Stevenson: mr. president,  you need to go to an important meeting now
Obama: not now, stevenson. i just downloaded every fall out boy b-side ever released from mediafire. i also bought every new piece of clandestine merch.

Stevenson: mediafire? but isn’t that illegal?
Obama: what’s really illegal is the fact that i didn’t have g.i.n.a.s.f.s. on my ipod.

Other person: mr. president! someone just spent a million dollars out of the presidental fund on clothing from some site called “clandestine industries!!!”

Obama: no worries, that was me. i mean that stuff is so cool. pete wentz is so cool. stevenson would you please call mr. wentz to the white house he needs to receive the  medal of honor.

Stevenson: but mr. president–
Obama: do i look like i care? because i don’t care.
Obama: …what you think, as long as it’s about me. 

I watched part of Eric Holder's testimony on Wed on CSPAN and it made me ill that he mentioned JUSTICE about a hundred times. And he did it in the context of Social Justice. Dark Days Indeed for America when it is run, unchecked & unfetterd by a bunch of bitter racist Social Justice Freaks.

click link below to hear this CRAP for yourself.