secret hiding place. We can’t just have a plane lying arou–” Dick starts.

“Jason you missed the turn again! The plane is right through those two trees!” Tim shouts from the passengers seat. Secret hiding place: revealed.

“Well it’s not my fault there are trees everywhere that look like those two damn trees!” Jason fires back. I roll my eyes at his foolishness and go back to listening to my music and looking at the jungle.

The song I’m listening to changes to a really upbeat song and I can’t help but bop my head lightly and hum it.

“What are you listening to?” Dick asks me. Instead of responding, I hand him one of my earbuds.

“Ooh, I like this.” He says and I laugh. He starts lip-syncing to the song and dancing, which causes me to laugh harder.

“Grayson, can you please stop?! You’re gonna hit me in the face!” Damian says from Dick’s right side.

“Nope. This is my jam!” Dick continues wiggling in his seat. Damian let’s out a dramatic groan and turns away from Dick.

I’m in love with your body!” Dick sings out, completely out of tune. Jason huffs and grips the steering wheel harder which makes me smile. This is fun.

“Dick shut up, we’re trying to find the plane,” Jason snaps.

“Man, you ruined my jam.” Dick says, still dancing.

“I think it’s entertaining,” Tim starts smiling.

I think it’s annoying,” Damian chimes in.

“Oh man, it’s this song!” Dick turns to me as a new song comes on. (It’s Panic! at the Disco’s I Write Sins Not Tragedies). “You have great music taste.”

“Thanks, I try,” I shrug.

“Okay we’re here!” Jason says tensely, stopping the jeep abruptly. I look around and see we’re in a clearing near a river and a plane is on the platform we’re parked on. Now here’s the interesting part. It’s not like an airplane that you find at the airport. It’s a cross between a biplane and a seaplane.

That’s your plane?” I point at it as I get out of the car.

“Yup! She’s a beaut, isn’t she?” Jason looks at it proudly.

“If you think that’s a beaut I wonder what you think about actual humans,” I quip as I grab my stuff and follow Dick, Tim and Damian to the plane while Jason gapes at me. “Hello? Aren’t you gonna join?”

Jason narrows his eyes at me and harshly grabs his stuff.

When we arrive, Jason fishes the keys out of his pocket and opens the door to the pilot seat.

“Alright guys, get in.” He says.

“Wait what about your car?” I ask as Dick takes my stuff and puts it in the backseat.

“I’m sure the owner will find it in a few days,” Jason gets in the pilot seat. I widen my eyes as Tim helps me up.

“You stole the car?! Did you steal the plane too?!” I exclaim.

“What? No! We built this plane! What makes you think we stole it?” Jason asks as he starts up the plane.

“Uh, you stole a car, I think I have the right to question where you got this plane,” I point out.

“Alright, I don’t blame you for wondering that, but for the record, we can’t drive around Brazil in a plane, so we kinda needed a car,” Jason puts a pair of headphones on. I follow his lead and put my own on.

“You could have just rented one,” I say. Jason turns around and looks at me with disgust.

“You’re such a goody-goody,” he scoffs and turns around.

“Excuse me? I’ll have you know that I–” I start to argue back.

“Girls girls, you’re both pretty, can we go now?” Damian interrupts us.

I laugh at Damian’s witty remark while Jason glares at the dashboard.

“Shut up, short-stack, we’re leaving now,” Jason says and starts steering the plane toward the river.

“I’m not short!” Damian fires back.

“You kinda are, Damian,” Tim says from next to him.

“I’m fun-size,” Damian mutters and crosses his arms.

“It’s okay Damian, you can’t help that your brothers are freaking behemoths. I understand the struggle,” I hold up my fist for a fist bump, which Damian returns. Tim and Dick snort and Jason shakes his head and rubs his temples.

“If everyone could just shut the fuck up for one second so I can focus on getting this plane off the ground without dying, that would be great,” Jason says into his headphone mic.

“Language, we have a small child aboard,” I whisper into the mic. Dick and Tim burst out laughing and Damian snickers.

“Just shut up!” Jason snaps. Our laughing quiets down and Jason readies the plane for taking off. He and Dick talk through the procedures and then he moves the plane forward.

The next thing I know, we’re flying high above Brazil.

Corona, here I come.


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Film Techniques in Marvel Movies (8/??)

Cinematography Technique: Racking/Pulling Focus

/Racking focus is the process of switching the focal point from one subject/object in a frame to another subject/object that is closer or farther from the camera; by racking the focus from one plane in the scene to another, you can direct the attention of the viewer and can also lend a dramatic flare to certain shots./

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) dir. James Gunn

Fear of Flight (Jumin x MC)

Jumin takes you along for his first business trip after you wed, only to find out you’re terrified of flying.

Word Count: 741

This is meant to branch off into another story I’ll be doing in the city where Jumin’s business trip is occurring. That’ll most likely be out tomorrow. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy! Thank you!


You climbed up the steps to the plane with your husband walking a bit ahead.

This would be the first business you’d be joining him on since you wed.

Apparently, this would be to Rome.

Despite this, you couldn’t ignore the way your heart beat a million miles a minute, or how your legs teetered unsteadily.

“Love, are you alright?” Jumin asked, turning around, smiling softly. “You seem a bit uneasy.”

“U-Um…I-I’m fine.” You called back, looking up at the enormous airplane.

Just a little bit terrified.

He sighed, climbing back to you. “What’s the matter?”

“N-Nothing!” You insisted.

“You’re not fooling anyone darling.”

You bit your lip, eventually giving up. “I-I’m afraid of flying…” You felt your shoulders tighten up with worry. “P-Please don’t laugh.”

He didn’t laugh.

He took your hand, gently running his thumb over your knuckles. “Okay, I don’t know if this will help much…but just hold onto my hand. I promise that you’re 100% safe with me MC, so just take deep breaths.”

You nodded, squeezing his hand tighter and tighter as you came closer to the top. “I-I’m sorry.” You continuously apologized, a faint grin growing on your face when he’d as well squeeze your hand in return.

“You’ve got nothing to be sorry for.” He assured you. “We all have fears, we’d rather not admit.”

“Do you have one?”

He held his breath, laughing weakly. “I don’t… like geese.”

You choked back laughter, instead giving him reassuring words. “I don’t think anyone does.”

“They are known to be angry things.” He said. “But planes aren’t love, you have nothing to fear.”

You nodded, the smallest giggle escaping you. “Thank you Jumin.”

Perhaps to lighten your mood was his intention, as his smile only widened at your response.

You finally entered the massive plane, your jaw nearly dropping.

It looked like a small parlor, with sofas and seats clustered together around a television. It even had patterned pillows resting along the sides with blankets strewn on top.

Why it even had a small dining area.

Yet of course in the very back was a small set of seats that you’d usually seen on planes.

Jumin guided you towards it. “We’ll be taking off in a few minutes, so I’m sure you’d rather be buckled in?”

“Probably.” You sat yourself down, hurriedly buckling up. “What happens if I don’t?”

“I’d rather not find out love.”

You began taking deep breaths, your mind of course only focusing on the worst case scenario.

Your husband during this time, still held onto your hand while speaking words of encouragement to you.

“It’ll be fine. Taking off is the hardest part but I know you’ll be okay.”

You knew that was true. If there was even a 0.0001% chance of you getting hurt he would’ve never even thought of you getting onto the plane.

But that wasn’t going to stop the worrying.

When the plane finally took off, you pressed yourself into the back of the seat, your lungs clamping shut with the sudden pressure.

“Oh my goodness.” You cried, scrunching up your nose. “Jumin!”

He frowned, pulling your face to look at him. “Look at me, don’t think about the plane. Just focus on me.”

You nodded, switching all of your attention onto him. You stared into his coal black eyes, your breathing progressively slowing.

Your steel tight grip on his hand loosened, and your body relaxed.

He leaned forward, tenderly placing a kiss on your forehead as it was now safe to move about.

“You did a fantastic job.”

“I feel like such a mess.” You dropped your head onto his shoulder, resting in the crook of his neck.

“It was your first time, of course you’d be frightened.” He stroked your hair, his voice twirled with warmth. “You handled it much better than others would.”

“Did you react ‘this well’ with your first encounter with geese?”

“No, I did not. I reacted horribly.” He shrugged. “Granted, I was a child.”

“How do you think you’d handle it now?”

He thought for a moment. “I don’t know…” He said. “I suppose you’ll just have to stay by my side to find out.”

“I would be more than happy to do that.”

[Guest Writer] When you need to wake Hoya up at the airport

Scenario: You’re nervous of flying, Hoya is super tired, and you need to have him alert.
Rating: hot hot hot
Word Count: 1923

You hated flying.

You had flown once in your life before and it had been hellish for you. You had been alone and confused and scared and your stomach was in knots the whole time. But when your boyfriend Hoya planned out this vacation getaway for you it had obviously never crossed his mind that the flying part could be a problem. You hadn’t talked to him about this fear. And you didn’t want to burst his bubble now either.

Instead you were just going to deal with it.

You were nervous the whole night before and barely slept, while Hoya slept like a baby in your arms. It was cute though which helped. He always helped.

But he couldn’t completely rid you of these nerves.

The morning of your flight you had run around to get ready anxiously. You drank two cups of coffee to get yourself going and then immediately regretted it. You were wired now. Your energy was at an all time high with the caffeine and anxiety blending together.

Hoya didn’t even notice though.

Your big baby of a boyfriend was dressed in his sweatpants and hoodie combination with his bags beside him as he slept in a chair in the kitchen. He didn’t get up until the last moment before you left the house to take a cab to the airport.

You couldn’t blame him for being exhausted though. It was 4 am after all. You had asked him to pick a very early flight because it was cheaper. But really you just knew that you wouldn’t sleep much anyway so you figured you’d just get it over with.

But now you found yourself dragging your sleepy boyfriend to the back of a taxi where he immediately nuzzled into your shoulder, mumbled ‘I love you babe’ and then fell back asleep.

You sighed and looked down at his beautifully peaceful face.

“You need to stay with me here,” you whispered to his sleeping form. “I’m scared.”

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I remember when Chapecoense was at the D division.

Having a significant part of my family spending part of their lives in their city, I remember the jokes and smiles when the team made it into the C division a few years back. And again when it made it to the B division. And when, against all odds, it made into our A league. Who would have thought? A team with such little resources and so far from the capitals all of a sudden playing against our biggest, classic names! And now they had made it into the international championships as well!

In a country where soccer often leads to irrational violence, nobody ever hated Chapecoense. How could they? A small team, from a small city, with small support, but that was surely rising to the top of our game just when this country lost faith in soccer the most - and rising fast. Their dreams were big. And there they went, to play the most important game on the history of the team so far.

And there they died. 

So it should come as no surprise that Brazil woke up a little emptier and a lot sadder this morning. As the newspapers tried to understand what happened and the search for survivors went on and on with little results, the nations heart broke. At every corner, every table of every bar and every restaurant, you could see the sadness while people tried to get a grasp at what had happened, our stomachs slightly unsettled at the thought of the irreversible and incomprehensible faith that so suddenly had taken the lives of over seventy people. Most of the team, dead. The entire technical team, dead. The journalists, dead. The crew, dead. The few, five, people found alive, gravely injured. One of the players had lost a leg. Another, stuck in spine surgery. Young minds from simple places that just this week were posting funny commemorative videos on the internet, having seen their dreams come true.

I half intended this text to go somewhere else. To comment on the world, that just as this young, different team, had just been getting the attention and the rights that it deserved, full of dreams and hopes, and in 2016 seemingly came down with a loud crash. But, tonight, I am just too sad for that. Sorry. I have no hopes for 2017. The damage is near to irreparable; the lives, irreplaceable; the future, uncertain.

 And still, people, clubs, teams, authorities are gathering forces to make sure Chapecoense still exists tomorrow. A hashtag spreads through social media urging them to resist. And so, I guess, should we. 

Cinematography: Seeing The Angles

Term: Tilt-shift lens

What it is: A lens that can be moved on the front of the camera, either tilting - rotating on a vertical (think of opening a door) or horizontal (think of opening a box lid) axis, or shifting - moving side-to-side or up-and-down on the original axis (think of an elevator). 

What it does: Sets the plane of focus at an angle to the camera so that you see only part of the image in focus with most of the image out of focus. It can also be used to deepen focus so you have more depth of field front to back.

Uses: Brings attention to one part of an image. Helpful for highlighting the area you want the viewer to look at, like the name on a building, while blurring out everything else to minimize distraction. Can remove distortion on architecture (prevents lines from converging a la perspective). Adds a distinctive visual style/signature. Can produce a dream-like effect. Can give an effect of large things looking miniaturized. Looks pretty.

Examples in Sherlock:

John awaking from a nightmare.

Picadilly Circus.

Title card.

There are some shots where I suspect the increase-depth-of-field technique (Scheimpflug) is being used, based on my experience with lenses, but I can’t be certain without knowing everything about the equipment, so I’m not including those.

The tilted-depth-of-field (reduced focus) effect can be produced in post-production editing software. The increased-depth-of-field cannot, obviously.


Just like he’d told Della the day before, Launchpad McQuack was up bright and early and was at his family’s hangar. He was busy tinkering on his personal bi-plane; it needed a few special parts for a show they were going to fly in in a week’s time. It was slow-going getting the parts on, and it wasn’t due to his lack of skill. He was distracted as all get out, waiting for his phone to start buzzing at him.

Any minute now I’m gonna get a text that’s going to lead me to doing one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life! he thought. 

Launchpad re-focused his attention on his plane and frowned. He’d put the smoke fin on backwards. Again. He shook his head and removed it, setting it aside.

“Aww, forget it. I’ll do this later. I’ve got plenty of time.”

Time to try focusing on something else.

No matter how hard Launchpad tried, he just couldn’t focus on his own plane. All he could think about was the P-17 and its pilot.

With the provocations of Egypt in May of 1967, culminating in the blockade, Israel had no intention of simply rolling over. The government had long made clear that a blockade of their Red Sea access would be seen as an act of war, and regardless of Nasser’s intentions, Israel was willing to accept it as such. 

On the morning of June 5th, an all-out strike was launched without preamble. In what has since often been heralded as the most successful air operation of all time, the Israeli air attack was able to destroy over 450 Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian aircraft, or more than 2/3 of the Arab states’ entire air forces, and significantly damage most military airfields. Surprise complete, most were knocked out on the ground. Possessing less than 200 combat aircraft at the beginning of the war - and losing only 19 that day - Operation Focus caused a major swing in the balance of forces, and afforded Israel an unexpected level of air superiority for the duration of the Six-Day War.