fob live in manila

Fall Out Boy Live in Manila '13: from loner to starvation to waiting and whole lot more of waiting and PUSHING

Well, the title is a bit rough but this is really my journey to holding Pete Wentz’s hand. LOL. I’ve been waiting for the day that I’ll watch a concert at the front row and I really am wishing I could to FOB’s concert cause it was SRO and I don’t have class (thanks to St. Dominic’s Feast Day). So, I was at Araneta around 11am which is 9 hours before the concert and there were couple of fangirls already there. I haven’t eaten anything (how stupid of me). So, by 12 noon, my stomach started sounding like a crying whale. I was too shy to the person in front of me to tell her to save my place (because someone might get it and my front row dreams won’t be fulfilled). Minutes turned to hours and I still haven’t eaten anything and I kinda started to feel bad already. It was, I think, 3pm when the guards of Araneta told us to line up under the tent (which is under the sun and basically hot) but still we lined up. After fixing the line, the guard called us and let us line up already in front of the red gate. So, I was excited but I can feel my body giving up. I forgot to tell you, I came alone that’s why I can’t buy food because I don’t have anyone with and to save my place. Around 3:30 pm 2 girls beside me started talking to me. Just to know we all are from the same school and then someone looked at us because she was from UST too. 4:30pm, I told myself, I won’t finished the concert if I won’t eat. I told my new found friends that I’ll just buy something to eat. We chatted and the time really went fast and the guard started telling us to stand. We were very excited and I’m screaming in my head. And after that, we ran to the door and really fought for our place. That moment we were between Joe’s side and Patrick’s. I swear those were the longest 2 hours of my life. The long wait was over and their front act went up stage for about 30 mins or so. And another waiting and pushing came and FOB came out. That was the creepiest time of my life. Everyone’s pushing and my whole body’s bumping to the steal barrier. I swear, I feel like I was raped cause my shirt’s falling and someone at my back kept on raising my shirt but still I really felt infinite. The whole concert was about struggling for my position, pushing other people just to not push you and enjoying the concert. Some even past out during the concert because the place was to stuffy and too compact. All in all, THIS WAS THE BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE. One of the part of the concert was when everyone of us were hip to hip and we really don’t exert effort to jump. They were singing their last song when Pete jumped to the crowd and I was struggling to hold him and I think he saw my struggling (haha). After that, it was like a fairy tale come true to me for he held my hand, lifted me and smiled. I felt like higher than a jet plane. :“> And the concert was done. I felt my body really giving up. I sang but not with full effort cause I might run out of oxygen, I FUCKING ENJOYED THE CONCERT. I literally took a bath to people’s sweat. My whole body was wet, from my hair to my toes. And when I went home, I was too overwhelmed, I didn’t speak for the whole night. And today? My whole body is hurting. Every part of my body can’t function well.

Here are some pictures from the concert, I can’t capture clear photos for we are all pushing and moving and I really wanna feel the concert that’s why I have few pictures only.