Applies to men as well. Don’t waste people’s time. Be love.

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Always Remember, Your Focus Determines Your Reality - George Lucas

It’s important to become consciously aware of your focus, for your thoughts contain powerful energy.  When focused, this energy acts like a sculptor, carving out your reality to fit this belief.  You have the power to ensure it’s a positive reality, full of more confidence, love, and abund…Read More

anonymous asked:

so I'm new to this whole meditation stuff, and I was wondering what healing stones and crystals I should start with and how to use them the right way

Hello there ~☽♡☾

I actually recommend practicing meditation with no tools other than your mind! This way, you can strengthen it without becoming “dependent” on using stones to focus. ( Simply my opinion, of course c: ) Yet while crystals are not necessary for meditation, they can provide your mind with more stability than you’d usually have, so I do understand where you’re coming from! 

Check out my favorite online CRYSTAL GRIMOIRE to find some stones that suit you best ~

➺ Rainy

Aquarius Full Moon II Blue Moon Alert

You may be feeling weak in the soul due to the Venus Retrograde effect, expect to have major breakthroughs with the full moon in Aquarius. Although you might feel stuck in areas of your life, you are going through massive consciousness spurts. Be gentle with your process and bear in mind that you’re in mid transition as well as everyone else. This influence is all about empowerment. Clear your thoughts and your mind by expressing what you hide. Articulate your truth & show others how you deserve to be treated and acknowledged. You will feel lighter and more at ease with yourself once everything is on the table. During this time, you are called to evaluate your relationships & the role you play in them. This goes for every aspect of a relationship: romantic, business, family, etc. Your old way of living no longer works because you have expanded. As you’re discovering your new life & how to shape it, you must be willing to release what no longer works and to clear the air of anything that has been weighing you down. The Aquarius sign goes with the flow, having a sense of detachment and independent freedom. These are great characteristics to bear in mind under this influence. Expect important epiphanies to come your way, realizations that you would have never dreamed that make your life easier. You are experiencing an upgrade in your life, but it’s up to you to maintain those changes & that level of frequency. This Blue Moon quadruples in lunar & magnetic intensity and will be the last until 2018. This power teaches us to be authentically transparent & confidently raw in this new phase & to sustain that truth. This is a life lesson for most Aquarius’ because as extreme as they are with creativity & unconventional thinking, they limit themselves until they fully accept & appreciate the quirkiness of their spirit. Focus on what you desire to embody & develop within these next 3 years. This is your full moon challenge, accept & create yourself with all that you’ve got.

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to everyone entering high school

•dipping class doesn’t make you edgy

•staying up all night and getting only a couple hours of sleep isn’t “cool”

•don’t do your work a week before the deadline

•asking for help won’t kill you

•BE NICE TO EVERYONE!!!! it doesn’t matter if you hate them, don’t make enemies.

•dont look for excuses as to why youre failing so you feel better when you do

•passing is good, but so are scholarships. try and get good grades

•cafeteria food isn’t the best, but it’s not bad. also, DONT GO HUNGRY!! its distracting

•dont cram the night before, but you don’t have to intense study. just focus on one part at a time.

•friends aren’t everything. its good to have them, but don’t put them in front of your work. chances are they won’t be there in the future.

•make the best of it. you don’t want to look back on your last year’s of being a kid and have a whole bunch of negative memories.

•being involved doesn’t make you lame. go to sports events, plays, performances, etc. join clubs. being involved looks great on scholarships, but it’s also really fun.

•if you do drugs, that’s fine. just don’t do them at school. you don’t want to get busted, and it makes listening and learning very difficult.

•teachers aren’t your enemy. theyre there for you, yeah, we all have that one asshole teacher, but that doesn’t mean they all are.

•jobs are great, but don’t let them interfere. only work a couple days a week, and get off at a reasonable time. You need time for yourself and your school work.


•the school counselors are there for a reason. use them to your advantage.

•this is it, after this you’re on your own. no make ups or re dos, no points to be docked. keep that in mind.

Blue Moon Magic is Headed Our Way!
As some of you may know we are in for a treat Friday, July 31st when we are blessed with the second full moon of the month- making it a "Blue Moon". There is a lot of energy Coming to Us at this Po...

Are you ready for the magic that is the “blue moon”? I Hope so!