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  • Jane: That's your attempt at a proposal? Rushed into the last 3 minutes of an episode in which Emma hasn't even appeared at all?
  • Andrew & Dana: well...yes?
  • Jane: hahahahahahaha no, no, no. Not for Captain Swan, darlings. Nope. I'm undoing it & rewriting it. I'm giving them the build up and the full episode focus they deserve before such a big moment. I'm giving them a second proposal. Because they deserve that shit yo. Bye.

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Lol okay then here's a zimbit: Jack loves working out with Bitty. Unlike one would think, Jack usually doesn't get as in to the working out as Bitty does, but he does get very into watching the way Bitty's muscles move, and the effortless way he goes through his workout. Jack does work out alongside him, but will likely slow to a stop admiring the way The Light Hit Bitty's Abs. - Alcohol Anon

lmaoo I feel like we as a fandom have established Bitty as a cardio guy and a squat guy thanks to the Better Bitty Booty Bureau but I see him as a pull-up enthusiast giving that opportunity for The Light Hitting Bitty’s Abs moment and Jack Is Trying To Focus On His Sit-Up Goddamn 

Jack is also known for that ass so Bitty goes tend to stare at Jack as he goes on to do his squats, and burpees, and honestly everything why is Jack’s athletic shorts so tight on the waist???? 

look I leave for work in an hour I have no time to actually do anything besides spam my blog about bullshit

but anyway, my favorite part of the ‘We need to Morph/fuck us we can’t Morph’ montage is the points where the Rangers are just standing around YELLING AT EACH OTHER To FOCUS. These actors are honestly fantastic and the moment is so genuine because they’re all frustrated and they’re all talking at once which is something I adore in cinema because so rarely do lines overlap and its CLEARLY adlibed but everyone is on point and I can’t wait to see the movie again. When I find a good rip, y’all are fucked

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hey guys!!! i’m not going to be quite so active on this blog anymore, at least for the time being. i’m super busy with uni and work and need to focus on those at the moment. my queue will keep rolling and hopefully won’t run out before i can find a chance to play, but i probs won’t be around to answer asks/wcifs/replies/etc as much!!!! ily & peace out

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It's really embarrassing how entitled people act towards sapphic centric posts. Like god forbid for one moment the focus isn't all about them. They need to get over themselves.

EXACTLYYY!!!!! thats why i have no tolerance for these folks anymore. how tf can u feel entitled to a damn tumblr post like!! what!

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You know this is a terrible idea, right? for jemma any pairing, dealers choice

There’s blood on Jemma’s blouse. She has to concentrate hard to pick it out among the slightly abstract floral pattern, but it’s definitely blood. 

She struggles to remember how it got there as the bouncing of the vehicle lifts her head. The moment her eyes focus on the men huddled with her in the dark confines of the van, she remembers exactly how the blood came to be on her shirt.

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I'm going to watch the new series only for Boruto and Mitsuki. Their bromance is so cute. Also hoping for sunshine family moments.

Byakugan focus. Boom.

Ride over the clouds ☆゚.*・。゚



rory & logan | written in the stars

Don’t let your mind wonder to what may, or may not be; don’t focus on the problems that might, or might not come in the morning. Do not concern yourself with yesterday, or yesteryear; it has nothing new to say to you, so why answer the call? Instead, breathe in deeply with a mind that is clear and feel the present moment wash over you; and as you breath out, allow yourself to wallow in the stillness you’ve created. Now you are here.
—  Dave J Watson ~ @aspiritualwarrior

The necessity to have a dream to strive for in this series is about as blatant as can be in chapter 14. Eren has completely zoned out in titan form, not consciously aware of the harsh reality surrounding him. Eren’s dream-like state is interesting to analyze. 

He’s a child again, the 9 or 10 year old living with his mom, dad, and Mikasa. His family. His home. It’s a peaceful place, away from the calamity of the world he’s trapped in. Armin is desperately trying to reach him, to bring him back to his senses, out of that complacency he’s been lured into. Stabbing him through the arm in a futile attempt to cut him from the titan did nothing to deter Eren from his hazy state. The titan reacted, but mentally, Eren is still trapped. 

In his dreamlike state, Eren is apathetic to the idea of going outside at all. He has no desire to join the Survey Corps. Despite hearing Armin’s cries about the danger of the situation he and everyone is in, Eren remains blissfully disconnected from it. He shows no signs of wanting to go anywhere or do anything, even when others are in danger.

This may as well be an entirely different character Armin is trying to talk to. This isn’t the Eren he knows and loves at all. 

The readers have the luxury of seeing both sides of this conversation, but it’s easy to forget that Armin can’t actually hear anything Eren is saying back to him. He can’t hear Eren questioning why he should even go outside, but right after Eren says that, Armin begins talking about the outside world, as if on cue.

He realizes his previous tactics weren’t working, and tries for a different approach. 

He doesn’t just start off with mentioning the world beyond the walls in general. he opens up by reminding Eren how they are going to go together. And that’s what starts bringing Eren back, what starts to pull him out of his passive state.

Armin goes on about the wonders of the world, then says something intriguing. 

Suddenly, Armin’s surprised expression back from the night of graduation makes more sense. Eren hadn’t talked about the desire to explore the outside world in years. Armin had become convinced he either forget or lost interest, but he was wrong. Eren knew talking about it would just entice Armin more, possibly persuading him to join the Survey Corps. That’s why he hesitated to be open about his dream when addressing his fellow trainees, and why immediately after he was concerned about which branch Armin decided to join.

It’s like this thought only now hit Armin, and that’s why his face lit up right before he began talking about the outside world to Eren again here. It wasn’t just the prospect of their dream that invigorated him, it was the realization that Eren went quiet about it for the sake of protecting him. 

Now, Armin is reminding Eren of that dream. If the thought of the outside world alone was enough to get Eren reinvigorated, then he would have already been brought back to his senses the moment he spoke about it in his dreamlike state (”Why do I have to go outside? Why join the Survey Corps?”). That isn’t the case. It takes Armin reminding him that they planned on going there together that makes it possible for Eren to stir. As far as Eren is aware, his sole reason for being motivated by the world beyond the walls is because he believes in retaking their freedom stolen from them. A freedom humanity should have by basic right. He says as much to Armin when questioned why he wanted to go outside in the first place. 

“It’s because…I was born into this world!”

And Eren regains full control. Even as he carries the boulder to seal the gate, to complete the mission to secure humanity’s first true victory against the titans, he thinks back to Armin questioning his wish to go outside. 

Eren believes everyone has a right to see the world beyond the walls, it’s a freedom they are all entitled to the moment they are born. No one should be allowed to take that from them. Seeing the outside world is the greatest freedom Eren can imagine, so working towards that goal is what motivates him. It’s his most basic, or primordial, desire. 

(Other translations use the word “primitive,” but take a wild guess which one I prefer)

Had Eren never been introduced to the idea of there being an entire bountiful world beyond the walls, you have to wonder what his life would have been like. It was the realization that there was so much out there, but couldn’t be accessed because of the titans, that spurred his desire for taking back that freedom. He became adamant about fighting back against anyone who tried to take away freedom, whether it was titans or traffickers.

Eren’s own personality dictated how he went about seeking that freedom, but the inspiration to do so started with one illegal book. A book that was shared with him by another kid who was an outcast just like him. A kid who made the idea of seeing all those wonders in the book seem like a fantastic dream rather than nonsensical writings. That all became the foundation for Eren’s motivation, and is shared by Armin just as well. 

Yours, Unfaithfully [Chapter 1]

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Series Genre: AU/Angst/Smut


A quarter century had passed since your birth and here you stand. Your emerald evening gown is pulled up, helping you to move quickly into an empty room somewhere in the plaza. The sounds of the string quartet your parents hired to play at your birthday party are muffled as he shut the door behind you.

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ok, i’ll bite:

if it’s time for other characters in the show to be developed aside from the four main characters (some of which are still lacking in owed development - cough cough - ruby rose), then how come everyone is only saying this in reference to jaune? ren, nora, and the members of the other teams exist, too. they are also side characters.

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