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Request: Can I have a Shay x reader where the reader is also an artist? And maybe she doesn’t have a sketchbook and just draws on whatever parchment she can find,so Shay feels like this is his chance to admit his feelings for her?

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Y/N huffed in annoyance, unable to focus on the deck of the Morrigan, listening to the crew around her sing and laugh while she started making her way to the captain’s cabin. She knocked on the door quickly then opened it, stepping inside of the cluttered almost office area.

Shay looked up after hearing the door open then close, smiling at the girl. “Is my crew driving you mad?” “You know they are, Captain Cormac.” Y/N replied, Shay laughing and motioning for her to come to him. "Tell me about it.” “I’m not telling you anything, you’re the one who scrapped this crew together.” Y/N replied, walking to Shay’s desk, running her hands over the old map that lay on top of it- covering the surface completely. Shay smiled softly and watched the girl, nodding. "Aye. They’re a fine crew, though.” He then said, keeping his eyes on the girl in front of him, her eyes drifting to the map underneath her hands.

“Do you still need this map?” Y/N sheepishly asked, looking at Shay with an old map in her hand. The man only smiled at her, shaking his head. “No. We were finished with it long ago- I don’t know why I kept it. You can use it.” Shay then replied, standing up from the chair at the desk in his captain’s quarters, motioning for Y/N to take his place.

A small ceremony for the two, in a way.

“You know… Normally, I wouldn’t give up my chair so willingly, but… There’s something different about you. It may be because I get to see your pretty face change so fast- like when you mess up a line and your eyebrows furrow together before you huff out a sigh of frustration.” Shay started, grabbing Y/N’s attention as the girl smiled, looking up at him. “You notice all those things, Shay?” She then asked, keeping her smile as her eyes met his. Shay smiled, nodding. "I do, lass. They’re just a few of my favorite things I notice about you when you’re working on a picture. The others are when you get excited about finishing one, then when you realize your hands are covered in ink and you’re just… Frustrated. And now that I have your attention… I think I’ve fallen for you.” Shay then said, watching Y/N for a reaction.

Y/N’s eyes widened in surprise, then she smiled, Shay’s face relaxing.

“Took you long enough to say something, Captain.”

brenoranyere  asked:

Do you think elemental heroes were the starting point for "let's put our best cards on the extra deck" direction of the game? Also, do you have anything you would like to see on Vrains, like more focus on the main deck or more focus on the suporting cast?

There’s nothing I could want more from Vrains than just GX with more focus on the side characters

The Grand Opening of Word of Commander

Hello, I am a long time magic player who  started off in Urza’s Saga and used to play competitive Legacy. Since the format had died down I have found myself playing Commander as my go to format. All the years of playing in Legacy have shown me a variety of interesting interactions that I now employ in my EDH decks. In this blog I hope to explore the commander format and help others with deck construction. While the main focus of this blog is Commander feel free to ask questions about other formats as well. I have played everything from Vintage and Freeform to Momir Basic and Prismatic Staircase.

With that I leave off with the first peice of wisdom I would like to share;

The key to building a great deck is to find focus and synnergy. If the deck itself does not know what it wants to do then how is a player expected to pilot it? Don’t think this means decks are meant to be narrow. One of the best forms of synnergy is cards that cover each other’s weaknesses. 

You need to find the goal of your deck, whether it be control the board, assemble some sort of combo, generate overwhelming card advantage, or simply reduce your opponents to 0 life in the fastest way possible. Then, once you do that, find cards that both help you acomplish your goal and prevent others from stopping your goal. Make the deck adaptable but do not lose your original purpose in doing so. 

Look at current constructed decks and you will see this philosophy put into practice; the Hurkly’s Recall in Vintage storm that can either reset Moxen for storm count or get rid of a Sphere of resistance that prevents them from going off, the Reclamation Sages in Modern Chord decks that can both remove problematic permanents but still attack and provide a body for more convoking, or even in Standard where running Nantuko Husk has found its way into the Black Blue Sacrifice deck as both a sac outlet and a combo kill with Whirler Rogue. These cards are flexible and while not always obvious inclusions in a deck they work towards the goal of the deck from a different angle at times.

Now those are all 60 card decks. In commander you have 100 cards, and very wide cardpool that is not restriced by playability like in vintage or time of printing like in standard. Almost every card is viable and every strategy is viable as well. This wide variety not only makes deck construction more interesting but requires even greater flexibility than those 60 card decks because you will never know what you can run into. Despite all these differences the philosophy of deck construction still remains. Figure out what you want to do, then find out how you can do it.

I will go into more detail about this when we start discussing commanders and you start bringing me decks to look at. For now, good luck and have fun!