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Lupita by Elicia Donze. Drawn in PS. Please do not remove caption.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Lupita Nyong'o. Portrait is a close-up. Lupita is wearing a purple jacket with with a white silk collar and shimmery white thread earrings, bright red lipstick, and glittery purple eyeshadow. Her black hair is shaved on the sides and piled in a sleek pompadour on top. A starburst effect creates rays of colors radiating outward as if Lupita has been captured by a retro soft-focus flare. The background is vivid bubblegum pink.]

How to remove backgrounds (the easy way)

 First, pick a picture with a strong difference between your focus and the background. The easiest ones will always be photo shoots with solid backgrounds.

Today I’m going to use this photo:

1) Open up your photo and select the Selection tool. Make sure it’s on plus.

2) Click and drag around your focal point until you have your background selected. Switch to the minus to remove parts if it selects too much. 

3) Next, invert the selection.

4) Then add a vector mask by clicking the square with a circle in it.

Example: Your layer should look like this.

5) Double click the black and white box on your layer and this window will pop up.

6) Select the Refine Edge Brush Tool and make sure it’s on plus. 

7) Zoom in and paint around the edges of the hair or finer details. If it adds too much, click the minus sign and repaint over the spot.

Example: The left half of her hair has been brushed over while the right side has not. You can notice a considerable difference bectween the hardness of the pixels. (also, feel free to adjust the Global Refinements/Edge Detection to your liking, just play around with the sliders and you’ll catch on quick!)

8) Click OK and review your image. 

9) Reselect the black and white vector mask and change your PS colors to black and white. Using the brush tool, go in and paint back (or out) details. Or, use the Polygonal lasso tool to make a selection and fill it with black to remove or white to add. Here, I removed a section between her arm and her waist.

10) Finally, add a background color/pattern and add any psds/actions/etc.

Here’s the final product! Hope this helps!

Study tips for the signs

(lil note: These are some tips i sometimes personally use and like, so i hope they might help you as well. Good luck to all of you at school!!)

Aries - If you can, try doing the things you’re learning about! This applies to subjects such as physics or psychology, but doing differents experiments can help you memorize things better.

Taurus - Make stories. You can’t use this in every subject, but it is doable. Just think of a random sotry and apply all that you need to remember into it.

Gemini - Okay this one might sound a little stupid, but make a song! If you want to, you can try to rhyme it, but if not, just take a random melody and rap to it.

Cancer - Change your envorinment. Try studying at different times, in different places, once with music on, another time in silence. There has been a study on this and it showed that changing you surroundings can actually help you!

Leo - One things that might as well help you is to say what you’re learning about out loud. Also don’t study for a long period of time, but rather seperate it into shorter bits. Repeating will help you memorize.

Virgo - Draw while you’re studying! You can’t really use this in every class, but it works great with history for example. Like when you’re talking about a certain war, draw the weather and the people in funny costumes or something similarly sillyy

Libra - Study in a group or just with someone else. It might also help you to talk out loud or to “teach” others (both of these things are good for memorizing)

Scorpio - Use variety of colors, fonts and handwritings. Have fun with your notes! This one is useful especially if you have a good photographic memory.

Sagittarius - Isolate yourself. You might tend to get distracted easily, so turn off your phone, don’t talk to anyone and just focus. Background music is okay if that helps you concentrate.

Capricorn - When learning about something, try different sources and sites/books instead of just one or two. Looking at things from different perspectives and kinda digging into it will help you memorize the details.

Aquarius - Similary to Libra, discussing the topic might help you memorize it better. Also this one is a little weird, but in classes such as literature or history, it might help you to give people or things silly nicknames.

Pisces - Instead of just reading about things, try listening too. There are many educational videos on the Youtube for all kinds of subjects and it’ll help you to memorize if you use more senses.

~ SPN 12x15 coda ~

This is my voicemail. Make your voice…a mail.

Dean pursed his lips and pulled his phone away from his ear. Three missed calls…where was Cas? 

Usually, if he was not back home by this time – Dean tapped his screen. 10:47 pm – then he was at a hotel for the night. By now, Cas would have texted Dean to check in. To let him know that everything was all right. Maybe he was too tired to carry on an actual conversation. Maybe that’s why he sounded off on the phone earlier,

After a moment of staring at his phone, Dean opened it up and found the messages between himself and Cas. No reason he couldn’t text Cas first, right?

10:48 pm // Any more news about Dagon?

He stared at his screen until it went black. Sighing, Dean set his cell down on his nightstand and pulled off his flannel shirt, tossing it on the foot of his bed. He toed off his heavy boots and kicked them away before he tugged off his jeans. As he sat down, he glanced over at his phone.

Still no notification. Maybe Cas’ phone was dead?

Dean slipped under the covers and sat still for a second before reaching under and yanking off his socks. He threw them across the room and rested his arm behind his head. He stared at the ceiling for a long while, watching the shadows from the lamp creep over the popcorn ceiling.

His phone buzzed. Twice. 

Dean jolted up and rubbed his eyes with one hand and grabbed his cell with the other. His shoulders sagged as he rested his phone on his knee. It was only Crowley. If he actually wanted to talk to Dean, he would call him – several times in succession until Dean picked up, judging by past experiences. 

Dean unlocked his phone with a swipe of his thumb and his eyes fell to Cas’ contact picture. It was one that Dean took who know how many moths ago during a lull in a research session. In the picture, Cas was glaring over the top of Sam’s computer at Dean in response to his endless attempts to get his attention. 

“Hey, Cas,” he said, clearing his throat. He glanced up at his closed bedroom door before continuing. “I…I know it’s been a while since I’ve prayed. But that’s because you’ve been here. And, well…you’re gone now.”

He frowned, tapping his phone on his knee. Yes, Dean talked to him today – just hours ago, even – but something was wrong. Sam did not seem to notice, but Dean did. “I don’t know what to do,” he said, though not necessarily to Cas. 

“I need you here, man. You help me, you know? More than I’ll ever be able to say.” His eyes darted up to the ceiling and back down to the phone. “I’m over-reacting, huh?…You’re probably just tired.” Dean gave his phone a half-hearted smile, his eyes drooping in exhaustion. He really should try to sleep soon.

12:12 am, his phone read when he tapped the screen. He hesitated for only a second after unlocking it before he decided to call Cas again. Dean’s fingers tightened around his phone as he raised it to his ear. “Come on, buddy. Pick up.” 

His plea was answered by the trilly dial-tone, which rang three times before there was a soft click on the other end. Dean’s breath hitched in anticipation as Cas said, This is my voicemail. Make you – 

He hung up the phone and tossed it away. It bounced off the pillow next to him and onto the bed. Dean rubbed his hands over his face, sighing. “Where are you, Cas?”

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Archerotale - “Halo in Shade”

Thanks for everyone who are still waiting for new stuff of this AU! Try to focus more on background details this time, and it. is. worth it. Still learning how to strengthen atmosphere and stuffs, at least I think I nailed it this time lmao.
So here is finally the new chapter for you all! Thanks for supporting my idea!

And no I definitely didn’t go search for those puns never never never.

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Background & Movement in TV

Since TV animation tends to have smaller budgets than feature animation, we are often times limited in the kind of animation we can do in terms of backgrounds.  Here are a couple workarounds I have to show movement in a background.  

The first is a tracking shot into cam where our Character is running without gaining away or from cam (but they could if you wanted) The foreground is the ground plane which is just a simple looping set of lines. The BG is actually a static image that would slowly drift down towards the horizon line imitating movement away from the background. 

The second is also a tracking shot where the character is more in profile. This one requires some soft focus and low detail background drawings (usually not a lot, maybe 3 looping images. I only used 2 here but the theory holds.

The last one only requires a single background layout, but we use the camera to imitate action as it pulls out over a static image.

This is all based on my own experience rather than hard rulesets, so you know as usual take it with a grain of salt.

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Also, the idea that these two are so besties that Bakura is just gagging in disgust on how sweet they’re being is pretty funny.