“Screw all the attention. And you know what? Screw all those adorable little girls in the crowd with their Ginny Baker signs. ‘Cause you’re not a Girl Scout leader, rookie. You’re a ballplayer. You do this for you, you do this for your team, or you don’t do it at all. 'Cause you can’t aim your pitches if you’re aiming to please everyone.”

Ikon playing Mystic Messenger

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  • “ wtf this game is dumb” *jumin rings* “oh gotta go, that’s my daddy”
  • actually saves the CGs on his phone
  • gets all blushy when he get compliments
  • “You’re a beast zenny? don’t control yourself bby~” ;)))
  • has nsfw thoughts in his mind 24/7 
  • campaigning for a V and Unknown route
  • cries when the sad piano music comes on in the background


  • Looks for cute photos only to find sPOILERS
  • tries to ignore chanwoo when he tries to spoil the story 
  • feels a strong personal connection with jaehee
  • “i know how you feel! my boss is a total asshat as well!”
  • dances to the opening when one is around


  • Flirts with everyone and gets the bad ending
  • “but whyyyyy????”
  • “ur a hoe that’s why”
  • feels a strong personal connection with 707 
  • both would dab for jesus
  • spends all the hourglasses in one group chat and is bugging everyone for money
  • “please, I gotta fund my expensive lifestyle !”
  • set his dp as the unicorn


  • spends all his money on hourglasses
  • cried when he go the bad ending
  • gets overly emotional 
  • “zenny bby, please do not doubt yourself, i love you”
  • his lockscreen is prolly a photo of zens abs or something
  • buys the after endings for every character and has no money 
  • begs with bobby for money so he can by more hourglasses


  • 100% on all days damn son
  • Doesn’t mind getting up at 12 pm for a group chat
  • “what can i say? I love my man”
  • also campaigning for a V and unknown route (who doesn’t?)
  • guesses all the right responses to the email
  • never trusted Rika since the beginning
  • sings along to the opening whilst yunhyeong dances and bobby dabs


  • Gets defensive on who is best husbando
  • “Jumin is rich, but Zen is hot like me…”
  • Screams when he gets calls
  • Talks about them like they are actual real people
  • “omg the other day, jumin called and we talked about how happy we’ll be”
  • “dude stfu it 3 am”
  • is fiercely loyal to the person he is pursuing (and sometimes gets the bad end because of it)


  • Always gets the good endings
  • Cheats
  • Somehow always gets all the guests invited
  • Somehow has 999 hearts and hourglasses all the time and an unlimited calling card without paying a single penny
  • Probably hacked the game or something
  • purposely spoils plot points to yunhyeong and guides hanbin to the bad ending 
  • also 100% all dAYS SON

>tvb ‘j2 startalk’ with seventeen — 160924

May You Prayers for the Moon Signs
  • Aries:May you be full of energy
  • Taurus:May you consolidate yourself
  • Gemini:May you surface from the darkness
  • Cancer:May you find your way through tough times
  • Leo:May you find yourself sitting on top of happiness
  • Virgo:May your own work pay off
  • Libra:May you strike that balance you were really looking for
  • Scorpio:May you survive the new changes and new challenges
  • Sagittarius:May you be brought to new and enlightening places
  • Capricorn:May you be at your highest peak
  • Aquarius:May you discover something wonderful
  • Pisces:May you be lighted the way through your chaos

Fifth Harmony - That’s My Girl

( TRANS ) seventeen’s 1st vacation since debut — 160920

boygroup seventeen recieved their first vacation after debut. according to officials, starting from the 19th all seventeen members went on vacations. debuted on may last year, after 1 year and 4 months, seventeen went on vacation.

the chuseok holiday and the vacation given by the company fits perfectly for seventeen. but on the last 17th, voal team members performed on mbc ‘music core’ so the vacation schedule is one week behind (of chuseok holiday).

according to the schedule, seventeen members will enjoy 1-2 weeks of vacation, the chinese members jun and the8 are known to spend their holiday in china. the other members, including joshua will spend their vacation at home.

meanwhile, seventeen have just wrapped up their first asia tour, '2016 seventeen 1st asia tour: shining diamonds,’ with taiwan being their last stop on the last 11th. seventeen establish themselves as the next generation of hallyu (korean wave) and perfromed on various countries during the tour such as singapore, philippines, indonesia, thailand, australia, new zealand, hong kong, and taiwan.

translation by fallinhosh / source naver
take out with full credit