A Little Less Sixteen Candles...

A/N: This one shot was inspired by the “A Little Less Sixteen Candles…” music video. I discovered it two nights ago and immediately saw the connection with Supernatural. I’m a huge fan of Fall Out Boy and I’ve already written an imagine for the band… so I thought, why not put my two favourite things together? Of course, this being an spnxreader blog with many people who don’t know or even like FOB, I’ve written this one shot in a way that the members of FOB are written like any other characters that could appear in an SPN episode. They’re not even singers. ;) So this one shot is very AU-y, obviously. More information in the background info section. Oh, yeah… and I’ll be writing two more parts at least because it turned out I had a lot more to write than I anticipated earlier. Let me know if you guys are actually interested in hearing more!

P.S. I totally meant to get this out first thing in the morning, but do you know how difficult it is to find gifs of fetus!Jared, Jensen, or any of the boys from FOB? It’s extremely difficult for Jared and Jensen and virtually impossible for the boys of FOB. *disgruntled sigh* So you guys are just going to have to watch the music video and remember how they look… or whatever floats your boat.

Part 1 of the “A Little Less John Winchester, A Little More Pete Wentz” series

Songs: “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More ‘Touch Me’” and “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” by Fall Out Boy (these are songs for the entire series, so I’m going to keep putting these in every part… they don’t really apply to this first part)

Words: 3207

Writer: Castielle

Pairing: Dean x sister!Reader (+Sam Winchester + FOB cameos)

Themes: Family, Hunting, Fluff

Background: The reader is Dean’s twin sister; both are in their last year of high school. Sam’s sixteenth birthday and the reader’s prom are coming up in the same week, two events that the young!Winchesters are looking forward to. John Winchester has had a falling out with the group of four hunters that the the family have been good friends with for quite a long time. But when John is out of town for the weekend and the four hunters need backup on a case, what are the Winchester kids going to do? Leave them alone? Of course not!

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The Girl All the Boys Want to Dance (Fight) With

Title: The Girl All the Boys Want to Dance Fight With

A/N: Here’s the fourth part… I hope you guys don’t mind that I’m following where the writing inspiration goes. I promise I’ll get to your requests soon! /// I went a little more creative with this one shot. Sam gets to hunt, Donna shows up as the friendly police officer (love Donna so much!), and the Impala belongs to Joe, not John Winchester. I’ve been struggling to make Sam more like a sixteen-year-old and less like a little kid because I keep imagining a little Sammy in my head. I hope I did better with that on this one shot. And I was able to finish up with the plot from the music video, so yay! So that means you get prom fluff in the next part. *two thumbs up* /// I decided to do a little more searching and find some more recent gifs of Colin Ford since he played a younger version of Sam. I loved Dylan Everett (one of the actors who played young Dean), but he looks too young for a twenty-year-old Dean, so I decided I could live with a Jensen gif from season one. So I went overboard with the gifs, but I get the liberty to do that, right?

This is part four of the “A Little Less John Winchester, A Little More Pete Wentz” series. Read part 1 | Read part 2 | Read part 3.

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1. X-Ecuntioner Style- Linkin Park  

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3. Ænema- Tool

4. Jet-Star and The Cobra Kid- MCR (Does this count as a song?) 

5. Stay Free- The Clash

6. Party Poison- MCR

7. Red Like Roses Part 2

8. Novocane- FoB

9. Renegades- X Ambassadors

10. Radioactive- Imagine Dragons 

11. Look Alive Sunshine- MCR (again, song or no?) 

12. Bankrobber- The Clash

13. Na Na Na- MCR

14.Girls/Girls/Boys- Panic! at the disco

15. Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana

16. Planetary (GO!)- MCR

17. Honest- The Neighbourhood

18. Miss Jackson- P!atd

19.  You (Ghost Track) -The 1975

20. Just Dance -Lady Gaga

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The Boy Using Too Many Chances

Request: That crossover is so good! Please keep on writing it (anon)

A/N: This is part three of the “A Little Less John Winchester, A Little More Pete Wentz” series. Read part 1 | Read part 2.

Songs: “The Wolf” by Mumford & Sons, “Sugar We’re Goin’ Down” by Fall Out Boy (series song: “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More ‘Touch Me’” by Fall Out Boy)

Words: 3143

Writer: Castielle

Pairing: Dean x Sam x sister!Reader // Pete Wentz x Reader + FOB

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Andy took charge to insist that while he and Joe made sure their cameras around town were all working, the rest of you should relax and rest up for the hunt that night. Patrick, the work-a-holic that he was, grumbled when Andy stole his notebook, promising that he would give it back when it was actually necessary. Instead, Patrick and Dean decided to play Mario Kart with Sam. Yes, frickin’ Mario Kart. Twenty-year-old boys could be so weird.

You volunteered to make supper – you liked to cook and you seriously doubted that the boys had got proper nutrients for a while. You decided to go with chili.

You had finished chopping all the ingredients and had the chili simmering over the stove when you felt as if someone were watching you. You covered the chili with a lid and then turned to see Pete standing by the kitchen counter, his hands in his pockets.

“Hey,” you said, feeling more than a little shy.

“Hey,” he said back quietly.

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