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just realized that Farah assuming that Todd wants to find Dirk so that he can cure his Pararibulitis is particularly devastating for Todd because that’s just. another person who’s assumed the worst/most selfish of him, even after the effort he’s made to turn things and himself around. there’s always gonna be that glimmer of doubt there, and this is just a cold and brutal reminder

what if it finally stops mattering to lena what the name luthor represents? she can try and try and try, she can never make a mistake again, she can actually cure cancer, but when people hear luthor, they are always going to see lex. or her mother. so she she says fuck it. fuck her legacy as a luthor. it’s time to focus on her legacy as lena. 

so when kara asks to marry her, it’s the perfect time to shed that broken legacy, and she is happier than she ever would have imagined to be lena danvers. 

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whats ur zodiac hcs for ow characters ? 👀 not necessarily all of them just th ones u wanna do. im interested 2 hear !

this is so sweet… im gonna do the relevant characters
Symmetra is without a doubt A Libra. i think she might be a Capricorn moon or a Virgo moon maybe but she is, without a doubt, a Libra sun. her name literally is based on Symmetry, and she is almost obsessed with Justice and Order, or at the very least the Justice and Order she has learned about. she works for the Vishkar corporation as an Architech, someone who literally takes light and bends it and wills it into material form, which lends itself to Capricorn (THE architect of the Zodiac), but her motivations for doing so scream Libra. even her technique of doing this is very Venusian - she dances and infuses her art into her craft. they are inseparable. To Symmetra, beauty is order, order is the elimination of chaos, chaos is freedom, freedom is a lack of civility, lack of civility is ugly.

Libra is popularly known as a sociable amorous sign, and indeed Libra rules marriage and partnership, but Saturn exalts in Libra - cosmic justice falls under Libra. she writes the laws and abides by them, she judges others and their transgressions and deeds impartially and unequivocally. Symmetra embodies this really well especially with how she is civil (if a little cold) to everyone on the team but holds a lot of contempt for Lúcio, someone she deems ugly and unworthy because he has broken the law and perverted her (and her company’s) vision for the world. not to mention she’s being used by them for their own purposes which unfortunately can be Libra :(

Hanzo: Capricorn Sun with a Scorpio moon and Rising. Capricorn concerns itself with duty, public image, filial piety, tradition, legacy, time, etc… and i think Scorpio (which concerns itself with the taboo, the underworld, transformations, secrecy, jealousy, etc) is a good descriptor of how he’s learned to be. he was molded and shaped and groomed exclusively by his family to lead them into a reign of power within the criminal underworld and not to mention he has inherited spirit dragon familiars who aid him in battle? his motivations are so intrinsically Capricorn to me, the Sun here is the stone face he wants to preserve but its clear to anyone what he is. He literally killed his brother in the name of his family and only renounced his criminal family after THAT and not sooner or later than that. like i cant even go into the symbolism cuz its too loaded but just now hes a Cap sun Scorpio moon and probably Scorpio rising too.

D.Va is probably an Aries with a Libra moon, i think she definitely navigated between a lot of trauma and experiences in combat that lend themselves to the sign of Aries (not to mention she’s the youngest hero on the roster besides Orisa who doesnt count cuz shes a robot and Aries is the youngest sign in the zodiac)
shes literally the youngest member of the roster but the one with i think… the most formal military experience besides the older heroes. i can see the argument that she’s a leo sun but the leo in her chart is definitely maybe moon and midheaven maybe? but i think that even though her unserious nature is a bit of a facade it comes from a very genuine place that isnt necessarily fake just not on display off stage. her competitiveness is legendary, shes literally beaten everyone in the world at starcraft and is a notoriously hotheaded loser who genuinely is ungraceful in defeat. i think she could be so much more complex if they let her be but they dont bc blizzard hates gays

Ana is a Virgo, even as she is literally healing your wounds and saving your life she relentlessly criticizes you out of love. she is immensely proud of her only daughter and brags about her to everyone. Pharah had no idea and actively disbelieved that! she would accuse someone of not knowing her mother very well whenever someone told her Her mother was proud of her. need i say more?

while we’re at it, the focus on family legacy and duty and victory at all costs…….. Pharah is a Capricorn.

Lúcio is an Aquarius because he’s literally a revolutionary who brought power to the people using both art and science (specifically the melding of the two through sonic technology) and is a pop star??? and hes a very interesting enemy to symmetra since they are objectively very similarly motivated and come from similar backgrounds and have interests in art. Lúcio is sound and Symmetra is light, order vs chaos, Freedom vs. Civility, etc etc etc

Mei is a Taurus (known as both one of the nicest members of Overwatch and genuinely is one of the nicest members of overwatch but is also the one who said “I’m gonna put a rock in this one” while throwing snowballs at people

Winston too. he’s obsessed with his former home on the Lunar colony with the other gorillas and loves his creature comforts like peanut butter. also his ultimate attack is literally him getting angry bc someone stepped on his glasses

Jesse McCree is a Sagittarius bc hes like archetype of Sagittarius? a wandering cowboy from south western America who’s ethnically ambigous and who spins tall tales and has his vices and his alieses like its crazy? this bitch is a sagittarius. he has an entire facade built on him being slobby n unhealthy and luckier than he should be even though realistically hes intuitive and much more intelligent and careful than he lets on. hes a scorpio moon cuz hes crazy too

Genji is a free spirited authentic Leo with a Cancer moon who was coddled by his father from the crimes and violence of his family and who was as a result flippant and didnt care abt his family. he got murdered for it in the end but even his post-spiritual awakening is very Leo. its very centered on himself he forgave hanzo so he could feel better and so hanzo could be around the person Genji has become. also hes let go of much of his hedonism and self centeredness like idk i like thinking about his character.

Zenyatta is an omnic so his date of birth would be like, date of fabrication i guess. date of manufacturing and maybe even in parts but his coding and consciousness would be really Pisces. hes a monk who travels the world healing lost people and teaching spiritual oneness to man and machine, he heals, one of his attacks makes you depressed and more susceptible to physical damage, he literally transcends into a superior state of existence that emits a radiant golden aura during which he projects 8 golden arms from his chassis LIKE… ITS A PISCES!

i have theoretical dates of birth for a lot of the characters too lmfao. anyways this took so long im sorry i just have a lot of knowledgeable opinions :(



Zoe: what are you thinking about, sweetheart?

Chandra: about tomorrow.

Zoe: everything’s going to be fine. you don’t need to be nervous or afraid.

Chandra: i know. and i’m not. i’m just thinking. how the fact that this is the second time we’ll do this doesn’t feel like failure.

Zoe: what does it feel like?

Chandra: it’s… validating, i guess. you know me, i don’t really believe in luck but i truly believe this was meant to happen from the beginning.

From 27th November to December 3rd, it is Mordin Solus Appreciation Week! Mordin is Shepard’s only Salarian squadmate across the trilogy, and he certainly makes an impression. Kelly calls him a “hamster on coffee” and Jack memorably says they should have just let Mordin talk the Collectors to death.

A couple of ground rules:

  • This is an appreciation week – therefore positivity is a must!
  • no Genophage Cure Discourse. If someone chose to save Mordin and you let him sacrifice himself to cure it, then live and let live.
  • be polite and courteous, and make sure to tag any appropriate triggers so that I might be able to do the same. 
  • have fun!

Any content is welcome, from gifsets and graphics, fic and meta (be sure to use the read more function if it’s particularly long), fanmixes and art; it can even just be a post on why you love him – if it’s Mordin-centric, I want to see it. If you’re stuck for ideas, I’ve come up with some prompts to help you.

November 27th: Scientist Salarian

 What do you think Mordin’s personal life is like, with his multitude of relatives? Chaotic or close-knit? Alternatively, come talk to me about why you love Mordin!

November 28th: “Never See Me Coming”

Before joining Shepard’s team and the quarantine on Omega, Mordin was part of the Salarian Special Tasks Group. What sort of things do you think he worked on beyond the Genophage? Do you want to explore his relationship with other officers like Major Kirrahe? Go right ahead.

November 29th: Omega

We first encounter Mordin in the Omega slums trying to cure a plague. Today’s prompt is all about his work on Omega. What do you think made him want to cure the plague? This might also be an opportunity to think about his history (whatever that might be) with Aria.

November 30th: Normandy SR2 and the Suicide Mission

Recruited as one of the crew to take on the Collectors, Mordin is such an integral part of the crew of the Normandy SR2. Who do you think Mordin would have a friendship with out of the crew? Rivalries? Are he and your Shepard close? Anything about his relationships with any of the SR2 crew goes!

December 1st: “Somebody Else Might Have Gotten It Wrong”

“Had to be me. Somebody else might have gotten it wrong” is one of the most heart-breaking lines in the trilogy. Whether you saved him or he sacrificed himself to cure the Genophage, today’s focus is Mordin’s legacy. How do you think he would be remembered by everyone, or if he’s still alive for you, what is he doing after the Reaper war?

December 2nd: Other Projects

He’s done Gilbert and Sullivan productions; presented on Science Fun Today; and narrated a noir story that claims he broke Omega’s one rule…in more ways than one. Today’s a light-hearted look at his other projects – want to write Mordin-in-a-Noir-AU? Or draw him dressed as a Gilbert and Sullivan character? This is the day for you.

December 3rd: Free Choice

Is there anything else that’s been missed out? Today is a free choice.

I will be tracking the tag #mordinweek – so please use this tag, or you can submit to this blog directly. Alternatively you can tag either @mordinweek  or my personal over at @verakeys in your posts so I can definitely see it. Please tag your content accordingly so I can catch any triggers.

After this week of Mordin goodness, it will be Garrus Week, hosted by @kestrelsansjesses over at @bestshotonthecitadel, running from December 4th – 10th.

Consume less. Create more.

In the age of information - attention is one of the most vital commodities we own, along with our time. We can’t afford to to give it away so freely. 

On my journey to attract certain types of success into my life, one of the biggest changes I’ve made is to stop consuming. I now spend less time scrolling aimlessly on social media, watching shows, and other mindless consumption.

I have been so engrossed in what I want to do and create, that those things don’t matter to me anymore. I no longer want to numb myself from life because
my work is my life now. Working on my vision consumes me, more than me consuming what others are trying to push on me.

Generally I’ve been doing this since last year when I stopped watching so much tv shows. Then a few months ago I reduced consuming social media, mainly because watching other peoples (highly curated) lives was giving me anxiety. 

Now I consume less TV, less junk food, less aimless social media etc. overall.

I still kinda do those things. But before it was majority of my free time, now its maybe a few minutes a day. And if I do it, it’s with deliberate intention because of some value that might be in it.

It was hard at first, since those habits were developed over many years, but now I finally have those extra hours to work on something that is meaningful and valuable. 

I hope you start being more deliberate in what you give your attention away to and focus on building your legacy.

Unseen journeys of the Jedi: Thoughts on “Twin Suns”

Like some other fans, I immediately felt surprised and even a bit underwhelmed by the climax of “Twin Suns” the first time I watched it. But after listening to Rebels Recon and re-watching the episode, I realized what a challenge the writers must have had to allow Ezra’s journey to progress while not interfering with the events of “A New Hope”.  

Unlike “Star Trek”, there’s no time travel in “Star Wars”; you can’t go back in time to alter things, there are fixed points in the story. And with the Bendu’s warning about knowing secrets, the audience is aware that it isn’t time yet for Luke’s journey to begin. It is impossible to keep the storyline intact if Ezra brings Obi-Wan (and Luke) into the fold at this point. 

From Obi-Wan’s POV, I think he knows that if Luke and Ezra were to discover each other at this point in time, it would endanger not just themselves but everyone around them. He manages to heals two wounds in this episode, first by getting Ezra back safely on his track and then closing his saga with Maul by killing the Dark Sider once and for all.

I’m glad the writers chose to create an episode based not on what the audience anticipated but what was most appropriate for the saga. It takes risks but I’m pleased when writers focus on the story’s legacy, especially one as vast as the “Star Wars” mythology. Though Luke and Ezra play different but crucial roles in the saga, their similarities stood out to me in this episode. 

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Many of us think about our legacy
But isn’t such thinking really a fallacy
Just how many of us have such influence
As to really make in this world any difference

Few of us are what I’d call rich or famous
So that long after we’re gone many still name us
Fewer still will come up with any sort of invention
That might forever change the world’s direction

So if our thoughts are just fallacy
Then what will be our true legacy
Is it what we leave in our inheritance
Those assets left for executors to dispense

But when you think about it with common sense
Assets values can collapse so that legacy is pretence
Maybe somebody will one day read my tumblr words
Think that they’re the best they’ve ever heard

Adding them to the national schools’ curriculum
But that as a legacy I know is just delusional
So our legacy needs to be worth leaving
One that those you touched will still believe in

Even after you’ve left your time on this earth
Through their memory they will recall your true worth
Our legacy should be memories of kindness
Thoughts of our love and warmth that we leave behind us

How we cared and helped or fellow souls
Even though we might have never reached our goals
Our legacy should not contain any bitterness
As then for our memory they wouldn’t care less

Yet we cannot leave these things to one and all
There in every human mind when the reaper calls
So if our legacy is going to be left to just a few
Shouldn’t it only reside in minds of those we really knew

Those with whom we spend our precious living hours
Building our legacy via memories jointly ours
So I think that we need to keep our focus
On building our legacy with those that mean most to us

Spend our time with beloved family and true friends
Sharing our love and laughter each day until our end
So that when they consider what they can recall
It’s that we had great fun and made life such a ball

Should you ask me what I’d like as my legacy
I think I’d say that’s just what it should be

Do you ever have that thing where certain people come on the Dash
and your muse is just the living embodiment of the 👀 emoji.


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i know this account just came off of hiatus but it’s going back.

i’ve been really uninspired for this story and my mental heath is coming into its bad season so i don’t have time for this, plus i’d like to focus on my main legacy. i’m not deactivating because i love these characters and hopefully i’ll be able to come back soon. i hope you all can understand :)

ever after high classes

edit: i decided to update this and include more information about how the school works in general! 

after playing the quizzes through several times, going through profiles and watching the webisodes, and going through wikis ive comprised a list of all the classes i could find. i also added in clubs and out of school activities. under the cut cause this is lengthy! i thought it might also be useful to add in a description of how classes and timetables work in ever after high.

just so were clear, some of these classes are from the books. ive marked them with a ! just in case you consider them to be different canons from the webisodes.

if ive missed some stuff out / put in wrong info please do tell me! ill keep updating the list and adding to it. 

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What If: Arrow 5x08 Review (Invasion!)

“’What’ and ‘if’ are two words as non-threatening as words can be, but put them together side by side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life. What if? What if? What if?“ (Letters To Juliet)

Have you ever played "What if?” I have. There are simply moments in life where you know, with absolute certainty, the trajectory of your life changed. You went right instead of left. You lost someone you love. You met someone you love. Whatever the moment, whatever the circumstance, you feel the power it has as it pushes against the inertia of your life. You begin to wonder… what if? What if I turned left? What if I never found you? What if I never lost you? What would my life look like? Who would I be?

It’s a game I play frequently with my mother. We’ve done it for years and years. I think it’s because she needs it sometimes. My mother lost her mother when she was 19 years old. My grandmother died on Christmas Eve, so don’t ever let anyone tell you bad things can’t happen on Christmas because it’s a load of crap. It was a traumatic death and I know with absolute certainty it’s a moment that permanently changed the trajectory of my mother’s life. It changed who she was. It made her into someone else. Sometimes, when it’s just the two of us, she wonders to me, “What if my mother never died? What would my life be like?”

Our conclusions come rapidly. My grandfather would have accepted a promotion and they would have moved out of state, which means my mother probably would have gone to a different college. Which means… she never would have met my father. Which means… I would have never been born. Or my two sisters. The life my mother leads wouldn’t even be a memory. It wouldn’t have existed.

Sometimes “What if?” games can haunt you, but sometimes it can be cathartic. Of course, my mother and I can’t know this is what would have happened, but it feels like the logical conclusion. It feels like the natural cause and effect. Knowing that maybe, just maybe, losing her mother is what lead her to my father gives my mom a sense of peace. It doesn’t take the pain away. Her pain has simply become a part of who she is, but I think it helps her live with it. I think it helps her sort out what she has to hold on to and what she has to let go of.

It’s a game I’ve played to understand my own losses and choices as I’ve grown older. Life is about choices and when you make one a door swings open as one swings closed. The frustrating part of “What if?” is we never really get to know for sure what’s behind the other door.

That’s the wonder of stories. We can live vicariously through fictional characters and watch them experience “What if?” in a way we never can. When I first read the Legends of SuperFlarrow crossover would be about aliens, I recalled the Supergirl episode where Kara lives in a dream world. Krypton survived and her parents are alive. I immediately yelled at the TVLine article, “DO IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE!!!” To my absolute joy, the Arrow writers heard my plea. I can be really loud when I need to be.

I love the “It’s A Wonderful Life” trope. I’ve watched it done on a bunch of different television shows and I never get tired of it. Maybe it’s because “It’s A Wonderful Life” is such a damn good movie. It stands the test of time because we all wonder about the value of our life, our place in our loved ones’ lives and the world. Inevitably, we wonder if our life, our choices, made their lives better or worse. Inevitably, we all wonder, “What if?”

George Bailey speaks for all of us when he becomes overwhelmed with the challenges of life and comes to the conclusion that everyone would be better off without him. That is… until God steps in with the assistance of two angels to show him exactly what that life would look like. George Bailey gets to see “What if?” and it changes his perspective on life. It makes him appreciate the here and now. It helps him let go of what is lost and hold on to what is gained. It makes him reach for what is real. It gives him hope.

Oliver Queen is George Bailey tonight and, happily, Arrow put their own spin on the “It’s A Wonderful Life” trope so there are plenty of surprises. The goal in all of this is to show Oliver what he has to hold on to and what he has to let go of. There’s a reason why “It’s A Wonderful Life” is a holiday movie. This glimpse is a gift.

Let’s dig in… (Buckle up. It’s a long one even for me.)

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Where do I even start with that? I want to go on a gigantic tirade about how this is the best goddamn show in years, how this makes Game of Thrones seem like someone’s last minute freshman script for intro to film.

But let me start where my last post left off:

1. Woodes Rogers knows, and there’s nothing weak about being human.

Once again, my heart went out to Woodes Rogers, probably in the very last episode I would have expected it to. Because in that moment that parts of the fandom had been dreading, we were given a surprising (though not that surprising in retrospect) revelation and insight into Rogers’ mind: He knows Eleanor is using him.

Lying there in bed with her as she turns her back to him and he looks away from her, all we’re given of his internal workings is his musing on the nature of English sailors visiting a new Island for the first time. The new arrival faces terrible diseases to which he has no immunity, but the native Islander does not, for he has long become accustomed to all aspects of their home, good and bad both. And in this he reveals that Eleanor is like that native Islander, she has become accustomed to all aspects of Nassau, good and bad both, to its diseases of vice and corruption and greed and politics, and soon enough, it will reclaim her from him, who has no such immunity.

This Eleanor denies tearfully and once again needs to hear that at least one person on that Island doesn’t think of her as a backstabbing traitor.

This reaction drew lot of people’s ire, but I stress this above all: Emotion is not the antithesis to strength. Self doubt, regret, insecurity, the presence of these aspects does not strip a person of their strength. It is basic human nature to not want to face those aspects of ourselves that we do not like, and it is only natural to wish to hide those aspects of your nature you don’t like by ignoring them or pretending they don’t exist. When they are said out loud by someone else, they are ripped out of your control, given life beyond the dark hours of the night when your conscience can bother you and thrown out before the whole world to see. That’s a terribly vulnerable and painful position to find oneself in, having the whole world boil down all your struggles into a story of the cruel backstabbing mistress who turned her back on the wronged and loyal partner.

It was clear that Eleanor’s decision to leave Vane to his men was weighing heavily on her mind, even as she was making the decision to act. That she still left him doesn’t mean that she is 100% a-ok with the decision she made, neither does his killing her father or her setting a bounty on him make any of it okay. That moment in the caves was a very private moment between those two, it wasn’t their regular bi-weekly pissing contest in front of the entirety of the West Indies.

She had to choose between Vane’s life and Nassau’s future. She chose Nassau. Nassau turned its back on her almost immediately. It might then feel to her like she chose wrong, and her decision was made against the one person who had never betrayed her, a decision that could have cost him his life.

Living with that cannot be easy, just like living with the consequences of her decision to turn her back on Max cannot have been easy. If Eleanor tries to hide from it or rationalise it, that’s not weak writing– that is actually very good writing, because it exposes a very natural human conflict when we’re faced with bad judgements we’ve made.

The truth is, Eleanor’s entire rise to Nassau’s power took a constant stream of sacrifice and horrible, horrible decisions. The writers aren’t even relying on fans like me to write this, they even elaborated on this in this very episode, but more on that later.

Let me set a parallel as to why Eleanor’s breakdowns are not, in fact, the writers forgetting who she is. Elizabeth the first of England ordered the execution of her rival and cousin, Mary Queen of Scots. Now, Elizabeth’s mother had been executed by her father, Elizabeth’s cousin had been executed by her sister, and Elizabeth herself only narrowly escaped execution once by her step-uncle and twice by her sister. Elizabeth spent a great deal of her reign trying to avoid executions, and when she did, things generally turned out the worse for her. So finally, she orders the death warrant on her own cousin, damning her to the fate that stripped Elizabeth of her mother.

At this point, Elizabeth was well into her reign, a power house in Europe and one of the most powerful women in history.

How did she respond to the death of a woman who swore to take her crown from her?

She went berserk.

Oh, she cried. She cried, and she screamed. And then she cried some more. And then she clawed at her maidservants, at members of the council. She blamed everyone around her for her cousin’s death, accused everyone of having manipulated her. She went days without eating, and was generally inconsolable.

Troubled is the head that wears the crown.’ As we are watching Max find out, power comes at a great price. As Max said so beautifully, you make vows and promises to your friends only to betray them. This episode’s beautiful, beautiful juxtaposition of Max and Eleanor gave the audience a glimpse of what Eleanor’s life once was: lonely, insecure, and surrounded by people who wanted to see her deposed. As Eleanor believed she had Nassau’s best interests in mind, she made decisions that guaranteed her power so that she could see personally see that Nassau remained safe, as she believed she was the only one fit for that position.

But these were not easy decisions.

Her grand betrayal of Vane was, after all, freeing a teenage girl from a dungeon. The kinds of choices Eleanor had to make were freeing a young girl and condemning the man she loves to death or standing by the man she loves while a young girl rots at the mercy of pirates and Nassau continues to stand unguarded while France and Spain could return for another Rosario Raid at any moment.

By the time season three rolls around, Eleanor, all of twenty four years old, has had a pretty shit life. Her only family, the one person whose respect she never gained, finally gave her his respect only to be killed due to her actions (now obviously we know that’s not true, but put yourself in her position- when losing a loved one, people tend to try and imagine ways they could have stopped such a thing from happening. Add to that Eleanor’s years as the final voice of all that goes down in Nassau and her relationship with Vane, and you can imagine that without Vane there for her to confront it would be all too easy for her to blame herself.) She was betrayed by all those she trusted, sent off to rot in prison and had effigies of her hung in the Island she sacrificed everything to protect.

So is it such a stretch to believe that for once, a television show might choose to show the consequences of such a life? The weight of having to make decisions everyone hates you for, even when you do it because you genuinely believe you’re helping them? The weight of feeling completely and utterly abandoned and grasping out desperately for one person before they, too, leave you, as everyone else has done?

Media is teeming with stories where the leading lady is always strong, never falters, never doubts herself. Leading ladies whose bad decisions are always the fault of someone else and by through some convoluted logic they’re not even her fault to begin with. That Black Sails is showing a character as strong as Eleanor suffering not at the behest of others but due to her own inner demons is wonderful, and it should strip away the notion that strong women are made of stone. They’re not, they’re made of flesh and blood and tears, as are any strong beings.

2. But the façade is cracking.

One of the major themes with this episode, at least as far as Eleanor was concerned, is that she just can’t seem to keep away for long, no matter how much she wants to. Did you notice how, when Max was addressing Rogers, Eleanor was standing right behind him, even answering for him?

If I had to put my money on it, the reason Eleanor is acting out more and more, the reason she’s becoming increasingly desperate, is because of a point I made in another post: You cannot stop being who you are. And Eleanor is Eleanor is Eleanor. She may hate the life she has had to lead and she may have tried to run away, but it is her life and it is who she is. She was not made to stand silently behind Rogers or anyone else, she was not made to wait for him patiently at home with her sewing and her needlework.

3. But didn’t you say she’s playing Rogers?

A tiger doesn’t have to see its own stripes for them to be there. If anything, it’s what made this episode so fascinating, Rogers can see what Eleanor herself can’t: She’s using him, and all this is merely temporary.

After this episode, I do believe she is trying very desperately to lie to one final person: Herself. She has fooled so many people into believing she is whatever she wanted them to think she was, but now she’s having to try and do that to herself. She wants so badly to believe she isn’t just another backstabbing monster who will turn on anyone. She wants to believe that she had no choice but to turn on Vane. She wants validation for her choices, as all people do.
But it’s too hard to hide from it all in Nassau. As she once hid from reality with Max, now she’s trying to hide from reality with Rogers. And as it didn’t work before, it won’t work now.

4. The season of legacy.

This episode has continued this season’s focus on legacy by playing the characters against their own ghosts. In Max, we see how Eleanor came to be. In Rogers, we see the Flint we lost. Once, in Blackbeard, we had seen what Vane could have been.

I can’t say any one character stole this episode because there was just so much about it that was wonderful, but it was the bittersweetness of Max’s story this time around that I just found gutwrenching. She stood there, as Eleanor once did, while Mrs. Mapleton told her exactly what would take her troubles away, as she once did to Eleanor. And she lead a pretty, wide eyed young girl to Max, to be nothing more than a brief escape from the troubles that now weigh her down, just as we can assume Mrs. Mapleton once lead Max to Eleanor.

That. Is fucking superb writing.

Edit 1:

5. So is she playing him or not?

Absolutely, and I think that’s part of her inner struggle. She desperately does not want to be that person, does not want to be the person everyone knows her to be. She heard what Max said about how Rogers is putting himself against his men for her.

But the truth is she just can’t not be that person. It’s speaking for him. It’s always being around him in important meetings. It’s standing right behind him. It’s getting him to tell her every last detail of his plans. She just can’t not be that person. She just can’t not be in charge. We are seeing her desperate and afraid because she is trying to fight her own nature.

But even Rogers knows that’s a fight no one can keep up.

Edit 2: Son of Edit

But can we also talk about Silver and watching the birth of Long John Silver because holy christ. I don’t think I can capture the absolute amazingness that was his revelation of how he’s enjoying giving in to this darker pull he didn’t know he had inside of him.

Edit 3: The Edit Returns

And oh my god can we just talk about Max and Eleanor and ‘that fucking chair’?

Edit 2000:

Okay I’ll stop. How the hell do you guys read my fanfiction this is a tumblr post and I’m already pushing eight million words.

Edit 7: The Editing:


Whew! Alright anon, I hope this is what you had in mind! This was my first write up, so I apologise if it’s a little scatterbrained. Honestly I’m still so bowled over by the episode I’m having a hard time getting my thoughts together! If you have any questions or comments or would just like to discuss anything, drop me a line.