Composition 101 = Rule of 1/3. One of the pages from our book. Divide your canvas in 3, both horizontal and vertical; put your focal point in one of the intersection. So simple and it always work!!!
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Jupiter with galilean moons and Venus through Telescope.

Yesterday Jupiter and Venus were so close together that both fit on my small APS-C-Sensor through my telescope with a focal lenght of 2500mm at the same time. Calculated some weeks ago, if this would fit and I’m happy to see the result. It was amazing to see both side by side.
This are two images. One with a longer exposure to see the galilean moons.

Canon EOS 550D | f/10 | 2500mm | 1/30s | ISO-100 | 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain

Canon EOS 550D | f/10 | 2500mm | 1s | ISO-100 | 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain

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Title: Focal point

Author: Ella /’s xElla8D / youtube’s xHawtAMV

Summary: Day O1: Matchmaker - in which Sakura becomes aware of a very important friend of hers.

Disclaimer: Had I owned Naruto, I would’ve drawn a canon SS kiss by now. Sadly, I do not own Naruto.

Prompt: Matchmaker

Rating: T, just to be safe

Comments: First time attempting an one shot of a prompt; I hope the characters aren’t too OOC.


people and billboard are still the money shot, imo. but people is under a publishing company that is in competition with seventeen’s.

upon checking, the first instance of sad liam appeared in this is under the hearst publishing company which also publishes Esquire and O magazine (Oprah’s magazine). Hearst company also has a 20% stake in ESPN (where funny enough, golfer!Niall’s article appears). When you look at it this way, the push to link Zayn and Liam is still coming from POWERHOUSE media outlet in the US.

At this point, I am really thinking this is deliberate. How it’s going to play out? I am really fucking interested. I always say Liam and Zayn are wildcards. It looks like so does their narrative.

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What is booklr?

Booklr started in Ancient Greece, where people fanned over Homer. It continued through to the Library of Alexandra, where the ambition was to have every single piece of literature ever written, and some great literary minds were also the head librarians (Apollonius of Rhodes, Aristophanes) which meant many of the great literary minds were also around there. This, I believe, is the first confirmed documented place where booklr met. 

Race forward 200 years and to the Romans. The end of the Republic meant a wealth of authors and literature was around. These authors all knew each other, as well as fanned over older texts! The Romans, always a bit late to the party, but seems to always go bigger. They did not like the booklr being based at Alexandria, so away went the library thanks to Caesar and Rome became the main focal point of booklr (this information may not be accurate).

Rome continued being the main booklr area until Constantine I moved the capital to Constantine, meaning Byzantine became to main booklr area. Literature that was any good ended up there, and the community flourished. 

Meanwhile, in Western Europe, the monks copied and recopied texts, but due to a vow of silence for many, discussions were few and far between.

The Renaissance period opened up booklr from one area to many. Florence, Seville, Rome, Paris, all were epicentres for a booklr community. Literature was passed around, discussed, recommended, and it slowly spread through to the industrial revolution, where more people could read, and so more booklr communities popped up. Now London, Edinburgh, Brussels, Moscow, Berlin, and many others had their own booklr communities, and some cases multiple communities. 

To the modern era, book clubs started, people were travelling more and easier thanks to the train and eventually the coaches. People had leisure time. Literature exploded. Booklr exploded, and now, in the modern day, the internet means that booklr has gone full circle. We are once again united in one place, and yet spread out throughout the world. We still discuss authors and give recommendations and even write for some of us, so in one way we are still like the Ancient Greeks, but in another, there are a lot more who can be involved, and it doesn’t matter where you are, you can be involved.

tl:dr Booklr is a community where people like books.

(EXPLORED) Danbo is Listening to a Song.. by Mohammed Al-Dhafeeri
Via Flickr:
This Shot Taken By Canon 450D with Canon 18-55mm lens. -Focal Length: ~50m -Exposure time: &quot;2 -Aperture: f/5.0 -Exposures: 1 exposure. -ISO Speed: 100 -Location: @Home. -Edited by using: Dynamic Photo HDR and Neat Image. ** I Hope You Like It, Comments are really apprecited to improve my skills and to see your opinions to encourage me. &quot;Listen to this song:&quot; <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”></a>