fall out boy's relateable lyrics

“I got your love letter, corrected the grammar and sent them back

"I need more dreams and less life”

“True romance is dead i shot it in the chest and then the head”

“I cried tears you’ll never see, so cry me an ocean and let me be”

“Doc there’s a hole where something was”

“Permanent jetlag”

“knocked me out with a feather”

Fall out boy just get me, man. 

Let's get fobbified.

Soooo my mom went to Jordan for a month. She came back with a bunch of kick-ass gifts. Here they are:

You can’t go to the middle east without bringing back some frozen sweets that thaw out on the 12+ hour plane ride here! hahaha. This is only one of the bajillion boxes mom brought and everything’s so freaking delicious.

IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?!? Why yes, yes it is. A lifetime fucking supply of the best eyeliner ON EARTH. You might think, holy shit, who the fuck uses that much eyeliner! That’s ridiculous. The answer? Well, I’m arabic. It’s sort of in my blood to run through several of these babies a year and you only go to the Middle East to get them every 20 years. lol. A lifetime supply is necessary. 

Isn’t this seriously the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?! It’s the “3ayn” or the eye. It’s supposed to watch over you, if you believe in all that bullshit. I just think it’s beautiful which is why I’m so obsessed with it.

More 3ayn spam. I got a cute 3ayn bracelet. :)))

It never ends! lol. I absolutely LOVELOVELOVEEEEE this. It’s a cute little key chain! Now my keys can be safe from harm’s way! yay!

HOW FOBBY IS THIS?!? A cute little camel family that I freakin adore! Unfortunately, this family will have to split up. One will go to Evelina, another to Crystal, and one for me. My bffle’s and I will have matching wooden camels. YAY! I must name them. Any suggestions? 

LOLLLL. Don’t judge. I look lame as eff but I thought these swords were pretty epic so I made an Arabian warrior princess pose and failed miserable. lmaooo. Mom brought 3 swords. One big one and 2 baby ones. <3 

And last, but certainly not least, ARABIC JUNK FOOD! WOOOO! Kay, sooooo I would totally have a bag of fritos or doritos over this stuff but it was interesting tasting chips from halfway across the globe. The most hilarious part is, most of it was ketchup flavored! LOLLL. Such a random flavor and one was paprika flavored. I found that hilarious, idk why.

Anyyyyyyyywho, welcome home mumzy! <33333333