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David Tennant - Richard II

From the special features on the RSC’s Richard II DVD

This dude has a weird face and rather daft hair, but I love him and I need to draw him more.

Fun fact: I’ve been getting bi vibes off of Harry ever since I was about 15 and watching Silent Witness for the first time, so he might actually have been my first ever queer headcanon? (Discounting instances of “this character is ace, but I don’t know the word for that yet”, that is.)


something like you love me by @killians-dimples

Summary: Emma decides the best way to get Mary Margaret off her back about Walsh is to say she already has a boyfriend. Except she doesn’t. That’s where Killian comes in.

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There’s some weird depressing headcanon/theory going around that Buck’s dad doesn’t really love him at all, and only liked Buck’s drawing because it supported him being mayor, and I’m like? Where are you seeing this? 

Like, listen. Bill Dewey is definitely focused on his job, maybe even a bit overly-fixated. I absolutely agree that his devotion to being Beach City mayor is most of the reason he and Buck’s relationship is so strained. 

However, that being said, while Bill might not be the best dad, I think it’s more than fair to assume he’s at least a good dad, and that he tries, and that he loves his son.

I guess I’ll take this as an opportunity to talk about Mayor Dewey in the Shirt Club episode now, since I already talked about Buck. I’ll go ahead and offer my interpretation of what his relationship with Buck is like based on the episode.

Okay, so, Bill Dewey has been the mayor of Beach City for… a while. At first he comes off mostly as a bland, typical sort of political figure character who may sometimes abuse his power a little (driving on the boardwalk; “I’m the mayor! I’m not gonna walk everywhere!”). When something goes wrong he panics, and it’s funny. 

In Political Power, we get to see a bit more of Bill Dewey and understand his motivations a little. While he may not be the best mayor, there’s an emphasis on the fact that he does what he thinks is best; not for him, but for everyone in Beach City. He comes up with a short term solution to an obviously serious and possibly long-term problem. You can argue that isn’t the ‘right’ thing to do, but as someone who is meant to fix things, what else was Dewey supposed to say or do given the issue at hand (one he didn’t cause and certainly had no way of fixing himself)?

During Steven’s speech, he tells the others that Dewey lied to them because he loves them, and I honestly think Dewey does care about everyone in Beach City. He’s their mayor, and he may not be the best, but he certainly tries. He panics about issues because they are issues relative to his city, his home - it makes perfect sense for him to be worried or upset over things like the entire freaking ocean disappearing and giant green hands pointing at him from the sky. 

Bill Dewey loves being mayor, and he cares about being mayor.  

Now, let’s get focus back to Shirt Club. Imagine this - you’re mayor. You love being mayor. You also love your young son, who draws you this cute picture that says ‘Vote For My Dad’. Your son loves you, and he knows you love being mayor, thus the drawing and it’s supportive slogan. You are touched, because your son loves you, and he supports you.

There’s the argument that Buck only liked the drawing because it was about him being mayor, but here’s the thing - Buck wrote that. Buck wrote the words ‘vote for my dad’ because even as a kid, he understood how important being mayor was to his father. He knew it was something Bill loved, something that made him happy. 

But here’s what I think happened. Buck drew this for his father, and he either intended to have them reprinted and posted around Beach City, or his father suggested it and Buck agreed, or Bill Dewey loved them so much that he did it himself. It could be any of those three - we don’t know for sure. What I think then happened was Buck’s pictures where made fun of; either that or having them everywhere out in the open made him feel self-conscious about his affection for his dad. I talked more about this in my other post, but basically it was the beginning of Buck’s resentment for his father’s mayoral status and why he feels embarrassed about his own feelings.

The thing is, I don’t know if Bill ever noticed the change really. He’s a very busy man, has things to do, and it leaves little room for much quality time or affection (which I think is why Bill seems so affectionate now; maybe he’s trying to make up for lost time). His son grows up to be just as distant - I mean it’s not as if Buck welcomes his father’s affection now, or ties to be close to him (although I think it’s sweet he still visibly supports his father by attending his events). Bill probably never noticed or even thought about the possibility anyone might think/say anything negative about the pictures, because it was a wonderful gift from his son. 

Bill Dewey is in the middle of an (admittedly bad) speech, commemorating this dang old bench, when he gets suddenly gets shot by a shirt and is knocked over. People panic and some run away - the speech and the moment is ruined. But instead of getting mad, Bill is surprised. He picks up a shirt (”Buck… did you do this?”), a shirt with the drawing his son made for him out of love, in a time when they where closer, one he has fond memories of.

And here’s the point I think people miss… If being mayor is so important to Dewey, more important than his Buck’s feelings (or Buck in general), why does he not get mad? I mean, again, he was just shot at in the middle of a speech. And it seems apparent that it’s his son’s doing, or at least Buck is somewhat involved/responsible for the thing happening. All this and Bill doesn’t get mad. Rather, he quietly smiles and says: “This bench is actually pretty comfortable.”

Bill Dewey, who is always focused on the job; Bill Dewey, who is emotionally distant from his son; Bill Dewey who just got a shirt shot at him… This man sits quietly and looks at a shirt featuring the drawing of his son, whom he loves, and he smiles and he settles, and he appreciates the moment. He appreciates the bench. A bench he may have never even sat on himself. This silly bench he didn’t even write a proper speech for. 

It’s one of those weird lines that means more than you think it does… Or maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m looking too much into things. But like… I cant believe Bill isn’t a loving dad, even if he’s not the best. 

Maybe it’s too soon to say for sure. But as of now, Bill Dewey still gets my vote.


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