La moschea distribuisce cibo agli italiani poveri, la Caritas ai musulmani
Il tempio islamico di Catania, il più grande del sud Italia, è un riferimento di cui beneficiano per l’80% famiglie italiane, grazie a un accordo con il Banco alimentare. I musulmani collaborano anche con Sant’Egidio, Focolari e Caritas, che aiuta a fornire pasti ai loro correligiosi indigenti

A nice article I came across through Internazionale. The mosque in Catania, Sicily, is not only the biggest one in Southern Italy, but it is also a great example of integration and charity. The mosque’s islamic center lacks the space to offer meals to the poor, but they have reached agreements with various other local charities, both lay and Catholic, to collect food donated at supermarkets and periodically distribute it to those in need. 

In their busiest periods, they have been helping up to 500 families, the 80% of which is Italian and resides in the poorer suburbs of the city. They also offer help to migrants who arrive from the Mediterranean Sea and travel north. 

They collaborate with the Movimento dei Focolari to offer afterschool lessons to both Italian and foreign students and they also work together with the Community of Sant’Egidio and the Caritas to offer food to muslims during the Ramadan: the Caritas kitchen closes before the end of the fasting, so it gives its food to the islamic center. The mosque was established in 2012 and has quickly become a landmark, both physical and spiritual, for the city.